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It is Friday and RF VIDEO released three brand new shoot interviews on sale today plus we are doing a 30% off sale on all ECW videos and DVD's!!!

RF Video is proud to offer a special sale featuring 30% OFF ALL ECW VIDEOS & DVDS!  Get 30% off any ECW best of's, fancams, commercial or tv tape on VHS and DVD!!! Simply add the items you want to buy to your cart and during checkout type the discount code ecw and a 30% discount will be deducted!  There is no place better to shop for all your pro-wrestling video and dvd needs.  This sale ends Monday November 16, 2009 at 12pm est.

I had a really busy day yesterday, besides working all day last night we were able to check out AFI and meet the band here in Philly. You can check out my backstage pics on my facebook at Rob Feinstein and if you need to be my friend send me a request.  CHeck out the RF VIDEO facebook page as well.

AFI put on a great live show as they sounded perfect.  They did not sing the CM Punk ring entrance that he used back in the day.  Other than that it was a great time.

I also got a chance to check out 2012 last night...You can read my review over at my facebook page.

We will be adding a ton of new IWA DVD's to the site very soon!!

RF VIDEO will be releasing some real classic ECW gems in the near future.  We got these right off the masters and we NEVER have had these on DVD before.  These will be the first ever early ECW TV shows from 1994 and I can guarantee you that the quality is top notch even better than our old VHS versions.  These copies are coming right from the actual studio masters that we just found!! THese have NEVER been released in this quality before.  We will have them up on the site very soon and if your a old school ECW fan your going to want to get your hands on these classic shows.  If you already own them on VHS from us now is your time to upgrade to a much better quality and keep the ECW spirit living on forever.

We also will be releasing for the very first time ever on DVD, in my opinion one of the best ECW arena shows of all time.  It meant alot to me and the company, as I really think this was the night that put ECW on the map.  I am talking about the orginal "e;The Night the Line Was Crossed"e; from 1994. This will be the first time this was ever put on DVD by us and this is also from the actualstudio master tapes that was shot so the quality blows away anything we offered in the past.  These come direct from the actual masters used to film and they are not copies from their commercial tapes.  You won't find better quaity of this show anywhere!!!

The Night the Line was Crossed meant so much to me for a variety of reasons.  It was the first time that my parents came to check out an actual live ECW event. I can still remember my parents hiding behind my merchandise table when the Bruise Brothers and Public Enemy had one of the best arena brawls of all time.  This was also the night that Shane Douglas, Sabu and Terry Funk had their classic 60 minute broadway match. I will also never forget the atmosphere in the venue that night.  It was just electric and there will never be another company that can run that venue that will give you the same feeling you got when you watched ECW live during its heyday or should I say Heyman days.

This night was also very special because Paul Heyman told us he wanted us to be apart of the angle that they were filming back at the hotel which is seen on the end of the DVD when Terry Funk slaps Shane Douglas. I can still remember going back to the Marriot and being excited to see how things would play out.  I can't wait to have this up on the site for everyone to check out.  This is one DVD you can't pass up on!!  By far one of the best ECW shows of all time.  ECW ECW ECW!!!

RF VIDEO just lined up some big shoots to close out the year!!!


Now on Sale and listed below!!!!!!
Shoot Interview with Nick Bockwinkel
Shoot Interview with Nature Boy Buddy Landell
Shoot Interview with Marc Mero
Now on sale  SHoot with Nature Boy Buddy Landell 2009 RF VIDEO shoot

The name "e;Nature Boy"e; genuinely comes with controversy. Whether it was Buddy Rogers or Ric Flair, there is no shortage of stories about the "e;Nature Boy."e; RF Video's newest Shoot Interview is no different. RF Video is proud to present our newest Shoot Interview with the "e;Nature Boy"e; Buddy Landel.

There aren't many pro wrestlers that have been involved in more controversy than Buddy Landel. Buddy worked for all of the major territories and promotions around the country. Buddy has countless stories about the promoters, his opponents, road trips, drugs, and more from all of these territories. Buddy recounts them all in great detail in his own unique way in this exciting Shoot Interview.

Buddy's name has been mentioned involving one of the biggest urban legends in pro wrestling. We have talked about it with other players, but we finally get to ask the player himself about one of pro wrestling's most infamous tales. Did Buddy Landel no-show the night he was supposed to win the NWA world title? What are the circumstances surrounding this story? Hear what Buddy has to say from start to finish and you decide for yourself, whether this is true or urban legend.

Buddy also talks about his infamous partying stories. Buddy was a notorious partier in his days on the road. Buddy talks about all of the drugs, fights, and travels as one of wrestling's true road warriors. Buddy recounts the bar incident that cost him his job in WCW and how Dusty Rhodes reacted to the news. Buddy is brutally honest in opening up about his past issues with drugs, the jobs it cost him, and where he would be if he had stayed clean.

Buddy is one of the first pro wrestlers to openly embrace being a born again Christian. Buddy has preached the gospel to many of his fellow wrestlers. In Buddy's mind, find out who he thinks is sincere or a phony when it comes to religion and wrestling. Do they mix? Buddy names some interesting ex-pro wrestlers who preach the good word, yet fail to live up their reputations.

Buddy talks about his many miles spent on the road going from territory to territory. Buddy has some interesting insight into Bill Watts. Does Buddy respect Bill or does he have a vendetta with his former boss? Who were Buddy's favorite and least favorite bookers to work for? Is the story Billy Jack Haynes told us about wrestlers being stiffed on their Starrcade pay? What promoter fired Buddy in the middle of a big program and why? Buddy also opens up about his relationships with the other Nature Boys and has some interesting things to say about one in particular.

What separated Buddy from his peers? How did Buddy make himself stand out? How did he come up with the Nature Boy gimmick? How did the other Nature Boys react? Who helped make Buddy a better wrestler? Did Buddy enjoy his many matches with Jerry Lawler and why or why not? Buddy also goes back in time to the Billy and Buddy episode and talks about how that came about, if anyone was mad, and why the program worked so well with the King.

You won't hear stories like this anywhere else. It is rare that we find a wrestler as open and honest about their troubles, highs, and lows as Buddy Landel. Whether you are a fan of Buddy's or not, you will love hearing the stories about all of the other great wrestlers from his time period as told as only Buddy can. It is truly with great honor and excitement that RF Video presents our brand new Shoot Interview with the "e;Nature Boy"e; Buddy Landel.

How did you get started in wrestling
How much of an influence was Buddy Rogers
Memories of the Malenkos
Memories of the Malenkos stretching anyone
Memories of living with Bob Roop
Memories of your first wrestling match
Memories of Bob shooting or stretching guys
Who gave you the idea to die your hair blonde
Did you worry immediately that guys would resent it since Ric Flair had a similar gimmick
Did Flair send word early that he didn't like it
Did you envision a big program with Flair down the line
Memories of your first matches with the NWA champion
Did the early success go to your head
What was the road like in terms of partying and groupies
Memories of your first blade job
Memories of working in Memphis
Fav matches
Good Memphis road stories
Thoughts on Lawler
Thoughts on Jerry Jarrett
Memories teaming with Bill Dundee
Memories of Dutch Mantell
Memories of the Billy and Buddy show
Memories/stories on Lance Russell
How involved were the promoters in sending you to different territories
Best and worst territories
Best and worst bookers and why
Memories of Dusty Rhodes
Thoughts on Bill Watts
How tough was Bill
Did Bill ever fine you
You once said that Bill's 84 roster was the best roster ever assembled, why do you say that
How badly did JYD leaving hurt his business
Why do you think Bill waited so long to go national
Good road stories from Mid South
Memories of Ted Dibiase
Memories of Steve Williams
Memories of Jake Roberts
Memories of matches with Terry Taylor
Who did you feel you had great chemistry with and who did you feel you had bad chemistry with
Who taught you how to craft your promos
Memories of JJ Dillon
Who was your favorite manager
Memories of working for Carlos Colon
Thoughts on the Bruiser Brody incident
Thoughts on Brody
Memories of working in Georgia
How big was TBS at the time
Thoughts on Ole Anderson as a booker
Ole has written that he could have taken anyone and put the belt on them and they would have been as successful as Flair was back then, do you agree
Memories of the Iron Sheik and Sheik stories
Can you talk about your drug problems over your career, how and when you started and how many times you tried to stop
Do you think that you'd be able to stick to a policy if you were at your peak today and working for the WWE
What do you think of a drug policy by the WWE
Memories of Andre the Giant
Did you ever talk to anyone in the WWE about going up there in the early 80s
How did you wind up working for Jim Crockett
Were you there during the Dory Funk/Dusty Rhodes transition
Initial memories of your program with Ric Flair
Did you have good matches with him
How successful was the program
What is the story behind the rumor that you overslept the night you were supposed to take the NWA title
Ric Flair says the story is not true, is it possible he didn't know
Do you think Flair was overrated
Memories of Harley Race
Good road stories from the Crockett run
Thoughts on Jim Crockett
The boys say that Crockett liked to party with the boys, do you remember this
Billy Jack Haynes did a shoot with us and he said that Jim Crockett shorted everyone on their Starrcade 85 pay, do you remember this
Did you ever have a hard time getting paid by a promoter
You went through Memphis a lot, when did you notice that business was getting real bad
Were you surprised when Lawler started working for Vince
Thoughts on Brian Christopher
Memories of Magnum TA
Memories of getting fired by Jim Crockett
Are you surprised that Flair is selling the NWA belt
Thoughts on Flair retiring and returning
You came back to WCW in 1990, how did that come about
They never seemed to do anything with you, did you expect to be pushed or did you know that you would only be used mid-card
You worked for Jim Herd. How did he get hired?
What were the differences between WCW then and Crockett promotions who you worked for?
Memories of your short program with the York Foundation or Terri Runnels
Memories of Sting from this time
How come it didn't work out? You seemed to leave fast
Memories of Terry Funk
How serious was the Buddy Rodgers match in 1991
Thoughts on Joel Goodhart
A lot of northeast cities like Philly and Baltimore seemed to really like you, why do you think you got over so well in the northeast
You were the last to sell out the Mid South Coliseum. Do you find it odd that the WWE today will only hit a town once or twice a year when you used to wrestle in the same place once a week.
Thoughts on Jim Cornette
How did you come up with the corkscrew elbow
Memories of Tommy Rich
Memories of Austin Idol
Memories of Eddie Gilbert
A lot of wrestlers from your era have found God and embraced Christianity. How many guys have you helped find that path?
Is it true that you put over Bob Backlund when Bret Hart wouldn't
Memories traveling with Chris Candido and Tammy Sytch
Are you surprised he worked with Vince Russo in TNA
Thoughts on TNA Wrestling
Are you surprised you have never been called by TNA
Thoughts on Vince McMahon
Thoughts on wrestling today
What happened back in 2005 at the fan fest
Are you surprised at the admiration your fans still have for you today
Could a southern-style wrestling company get over today
You wrestled Goldberg in his first match. Memories of that match
A lot of guys say you were cocky when you were younger, why was that
Is it true that you had or have a disability you kept quiet for years
Your thoughts on the Nature Boy moniker
We interviewed one of the Headbangers a few months back and he said he was stunned when Cornette closed SMW, yet you say you knew. Did you know in advance it was shutting down?
Memories wrestling Shawn Michaels at the Super Bowl of Wrestling
Memories of Barry Windham
Is it true that when you put over Ahmed Johnson, that Shane Douglas had refused first
Who did you look up to in your career
Thoughts on wrestlers trying to get involved in reality shows
How do you wish to be remembered
Do you think you had bad luck or you were your own worst enemy
Favorite ribs
Your weight went up and down throughout your career, how tough was dieting
What do you do today
Do you want to write a book
Shoot Interview with Marc Mero 2009 RF VIDEO shoot now on sale

