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This is going to be a super quick week in review update...

RF Video is pleased to offer you our 15% OFF SALE!  We are now offering 15% off your entire cart!!! Simply add the items you want to buy to your cart and during checkout a 15% discount will be automatically deducted!  There is no place better to shop for all your pro-wrestling video and dvd needs.  This is the perfect time to get all the new releases and save a few bucks!  This sale ends Monday September 14, 2009 at 12pm est.

This sale ends tomorrow as we have a ton of new DVD's that are going up on the site after we pull this sale.

So just another reminder you can order our new shoots with. Mr Ken Anderson, Barry Windham, Mad Dog Vanchon, Headbanger Most, Jim Powers, and Dirty White Boy and we will be shipping them all tomorrow and you will have them this week!!!

If you order before tomorrow afternoon you will save 15% off on them.  So what are you waiting for!!!

All of our new shoots especially the Barry Windham and Mr Ken Andersoon shoots are what puts us over the top!!  I remember another company a few years back saying they were here to take over the shoot interview world and they declared themselves the new King of shoots!!  Well we are still waiting for you to take over as it looks like you were dethroned before you even got started!! 

I really also loved our interview with Jim Powers.  He was one of those guys who seen it all and worked with everyone in the 80's and 90's.  I know everyone will enjoy his shoot.  If your a fan of the old territories your going to want to purchase our interview with Dirty White Boy.

The Jim Cornette Guest Booker DVD is a must for any Cornette fan.  After watching this new double DVD shoot you will have a new respect for his booking skills.

ALL NEW SHOOTS WILL BE SHIPPING TOMORROW!!!!!  If you ordered any of them you will have them this week 100%!!!!  Order now!!!!


RF VIDEO will have Howard Finkel and Marty Wright formerly known as the Boogeyman on Sept 26th at Signamania.  We have full details on our website about the pricing and times for these two huge signings.  I will also have another update in Monday's news report.

Punk keeps the title tonight after another Montreal screw job...Not the best match but it was meant to do what they set out.

I like the Cena vs Orton match as it was something new and fresh.  Cena won the belt and is now a 6 time WWE champion.

I did not get to see anything else on the PPV because I was to busy watching the season finale of True Blood!!

My sources are telling me that Jeff Hardy could get up to 8 years in jail if he is convicted.  There are reports that he could get from 3 to 11 years but I am hoping he just clears his name and gets out of this mess.  He is innocent until proven guilty.

I also no way think he was selling drugs what so ever.  The guy made around 2 million last year and I am sure he does need have time to do this on the side.  I will have a much further look at the situation on my radio show tomorrow and I will post the link on the site as well tommorrow so you can all listen to my points.

This was just a quick mini update for the night and we will have a full news report tomorrow with all of our new DVD's listed as well!!!

Enjoy the last few hours of our sale and see you all on Monday!!


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