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Hey everyone sorry for the lack of updates over the last few days.  Once again RF VIDEO was on the road over the weekend with Hardcore Homecoming.  It was great to be back in OH and Pittsburgh once again.  We had a blast on the road as always.

We have added 3 brand new DVD releases to the site today.  This past weekends PWU, World 1 shows and our debut new shoot interview series titled Adult Underground!!!  Details are listed below on all 3 releases!!!

RF VIDEO will have some big shoot interviews coming up!!!! You won't believe who we have lined up. Make sure you get our three biggest releases of all time.  They are the Matt Hardy, Bret Hart and On The Road with Honky Tonk Man DVD's!!

I got a chance to watch the Hardcore Homecoming DVD this weekend in the car ride up to the shows.  I highly recommend this DVD to any fan of Extreme.  This is just a incredible tribute show that came off incredible on DVD.  The bonus footage and editing make this DVD a collectors item.  Even the case it comes in is amazing.  Order it today in the new release section!!

RF VIDEO will be filming a brand new concept very soon!!!  This one will take the cake.

We will also have a ton of new releases later in the week.

RF VIDEO will also be at the WrestleFest 2005 convention in NY this coming weekend.  If you want us to bring anything let us know by sending a E mail to .  For more info on this HUGE convention check out

RF VIDEO has also for sale the orginal chairs from the first Hardcore Homecoming show from Philly.  The chairs are autographed by the guys on the chair.  We only have a few of them.  They are $100 each but they are autographed.  If you want to reserve one with a credit card E mail us at and let us know.  We can bring them to NY this weekend.  We also have a few chairs from this past weekends Hardcore Homecoming shows. The chairs are only $50 and have pics on it with Rhino, Raven, Shane Douglas, Francine, Team 3D, Sabu and Sandman.  Both versions are collectors items and we only have a few of them so hurry!!

Doug will have a full report on the latest PWU show that took place on Saturday.  We have the video in the new release section right now for you to order.  The show saw the return of the Briscoes as they faced long time rivals the SAT's and All Money is Legal.  Everyone was raving about the match!!!  Also making his return to the Philly area in years was Quiet Storm.  He teamed up with Javi-Air. They took on Red and Angel Del Fuego from Mexico.  The show reminded me when I watched it today of some early magic moments that we had.  PWU is only going to get bigger and bigger.  If you like underground wrestling with a edge, PWU is for you.  This was a really solid wrestling show.   We will have more on the show this week.  Here is the complete line up which can be ordered on DVD today!! In fact the DOI's Mic posted his review of the two main events in this news report.  Check out the very bottom to read what Mic had to say about the final two matches!!!!

Pro Wrestling Unplugged  Order now in the New Release section!!!!

September 17, 2005
Heavy Metal/Corpse/Big Daddy Bell w/Johnny Diamond & The Diamond Vixxens vs Peter Hunter/Tiegas/Tokoyo Ninja
Devon Moore vs. Archadia w/Lit & Deranged
Matt Bomboy/Din Mak vs. JC Ryder & Ashe Samuels w/Deranged
Sumie Sakai vs. Cindy Rogers
Angel Del Fuego/Amazing Red vs. Quiet Storm/Javi-Air
Aramis vs. KC Hellfire
The Briscoe Brothers vs. The SAT vs. All Money is Legal
Trent Acid/Johnny Kashmere/Bison Bravado vs. Nick Berk/Mad Man Pondo/2 Tuff Tony

RF VIDEO also filmed the 9-16-05 Pro-Wrestling wORLD-1 SHOW from Philly on Friday night.  This show had alot of names from all over the world.  You can order this show in the new Release section right now.  Steve Cornio, CW Anderson, Kazushi Miyamoto, Jay Lethal, Ricky Reyes, Chris Hamrick, Josh Daniels and Sumie Sakia are just a few who wrestle on this show.

