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It is Sunday afternoon and I have fully recovered from this past weekends festivities.  It all kicked off on Friday night, when we got to our hotel and found out that Stan Hansen's plane would be late, which would push back our interview from 6PM until Midnight.  Lucky for us, the entire Howard Stern wack pack was in town for Killers of Comedy at the same hotel which made the night become surreal.
Instead of sitting around the lobby all night we decided to hang out with Sheiky, backstage before his show started at 9PM.  As the night progressed more and more of the wrestlers arrived to the hotel for their signamania appearance the next day.  By 11 PM the bar was taken over by the wrestlers and all the Stern fans making it one of the most surreal places to party at.   We watched the show for the 8th time and it never gets dull.  I found myself walking around the bar more than watching the show and that was because Gorgeous George showed up.  We ended up in her hotel room waiting for Hansen to arrive which did take place around Midnight. For us the party was over, but it was just starting for the Godwinns.
We were supposed to conduct a shoot with them that night around 9PM but Mark  Canterbury (Henry Godwinn) had to go back to the airport to get his bags that the airline lost.  So we told them that we were going to start with them around 2 AM and if that would be ok or would it be to late.  I thought starting a interview at 2AM would kill the actual interview because everyone would be exhausted.  Well boy was I wrong.  The Godfather looked at me and said "e;2AM for these boys is like them just waking up."e; Mark and Dennis said your going to get a shoot like no other and that they would see us at 2AM when the bar closed.
So around Midnight we headed off with Stan Hansen to his room for his Behind the Closed Doors DVD. Since we already conducted a shoot with Stan, we knew this had to be different.  So we turned this interview into a retrospective of his career and discussed all of his stand out moments.  There were the big talks about teaming up with Bruiser Brody and how his passing effected him.  You will hear about the two beating up fans in Japan.  We talked about his stiff matches with Terry Funk in Japan and how Terry was his mentor and trainer.  I point blank asked him about breaking Bruno Sammartino's neck and if he slipped while performing the bodyslam.  I don't think Stan liked that question because of his response to me.  I asked him how much heat did he get from the office and if other guys were scared to work with him.  We talked about the politics that he had to face over in Japan, especially when he jumped from New Japan to All Japan.  If you were a Stan Hansen fan like I was your going to love the content that we covered regarding his Japan tenure.
We also covered all the aspects of Stan's career in the states from his time in AWA, Georgia, WCW, Puerto Rico and WWWF.  What happened with his title match with Nick Bockwinkel and what lead to the fall out with Verne Gagne.  We got him to open up a lot more in this interview than our shoot with him.  He puts over Ole Anderson a lot for his booking and commends a lot of the old time promoters that he worked for.  You will hear more in detailed stories about his early matches as well including working with Leon White when he was a green kid in the AWA.  There are a ton of subjects covered on this DVD and when we release our question set list, you can read them all.  If your a fan of the bad man from Texas, this Stan Hansen interview is a must.
Around 2AM we found  Dennis Knight (Phineas I. Godwinn) and Mark Canterbury (Henry O. Godwinn waiting for us in the lobby.  They assured us that their interview was going to be something that would be different from our other shoots.   Right off the bat, Dennis said he did not care who he buried because he was not going to be going back to work for anyone in the near future so the gloves were off.  With the alcohol flowing which always adds to the interview, we set off to conduct another controversial shoot interview.
We talked about their early days as fans and how they broke into the business and met in WCW.  Both men talked about working the indy scene and some of the earlier territories that they worked for like Memphis. You will hear a great story on Bill Watts and what happened when Dennis broke his toe and still kept on working on it.  What did both men think of Ole Anderson as a booker?  They talk about their early matches with Bagwell and Scorpio and how Jesse Ventura would always put them over in his commentary. Dennis talks about his long time friendship with Steve Austin and how did they like working Pillman and Austin.  Dennis does his classic Cactus Jack impression while talking about meeting Cactus and going over to Japan with him.  They also talk about how Dennis would take these sick bumps and how other guys in WCW would put him over for doing them.  The F*** Ric Flair talk starts around 39 minutes into this interview.  Dennis said he only hated two guys in this business.  One was Eric Bischoff and the other was Ric Flair. In fact thru out the shoot interview Dennis holds nothing back on Flair as his name gets brought up every 10 minutes and the heat keeps getting more severe.  Dennis talks about his fathers background in martial arts and how Eric Bischoff challenged him one night in a VIP section of a bar.  Dennis told the story on how he threw Eric over these tables in the bar two times while his crying wife looked on.  This did lead them to get fired a few weeks later.
They both talk about how they ended up in WWE and how they developed their Godwinn gimmick. Mark talks about his relationship with HHH and why he took a liking to him.  We talk about the locker room and who did they get along with and who did they not get along with.  You will hear all about the crazy politics that went on in the WWE around this time period with the Clique.   How did these two guys end up with Undertaker and Yokozunna to take on the clique backstage.  They even got these tattoos to all match each other that has a hidden message about fighting the clique.  Did they like being put with HillBilly Jim?  Now Dennis did not hold anything back on Tammy Sytch.  He called her a whore and gave many examples on why they did not like her.  Some of these stories have never been told before.  They also talk about the horrid rib that they did to her when they slopped her with poop and 123 also added something else to the mix.  I will not even begin to talk about this here.  They talked about all of their major feuds and what it was like to work with the New Rockers and Owen and Davey Boy.  They talk a lot  about Owen Hart and his ribs early on.  There is some really funny stories here.  We talked about working with the Smoking Gunns, Candido and Prichard and the Beverly Brothers.