Watching the Monday Night Wars was one of the most exciting times for any pro wrestling fan. Could you imagine what it would be like to be a part of it? RF Video had an opportunity to sit down with a man that was right smack in the middle of it. It is with great excitement that RF Video presents the Shoot Interview with Marc Mero.

Marc is one of the most candid guests we have ever interviewed. Marc is also brutally honest and reflects back throughout the interview at his own mistakes and bad choices. Marc is full of life and full of energy during the entire interview. Marc starts off with some great stories about breaking into the business. Marc recounts getting his first WCW deal and going from making $17,000 a year to $75,000 and how it impacted him. Marc is also brutally honest about his inexperience during the first three years of his WCW tenure.

Marc also talks in great detail about his famous character, Johnny B. Badd. Who came up with the character? What kind of spin did Marc put on it? Marc tells a very funny story about his father's reaction to the character. Did he ever meet Little Richard? Marc also talks about coming up with his promos and who gave him ideas. Marc also talks about Dusty Rhodes' influence early on with the character.

Marc has some great ring stories from his time in WCW. Marc talks about wrestling and traveling with Sting. Marc also talks about his series of matches with Brian Pillman. Marc shares a very funny story about something Arn Anderson said to him before a match. Marc talks about his series of boxing matches with Scott Levy. Marc also talks recounts his early days working out the Power Plant and who helped him out.

Marc talks about all of the booking and management turmoil in WCW. Marc talks about working for Dusty, Bill Watts, Kip Frey, and Eric Bischoff. What did Marc think of Bill Watts at that time? What were Marc's initial impressions of Eric? How hard or easy was Eric to negotiate with? Who were his favorite and least favorite bookers? How did the political climate change when Hulk Hogan came over?

Marc also has first hand experience with several of wrestling's biggest stories in and out of the ring. Marc remembers the night of the Sid Vicious-Arn Anderson fight and where he was. Marc remembers the night Mick Foley's ear fell off in Germany. Marc talks about being at Survivor Series 97 and the aftermath. Marc talks about the incident with Brian Pillman and Kevin Sullivan and what his thoughts were. Marc talks about being in the ring with The Rock at his debut in the Survivor Series. If he was there, Marc talked about it here in the interview.

Marc is also very open about the road life of his days as a pro wrestler. Marc is very forthcoming about his issues with drugs and partying during his days in WCW. Why was it different for him in the WWE? How bad was the partying in WCW? What booker threatened to fire Marc after Marc missed a house show? It is a rare opportunity to hear anyone talk about their troubled past such as Marc does in this interview.

Marc talks in detail about his jump to the WWE. What was he promised and why didn't it happen? Why did so many of the boys resent him? Marc also gives his thoughts on Triple H's latest verbal attacks on him, as well as past attacks from Mick Foley and Steve Austin. Why didn't Marc ever feel comfortable with the "e;Wildman"e; persona? How well did he get along with Vince McMahon? What WWE star ribbed him and locked him in a room as his music was playing? Marc is very candid in opening up about the highs, and the lows his WWE career.

Marc also talks extensively about his ex-wife "e;Sable"e; Rena Mero. How did they meet? Who was with Marc when he met her? What was Marc's situation? How quick did they marry? How exactly and why did Rena get involved with the WWE? Marc also answers all of the rumors about his ex-wife. Was she hard to work with? What did Rena think of all the public bashing by Tammy Sytch? Why did everyone not like the Meros? What kind of pressure did Rena's heat put on him? What exactly was the reason they left? Did he know she was coming back? Were there plans for the two of them to go to WCW? Marc also answers the rumor about Rena having an affair with a very powerful WWE executive and then being stolen by Brock Lesnar. Is it true and yes, we do name names.

Marc also talks about his crusade against drugs. How long has he been involved? How did the media find him during the Benoit tragedy? How does he answer his critics who say he was just jumping on the bandwagon? Does he think there is still a problem in wrestling with drugs? What surprised him the most about doing all of the media during the Benoit tragedy fallout? What will it take in his opinion for the government to get involved?

This Shoot Interview is full of high energy from start to finish. Marc is very passionate about his life, his career, and the wrestling business. Marc does not shy away from any question and answers all of the tough questions and rumors about him and his ex-wife. Marc reveals plenty for the very first time on video in this exclusive interview. It is with great excitement and pleasure that RF Video brings to you the brand-new Marc Mero Shoot Interview.