Pro-Wrestling WORLD-1
September 16, 2005                       Order now in the New Release section
Philadelphia, PA

W-1 ITV Tournament Quarterfinal: Johnny Kashmere (PWU) vs. Alex Law (W-1)
WORLD-1/PWF Universal tag team titles: Greg Spitz & Mark Mest (w/Rob Dimension-PWF) vs. Steve Corino & CW Anderson (W-1)
Ricky Landell (W-1) & Kazushi Miyamoto (All Japan) vs. Jay Lethal (JAPW) & Ricky Reyes (PWG)
W-1 ITV Tournament Quarterfinal: King Kaluha (Free) vs. Larry Sweeney (Chikara) w/Marcus Dowling
Allison Danger & Cindy Rogers (WXW) vs. Sumie Sakai (W-1) & Alere Little Feather (IWA)
PWF Universal title (decision match): Chris Hamrick vs. Josh Daniels

RF VIDEO will be filming the UXW show in NY on Saturday night which is a loaded show.  UXW has been on a huge roll as of late promoting shows that have something for everyone.  They are bringing in a ton of unique matches this Saturday night.  CHeck out what is listed so far!!!

UXW/USA Pro returns to the Skate Safe America, 182 Bethpage Sweet Hollow Road in Old Bethpage, NY on Saturday Night, September 24th with UXW Every Victim Counts! Show starts at 7pm with doors opening at 6pm.

Currently scheduled to appear:
The UXW Debut of "e;The Manbeast"e; Rhyno vs. The Hardcore Icon The Sandman!
Former WWE Superstar TEST!
The New Age Outlaws:
Roaddogg Jesses James and “Badd Ass” Billy Gunn w/ Tammy Lynn Sytch vs. The Christopher St Connection!
UXW Heavyweight Championship Match: UXW World Title vs. AWA World Title: Balls Mahoney vs. Steve Corino!   There will be 3 different matches with these 3 guys!! ( dog collow....tables....last man standing)
D'Lo Brown.
UXW Xtreme Champion "e;Primetime"e; Elix Skipper vs. The Future Frankie Kazarian.
Axl Rotten.
The Masked Maniac.
UXW Tag Team Champions Mike Tobin and Trent Acid and Justin Credible and Billy Reil with Tony Lo.
Vordell Walker.
The UXW U.S Champion Mike “The Shooter” Kruel.
The Outcast Killaz.
Lowlife Louie Ramos.
Johnny Candido.
Poppalishus and Guapolishus w/ Matt The AYM.
Jimmy Hustler.
Johnny TNT.
Jimmy Hustler w/ Mr Big.
Ken Sweeney.
The New Dynamite Kid.

