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Sept 21 2008

It is Sunday and the big news of the week is that this past Friday, RF VIDEO  put on sale the biggest shoot interview of the decade for presale with the Nature Boy Ric Flair!!!

This is THE SHOOT INTERVIEW OF A LIFETIME with Ric Flair.  Three discs with over 10 hours of in-depth interviews, stories, and so much more from the legendary "e;Nature Boy."e;  Get this shoot interview you've always waited for!!!

Does it really need anymore hype than this?  Ric Flair sitting down for a shoot with no corporate bosses telling him what he can't or can say.  All gloves are off for the biggest shoot interview of all time.  WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

This past weekend RF VIDEO was all over the state of NJ for the two huge JAPW shows.  It was great seeing Dan Maff back in the ring once again, as he has not lost a beat.  With some of the matches on the show I felt like it was 2002 all over again.

RF VIDEO has a huge mystery shoot interview scheduled for tomorrow with a former ECW/WWE superstar!!!  We should announce who this is with as soon as we wrap it up.

This coming Saturday RF VIDEO will be apart of the huge Signamania 3 convention in Levittown PA.  We will be bringing in Stevie Richards at our table from 11 until 2PM. We have ticket information listed in this news report below.

If you are taking part in our private signings with Stan Hansen, Demolition, Iron Sheik and Stevie Richards make sure we have all of your merchandise by this Thursday!!!

We also have a few shoot interviews lined up this coming weekend as well.  We are on fire right now as the shoots keep on getting bigger and bigger.

One of our biggest selling shoot interviews of all time is our shoot with Kurt Angle.  It is turning alot of heads in the wrestling world because of his comments towards the WWE.  Even the wrestling Observer is talking about this interview.  Check it out so you can see for yourself why there is so much controversy over this interview.

We can't wait to release the shoot interview with the hottest looking Diva to ever sit down with RF VIDEO which was Torri Wilson.  I still have steam coming out of my ears from her shoot.  Wait until you see how amazing she looks during her shoot, plus you also get to see her for the second time as she does a mini Face Off with Dawn Marie as a bonus feature for her shoot!!!

Speaking of Face Off we have scheduled for October a brand new Face Off!!!!  See no evil, Speak no evil and Hear no evil!!!  We can't give out a better clue than that one!!!

We still have to release one of my favorite shoot interviews this coming week with Robert Fuller.  I am going out on a limb right now and I will personally put my reputation on the line with this one.  I dare you to find one better story teller than this man.  His interview had me on the edge of my seat the entire time.  It was only a 3 hour shoot interview that should have went 6 hours.  I wish we had more time with him but we were able to digest so much of this legends career.  This is the type of shoot that even if you were not a fan of his, I would suggest you check it out.  I promise you, no better yet I personally guarantee you will love it.

RF VIDEO has alot of top secret work going on as we speak.  The next 12 months are going to be a wild ride.  There is so much going on behind the scenes with some very big projects that have been in the works for a long time.  If you thought that 2008 was great, wait until next year.  I know, I know the year is not even close to being over and I am getting way ahead of myself....but if you could be a fly on the wall, well I guess I have to keep it hush hush.

Did I mention that we have some really huge shoots coming up?????

Nov 8th RF VIDEO will be apart of the huge Night of the Superstars event down in Waynesboro VA.  We might even be bringing a very special guest to sign autographs at our vendor table that day.  Keep checking out our site to see who will be coming to Waynesboro with RF VIDEO.  For ticket information and to check out who is wrestling go to their myspace page at:

Paul London, who hasn't been seen on TV in quite some time and isn't being used much on house shows, is said to be close to termination. He doesn't have any allies on the creative team which is why there has been no focus on repackaging him like they did with Kendrick.

According to WWE's alcohol policy, it appears as if Jeff Hardy is indeed clear of any punishment people may have speculated he could/should receive. I have read a few posts on other websites presumptuously deciding that Hardy should be punished for "e;appearing"e; to be intoxicated and was subsequently setting a bad example to other wrestlers by sending the message that this type of behavior is allowed. Those condemnations are absurd to me as there was never any proof that he was in fact drunk, and if you read WWE's alcohol policy, he was in fact doing nothing against company regulations.

