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Resistance Pro- A Small Deadly Space 5/11/12

Price: $20.00
Item Number: DVD


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1. Melanie Cruise vs. Taylor Made vs. Nikki St. John vs. Sassy Stephie vs. Shelly Martinez vs. Serenity

2. Jocephus Brody vs. Ace Hawkins

3. Da Soul Touchaz vs. P-Dawg Millionairz

4. "The Ego" Robert Anthony vs. Mr. 450

5. Vader vs. Jay Bradley

6. The Almighty Sheik & Steven Walters vs. John Skyler & Cedric Alexander

7. Harry Smith vs. Rhino  (Resistance Pro Heavyweight Championship Steel Cage Match with Guest Referee Raven)

Plus two DVD bonus matches!

1. Aida Marie vs. Thunderkitty

2. Chris Hall vs. Da Cobra

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