So we talked about it last week and now it is in the new release section for you to order!!RF VIDEO along with ZBarr production presents...its sexiest shoot ever. That may sound like bragging, or filthy locker room talk, but in this case we mean it. Sometimes we have to look outside the fish bowl that is professional wrestling and spotlight another career and a different type of worker that brings us great enjoyment. In this case...strippers!! Seriously though, RF VIDEO's goal for 2005 and beyond is to continually improve and develop new concepts for our shoot interview series to give our loyal customers a quality product that they will enjoy. Shows such as Real Sex on HBO have given us a taste of the life of a stripper but RF VIDEO is going one step further by having a one-on-one interview. Like wrestling, the adult entertainment industry seems to be a world upon itself and our shoot interview finally reveals a glimpse into this world. As always, RF VIDEO and ZBARR Productions asks the tough questions and digs deep into a business that is usually closed to all outsiders.
Meet Deanna. She works  40 hours a week at a north east strip club. Deanna is 24  years old and all her friends think she's a college student You'd never think for a moment she was a stripper. Deanna is super out going and has a ton of carisma. She will go into great detail about how she got into this business.  Now remember one thing about Deanna she loves to go into great details about everything.  So she holds nothing back and her language can be vulgar at times. 
With the curtain pulled back, you will have a unique perspective on a business that is truly like no other. In this shoot you will get a chance to get into the mind of a stripper and find out why she does what she does. How did these girls grow up? What brings them into the business and what keeps them there? RF VIDEO?s track record of in-depth question continues as we find out what goes on backstage at a strip club and find out all the “casting couch” stories.
Whats your name and how long have you been dancing...
what was the first club you danced at and where
what made you want to become a dancer
what was your child hood like
What was your teen years like?
classify your self in high school
have u had a lot of boy friends    
Do u wanna goto the full extreme's of being a dancer and getting cosmetic surgery, like ur beasts done etc.
whats the shadiest thing you have ever seen in a club and shadiest thing you have ever been a apart of
are u straight BI gay
do u have any good sex stories
have u ever been stalked by a customer
Whats the most money you have ever gotten out of one guy
whats ur best asset
why should a club owner book you
how old were u when you first started dancing
Now u were telling us before the tape that u actually had sex with 15 guys at did all this happen.
what was it like ur first night
what was it like giving ur first couch dance
do u get off?, getting guys off in the couch dance rooms
have u been offered money for favors in the much and any memorable stories
there's a lot of men who dress in women's clothes under there clothes...a lot of business men do this...have you had any experiences doing this
what were ur parents like...were they there for u
imagine 20 years from now u had a daughter ur age and she wanted to do what u would u react and what advice would u give her
how long do u feel u can do this, is there anything else in life you would rather do
would u like to enter the adult film industry
What are the dressing rooms like, is there a lot of girls trying to stab each other in the back?
have managers or owners attempted to get favors out of u for better shifts
have u ever been out with friends or family or even by yourself...and recognized by a customer
how old were u when u lost ur virginity
do u have children
for any women watching this that wanna get involved in the dancing world...what steps do they need to take...or is it cut and dry just take out your breast
have u ever been molested or raped
do u do any drugs, have u ever been to any rehabs
What makes u different from all the other girls when ur working...why would a customer want to spend money on u?
do u get turned on dancing
have u ever left with a customer, cause u really wanted to do him
how often do u have sex
What can u tell our viewers about dancers that they might not know...
go into detail on what u have to get the girl inside the club to date u outside of it...if u came in as a customer
Do you have a code name for customers?
Have you ever had a disease?
Have you ever had a yeast infection?
What's the most someone has offered your for sex?
What are the chances that you will meet a customer off hours?
What do you do to get yourself hyped up if an ugly person wants you?
Would  you like a fat persons nuts for $1000 bucks?
What's the most money you can win a night?
Does stripping lead to hooking?
Have you ever farted while giving a lapdance?
Has anyone ever had a orgasm while you were giving a lapdance?
What do you do if someone touches you during a lapdance?
Are most owners evil?
Has an owner of a club ever tried getting you in bed?
Do you have heat with other girls?
Do slutty girls hurt the industry and make you have to do more?
How hard is it to have a boyfriend while you're grinding  all night?
How tough is it to have a normal life?

Just in case you might have missed it you can now order these RF VIDEO shoots on DVD for the very first time.  They are all digitally remastered and now in the new release section!
Tazz, Kevin Sullivan, Rey Misterio Jr, Honky Tonk Man (1st shoot ever with RF), Sean Waltman, JJ Dillon, Barry Whindham, Rock N Roll Xpress, Arn Anderson and Bobby Heenan

There will many more new shoot interviews on DVD very soon.  We are putting our entire library on DVD!!!

There is a new review up in the DVD review section of our In the Ring series with Elix Skipper done by The Torch's very own Derek Burgan!!!

Matt Hardy was hurting last night from that legdrop. People who saw him afterwards noticed his face wincing in pain when moving, but nothing on any serious injury. That will probably wind up being his career highlight, but I hope he never tries to do it again.

