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PWU Taking It In The Streets 7/30/05

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1. Outcast Killaz vs New Jersey Allstars
2. EC NEGRO vs Shima Zion
3. Tod Gordon Promo as he announces the formation of the Quadrangle of Quality which included Backseat Boyz, Gary Wolfe and Bison Bravodo. Sandman comes in but told Tod he was old news and they jump Sandman
4. Gary Wolfe vs Ashe Samuels
5. Sumie Saki vs Mercedes Martinez
6. Jerk Jackson + Scott Cardinal vs OutCask Killaz
7. Kudo vs Deranged vs Archadia vs Devin Moore 4 way Elimination
8. Insane Dragon vs Dixie
9. Bison Bravado + Johnny Kashmere vs Sandman + Corporal Robinson (This was a insane wild brawl that went into the streets of Philly with tons of weapons, tables, chairs being used) This was one of the best brawls I have seen live all year as well
Trent Acid vs Homicide (Tom Prichard was special guest Ref).
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