Why were these two guys feared in the WWE locker room and what tag team did the office tell them to shoot on in the ring to teach them a lesson.  Did the lesson work?  You will hear about the cliques backstage power as well and what happened to HBK when those two went off to WCW.  You want controversial topics, we get into some major drug stories.  You will hear about what top workers got so messed up that they had to be carried back to their rooms.  This is nothing uncommon from our shoots but one of the stories about Shawn Michaels is classic.  What would happen everytime Shawn would leave a meeting with Vince and be pissed off?  Hold your hats during this part of the interview.  Why did Dennis think that the Road Warriors were pussies?  They talk about the night that Mark broke his neck taking their finish and how he continued to work on it.  They also talk about a meeting that took place in the locker room when they were asked to take their finish again after Mark was already hurt and how it panned out.  They talked about working with the Harris Twins and why they were also in their words "e;pussies."e; 
There is tons and tons of backstage stories as these two forget about our camera and basically kept on going "e;remember when this happened."e;  This was the first time these two have seen each other in years so they talked about everything on tape forgetting the camera was turned on.  Well they knew but man did I feel like a fly on the wall.  They also talked about doing their Hard Justice gimmick with Jeff Jarrett.  We talked in great detail about the night that DX did the curtain call at the Garden.  This was the same night that they won the tag belts.  Dennis talks about doing acid and a lot of other drugs as we get into the drug scene.  Actually when we talk about the night that they won the tag belts Dennis has one of the craziest 24 hours of all time including ending up in bed with two girls at the same time.
Dennis has one of the best analogy's of all time comparing getting into the ring like a dangerous roller coaster.  He talks about being warned about all of the injuries that they would suffer by Arn Anderson and some of their other mentors.  He cuts a 15 minute promo which is heated on all of the guys in the business who bitch and do not pay their dues.  He buries Steve Blackman and Marc Mero for trying to blame the the negative aspects of the business on Vince.  He talks about how lucky wrestlers are for living their dream job.  This part of the shoot will end up on every message board.  Dennis held nothing back talking about all of the guys who bitch and he does name names.  What does he think about CM Punk and John Cena.
When they went over to Japan and were on the tour bus, who did they make smoke weed, so none of the workers would get heat from the office?  You knew the shoot was going to be great when Dennis said "e;Fuck people who do these shoots and hold back."e;  We talk about the night that Brian Pillman passed away.  Both of these guys talk about how Brian was in no shape to be on the road.  We talk in great detail about Chris Benoit tragedy. We talk more about HHH and his backstage politics.  We covered everything that we needed to cover including why they left the WWE.
The sun was rising when we finished the interview.  I could have sat down with Dennis for another hour as he was the most outspoken guy we have done a shoot with in a while.  This is one of those shoots that you could care less if you liked the guy, but your getting the interview just for all the gossip and backstage stories.
After their shoot was over I got home and tried to get a hour of sleep but it's hard when you keep on looking at the clock every minute to see if it is 7AM.  Needless to say I looked up at the clock only to see the numbers 7:11.  For real I have been cursed, over the last year or so.  I think I have been automatically programmed to look at my clocks when ever it is 7:11.  I wish my name was 10:10 because I would have got at least 3 hours of extra sleep. 
We headed off to the huge signamania convention around this time.  I ran into the  Zombie formally from ECW, and I told him that I felt the way he looked.  I knew I needed sleep bad.  Thank god when the doors opened the rush from the fans woke me up and gave me energy that I needed to get by.  It did not hurt that we were set up across from Roddy Piper and surrounded by Madusa, Molly Holly and Gorgeous George.  This convention was really huge as I think they had over 500 to 1000 fans.  George from Georges collectable's really  put together a home run event.  We had Stevie Richards at our table all day and he was awesome with the fans.  This was his first appearance at a convention since being released from the WWE.
Some times no matter what I have done in wrestling, I always go back to my routes which is being a mark.  I always say, if your not a mark for someone in the business than you should get out now.  Everyone is a mark in wrestling even the top guys.  That is why we do what we do because we are all marks deep down and respect and enjoy to be entertained by each other. Since this was such a laid back atmosphere especially the green room where the wrestlers were all taking pictures with each other, I went into mark mode just for certain guys.  I always try to be professional especially when we are doing business with someone but when Roddy Piper and Flair are taking pics together and letting anyone jump in the shot, they that's a green light for me.  I didn't want to mark out in front of Flair at all since he knows us, but I was lucky enough that his agent took a picture of Joe with Ric Flair.  Joe always wanted to meet Flair and yesterday he got his wish.  As it turned out when I saw guys like DDP and others all asking Ric for a pic, I asked his agent if she could snap a current pic of the two of us.  Its on my myspace page at including all of my other pics from the weekend.  Apter was not ready for the Piper and Flair pic but I know that day is not that far off.  I also got a few other pics with Dibase and Hansen together for old time sake and who would turn down a pic with Molly and George? 
The convention was loads of fun and Signamania 4 is going to be huge.  RF VIDEO will be at the next big convention in 2 weeks at Legends of the Ring.  We have a ton of shoot interviews lined up that night as well.  We will be going to the huge Sheik Roast too.  Check out  for more information.  Ric Flair will be there as well as this line up is also amazing.
We are going to have loads of suprises on the site this week.  We also will be releasing a new shoot interview with Nora Greenwald formally Molly Holly.  We also have a lot of new DVD's that we are going to have in stock including a ton of the new shoot interviews.
 VIDEO also released a ton of new DVD's to the site today including never seen before Ricky the Dragon Steamboat training sessions that had a very young Micky James and Matt Striker attending.  These two DVD's are a must for any fan of Steamboat or anyone wanting to be a pro wrestler.