Here's WWE's official policy on alcohol abuse:

The use and/or abuse of alcohol in such a fashion so as to impair the ability to perform is prohibited by this Policy. Talent are expected to be free of the influence of alcohol when performing for WWE. Accordingly, the use of alcohol at any time twelve hours prior to any scheduled performance is prohibited by this Policy.

1. Testing for alcohol use or abuse in violation of this Policy shall be for reasonable cause only as defined in Section 7A.

2. The initial positive test for use and/or abuse of alcohol in violation of this Policy will be treated as a medical issue requiring evaluation for alcohol rehabilitation treatment. All subsequent positive tests for alcohol-related violations of this Policy shall be treated as disciplinary matters in accordance with this Policy.

Keep in mind that alcohol abuse and use are two very different things.

New DVD now on sale!!!  JAPW Overload  6-28/08  IN STOCK!!!

1. Don Juan vs. Chris Marvel vs. Danny Matthews vs. Scott McKenzie
2. Eddie Kingston vs. Danny Demanto
3. The Nigerian Nightmares vs. Chase DelMonte & Chris Dickerson
4. Corvis Fear vs. Bandido Jr.
5. Das Ubermenschen vs. The Logan Brothers
6. Christian Cage vs. Jimmy Rave
7. Angel Orsini vs. Jana
8. Azrieal vs. Milano Collection AT
9. LAX vs. The SAT
10. Kenny Omega vs. Grim Reefer

Coming soon................
Torri Wilson Shoot interview
Jimmy Golden Shoot Interview
Robert FUller shoot interview
On the Road with the Sheik and Killers of Comedy    (tons of backstage from the Stern crew)

Speaking of the Howard Stern show we are going back up to the studio in the very near future to do some business with the crew.  I have the most fun hanging around their studio more than I have ever had at any wrestling event.  Since I am a huge Stern mark, I feel like a kid in the candy store when we are up there.  When ever you turn  a corner something is going on in the studio.  The last time we met Barbara Walters and Donald Trump.

Don't forget we will be doing private signings with Stan Hansen, Iron Shiek, Demolition and Stevie Richards next week.  Mail us your items this week before it is to late.  The pricing is below in this report.

We also are going to be expanding our product line as we are going to be working with a few MMA companies.  We already started selling XFC's DVD's and we will have more MMA DVD's in the future from some other major MMA companies.

We still have not announced the company that RF VIDEO will be working with over seas....patience is of the essence.  We are working on the final paper work as we speak.

We also will be putting out a ton of other ECW titles on DVD soon as we have not forgotten abuot the rest of our library, we just wanted you guys to get caught up.

In the very near future we will be releasing our training seminar DVD's with Tazz and Ricky Steamboat for the very first time.  The cool thing about the Ricky Steamboat seminars is that you would never believe who some of the young rookies were in the class.  It was Micky James and Matt Striker!!  These DVD's will be on sale soon.  If you want to be a wrestler or you want to see what these guys go thru in class your going to want to check out these DVD's

We also will be releasing for the very first time on DVD in the very near future, On the Road with Tajiri and Super Crazy.  This was one of my favorite road trips of all time.  You will see myself along with Doug, going to Atlanta GA to work for Dusty Rhodes company TCW.  The DVD is just loaded with tons of material from our road trip from the hotel, food joints and backstage footage as well.

The 6th Annual Night of the Superstars is returning to Waynesboro High School in WaynesBoro VA after a years absence on November 8th!!  We will have a ton of information on the event in the next few days but already signed for this huge show will be Bobby Eaton one half of the Midnight Xpress taking on Marty Jannetty one half of the Rockers.  Stevie Richards will also be taking on Colin Delaney!!  RF VIDEO will be there filming all the action as well as doing some huge shoots down in VA!!!

We have added a ton of new pictures in our snapshot photo section!!!