Being a fan growing up.
What attracted you to wrestling
How did you break in
What was the training like
What was the biggest misconception you had about training
How come you never went into pro boxing
If you were coming up now, would you have gone towards MMA
How did you meet the Malenkos
How bad did they stretch you
Did they teach you how to shoot
Memories of your first match
What were the indys like then
Were you confident that you would get a WWE or WCW deal
How did you get into WCW
Initial impressions of WCW
Memories of your first match there against Doom
How long did it take you to integrate into the locker room
How soon did you get a full time deal
Who mentored you early on
Memories of Ole Anderson as a booker
Memories of your matches with Brian Pillman
Who came up with the Johnny B. Badd gimmick
Did you like it
How did your family react
Did any of the vets test you early on
Which vets did you learn from in or out of the ring
Memories working with Sting
Memories of Lex Luger
Memories of Bill Watts as a booker
How hard was it for you to adjust to Bill?s new rules
Did any of the guys rebel
Memories of Kip Frey
Do you remember the guys being hard on DDP early on when he started working
Memories of your boxing matches with Raven
Thoughts on Raven
Memories of the infamous Arn Anderson/Sid Vicious incident
Memories of the night Catcus lost his ear
Memories of Ric Flair around this time
Do you think Vader was a bully
What was the drug and party scene like
Memories winning the WCW TV title
Memories of matches with Mick Foley
Memories of your matches with Maxx Payne
Memories of your matches with Jimmy Garvin
Is it true that Honkytonk Man didn?t want to put you over
Initial impressions of Eric Bischoff when he came on board
Memories of working with Eric
Some guys have said that Eric let guys determine their own financial worth, true?
Memories of your series with DDP and Kimberly
Memories of having Kim as your valet
How did you meet Rena
Was it a whirlwind romance
Was she a wrestling fan
Memories of matches with Steve Austin in WCW
Memories of matches with Steve Regal
How did things change when Hulk Hogan came in
Any memories of the Vader-Orndorff fight
What were your initial thoughts when WCW announced Nitro
Memories of your matches with Luger
Memories of matches with Paul Orndorff
How soon before your contract ran out did you start negotiating
Did you think you?d wind up leaving
Is it true that Eric wanted to fight you when you told him you signed with the WWE
How did the WWE negotiations come about
Initial impressions of Vince
How did Rena get involved
Were you for or against her being a part of the business
It is said that the WWE had huge plans for you when you signed, is it true, what were they, and why do you think it never happened
How different was the WWE locker room as opposed to WCW
Who came up with the Wildman character
Did you like it
Did Vince have any problem with you doing a shooting star
How did you learn the move
How soon did it take you to integrate into the locker room
Memories of the Shawn/Bret dynamic
Memories of your feud with Triple H
Triple H said on his DVD that wrestling you made him a better worker because you were so bad that he had to overcompensate. Your thoughts?
Are you surprised at how powerful he has become
A lot of guys like Hunter, Mick, and Austin have taken shots at you over the years. Why do you think that is and how much have they hurt you?
Memories of the Clique and how did it change when they left
Do you think some guys resented you for getting the IC title
Memories of the Monday Night Wars
Thoughts on when the fake Razor and Diesel came aboard
When did Rena start training
Did you find that she picked it up quick
When she started getting more over than you, how much of a strain did that put on your marriage
A lot of guys have said that success went to her head, do you agree
Some guys have called you overly protective and paranoid of her back in your days there, your thoughts
There are reports of several ribs the guys played on your wife, how tough was that on you
Did you ever confront anyone over it
How did Rena?s feud with Tammy Sytch start
Did you and Chris have issues over it
Did you and Tammy ever have words
Are you surprised that Tammy still badmouths her
Do you think anything with Rena ever went too far
Who?s idea was it to change to the Marvelous gimmick
Memories of working WrestleMania
Memories of the Brawl for All
Were you surprised when Bart knocked out Doc
Were you for or against Rena posing for Playboy
When is the first time you noticed if ever, anything going to her head
Memories of working with Vince Russo
Memories of the Undertaker
Memories of matches here with Austin
Memories of the Rock?s debut
Were you surprised at how far he made it
There are reports that Shawn and Hunter gave him a real hard time early on, do you remember this
Memories of Survivor Series 97 and the aftermath
Memories of working with Jacqueline
What was the party lifestyle like in the WWE
Did you feel pressured here to use steroids
Memories of working mixed tag matches against your wife
What led to you leaving the WWE
Your ex wife sued the WWE, do you think that it was a fair lawsuit
Were you shocked to see her go back
There are rumors that Vince and her had an affair and Brock stole her from Vince, have you heard this
Thoughts on Brock Lesnar
How well do you two get along
You have become outspoken on steroids, Brock is a naturally big guy that some suspect used steroids, how comfortable were you with him being around your children
What led to you and Rena?s divorce
Do you regret walking out with her
Did you and wife ever plan to go to WCW after you guys left the WWE
How did you wind up in TNA
Did you like it
Thoughts on Jeff Jarrett
How come you don?t do any indys
What led to your retirement
What inspired you to start speaking out against drugs in wrestling
How bad is the problem
What were your thoughts on Steve Blackman defending the business against you on television
What surprised you most about doing all of those shows
Thoughts on Bruno Sammartino and Billy Graham
Thoughts on the fallout of Kennedy?s comments
How do you answers skeptics that say you were just looking for publicity during the Benoit fallout
How come you never spoke out about this issue earlier
What do you do today about it
When Finlay said you had nothing to do with the business, what were you thinking
Can a wrestler make it in the WWE without steroids
Can you talk about the HGH problem
Is TNA a safe haven for talent that fail the WWE?s Wellness Policy
How ironclad is the wellness policy
Are you surprised at how many of your peers have turned on you since you started speaking out
Would you ever want to make one more run somewhere
Advice for young guys and girls getting into the business
SHoot Interview with Nick Bockwinkel 2009  RF VIDEO shoot Now on sale

In a different era of pro wrestling, only the best ascended to greatness. Three men ruled the world in the AWA, WWE (WWF/WWWF), and the NWA. These men traveled more miles, wrestled more opponents, and have a multitude of stories to tell. It is with great honor that RF Video presents you one of these men. RF Video presents a brand-new Shoot Interview with former AWA world heavyweight champion, Nick Bockwinkel.

Bockwinkel is a fascinating interview on several levels. For one, he grew up in a pro wrestling family during the golden age of the business. Two, he is one of the last living people to tell tales about some of wrestling's greatest legends as Nick hung around many classic wrestling greats as a child. Three, Nick's own success as AWA world champion and his many travels in the wrestling business make this a must-see interview.

Nick recounts early memories of traveling with his father Warren Bockwinkel. Nick recounts a great rib played on the legendary Yukon Eric by his father's friends. Nick recounts boat rides and parties with these legendary wrestlers. Nick also recounts a great story about the night Ed "e;Strangler"e; Lewis came over for dinner. Nick also talks in depth about the lessons his father taught him in and out of the ring.

Nick then remembers a ton of great stories from his career. There is no shortage of stories about Nick's famous tag team partner Ray "e;The Crippler"e; Stevens. Nick talks fondly about Ray in and out of the ring. Nick also talks about some great matches he and Ray had with guys like Larry Hennig and Harley Race. Nick also talks about the pressures he felt working alongside one of the greatest workers of all time.

Nick's rivalry with Verne Gagne in and out of the ring is legendary, and Nick talks all about it here. What did Nick really think of Verne? What was Nick's favorite move he loved to nail Verne with and how did he do it? Were the babyfaces frustrated that Verne kept putting himself over? Did Verne ever shoot on Nick in the ring? Nick also talks about Greg and the pressures on Greg of being Gagne. Nick also gives some great insight on why he thinks the expansion never worked out for Verne.

Nick also talks about some of his most famous opponents. Nick talks extensively about being in the ring with Hulk Hogan. Was Hogan a good worker in Nick's opinion? Could Nick see something in him? Was Nick surprised he left? Does Nick think Hogan should have gotten the AWA belt? Nick also gives his thoughts on the urban legend regarding Verne offering the Iron Sheik $100,000 to break Hogan's leg. Does he think it is true and why does or doesn't he? Nick also talks about wrestling a young Andre the Giant for one hour.

Nick is very candid with his opinions on some of wrestling's most controversial figures. Nick talks about Dusty Rhodes and wrestling Dusty on occasion. Does Nick think Billy Robinson was a bully? What does Nick think of Bruiser Brody and the murder? Nick also weighs in on Stan Hansen and Verne's decision to put him over Rick Martel. Nick also recounts in detail the night Mad Dog Vachon opened the airplane door and what he said to Maurice when the plane went down.

Nick also talks about some of his legendary rivalries. Nick talks about his matches with Curt Hennig and the legendary 60 minute draw. Nick also talks in depth about his rivalry with Jerry Lawler. Was there ever consideration for Lawler to go over Nick and why it would or wouldn't have worked? Why did the two of them work so well in Memphis? What did Lawler say when he saw Nick a few years ago? Nick also talks about wrestling Larry Zbysko and how motivated Larry was for a great match.

Nick has some great rib stories and he shares a tremendous story on the interview. Nick goes into every detail about a master rib he pulled on Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty. Why would he pull the rib in the first place? Who did the Midnight Rockers blame for the rib? What did Shawn Michaels say to Nick a few years ago? As smart as you thought Nick was in the ring, he was downright brilliant in pulling this rib. Hear about the entire rib and the history here on the interview.

Words can't describe the journey Nick took us on for over two hours in filming the interview. Nick has a tremendous memory and was very detailed and opinionated with his answers. It is truly an honor to bring you one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. It is with great pleasure that RF Video presents the Nick Bockwinkel Shoot Interview.

