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Q & A Sessions from Legends of the Ring Convention- 8/28/04

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RF Video filmed one of the biggest Q+A's of all time today in NJ at the Legends of the Ring fan convention.
The Q&A panel consisted of former WWF champion Bob Backland; 8 time NWA world Champion Harley Race; former AWA champion Nick Bockwinkle; former WWF tag team champions The Wild Somoans; and Dominick Dennuci.

The second Q&A was with the all time living legend Bruno Sammartino. Bruno talks about everything and you can hear it all now on this RF Video release!

Bruno also talked about how his meeting with Vince went and why its blown out of proportion. He talked about why Ric Flair ran away from him. He also talks about Lou Thez and why he does not like how Thez said that the NWA champs were better than the WWF one. He also talked about his problems with Buddy Rogers. Why he hated being in the WWF in the 80s and what his real reason for being there was. Wait till you hear what he has to say about Hulk Hogan. He also talks about how Stan Hansen never broke his neck with the Lariat. Find out how it really went down. This is just an amazing interview.

Harley Race talks about getting named the king, what it was like to wrestle seven days a week. Races also discusses getting sucker punched by Jackie Gleason.

Bob Backland give a rare motivational speech. He talks about his wrestling career. Nick and Bob discuss why they think Race was the best champion ever for the NWA. Afa talks about how he almost had his eye pop out. Nick talked about how Stan Hansen was sent a legal letter from the AWA. They forced him to mail the belt back and when they got it in the mail it had tire tracks on it!! They all talk about today's wrestling product. This is one great interview.

Both of these sessions will be on this video tape release and is over 2 hours long.
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