Have you heard us on Who's Slammin Who?  Every Monday you can hear a new updated report by myself.  It is alot of fun to do this every week as it reminds me of my hotline from 10 years ago. 

The Kurt Angle, Adam Bomb, Scott Hall pt. 2 and Doug Sommers shoots are all in stock and are being mailed out today.  So if you order on the site right now we can mail them out tomorrow and you should have them for this weekend!!! The wait is over and they are no longer a preorder.

Order now at RF

The Ole Anderson shoot interview is what every shoot interview should be.  Ole holds nothing back and buries everyone.  Ole is by far one of the most bitter men we have ever sat down with and it shows thru this DVD. 

There is only one word that can describe Ole Anderson. Cantankerous. Actually, now that we think about it, several other words come to mind as well: bitter, cranky, malicious, stubborn, and outright mean.
Like the old man down the street who yells at squirrels on his lawn, Ole Anderson can be unapproachable. Downright scary even. But no one can accuse the crack staff of RF VIDEO of being cowards, and we summoned up all our courage and approached the notoriously media-hating Ole for an exclusive interview. A one-on-one shoot that would allow one of wrestling's most controversial speakers to hold court and hand down judgment on everything and everyone in his path.
Lo and behold, we proudly present the DVD you've been waiting for. Ole Anderson lives by one rule, it's his way or the highway and this interview is no exception. Wrestling historians will love Ole's tales of wrestling�s yesteryear, with stories that including legendary stars such as Verne Gagne, the Bruiser, the Crusher, Lou Thesz, Jim Crockett, Jim Barnett and the Duseks. You will hear all about hooking and booking, as Ole gives first hand accounts of shooting in the ring and what it was like to have to book a promotion full of stars. You want the big names? They come fast and furious as Ole gives his thoughts on men such as Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Thunderbolt Patterson, Roddy Piper, the Road Warriors, Stan Hansen, Jake Roberts and many more. In fact, the promos Ole shoots on his former Four Horsemen teammates are worth the price of admission alone!
We put Ole on the spot by reading him various quotes from over the years by other wrestling superstars about his booking style and watched Anderson go into overdrive. Black Saturday. Vince McMahon. Jim Herd. Kip Frey. The Black Scorpion angle. Brian Pillman. Mick Foley. Why he was really fired by WCW. What really happened in Smokey Mountain Wrestling with his son Bryant. Who is the superstar he considers a stooge above all others? You�ll get all that and so much more in the one shoot that has more yelling and cursing than a whole season of The Shield. Outspoken. Outrageous. Outstanding. The Ole Anderson shoot interview from RF VIDEO.