Captain Lesley Holmes, what do you think when I mention that name
Can you talk about growing up in wrestling
How early were you exposed to the business
How close were you with your father growing up
How big was your father on kayfabe
Do you have any early road stories you can share
How young were you when you started going to shows
What do you remember about going into the locker room as a kid
When did you start training
Was your father helpful to you
How did you get started
Memories of your first match
Did you think you would make it
Who were some of your mentors
Were promoters and guys harder or easier on you because of your father
Did you travel with your dad during your days as a worker
Memories teaming with your father
You dad trained Lou Thesz, any memories of this
What were the locker rooms like in the kayfabe era, your prime
How important was it not to travel with babyfaces and heels
Any bar fight memories
Memories of teaming with Ray Stevens
Memories of Billy Robinson
Do you think he was a bit of a bully
How did you wind up in the AWA
Initial memories of Verne Gagne
What was the Minnesota territory like travel wise
Memories of Crusher
Memories of Bruiser
Who did you like to travel with throughout your career
Memories of matches with Red Bastien
Memories of Baron Von Rachke
Were you on the plane for that infamous Mad Dog Vachon plane story
Was it frustrating when Verne kept putting the belts on himself
Was Verne cheap
Memories of matches with Andre the Giant
Memories of matches against Dusty Rhodes
Did you think Dusty had it to be a successful babyface
Thoughts on Greg Gagne
Memories of matches with the Gagnes
Memories of teaming with Larry Hennig
Memories of his babyface turn
Did you prefer wrestling as a babyface or a heel
Memories of making The Wrestler
Are you surprised it was remade
Memories of Jos LeDuc
Did you like traveling
Memories of matches with Jerry Lawler in Memphis
Memories of your matches with Hulk Hogan
Did you know he had something special
Over the years a lot of people have questioned Verne's decision not to put the belt on him. Do you think he should ave went over?
How did you find out he was leaving?
id you think it was a big deal at the time
Greg Gagne denies that Verne offered Iron Sheik money to break Hogan's leg, do you think he did
Were you surprised when Bobby Heenan left
Bobby has told us he expected Verne to get physical with him when he told him the news, was that in Verne's character
Thoughts on Bruiser Brody
A lot of ex-AWA guys have said that Verne never watched his own TV during the ESPN run, your thoughts on that
Memories of matches you had with Ric Flair
Are you surprised when fans call that the greatest match in Winnipeg history
Thoughts on Bruno Sammartino
Is it true that Otto Wanz paid $25,000 for his title run
Did you ever refuse to put anyone over
Memories of Superstar Graham
Memories of Wahoo McDaniel
Were you surprised when Harley Race left the AWA that he went on to such success in the NWA
Memories of a young Bob Backlund
Iron Sheik memories and stories
Any good Ray Stevens traveling stories
John Nord did a shoot with us and he said that a lot of the younger guys didn?t like you during his run, did you feel disconnect with a lot of the younger guys
Memories of Curt Hennig and the famous 60mn match
Memories of the ribs with the locks
Memories of matches with the Road Warriors
Were there problems with them selling for guys early on
Why do you think Verne's decision to go national didn't pay off in the end
Memories of Wrestle Rock
Memories of the Freebirds in the AWA
Memories of matches with Rick Martel
Do you think he was a good champion
Favorite Japanese matches
Memories of the Original Sheik
Memories of Johnny Valentine
Memories of Jesse Ventura
Did you vote for him
Memories of your Hollywood Squares experience
How did you get the part on Hawaii Five
How come you didn?t do more acting
Memories of the Monkees episode
As a traveling champion, did anyone ever try and shoot or get cute with you
Did Verne like to shoot in his matches
Thoughts on Verne recently and the tragic news from last year
Thoughts on Eric Bischoff
Memories of working for Joe Blanchard
Early memories of Tully
Memories of matches with Rick Steamboat
How did you develop your promo style
Is it true that Shawn Michaels apologized to you for things from the AWA era several years back
Memories of Scott Hall
Memories of Stan Hansen
Do you think in the end, guys like he and Brody were bad for business
Memories of Larry Zbysko
Thoughts on wrestling now as compared to then
How did you get involved with WCW
Did you get involved with booking there
What led to your retirement
Did Vince or anyone else try and talk you into a short run
Do you regret it
Why are so many guys unable to adjust to retirement unlike yourself and Bruno Sammartino
Thoughts on Ric Flair retiring and now coming back
Thoughts on your WWE Hall of Fame induction
Thoughts on Vince McMahon
Thoughts on Bill Watts
Why do you think some second and third generation guys like Randy Orton and the Rock succeed, where others like David Sammartino and David Flair don't
What were the pressures for you of being a second generation wrestler
Do you think there is less respect for the business by today's pro wrestlers as opposed to your era
Why do you think the AWA was such a successful promotion during its time
Were you surprised when it closed
Are you surprised that ESPN still replays the shows as does WWE 24/7
Your thoughts on the lack of kayfabe today
Is it true that you were offered a brief run with the NWA title
How involved are you with the Cauliflower Alley
What were you thinking during Bruce Hart?s speech several years ago
Can you talk about the amount of bumps guys take today as compared to your era
You have said in the past that they liked to test guys before putting the AWA belt on them. Is there anyone that you remember testing out for whatever reason it didn't work with him.
Did you ever consider coming out of retirement
How come you never got into commentary post-wrestling
Is there anyone in today's wrestling that you enjoy watching
Thoughts about the rash of deaths over the last several years
Will you have a book coming out


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**Shoot Interview with Samoans
**IWA Mid-South Ted Petty Invitational 2003,
**IWA Mid-South Ted Petty Invitational 2004,
**IWA Mid-South Ted Petty Invitational 2006,
**IWA Mid-South Ted Petty Invitational 2007,
**IWA Mid-South Ted Petty Invitational 2008\


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Shoot Interview with Samoans

From the High Chief Peter Maivia to the Wild Samoans to the Samoan Swat Team to Yokozuna to the Rock to Rosey and Umaga. The Anoa'i family has been well represented in the world of professional wrestling. At one time pro wrestling was viewed as a punishment to a member of the family. But after the success of several family members pro wrestling has become a family tradition.

Afa and Sika share their memories of breaking into the business with the legendary High Chief Peter Maivia. Not to mention the stories of Afa and Sika getting too caught up in the action as fans in San Fransisco.

Also, Afa explains why his family has been such a large part of the WWF/WWE history. So, check out and learn about not just a major part of wrestling history, but family history.
IWA Mid-South DVD "e;2003 Ted Petty Invitational Tournament"e; November 7 & 8, 2003 Salem, IN

This 4 disc DVD set covers all 25 matches from the 2 day 2003 Ted Petty Invitational tournament and is a must see for any wrestling fan. Everyone had their working boots on and busted their asses bigtime. Theres too many fantastic matches to list them all here, but a few highlights were B-Boy vs Chris Hero in a fantastic hard hitting match that had fans chanting match of the year.....AJ Styles and Jerry Lynn had an amazing match that must be seen.....Alex Shelley vs Jonny Storm.....Ian Rotten vs Mickie was just one of the most brutal, stiff beatings I have ever seen....B-Boy vs JC Bailey was another incredibly hard hitting match....Brad Bradley & Ryan Boz vs JC Bailey & Nate Webb was a great match and the some of the moves Brad & Boz use must be seen. From top to bottom both nights were just fantastic. Highly recommended for any wrestling fan.

Night 1:
1. Jimmy Jacobs w/ Becky Bayless vs Salvatore Rinauro
2. Nigel McGuinness vs Brad Bradley
3. Ian Rotten vs Mickie Knuckles
4. AJ Styles vs Todd Sexton
5. M-Dogg 20 vs Jonny Storm
6. Sonjay Dutt vs "e;Spyder"e; Nate Webb
7. Chris Hero vs "e;Anarchist"e; Arik Cannon w/ Allison Danger
8. Alex Shelley vs Chris Sabin
9. B-Boy vs JC Bailey
10. Colt Cabana vs Jimmy Rave
11. Danny Daniels vs Ken Anderson
12. Michael Shane vs Jerry Lynn

Night 2:
1. Mickie Knuckles vs Rain
2. Jimmy Jacobs vs Ian Rotten
3. Alex Shelley vs Jonny Storm
4. Danny Daniels vs Jimmy Rave
5. AJ Styles vs Jerry Lynn
6. Sonjay Dutt vs Chris Hero
7. B-Boy vs Nigel McGuinness
8. "e;Spyder"e; Nate Webb & JC Bailey vs Brad Bradley & Ryan Boz
9. AJ Styles vs Danny Daniels
10. Ian Rotten vs Alex Shelley
11. Chris Hero vs B-Boy
12. Chris Sabin vs Michael Shane vs M-Dogg 20 vs Ken Anderson vs Arik Cannon vs Colt Cabana (6 way elimination match)
13. Chris Hero vs Danny Daniels vs Alex Shelley

IWA Mid-South DVD "e;2004 Ted Petty Invitational"e; September 17 & 18, 2004 Highland, IN

Night 1:
1. Lacey vs Mercedes Martinez
2. Matt Sydal vs Sal Rinauro
3. "e;Spyder"e; Nate Webb vs Hallowicked
4. Chris Sabin vs Rainman
5. CM Punk vs Austin Aries
6. Danny Daniels vs Todd Sexton
7. Ladder Match: Delirious vs Jimmy Jacobs
8. Chris Hero vs Mike Quackenbush
9. Jimmy Rave vs AJ Styles
10. Samoa Joe vs Roderick Strong
11. "e;Double C"e; Claudio Castagnoli vs Nigel McGuinness
12. Alex Shelley vs "e;American Dragon"e; Bryan Danielson
13. Super Dragon vs Arik Cannon
14. Petey Williams vs BJ Whitmer

Night 2:
1. Billy McNeil vs CJ McManus vs Thunderbolt
2. Jimmy Jacobs vs Sal Rinauro
3. Ian Rotten vs Steve Stone
4. Danny Daniels vs Rainman
5. Samoa Joe vs Nigel McGuinness
6. Larry Sweeney, Hallowicked & Jigsaw vs Gran Akuma, Icarus & Trik Davis
7. AJ Styles vs Matt Sydal
8. Mercedes Martinez vs Rain vs Daizee Haze vs Mickie Knuckles vs Lacey vs MsChif
9. Petey Williams vs Arik Cannon
10. "e;Spyder"e; Nate Webb vs Mike Quackenbush
11. CM Punk vs American Dragon
12. Iceberg & Tank vs The Wild Cards vs Brad Bradley & Ryan Boz
13. Samoa Joe vs Rainman
14. Arik Cannon vs AJ Styles
15. American Dragon vs Mike Quackenbush
16. Chris Sabin vs BJ Whitmer vs Jimmy Rave vs Austin Aries vs Alex Shelley vs Claudio Castagnoli vs Todd Sexton
17. Samoa Joe vs AJ Styles vs American Dragon

IWA Mid-South DVD Sept. 29 & 30, 2006 "e;2006 Ted Petty Invitational"e; - Midlothian, IL

IWAs biggest show of the year delivered big time. This tournament of 24 of the top wrestlers in the world which takes place over 2 days has traditionally been called the show of the year in IWA and I think this one is no exception. Great stuff both nights including some dream matches like Low-Ki taking on Davey Richards in a fantastic, hard hitting encounter...Mike Quackenbush and Claudio Castagnoli just tearing the house down with a fantastic must see match that had the crowd going crazy...the first ever one on one meeting of Chris Hero and Roderick Strong and just so much more. Tournament was great from top to bottom with everyone busting their asses to try and take home the win. There were also a few non-tournament matches on night 2 including the culmination of a year long feud between Josh Abercrombie and Tyler Black as they battled in a loser leaves match. For those fans of the lighter side of wrestling, the comedy side if you will, there was a 6 team gauntlet match that had the crowd roaring with laughter at parts. Just a fantastic 2 nights of wrestling that any wrestling fan will love. Taped by SMV with 3 cameras and commentary by Mike Quackenbush, Ben Jordan, Darin Corbin, Eddie Kingston, Brandon Thomaselli and more.