We also have released today for the first time ever our Taz workout DVD's that we filmed with him back during ECW.  If your a pro wrestler or wanting to get into the business your going to want to own these 3 instructional DVD's!!!

We have teased it for a few weeks and now we are ready to make the announcement.RF Video is pleased to announce a special working relationship with German Stampede Wrestling to be the official distributor of GSW DVDs in America.  RF Video has obtained the entire GSW library to remaster to American NTSC format along with being region free to play anywhere in the world.  Before GSW dvds we only available and playable to fans in Germany and we are proud to help fans from around the world see the excellent events that German Stampede Wrestling has to offer!  We are happy to release the latest 3-dvd extravaganza from GSW titled "e;International Impact V"e; and will be releasing the rest of the library title by title from now forth.  With GSW's talent roster and video production values these dvds are a must for any wrestling fan! 

Here is a list of all of our new DVD's releases today!!!

GSW International Impact V 4/19/08 (3 DISC): RF Video is pleased to announce a special working relationship with German Stampede Wrestling to be the official distributor of GSW DVDs in America. RF Video has obtained the entire GSW library to remaster to American NTSC format along with being region free to play anywhere in the world. Before GSW dvds we only available and playable to fans in Germany and we are proud to help fans from around the world see the excellent events that German Stampede Wrestling has to offer! We are happy to release the latest 3-dvd extravaganza from GSW titled "e;International Impact V"e; and will be releasing the rest of the library title by title from now forth. With GSW's talent roster and video production values these dvds are a must for any wrestling fan!