Howd you get started
Was the training more difficult than you thought
What was the kayfabe like for a young guy back then
Initial memories of Verne Gagne
How tough was he as a trainer
Memories of your first match
Were you a wrestling fan before you got into the business
Is it true that you were the first Rock
How quickly did you develop a passion for booking
Memories of Bruiser and Crusher
Memories of Lou Thesz
How did you wind up wrestling for the Duseks
Memories of the Duseks
How did you become an Anderson
Initial memories of Lars and Gene
How did your career change once the Andersons took off
Memories working for Jim Crockett SR
Memories of the Alabama territory
Memories of matches with the Briscos
Memories of Bruno Sammartino
How tough was the travel schedule
Memories of your first trips to the Georgia area
How did you wind up becoming an owner of the territory
Thoughts on Jim Barnett
How did the Briscos get involved
Grade yourself as a booker in Georgia
Does it surprise or bother you when you wrestlers today trash you from your days as a booker
Tito Santana recently wrote a book and more or less called you a racist in the book. Your thoughts?
You once booked Crockett and Georgia simultaneously. How difficult was that
Did you have any aspiration s of becoming NWA president
Thunderbolt Patterson accuses Dusty Rhodes of stealing his gimmick from him. Do you agree
Does it bother you when Vince gets the credit for having the first national heel announcer when you had Roddy Piper
What gave you the idea of putting Piper into that role
Memories of the famous angle between he and Muraco
Memories of when Hogan came into Georgia
Can you talk about your disagreements and friendship with Verne Gagne over the years
Memories of Eddie Graham
Memories of Danny Hodge
Memories of Bill Watts as a colleague and in the ring
Memories of Nick Bockwinkel
Memories of Paul Orndorff
Memories of the Tommy Rich-Buzz Sawyer angle
Memories of Jake Roberts
How did you discover the Road Warriors
A lot of guys say they hurt the business at=2 0the time by not selling, do you agree
Memories working with them
Memories teaming with Stan Hansen
Why do you think he walked on Verne
Do20you think things would have worked out different if Hogan never went to Vince
Memories of Johnny Valentine
Memories of first meeting Arn Anderson
How did the idea come about to make him an Anderson
What are your memories of Black Saturday when the WWE took over TBS
How did you find out that the Briscos sold their shares
How much do you think Jim Barnett was in on it
Did you have conversations with Vince
Was it hard to wo rk for Crockett after booking Georgia and not be a booker
Talk about the politics between Dusty Rhodes and Ric Flair
How did the whole idea of the Four Horsemen come about
Did you like it
Memories of matches with the Rock N Roll Express
Memories of matches against Magnum
You left the Horsemen for a little while, what happened
Who�s idea was it to turn you babyface
Do you think more could have been done with the turn
Memories of matches you had with Ric Flair
You have been critical of Ric Flair in your book and interviews. Do you think that Flair was that great or in the right place at the same time
Do you feel the same about Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage
Dusty wrote in his book that Vince SR wanted him first to be the top babyface when he went national. Do you think that the WWF would have been just as successful
If you could have put someone over as the world champ in say 1986 over Ric Flair, who would you have put in there and been just as successful
Memories of when Luger got involved in the Horsemen
You didn�t stick around for long after you turned, what happened
How did you wind up coming back 
You guys reformed the Horsemen and feuded with Sting. Was there ever a chance that Tully would have gotten involved?
Was it difficult when they stopped booking you to wrestle
Memories of Jim Herd
Thoughts on Flair leaving with the title
How did you wind up moving into booking
Thoughts on putting Sid into the Horsemen
Thoughts on Barry Windham
Do you think the Horsemen franchise has been tarnished
How did you
Was WCW hard to book at that time with the corporate influence
How hard was it to go up against Vince
What was the idea behind the Black Scorpion
Do you think it was a good idea in retrospect
Who was the Scorpion supposed to be
Was Sting overpaid by WCW
Is it true that you jobbed out the younger talent in hopes they would quit
Are you surprised guys like Mick Foley and Brian Pillman went on to be successful
Is it true that a lot of the younger guys were demoralized after you squashed Tom Zenk to Vader
Why do you think the house show numbers fell so bad
Why did you let the Undertaker walk
Were you surprised Cornette and Stan Lane quit
Ric Flair tells a story on his DVD that you told him when he came back he was worthless since he jobbed to Curt Hennig on TV. Is that true?
Why were you eventually let go
What would you have done differently
Do you think you were unfairly fired
When did Bryan tell you he wanted to get into the business
Were you surprised Bischoff let him go so soon
Jim Cornette has said that you and Bryan got fired because you did business with him on WCW�s property. Is that true?
Why did your son give up wrestling
In Eric Bischoff�s book he says that Blackjack Mulligan ratted you out to Bischoff for talking about him behind his back. Thoughts?
What promoted you to write a book
Were you contacted about doing business for the Horsemen DVD
Why didn�t you appear on the DVD
Were you contacted about appearing at Flair�s retirement
Why do you think there is so much bad blood between you and Ric
What are some of your favorite angles that you have booked
Thoughts on the business today
What is missing from the business today
Could you still be an effective booker
Are you surprised WCW went out of business
What is the problem with the business today
What is lacking in independent wrestlers and indy wrestling
Can TNA compete with the WWE
Memories of working out with fans
In your career who did you find was overrated and underrated
Favorite matches overall
Fav guys to work with
Least fav guys to work with
Who do you enjoy watching
Good ribs and road stories
What do you do today
Do you ever want to write another book
Shoot Interview with Mike Graham 2008  Now on sale