Night 1 - September 29, 2006 - Midlothian, IL
First Round:
1. M-Dogg 20 vs. Ricochet
2. Colt Cabana vs. Mike Quackenbush
3. Chris Hero vs. Ricky Reyes
4. Scorpio Sky vs. Hallowicked
5. Erick Stevens vs. Trik Davis
6. Chris Bosh vs. El Generico
7. Jigsaw vs. Davey Richards
8. Brandon Thomaselli vs. Roderick Strong
9. Kevin Steen vs. Claudio Castagnoli
10. Low-Ki vs. Gran Akuma
11. Scott Lost vs. Delirious
12. Arik Cannon vs. B-Boy

Night 2 - September 30, 2006 - Midlothian, IL
2nd Round:
1. M-Dogg 20 vs. El Generico
2. Mike Quackenbush vs. Claudio Castagnoli
3. Davey Richards vs. Low-Ki
4. Chris Hero vs. Trik Davis
5. Hallowicked vs. Arik Cannon
6. Delirious vs. Roderick Strong
7. Iron Saints vs. Tarek the Great & American Kickboxer
8. Iron Saints vs. BlkOut
9. 6 Team Gauntlet Battle Royal
10. Semi-Finals:
Arik Cannon vs. Claudio Castagnoli
11. Chris Hero vs. Roderick Strong
12. El Generico vs. Low-Ki
13. Loser Leaves IWA: Tyler Black vs. Josh Abercrombie
14. Toby Klein vs. Chuck Taylor
15. Finals:
Roderick Strong vs. Arik Cannon vs. Low-Ki


IWA Mid-South DVD Sept. 30, 2006 "e;2006 TPI Q & A"e; - Midlothian, IL
Like they do every year, IWA held a question and answer session at this years Ted Petty Invitational where fans can ask the wrestlers basically anything. Taking part in this years question and answer session were Roderick Strong, Mike Quackenbush, Low Ki, Chuck Taylor, Kevin Steen, Davey Richards, Jigsaw, Erick Stevens, Gran Akuma, Ricky Reyes, Chris Hero, Ricochet, American Kickboxer, Claudio Castagnoli, Brandon Thomaselli, Scott Lost, Chris Bosh, Scorpio Sky, Hallowicked, Arik Cannon, B-Boy, M-Dogg 20, Bryce Remsburg and more.

IWA-MS DVD September 28 & 29, 2007 "e;2007 Ted Petty Invitational"e; - Midlothian, IL

2007's TPI features 24 of the top compeitors in wrestling which included Claudio Castagnoli, Nigel McGuiness, Chris Hero, Mike Quackenbush and 20 other superstars. This 4 disc set from the 2 night tournament also includes the ability to play with or without commentary.

Night 1
1. Josh Abercrombie vs. Ricochet
2. Joker vs. CJ Otis
3. Eddie Kingston vs. Human Tornado
4. Davey Richards vs. B.J. Whitmer
5. Devon Moore vs. Dysfunction
6. Mike Quackenbush vs. Billy Roc
7. Brent Albright vs. Tank
8. Brandon Thomaselli vs. Joey Ryan
9. Drake Younger vs. "e;Spyder"e; Nate Webb
10. Claudio Castagnoli vs. Nigel McGuiness
11. Chris Hero vs. Too Cold Scorpio
12. Chuck Taylor vs. Jimmy Jacobs

Night 2
1. Josh Abercrombie vs. Devon Moore
2. Joker vs. Brent Albright
3. Human Tornado vs. Nate Webb
4. Joey Ryan vs. Mike Quackenbush
5. Davey Richards vs. Claudio Castagnoli
6. Chuck Taylor vs. Too Cold Scorpio
7. Claudio Castagnoli vs. Brent Albright
8. Human Tornado vs. Chuck Taylor
9. Josh Abercrombie vs. Mike Quackenbush
10. No DQ, Last Man Standing - Chris Hero vs Eddie Kingston
11. Iron Saints vs. Nigel McGuiness & BJ Whitmer
12. Claudio Castagnoli vs. Mike Quackenbush vs. Chuck Taylor

IWA-MS DVD September 26, 2008 "e;2008 Ted Petty Invitational - Night 1"e; - Joliet, IL

1. Prince Mustafa Ali vs. Egotistico Fantastico
2. Dave Taylor vs. Tracy Smothers
3. Bobby Fish vs. Too Cold Scorpio
4. Sara Del Rey vs. Trik Davis
5. Drake Younger vs. Too Tuff Tony
6. Chuck Taylor vs. Cassandro
7. Sami Callihan vs. Chris Hero
8. Necro Butcher vs. Eddie Kingston
9. Josh Raymond vs. Tyler Black
10. Ace Steel vs. Ares
11. Michael Elgin vs. Ricochet
12. Claudio Castagnoli vs. Jimmy Jacobs
13. Loser Leaves Town: Dingo vs. Jaysin Strife

IWA-MS DVD September 27, 2008 "e;2008 Ted Petty Invitational - Night 2 "e; - Joliet, IL

1. Jimmy Jacobs & Tyler Black vs. The Soul Touchaz
2. Egotistico Fantastico vs. Josh Raymond
3. Drake Younger vs. Michael Elgin
4. Claudio Castagnoli vs. Dave Taylor
5. Sara Del Rey vs. Cassandro
6. 2 Cold Scorpio vs. Ace Steel
7. Sami Callihan vs. Eddie Kingston
8. Steel Cage Match: Jason Hades vs. Jayson Quick
9. Drake Younger vs. Egotistico Fantastico
10. Claudio Castagnoli vs. Sara Del Rey
11. Sami Callihan vs. 2 Cold Scorpio
12. Dingo, Ricochet, & Bobby Fish vs. Too Tuff Tony, Prince Ali, & Ares
13. Falls Count Anywhere: Trik Davis vs. Chris Hero (non-tournament)
14. Drake Younger vs. Claudio Castagnoli vs. Sami Callihan