1. Top Contender Match for the GSW Ladies Title: Blue Nikita vs. Sara Del Rey
2. GSW Tag Team Championship: The Decent Society vs. The Absolute Alliance
3. Street Fight: Eric Schwarz vs. Murat Bosporus
4. Three Way Dance - Elimination Rules: Jerry Lynn vs. Are$ vs. Doug Williams
5. GSW Breakthrough Championship: Steve Douglas vs. "e;The Rocker"e; Marty Jannetty
6. Special Attraction: Christian Cage vs. Joe E. Legend
7. GSW World Heavyweight Championship: Michael Kovac vs. Christopher Daniels

On The Road with Tajiri & Super Crazy: Ever wonder what life is like on the road with wrestlers and a wrestling promotion? RF Video spent two years traveling up and down the ECW circuit with Yoshihiro Tajiri and Super Crazy. On our last weekend together for Dusty Rhodes TCW, RF Video decided to capture what its like to be on the road. Youll see Tajiri, Crazy as well as Rob Feinstein and Doug Gentry from RF Video as they eat, go to the hotels, visit the rest stops and go through the airport. You wont believe the funny antics and crazy jokes these four pull. Tom Green has nothing on Rob Feinstein. This is how wrestlers really travel. This tape captures a lot of unique footage of Tajiri and Crazy out of the ring and in real life. Also includes rare matches featuring Tajiri and Crazy from TCW, CZW and ECW. This is as up close and personal as you can get!!!

Ricky Steamboat Training Session Pt. 1: This is a unique opportunity to learn from one of the all-time greatest and most respected workers in wrestling history!!! If you are an aspiring wrestler or just want learn the ins and outs of how to be a top wrestler, this tape is a must. Never before has a training session that was meant just for upcoming wrestlers been released to the public. Steamboat first discusses how the business was when he began wrestling 25 years ago. He then goes into detail about some of his most famous matches and feuds against Randy Savage and Ric Flair. The tape really gets insightful when Steamboat gives tips on subtle things that make matches better such as selling, psychology, crowd interaction and much, much more. These are things you could never figure out or understand without being told by a true veteran. The independent wrestlers who paid to be a part of this seminar then have matches against each other and Steamboat critiques them. This is what veteran wrestlers used to do in ECW to teach the younger guys and it is the best way to learn. You€™ll get 4 hours of knowledge on this behind the scenes look at what makes a great wrestling match. Don€™t miss this opportunity to really learn how to put together a great match. Keep an eye out for the second training session and the Ricky Steamboat shoot interview in the near future.

Ricky Steamboat Training Session Pt. 2: This one picks up right where Part I left off with as the legendary Ricky €The Dragon€ Steamboat shares his wrestling knowledge for over 4 hours. These training sessions took part over two days. Part I covers the first day and this is day two. This is the first time a closed door training session that was meant for wrestlers only is available to the public. Steamboat goes into great detail as he explains how to work a hold and how to do it correctly. He spends two hours alone on this subject and you will be a master at this important technique after seeing this tape. You€™ll learn the true meaning of less is more. In a unique situation, Steamboat watches his famous Wrestlemania III match against Randy Savage and critiques it. Steamboat, who is one of the most respected wrestlers ever inside the business, explains how to tell a story in a match. You will know the importance of selling and how to work a crowd. Most importantly, you€™ll learn the right way to do it. Steamboat doesn€™t hide any tricks as this was meant for upcoming wrestlers only and not the public. Then the independent wrestlers who paid to be at this seminar have matches and Steamboat teaches them by explaining what they did right and wrong and why. You€™ll get chills when Ricky shows the true meaning of showing fire. This is a must if you want to know what really goes on inside the ring.

Taz Workout Series Tape 1: Takedowns: Takedowns The current ECW World Champion has an extensive backround in Judo & Submission/Vale Tudo Wrestling.Taz often incorporates his backround & moves in his matches.This tape will help you in your studies of not only Pro Wrestling,but also Submissions & Judo.This tape is loaded with incredible techniques.While watching this tape,you will feel as you are spending an hour in his Dojo.This may be your most grueling hour.This tape is a must for Taz fans,students of Pro Wrestling & Submissions.Learn how to control your opponent from standing positions & the techniques involved.

Taz Workout Series Tape 2: Submissions: The Human Suplex Machine Taz takes you along another grueling session of workouts.Taz very often incorporates his submission backround in his matches,most notable his finishing hold.This is a very informative video.Taz will show you submissions & reversals from the takedowns in Tape 1 & more.Taz will show you some of the more commonly used submissions in Pro Wrestling,but how to correctly apply them.This is a tremedous video for not only wrestling or Taz fans,but submission & UFC fans as well.Taz even instructs technique on his famous finsiher the katahajime.Viewers will learn a lot from this one.Some of the holds covered are arm locks,leg/ankle locks,chokes & some defenses.