Mike Graham, son of the legendary hall of famer Eddie Graham, sat down for an intense three hour shoot interview that answers all the questions wrestling fans have been asking. Covering his entire career, this comprehensive interview tells the tale of how little Mikey Graham was brought to the wrestling shows by his father, eventually making his own way in the business, all the way to his current role as an elder statesman who has witnessed more tragedy than any soul should have to bear.
For the first time ever, Mike goes on the record concerning his father's suicide. Having worked closely with Kevin and Nancy Sullivan in Florida, Mike shared his insight on the side of Nancy many never saw and gives his thoughts on the Chris Benoit situation. We've all heard countless talking heads covering this subject, but Graham has a take on that terrible events which has never been heard before.
Although he is most known for his work in Florida, Mike has been all over the wrestling circuit and we got stories concerning a wide variety of territories and superstars. NWA. Mid South. AWA. WCW. XWF. Dick Slater. Gary Hart. Ray Stevens. Bill Watts. Dusty Rhodes. JJ Dillon. Billy Jack Haynes. Hulk Hogan. Lex Luger. Barry Windham. Eric Bischoff. Scott Hall. Kevin Nash. You won�t believe the list of people that Graham has worked with over the years.
Being named PWI's rookie of the year for 1972. Kevin Sullivan's devil gimmick. Working inside WCW's Power Plant. The infamous match at WCW Uncensored between Dustin Rhodes and Barry Darsow that Mike was an agent for. The Orndorff/Vader fight. His father's induction into WCW and WWE's hall of fame. Mike hits every significant moment of his career and is unabashedly honest throughout. Mike has seen the worst wrestling has to offer and has come out the other side with his head on straight, his priorities in order, and a whole bunch of entertaining stories for wrestling fans!