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**Craig Pittman shoot interview
**TimeLine History of the WWE Don Muraco 1983
**Classic Memphis Wrestling  
   -- Best of First Family
   -- Best of the Managers
   -- Jimmy Hart the Early Years
** Hybrid Wrestling
   -- Best of Mike Quest
   -- Pandoras Box 9-15-09
   -- Get Buck'd 2/16/2008
   -- Damage Control 7/16/2009
**NWA Wrestling Legends Fanfest 2009 Complete 6 DVD set!!!! (Includes Flair and Race Q&A, Cornette 2009 Q&A, Hall of Fame Dinner, Memphis round table with Lance Russell, Dave Brown and Jerry Jarrett and 2 live wrestling shows)
**PWG Threemendous 2
We have some major projects in the works for RF VIDEO!!!!
Here is a list of all of our new video tapes that are now on sale!!!
RF Video recently had a golden opportunity to sit down with one of pro wrestling's most outspoken personalities. He has wrestled all over the world and held titles in ECW, WCW, and the WWE. Most recently he is known for his opinions and speaking his mind on the current state of the business. It is with great excitement that RF Video presents a brand new Shoot Interview with Lance Storm.
We pick up with Lance where we last left off, ECW. Lance talks about the week Mike Awesome left for WCW as champion. How did it affect Lance's future jump to WCW? How did Paul Heyman react and what did he tell the talent? What was it like the night a WWE wrestler wrestled a WCW wrestler for the ECW title? Lance relives the crazy week with some great stories to boot.
Lance goes in depth about his jump to WCW. Who contacted him? What were contract negotiations like? What perks did or didn't Lance get? Lance also talks about Paul Heyman's reaction and how something Paul did made the jump possible. Lance also has a tremendous story about his first creative meeting with Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo. Wait until you hear the "e;brilliant"e; idea that Russo had for Lance and what the reaction of Bischoff was.
Lance has been known lately for his criticism of Vince Russo on his website commentaries. Lance talks extensively about why he can't stand Vince Russo. Lance has some classic Russo stories from WCW. Find out what Russo originally wanted to call Team Canada. Did Vince Russo screw Booker T when he went over for the WCW world title? Lance has a very revealing story that has never been told before about the night Russo went over for the title. You will understand Lance's frustrations with Russo a lot more after seeing this Shoot Interview.
Lance also reflects back on the many personalities he worked with in WCW. Lance recalls a story about Lex Luger going to the top rope which is hilarious. Lance also talks about the first time he met Scott Steiner and the rib Steiner pulled on him. Lance talks more about one WCW star and how ironic it was that this star didn't say two words to him in WCW, yet was overly friendly in the WWE. Lance also has great stories on Kevin Nash, Ric Flair, DDP, Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan, and Goldberg. None of these stories have ever been told until now.
Lance does a great job recounting the last days of WCW. You won't believe how Lance actually found out about the WWE sale. Lance tells a very funny story about meeting Shane McMahon the first time at Nitro. Lance also talks about why he felt secure about getting a WWE deal. Ironically, Lance also talks about his contract situation almost cost him a WWE deal. Lance also reveals his original bookings plans for that night which were changed. Get a glimpse into one of pro wrestling's most historic nights from someone that was right there.
Lance talks in great detail about his transition into the WWE. Why was Lance's transition easier than most of the ex-WCW guys? What was the original plan for the WCW guys at WrestleMania 17 and why was it changed? What did Lance think of being the first WCW guy to start the invasion? How much thought went into Lance's debut? What was the reaction of the crowd? How much pressure did he fell?
Lance talks quite a bit about the Invasion angle. Who did he like working with from the WWE side? What did he feel was the hottest moment of the angle? Conversely, when did Lance feel the air was let out of the balloon? What were some things he would have done differently? Lance reveals for the first time the alternative match to Buff Bagwell vs. Booker T on RAW and how it impacted him. Speaking of Buff, Lance has some hilarious Buff stories about his short run in the WWE. Some you have heard, and some you will hear for the first time. Find out who surprised Lance the most about their involvement in the angle and how he compared it to his days in WCW.
Lance also talks about all of his feuds and matches in the WWE. Was it more frustrating for Lance to be kept off WrestleMania 18 or WrestleMania 19 and why? Lance gives a great example of the difference in the pressures of being a top guy in the WWE as compared to his days in WCW as a high mid-level wrestler. Lance recalls standing by as Chris Jericho and Goldberg got into a scuffle in the locker room. Lance also has some great stories about his run against Hulk Hogan and Edge. How did something Hulk say to Vince McMahon almost get Lance heat? Lance also a great story about a time where Vince put him on the spot and made him nervous for one of the first times in his career. Lance also thoughts and stories on Triple H, Randy Orton, John Cena, Kurt Angle, JBL, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Brock Lesnar, and more.
Lance also jokes about his many retirements and what brought him out of retirement each time. Which match did he truly think was his last and why? Lance also talks some of his more controversial commentaries and reactions he has received to them. Lance is proudly a drug-free athlete, but there was a time when Lance considered using steroids. When was it and what happened to change his mind? In addition to his own career, Lance weighs in on the current wrestling scene including Bret Hart possibly returning to the WWE, the current state of TNA, and more.
Words can't do this interview justice. There is no such thing as a one word answer from Lance Storm. Every answer is a story or a long thought-out opinion. RF Video will tell you with great confidence that this is one of the most enjoyable and informative Shoot Interviews we have conducted. It is with great honor that we open up the door once again into the great career and mind of Lance Storm.
How did ECW change after Taz left
What do you remember about the week Mike Awesome showed up on WCW with the ECW belt
Memories of the night he dropped the belt
How did you wind up in WCW
How did Paul take the news
Did you feel there was more you could have done in ECW
Any good Paul stories
Initial impressions of Vince Russo
Did you have an idea of where your angles were going when you came over
What was your initial impression of the locker room
Initial thoughts on Nash and Hogan
Guys often say they never knew who was in charge at WCW, do you agree
Initial impressions of Ric Flair
Initial impressions of Sting
Initial impressions of Lex Luger
How well were you guys received by the locker room
Was it cliquish
Memories of your first few matches with the luchas
Memories teaming with Billy Kidman
What do you remember about Bash at the Beach and the Hogan incident
How involved was Bischoff at the time
Do you think it was a work
Do you think WCW spent too much time trying to work the boys
Thoughts on Goldberg
Did you ever regret your decision to come to WCW
Did you ever negotiate with WWE before jumping over
Did you feel a vote of confidence giving you three titles at once
When did you feel you were really starting to hit your stride as far as getting over with the fans
Memories of matches with Booker T
Memories of matches with Mike Awesome
Whos idea was Team Canada
Speaking of Canada, how tight were you with Bret in WCW
Who's idea was it to bring Elix Skipper into the group
Thoughts on Elix
Memories of your feud with the Misfits
Memories of matches with the Filthy Animals
Memories of matches with Duggan
Do you think the Scott Steiner-DDP fight was a work or shoot
Memories of Scott Steiner
Steiner says that a lot of the guys hated Ric Flair, is that true
Memories wrestling Terry Funk
Do you think Jeff Jarrett was over pushed
What did you think of David Arquette getting the title
A lot of critics point to the last year or two in WCW as terrible, do you agree
Whos idea was it to team you and Mike Awesome up
Thoughts on Mike and his passing
How did you find out that Vince bought WCW
What were your original thoughts
Had you ever negotiated with the WWE at any time in WCW
Take us through the last Nitro
What were the emotions of the locker room like
What do you remember about the speech from Shane
Who booked your last match
Did the crew watch the RAW feed
Memories of your match on the final Nitro
Were you told that you were going to be brought to the WWE
What were the reactions when Vince was shooting in the ring on guys like Jarrett and Luger
How soon did you find out you would be picked up by the WWE
Was it a lengthy negotiation
Was the original plan to keep WCW a separate brand
Initial impressions of Vince
What were you led to believe about the integration of WCW
Did you think it would be a separate company
Memories of traveling to WrestleMania that year
You were the first WCW wrestler to invade, memories of that night
How were you accepted by the locker room
Did you think the angle would be huge
How was Austin to work with in the angle
Were you surprised when ECW went out of business
Dave Meltzer has reported that Paul had been in business with the WWE for years before this. What are your thoughts on that?
Did Paul change at all when you worked with him in the WWE
Thoughts on the ECW revival angle
Thoughts when Stephanie McMahon got involved?
Were you excited to be wrestling Jericho in your first WWE TV match
Memories of matches with Albert
Initial impressions of Triple H
Initial impressions of the Undertaker
At what point do you think you were accepted by the locker room
Memories of the night the boys stomped all over Buff
At what point did you realize that the ball was dropped on the Invasion angle
Memories working with The Rock
Did you feel confident of your spot at the time since you got to go over on Rock and got the IC title
Memories of the Unamericans angle
Did you like it
Was there a difference in being on the SmackDown brand
What were your initial impressions when the NWO came into the company
Memories wrestling Hulk Hogan
Thoughts on Edge and matches with him
Memories teaming with Christian
Thoughts on matches with Chris Benoit
Your thoughts on the tragedy
Are you surprised that some guys still think he was framed
As a drug free athlete all of your career, how tempting was it for you to use steroids
Memories of wrestling on your first WrestleMania
Thoughts on matches with Curt Hennig
Memories of Brock Lesnar
You blogged about Brock's UFC title win and your thoughts on what he does or doesn't represent about pro wrestling. Can you expand on that?
Memories of matches with Kurt Angle
Thoughts on Angle's troubles over the years
Memories of matches with Randy Orton
Thoughts on Randy today and his success
Thoughts on John Cena
Memories teaming with William Regal
Was it embarrassing at all to lose to Lawler and Jim Ross
Memories of your match with Kane and RVD at WrestleMania
Is RVD reckless in the ring
Memories of your angles with Goldberg in the WWE
Your take on the Goldberg-Jericho incident
Was Scott Steiner much different backstage in the WWE than WCW
Why do you think he didn't get over as he did in WCW
Did you like the boring gimmick
What led to your decision to retire
Initial impressions of OVW
How receptive were the guys to your input
Kennedy told a story about Daniel Puder falling asleep during Bubba's lecture. Did you have problems with Daniel?
Was there someone that made it from OVW that really surprised you
You came back a little bit in 2005, what prompted that
Thoughts on your match at One Night Stand
Why do you think Vince brought ECW back and not WCW
Could a WCW One Night Stand have worked
There was a reported incident between you and JBL, what really happened
Thoughts on JBL going after Meanie in the battle royal
Your thoughts on all of the ECW reunions over the years
Why do you think some work and some don't
Do you think it is time to put it to rest
What led to you finally severing ties with the WWE
What inspired you to do start your academy
Any notable graduates
How involved are you in the ring with your students
What inspired you to start blogging and writing columns
Has anyone ever contacted you directly about something you wrote
You have been very critical of TNA, why do you think Vince Russo is still around
Did Russo ever propose any crazy ideas for you in WCW
You once wrote about an angle between Kurt Angle and Awesome Kong, what was your idea
Has anyone ever approached you to book
What led you to coming out of retirement for ROH
Are you happy with the match
Has WWE ever contacted you about coming back for one appearance here and there
Thoughts on the current product
Thoughts on the Guest Host concept
Who is the next breakout star in your opinion
What does TNA need to do to turn things around
Can TNA be successful with Dixie in charge
Thoughts on the whole Angle-Jarrett mess
Thoughts on the incident in Canada where fans attacked Chris Jericho
Thoughts on Jeff Hardy's arrest
Thoughts on Ric Flair wrestling again
Do you think that the WWE should post suspensions on
How shocked were you when you heard about Chris Candido
Thoughts on The Ultimate Fighter beating WWE in the ratings
A lot of the guys in ECW thought you were cocky when you first came in and did the Allentown show. Did you get that vibe from the locker room?
You once said that you and Raven were a great booking duo. Are you surprised he hasn't done more booking?
Any good road stories
Any good Owen Hart rib stories
Thoughts on the Montreal Screw Job
Surprised that Bret wants to go back?
How did you get involved with doing radio shows for Brian Alvarez and Dave Meltzer
Do you think some wrestlers see you now as one of the media
Do you think Dave gets a raw deal in wrestling amongst the boys