As you've all read by now, Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, Mick Foley and Triple H will all be making a return to RAW for "e;The WWE Homecoming,"e; which is RAW's return to the USA Network on October 3rd. The WWE has announced more names that will take part in this three-hour historic event. Here are the names:

- "e;Hacksaw"e; Jim Duggan
- Jimmy Hart
- Hillbilly Jim
- Superstar Billy Graham
- The Iron Sheik
- "e;Rowdy"e; Roddy Piper
- Fabulous Moolah
- Mae Young
- Harley Race
- Jimmy "e;Superfly"e; Snuka
- Chief Jay Strongbow
- Greg "e;The Hammer"e; Valentine
- Nikolai Volkoff
- Koko B. Ware

Wade Keller of the Pro Wrestling Torch is reporting that Sean Waltman arrived at a family member's house in Florida on late Sunday evening after going missing for almost a full week.

Many of Waltman's good friends in wrestling, along with his entire family, were worried about his well being after he failed to show at TNA's Unbreakable PPV event last Sunday night in Orlando, FL at Universal Studios. Reports on that day stated that Waltman left his grandmother's house in Florida last Sunday around 6pm Eastern to head out on a 90 minute drive to the TNA PPV.

It is very possible that Waltman still could have been used at the PPV last Sunday even though he was going to arrive much later than the usual clock-in time for TNA events. Waltman never ended up making it to the Soundstage at Universal Studios and stayed out of contact with both friends and family for a full week. Things were getting so serious that Waltman's family was even considering filing a missing person's report on his situation today until he showed up late last night.

Hardcore Homecoming results: 9/17/05
Location: Pittsburgh, PA

-Show opened with a 10 bell salute for all deceased ECW stars. It was also noted that September 20 is the anniversary of the death of Ted "e;Rocco Rock"e; Petty.

-Tracy Smothers defeated Blue Meanie

-Danny Doring and Roadkill defeated Chris Chetti and CW Anderson

-New Jack defeated Ian Rotten and Balls Mahoney in a three-way dance.

-Jerry Lynn defeated Justin Credible

-Shane Douglas defeated Gary Wolfe in a Dog Collar Match. Post-match, Douglas got on the mic and shot on Vince McMahon.

-Sabu defeated Sandman in a Stairway to Hell match.

Based on their strong match at the Unbreakable PPV this past Sunday, it is believed both Austin Aries and Roderick Strong have or about to be offered TNA deals. Many TNA employees were very high on both following the PPV on Sunday.

According to reports, both Matt Hardy and Edge only talk when they need to discuss a match or segment. Otherwise, they keep their distance backstage. On the other hand, Hardy and Lita have reportedly had their good days and bad days since Matt returned in terms of getting along. Lita has continued to travel alone and has made it clear to close friends that she is not comfortable with any aspect of this current storyline. Other reports have stated that she doesn't like "e;rubbing it in"e; to Matt on the air, but understands she has a job to do and must be convincing in doing so.

On a related note, Matt Hardy is continuing to be optimistic regarding his current push in the company since his return. Despite some recent losses on RAW that quite frankly didn't make sense from a booking standpoint, Hardy still feels things will turn out okay. He is also said to be under the impression that he will be winning the Steel Cage Match against Edge at Unforgiven this Sunday on PPV.

Dusty Rhodes has been spotted at WWE Headquarters in Stamford, CT on a regular basis in the last two weeks. Rhodes officially started at the offices on September 7th and has been visible around the building. Says one WWE employee, "e;He is following dress code. Business standard."e; That means no cowboy hats...or even polka dots.


In the Match of the Night

The Briscoe Brothers d. The SAT & AMIL To Win the Vacant PWU Tag Team Champions; The Briscoe Brothers become the first ever
team to hold the PWU, CZW & *** Tag Team Championships, in addition to winning other tag team titles.

This was the match I was most looking forward to, and I wasn't disappointed. Two major things came out of this match. One was  that the Briscoes are back and didn't miss a fucking beat. The second thing was that it proved that AMIL is no longer an up-and-coming team, because they are already there. AMIL has earned their stripes and showed that they are not only capable of hanging with two of the best tag teams in indy wrestling, but they are one of the top teams in indy wrestling too.

