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Raven & Axl Rotten Tell All!

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Item Number: DVD


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Format* presents...Raven & Axl Rotten TELL ALL!

For the first time ever, these two hardcore legends sit down for an exclusive 3 Hour shoot interview!

With over 40+ of wrestling experience, these extreme icons hold nothing back --

Topics Include: ECW Now and Then, Worst Promoters, The Flock, Drugs, Hardcore Wrestling, Backstage Heat, Steroids, WWE, the Indys, Life on the road, Poor Gimmicks, Getting started in the business, Wrestlers who ruined everything -- no topic goes untouched!

Includes Exclusive Bonus Match featuring Raven, Axl Rotten, Larry Zbyszko and Lodi!

Hosted/Produced by Telly Bistis
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