Was it hard being committed to your family with all of the road temptation
Thoughts on Jim Cornette leaving and going to ROH
Can ROH last the year?
Thoughts on UFC and comparisons to pro wrestling
Do you want to write a book 
Shoot with Play Boy Buddy Rose now on sale
Weighing in at a slim, trim, looking good, 217 pounds, "e;Playboy"e; Buddy Rose was one of the most underrated heels in the history of professional wrestling. RF Video proudly presents the only shoot interviews in existence with the late Paul Perschmann, a.k.a. Buddy Rose.
Buddy sat down with Dead Of Night Productions in 1995 and again 2001 to film shoot interviews about his life and career in pro wrestling. Buddy, never a fan of "e;dirt sheets"e; or even shoot interviews, trusted his friend and co-host of his local Portland radio show to interview him about every facet of his tenure in the often sordid world of professional wrestling.
This double shoot interview DVD features all the great qualities of an RF Video shoot as Buddy describes how he broke into the business by attending the famous Verne Gagne training camp in Minnesota. Buddy reveals how brutal the camp was, and how it made top stars out of himself, Sgt. Slaughter, Ricky Steamboat, Ric Flair, Iron Sheik and many more.
Buddy was an innovator in wrestling and relates how many of his ideas became regular staples in the business, including bringing women to ringside and being the first wrestler to walk to the ring with music.
Buddy talks in great detail about his time in Portland, working for legendary
Promoter Don Owen. Buddy talks about getting Roddy Piper to leave L.A. for Portland to have their legendary feud. What was Roddy really like? Were they really best friends? Buddy also talks about the famed Don Owens Spectacular at the Memorial Coliseum in Portland, where he faced Piper in a huge main event right after Wrestle Mania I. This is the most detailed account of the Portland territory ever on a shoot interview.
- What was Vince Sr. like? Compared to Vince Jr.?
- What was it like being in first match ever at Wrestlemania?
- How did he handle his drug abuse problems?
- Problems in the business with Billy Jack Haynes & Matt Bourne
- All this, and much more on this exciting piece of Wrestling History!
Rest in Peace, and long live "e;Playboy"e; Buddy Rose!
Shoot Interview with Austin Idol
Finally his story can be told... the "e;Universal Heart Throb"e; Austin Idol shoot interview!
Highspots has done it again and delivered another dream shoot interview. Austin Idol, The Universal Heart Throb, every womans pet and every man's regret sits down with the Highspots cameras rolling and he gets down to the meat of the matter.
This wrestling recluse has been in hiding for almost two decades but in true Austin Idol fashion when he returns to he makes it worth the wait. Idol's comments, thoughts, and opinions will shock you with their brutal honesty. Including the urban legend that has followed Austin for over 20 years involving a battle royal winner check that he cashed for over five thousand dollars.
Austin also discusses the fatal plane crash that not only could have ended his wrestling career but his life. The memories of the Memphis territory are still very fresh in Idol's mind and he is more than willing to share them us. From his time working with two young soon to be superstars, Randy Savage and Rick Rude, whom everyone refused to work with except Austin Idol. To his classic feud with Jerry Lawler and Tommy Rich which climaxed with Lawler getting his head shaved.
This two hour plus interview is an in-depth look at a man who is a plane crash survivor, risk taker in his personal life, and one of the most controversial figures that pro wrestling has ever seen. Watch and witness the grand return of Austin Idol to the professional wrestling world. 
Shoot Interview with Eric Watts
Finally his story can be told... Erik Watts provides a lifetime of stories from selling programs as a kid for his father in Mid-South Wrestling to working for WCW and TNA. This is a history lesson and incredible insight from someone that truly has seen so much growing up on the inside of wrestling.
Very few people in the wrestling industry have experiences as diverse and unique as Erik Watts. His hall of fame father "e;Cowboy"e; Bill Watts was the life-blood of Mid-South Wrestling and later ran WCW, so after being a star athlete at the collegiate level it was only natural that Erik join in the family business. At least it seemed like a good idea at the time.
With his famous father running WCW, Erik was immediately positioned for stardom and outcries of favoritism and nepotism followed Erik from day one. He talks at great length about the pressures he faced breaking into the business and talks about all his experiences in early 90's WCW. Who was most the helpful to the rookie and who was most the resentful. He passionately answers his critics point-by-point and gives his thoughts on not only his career but the entire wrestling business. And he's got some news for anyone who thinks the promoter's son had an easy ride. How hard did Paul Orndorff make him fight for his first win? What's the real story on the behind the scenes fight between him and Ravishing Rick Rude? Why did he knock Beautiful Bobby Eaton out cold in the middle of a match?! And how was it Bobby's idea?! Every top star from WCW is talked about including Sting, Ric Flair, DDP, Steve Austin and more.
But Watts travelled to WWF too, as one-half of Tekno Team 2000, a preposteros cibernetic tag-team from the future. How much did Watts hate the gimmick? How much did those outfits cost? And whose hare-brained idea was it anyway?
Just when his career seemed over, Watts reinvented himself as a top star during the early days of TNA. The outspoken, honest and insightful Erik Watts talks in depth about the Jarretts, Russo, the challenges TNA faced then and the challenges they face now.
Erik Watts is one of the most insightful interviews we have ever done. He talks about the bond between second generation wrestlers and the kinship he's felt with guys like Barry Windham and Dustin Rhodes. He talks about working under Dusty Rhodes and comparisons between Dusty and his father. He talks extensively about his father's booking philosophies, the nature of episodic wrestling television and all the ways that today's product comes up short.
And if you are a fan of Mid-South Wrestling, there are plenty of stories about all the top stars from that era like Junkyard Dog, Dick Murdoch, Hacksaw Duggan, Jim Cornette, Steve Dr. Death Williams and more.
He has been in the ring and behind the scenes with virtually all of wrestling's most famous personalities of the last 25 years. He's wrestled Liger and Chono. He's partied on the road with Raven. He's told Vince McMahon to his face exactly what he is doing wrong. As a kid he even brought Andre the Giant to show-and-tell. You may think you know Erik Watts but truly you have no idea until you see the Erik Watts interview
Shoot Interview with Craig Pittman
He's proudly served his country in the United States Marine Corp; won world championships as an amateur wrestler; wrestled in front of millions on WCW television and survived life on the road with the Nasty Boys. He's Craig "e;Pitbull"e; Pittman and in his first ever sitdown interview, Pittman opens up about his life experiences and wrestling career.
Hear his memories from the 1989 Greco World Finals where he faced off against the world-renowned Alexander Karelin. Find out what motivated him to serve his country and what comparisons can we draw between his two careers. How did boot camp match up with the grueling WCW Power Plant? What did his fellow Marines think of his new career choice? Learn how the 16-time former World Champion Ric Flair opened the door for Pittman to pursue a WCW contract.
Of course, no discussion of WCW would be complete without talking about the backstage politics. Who was in what clique? How did things change when Bischoff took control? What was morale like for the WCW crew when Hogan, Savage, Hall and Nash were brought in? Hear a truthful, forthcoming, first hand account of what it was like to break into WCW just as it started gaining steam. Just at Pittman began to develop as a seasoned pro, WCW exploded in popularity. With Nitro a booming success and new wrestlers being signed virtually every day, the rich talent pool and stiff competition for spots left virtually no room for rookie mistakes. "e;Sarge"e; is honest and forthcoming about his strengths and his weaknesses during his formulative years in the business.
Pittman traveled extensively with Teddy Long and we ask if he is surprised by how well Teddy has done for himself in WWE since WCW's demise. He opens up about racism in the business detailing what he saw first hand at WCW and if it was or was not a problem there. We ask him about being one of the first wrestlers to popularize rappelling into the ring from the rafters and he speaks solemnly about his feelings when he first heard Owen Hart had died performing a stunt that he had done dozens of times. Hear how Pittman almost had a WWE run against fellow amateur wrestling great Kurt Angle, and hear what the Sarge is up to these days. Benoit, Guerrero, Sting, Hogan, Flair and every top name from WCW at the time is brought up as Sarge speaks candidly about the outrageous experiences of working for one of wrestling's largest companies at the time of its most rapid growth.
Time Line with Don Muraco
We'll give you the REAL timeline!
The WWE had yet to go national. The talent raids had not begun. Hogan was still Verne's guy. And the biggest draws in the company would revolve around the Intercontinental Title, held by The Magnificent One, Don Muraco. And the inside story is here!
The series that blows open the real, unauthorized story of the WWE is back, and we head into the 80s again!
Morales drops title
Rocky feud
Snuka and Nancy
Gilbert's crash
McMahon power shift
Invading California
Wizard's passing
Iron Mike Sharpe and OCD
Madison Square Garden
Victory Magazine
Plus more!!!
Pro Wrestling Guerrilla presents "e;Threemendous II"e;, their sixth anniversary show, held July 31, 2009 in Reseda, CA and features Chris Hero versus Joey Ryan for the PWG Title in a "e;Guerrilla Warfare Match!"e;
1. Brandon Gatson, Johnny Goodtime & Jerome "e;LTP"e; Robinson vs. The Cutler Brothers (Brandon & Dustin Cutler) & Charles Mercury
2. Scott Lost vs. Alex Shelley
3. "e;American Dragon"e; Bryan Danielson vs. Chris Sabin
4. Colt Cabana vs. Chuck Taylor
5. Davey Richards vs. Roderick Strong
6. Non-Title Tag Team Match: The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) vs. 2 Skinny Black Guys (El Generico & Human Tornado)
7. PWG Title - Guerrilla Warfare Match: Chris Hero (c) w/Candice LeRae vs. Joey Ryan
NWA Wrestling Legends Fanfest 2009- Complete Set 6-DVD
1. 25 Years after Starrcade - Q&A with Ric Flair & Harley Race
2. Conversation with Cornette - Q&A with Jim Cornette
3. Memphis Roundtable - Lance Russell, Dave Brown & Jerry Jarrett sit down and discuss the hotbed of wrestling in Tennesse
4. Hall of Heroes - A special Hall of Fame induction and banquet for The Fabulous Fargos, Gary Hart, Chief Wahoo McDaniel, Blackjack Mulligan, Nelson Royal, and Lance Russell.
5. Wrestling Night 1 - featuring "e;Action"e; Mike Jackson, 2 Cold Scorpio, Chic Donovan, Mr. Hughes, Steve Corino & more!
6. Wrestling Night 2 - featuring "e;Action"e; Mike Jackson, 2 Cold Scorpio and more!
Classic Memphis  Best of First Family
Corey Maclin presents Classic Memphis Wrestling! Step back in time to witness the greats that wrestled in Memphis! An incredible history lesson as these legends are in action during their prime!
Jimmy Hart Retirement Recap (5/81)
Jimmy Hart & Jimmy Kent Interview (5/81)
First Family Picnic (6/20/81)
The New Southern Champion, Jimmy Hart (6/27/81)
"e;We Are Family"e; (6/27/81)
Jimmy Hart vs. Jerry Lawler (Arena Highlights, 6/29/81)
Jimmy Hart in the Hospital (7/81)
Jimmy Hart vs. Chic Donovan (7/81)
First Family Interview (7/81)
Buddy Wayne vs. Jerry Lawler (7/25/81)
Jimmy Hart Tarred and Feathered (8/1/81)
Dream Machine Tarred and Feathered (8/8/81)
Jimmy Hart & Steve Keirn Interview (8/15/81)
Dream Machine Attacks Lance Russell (8/22/81)
Dream Machine vs. Jerry Lawler (Arena Highlights, Koko turns on Lawler)
Koko Ware Joins the First Family (9/12/81)
Rick Gibson vs. Nightmare & Speed (9/26/81)
Jimmy Hart & Tojo Yamamoto Interview (10/3/81)
Jimmy Hart & Tojo Yamamoto Interview (10/10/81)
Dutch Mantel vs. Dream Machine Feud (10/31/81)
Jerry Lawler vs. Super Destroyer Feud (11/81)
Jimmy Hart vs. Dennis Upton (12/26/81)
Stan Lane Quits the First Family (1/23/82)
Jimmy Hart with the Monk (4/10/82)
Ricky Gibson Interview & The First Family attacks Robert Gibson (4/17/82)
Stagger Lee Unmasks (9/10/83)
Moondogs Attack Bill Dundee (10/22/83)
Death of the Bruise Brothers (1/84)
Eggs (10/84)
Jimmy Hart Jr. (10/84)
Jimmy Hart vs. Rick Rude (10/84)
Classic Memphis Best of Managers from Memphis
Corey Maclin presents Classic Memphis Wrestling! Step back in time to witness the greats that wrestled in Memphis! An incredible history lesson as these legends are in action during their prime!
Jim Cornette
Bill Dundee vs. Bobby Eaton with Jim Cornette on Commentary
Jim Cornette Recruits Jerry Lawler
Jim Cornette Recruits Bill Dundee
Jim Cornette Interview with Sherri Martel
Jim Cornette Signs Dutch Mantel
Jim Cornette Interview with Jesse Barr
Jim Cornette & Jesse Barr vs. Jimmy Hart & Sweet Brown Sugar (JIP)
Jim Cornette, Adrian Street, & Miss Linda vs. Bill Dundee & Jerry Calhoun
Jim Cornette, Adrian Street, & Miss Linda vs. Bill Dundee (Lumberjack Strap Match)
Jim Cornette & Jimmy Hart vs. Bobby Eaton
Jim Cornette Interview With Steve O
Downtown Bruno
Downtown Bruno Memphis TV Debut
Downtown Connection vs. The Bryant Bros.
Downtown Bruno Interview
Downtown Connection vs. Jamison, Johnson, Garmen, & Trailer
Downtown Bruno Interview
Downtown Connection vs. Brickhouse Brown & Soultrain Jones
Downtown Bruno Interview with Boy Tony
Boy Tony vs. Tracy Smothers
Boy Tony interfers with a Tracy Smothers match
Valet for a Day
Downtown Bruno vs. The Karate Kid

