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Q & A Sessions from Long Island, NY- 10/23/04

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These guys talked about life on the road, ribs ton of WWF stories. Lou Albano was just going crazy with jokes and Rocky looked pissed at one point. This was just insane as the Sheik went nuts today. He said he is no longer going to kayfabe the fans and told everyone he would take medicine from them if they had any meaning pills. He even went so far to pull out rolling paper from his wallet and told the crowd he was famous tv star from the news with Jim Duggan. They also talked about steroids, Pat Patterson quitting, famous feuds and riots and a while lot more.
Session 1 featured: Rocky Johnson, Captain Lou Albano, Jimmy Snuka & Mr. Fuji

Session 2 featured: Butch Reed, Sgt. Slaughter, Tito Santana & Iron Shiek
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