Taz Workout Series Tape 3: Conditioning: This is the video in which you will pay your dues.This will be like a day at the dojo.Have a bucket handy,cause you will need it if you can survive half of this workout.Taz will teach you warmups,stretches & some tremendous conditioning programs for weight loss,stamina,& cardiovascular training.Plenty of students have trained with Taz,but very few last.Survivors of these workouts will not only learn valuable techniques,but will be some great health afterwards.Viewers will gain a whole new level of respect for Taz & his students after this video is over.Welcome to hell!!!!!!!!

WWE- The Life & Times of Mr. Perfect: Curt Hennig, better known as Mr. Perfect, competed for the American Wrestling Association, World Wrestling Entertainment and World Championship Wrestling. Born the son of the legendary Larry "e;The Axe"e; Hennig, it was perhaps inevitable that Curt would want to follow in his father's footsteps. But Mr. Perfect lived up to his moniker becoming one of the best in-ring technicians of his generation. A former AWA World Heavyweight Champion, he also was the longest-reigning Intercontinental Champion of the 1990s. Loved by fans and friends alike, Mr. Perfect entertained in and out of the ring, earning him the honor of induction into the WWE Hall of Fame. This two-disc set relives his life and career, from his early start as a second-generation star through AWA, WWE, and WCW. Some of his greatest matches and vignettes are included. Who was this man? Here's a hint... he was absolutely "e;perfect."e;

NWS Chris Candido Memorial J-Cup 4/26/08:
1. Devon Moore vs Sabotage vs Minyon
2. Drew Blood vs Unbreakable Andy vs Fantastic Maxx
3. Bulldog Collari vs Bison Bravado
4. Rhett Titus vs Mikey Pacifica vs Brett Thunder
5. Nicky Oceans vs Jorge Santi vs Golden Lynx
6. Drew Blood vs Devon Moore
7. Rhett Titus vs Nicky Oceans
8. Nate Mustang vs JD Smoothie
9. Scotty 2 Hotty vs Gavin Quest w/Romeo Roselli
10. Rhett Titus vs Drew Blood

Shoot Interview with Ric Flair (3 DVD SET): This is THE SHOOT INTERVIEW OF A LIFETIME with Ric Flair. Three discs with over 10 hours of in-depth interviews, stories, and so much more from the legendary "e;Nature Boy."e; Get this shoot interview you've always waited for!!!

EXPECTED DELIVERY IS NOVEMBER. Please note if you order an in-stock item and a pre-order item together when you check-out we ship all items together when the pre-order item is ready to ship. If you want the in-stock item shipped immediately, please place a separate order for the in-stock and pre-order goods.

We still have to release these amazing new DVD's
**Shoot interview with Torri Wilson
**Shoot interview with Dawn Marie
**On the road with the Sheik volume 3 with the Killers of Comedy

Dont forget you can now order the new shoots with Kurt Angle, Jimmy Golden, Scott Hall #2, Ole Anderson, Robert Fuller and Mike Graham all right now in the new release section!!!

If I could have $1 for all the fans who put over the Kurt Angle shoot interview this weekend I might have $198 bucks. Everyone loves this interview and it should be reviewed very soon on many of the top wrestling sites.   It already made news in the Observer as this interview is causing a lot of controversy.

I also got a chance to meet Bobby Lashley last night as he was in town.  The guy is freaking huge.  Sabu, Tommy Rich and Lance Storm were all also in the house.  I had a chance to run into the other convention during the day and saw a lot of the guys that were apart of that deal.  Jeff Jarrett is always polite with us and trust me I am trying to do a shoot with him.  As of now JJ does not want to do any interviews but we will never give up, as I have been told that by a lot of the guys who end up doing one.

I need to go and watch Heroes season 2 so I get caught up for Season 3 that already started last week.  Thank good for DVR these days.  I am also slacking when it comes to the movies that are out.  I still need to check out Al Pachino & Rob Deniro Star in Sucky Movies for The Dough..  and of course the new movie where the feds control those two people to do jobs for them which looks great.

I will catch up with all the latest news from TNA and WWE in the next report as it has been a slow weekend.

Thanks again to the Coons Family and Brian Keenan.  I also want to thank Ken and Steve from KNS even though Ken does not know how to tell time. Steve was missing this past weekend and the rumor is that Ken told him to meet him at 6PM but showed up at 3AM.   WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!


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