Bonus Footage

Six Man Tag Match w/ Jim Cornette
Tag Team Match w/ Downtown Bruno
(Special Note:  neither men were ever tagged in for the match)
Jim Cornette reflects on his time in Memphis
Brickhouse Brown Talks About Downtown Bruno
Classic Memphis  Jimmy Hart the early years
Corey Maclin presents Classic Memphis Wrestling! Step back in time to witness the greats that wrestled in Memphis! An incredible history lesson as these legends are in action during their prime!
Jerry Lawler as a Heel
Jerry Lawler Interview with Jimmy Hart
Jerry Lawler vs. Ken Lucas
Jimmy Hart vs. Ken Lucas
Jerry Lawler vs. Jerry Jarrett
Jerry Lawler vs. Ricky Morton
Jerry Lawler & Jimmy Valiant
Jerry Lawler & Jimmy Valiant Promos
Jerry Lawler vs. Paul Ellering
Jerry Lawler & Jimmy Valiant vs. The Gibsons
Jerry Lawler vs. Ricky Morton
Jerry Lawler & Jimmy Valiant vs. Ricky Morton & Larry Hardin
Paul Ellering
Paul Ellering Promos
Paul Ellering vs. Jimmy Valiant
Paul Ellering & Ali Hassan vs. Billy Robinson & Ken Lucas (Southern Tag Title Match)
Paul Ellering & Ali Hassan vs. Jimmy Valiant & Ken Lucas (Southern Tag Title Match)
Paul Ellering vs. Jimmy Valiant Highlights ( Ellering wins the Southern Heavyweight Title)
Paul Ellering & Jimmy Hart Interview
Paul Ellering vs. Koko Ware
Jimmy Hart Manager of Champions
Jimmy Hart Interview with Gypsy Joe
Gypsy Joe vs. Robert Gibson
Jerry Lawler signs the contract for his return
Jimmy Hart Interview with Killer Karl Krupp
Jerry Lawler vs. Killer Karl Krupp
Jimmy Hart Interview with Bobby Eaton
Jimmy Hart Interview with The Angel
The Angel vs. Carl Fergie
Jerry Lawler Confronts Jimmy Hart
Jimmy Valaint w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Robert Gibson
Lance Russell, Dave Brown, Jerry Jarrett Talk About Jimmy Hart
Jimmy Hart Reflects on his Early Years
Hybrid WRestling- Get Buck'd 2/16/2008
1. Marion Fontaine Vs. Steve Shilson
2. Faith In Nothing & Billy Taylor Vs. Canadian Superstars & Russ Myers
3. Starless Vs. Josh Prohibition
4. Brian Lyndon Vs. Dave Crist
5. Luis Diamante Vs. Sami Callihan
6. Flip Kendrick Vs. Myke Quest
7. Morty Rackem Vs. Shawn Blaze
8. Plus the debut of Chris Cronus
Hybrid Wrestling- Damage Control 7/16/2009
1. Johnny Gargano & Faith In Nothing Vs. Mega Sexy & Dustin Rayz
2. Corvis Fear Vs. Jason Gory
3. Hailey Hatred Vs. Madison Rayne
4. Jimmy DeMarco Vs. Bert
5. Six-Pack Elimination Challenge: Eric Ryan Vs. Morty Rackem Vs. J. Miller Vs. Jack Verville Vs. Cameron Skyy Vs. Tommy Tydie
6. Luis Diamante & Jefferson Saint Vs. Ryan Burke & Robert Paulson
7. Facade Vs. Brian Lyndon
Hybrid Wrestling- Pandora's Box 8/15/2009
1. Hybrid Championship: Dave Cole Vs. Johnny Gargano
2. Billy Taylor Vs. Myke Quest
3. Theory Of Evolution Ladder Match Qualifier: Dustin Rayz Vs. Shawn Blaze
4. H3RD Vs. Cut Throat Crew
5. Dave Logan Vs. Jason Bane
6. Portia Perez Vs. Hailey Hatred
7. Marion Fontaine Vs. Facade
8. Johnny Cockstrong Vs. Cameron Skyy
9. Corvis Fear Vs. Brian Lyndon
10. Eric Ryan vs. Jason Gory

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