The Briscoes, who wrestled in PWU T-Shirts, proving that they are PWU exclusive for now, as I'm sure they are gonna get offers from everyone now that they are back, were just amazing in this match. The Briscoes got a "e;Welcome Back"e; and a standing ovation during their entrance, which was nice to see.  This match started off fast and never slowed down. This match had spot after spot, and just when you thought the match was over, someone would run into the ring and break up the count.

This match was somewhat lucha, in the sense that there were no tags, just attempted pinfalls, followed up by whoever broke the pinfall tagging into the match that way.  This match also went to the outside, and saw Jay Briscoe dive three rows into the crowd from the top rope onto one of the members of the SAT. Just insane.  This match also featured big time double team moves in addition to big time single moves. Joel Maximo Jay Drilla'ed Jay Briscoe for two, and then found himself getting Maximo Drivered by Mark Briscoe.  The Briscoes hit their springboard Doomsday Device on Jose Maximo for 2. Pusha hit a top rope X-Factor on one of The Briscoes for 2.  The SAT's hit a top rope brainbuster on one of AMIL for 2. These are just some of the spots I can remember off the top of my head, as I just watched this match without taking notes, in fear of missing something big when I was writing.  Eventually, after about 20 minutes of death defying wrestling, Jay Briscoe hit a cut throat picture perfect burning hammer on K-Murda. The Briscoes then hit a springboard Doomsday Device on Murda for the 1-2-3.

This was an excellent match. I recommend everyone to go out of their way to catch it on DVD when it comes out.

 The only way it could've been better is if the Backseats were thrown into this match to make it a four corner match instead of a three way dance. After the match, all three teams embraced, showing that they are good sports, in addition to fierce competitors.

Jerk Jackson/Scott Cardinal, the previous PWU Tag Team Champions, were stripped of the PWU Tag Titles earlier in the day, due to not being at the show to defend their tag titles. Then again, Homicide & Jack Evans weren't there to defend their belts, but PWU never advertised them to be on the show in the first place. In reality, Jackson/Cardinal were originally scheduled to be on PWU's September date, but when PWU changed their September date, Cardinal/Jackson couldn't make the show. I'd expect Jerk/Cardinal to challenge The Briscoes once they return to the PWU fold. However, I do think PWU made the right decision in stripping Cardinal/Jackson, as it now creates an angle for Jackson/Cardinal, in addition to putting the belts on the best team in the company. Look at PWU's champions. Homicide. Evans. Briscoes. Sounds really good, and will probably help them draw more fans.




Trent Acid/Johnny Kashmere/Bison Bravado w/Annihilation d. Nick Berk/Mad Man Pondo/2 Tuff Tony w/Annie Social
This was just  a wild ass brawl. This was awesome to watch. PWU has really established themselves as the promotion for kick ass streetfights, as they have had at least 4 or 5 big street fights this year with amazing action. This match featured alot of weapons and lots of blood. This is a match you'll want to definitely pick up on DVD. In fact, if PWU really wanted to rake in cash, PWU should make a "e;PWU: The Streetfights"e; DVD, because they've had some classics.  At one point in this match, with The Backseats & Bison down, Kashmere's students ran out to make the save. Each of them wound up eating a STOP sign from MadMan Pondo.  Bison was put through a table after absorbing a huge twisting splash from Pondo. Trent led his team to a comeback, with a major asai moonsault through a table on Tony. Trent wound up injuring himself in the process, as one of the table shards cut open his hand, and he was pouring blood from his hand and from his eyebrow. However, Trent continued the match like a true ring veteran warrior. Finally, after lots of blood loss and weaponery, The Backseatz hit a huge T-Gimmick on Nick Berk to pick up the 1-2-3.

This was a kick ass way to end the show. I know some wrestlers in the match thought it could've been a better match, but I don't think one fan left disappointed as they closed the show on a high note and with a true fight.



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