What was it like growing up as the son of Eddie Graham
How soon did he bring you to shows, etc
Do you have any fun stories about wrestlers staying over or coming over for dinner
How soon did you know that you wanted to get into the business
When did your dad expose kayfabe to you
Howd the other wrestlers treat you as a kid
How hard did your dad take it when the steel window fell on him and he had to sit out a year
Do you remember ever sitting in with your dad on booking meetings
Do you have any early memories of the NWA conventions
When did you start to train
Did you feel immediate pressures as his son
What made your dad such a great booker
Memories of training with Boris Malenko and Hiro
Did Hiro stretch you
Was your dad harder or easier on you in training
Did you ever have any thoughts of breaking in and hiding your name
Did you ever have any instances early in your career when a veteran would take his anger against your dad on you
Memories of your first match
Memories teaming with your dad
Memories of Vince McMahon SR< /div>
Early memories of Dusty Rhodes
Memories of Dusty�s turn
Memories of Gary Hart
Memories of Sputnick Monroe
Memories of teaming with Kevin Sullivan early in your career
Memories wrestling Dusty and Dick Slater
Memories of Jos LeDuc
Did your dad ever want to send you out of Florida to get experience elsewhere
Memories of wrestling the Ortons
Why do you think some second generation wrestlers like yourself an d Randy Orton succeed where others like David Sammartino and David Flair fail
Memories of Bob Backlund
How important to your career was it to be named PWI Rookie of the Year in 72
Memories of matches with the Hollywood Blondes
Memories teaming with Ken Lucas
Memories of the Briscos
Memories of Superstar Graham
Memories teaming with Steve Keirn
Any good road stories from this period
Memories teaming with Ray Stevens
When did you begin to feel confident as a worker
Memories wrestling Tatusmi Fujinami
Early impressions of Barry Windham
Memories wrestling Ric Flair
Memories of your draw with Harley Race
How important was that to your career
Memories meeting Hulk Hogan
Memories of his training
Memories of Kevin Sullivan and his big angle
How out of control did that angle get
Memories of JJ Dillon
How much of a part of the booking committee were you
Memories of wh en Bill Watts came to study under your father
Did Dusty get drunk with power
Early memories of Billy Jack Haynes
Memories of Magnum TA
Memories of Abdullah the Butcher
Memories of Terry Funk
Memories of Gordon Solie
Paul Jones said in an interview he left because your dad was putting you in matches above him. Did you find other vets jealous of your push
Memories working for the AWA
How did Verne compare to your dad as a booker
Memories of matches with Buck Zumhofe
Was the weather hard to get used to
Early memories of Lex Luger
Why do you think the territory was so successful
How did you find out about your father
Billy Jack said in his shoot he thinks your father killed himself because Dusty took all of the talent and left for Crockett. What do you think
How hard was it on you and your dad when Dusty jumped
Did you take it personally
Did you think the territory could continue
Did you see territories start to change when Vince expanded
When did you realize the territory was in trouble
Memories of running the territory with Steve Keirn
What were the pitfalls of running a territory at that time
Was it a losing situation in a sense that your dad had built up such a legacy that it was hard to match it
Memories of working for Dusty�s PWF
Why do you think it failed
Initial impressions of Dustin
Memories of the Nasty Boys
How did it end in Florida
Do you think a territory could be successful today in Florida
Why do you think that the legacy still lives on today
Has Vince been fair with the legacy and the tapes
How did you wind up in WCW as a road agent
Memories working for Eric Bischoff
Memories of the Sid Vicious squeegee incident
Does Sid get a bad rap
Was WCW as chaotic as people say it was
How did things change when Hogan came over
Did you think it was a good or bad move
Why do you think Barry Windham never got a big run in the WWE or an NWA title run
How did you get involved with the Power Plant
Some wrestlers like Batista and others have had bad things to say about the Power Plant. A lot of guys say that the Plant had no interest in training anyone and just breaking down guys. How do you respond
What do you think of Jody Hamilton as a trainer
Memories of the Orndorff-Vader fight
Who came out of the Plant that surprised you as a success and a failure
What was the story with the Uncensored match between Barry Darsow and Dustin Rhodes
How soon did you get your job back
Who was your favorite booker to work with in WCW
How difficult were the politics in WCW
Memories of Hall and Nash
Were you surprised it closed
Did you ever talk to Vince about working there as a road agent
There is a story told many times that you threatened to slash Chris Benoit�s throat and he used that as an excuse to get out of his contract. Thoughts?
What are your thoughts on the Benoit tragedy
Is it hard sometimes to separate Mike Graham the wrestler from Mike Graham the road agent/Turner Employee
Why do you think the XWF didn�t work
Could another company work today in addition to TNA and WWE
How come you haven�t worked with TNA
Thoughts on Vince Russo booking TNA
How important was it for your father to be recognized by Vince
Is it true that you got $1 million for the library
Thoughts on Vince
What is the problem with the business today
What is lacking in independent wrestlers and indy wrestling
Can TNA compete with the WWE
In your career who did you find was overrated and underrated
Favorite matches overall
Fav guys to work with
Do you enjoy doing the nostalgia shows
Least fav guys to work with
Who do you enjoy watching
Good ribs and road stories
What do you do today
Do you ever want to write a book


Face Off 6 is coming!!!!!   Hear no evil, Speak no Evil and See no Evil!!!  I am sure you can figure this one out!!!

We have two new DVD's that feature a ton of mini shoot interviews.  They are both in the new release section and were not filmed by us.

Look for a new RF VIDEO documentary coming soon "e;Mouth Piece"e;.....details to come shortly.

I watched the new Scott Hall interview again for the 4th time.  This was a way different interview from our last interview with Scott.  You will see by watching the shoot we really threw away our questions and just had a heart to heart conversation about the business.  I think the way it came out was great and it really shows you another side of the business.  We really were able to ask him alot of personal stuff this time around.  Your going to find out more about Scott as a person this time around.  You should order yours today!!!


Shoot Interview with Scott Hall part 2!!!!  NOW ON SALE!!!!

1 : A discussion marked especially by the expression of opposing views : dispute
2 : quarrel, strife
3: Scott Hall

Batton down the hatches. Lock the doors. Hide your loved ones. But most of all prepare yourself for one of RF VIDEO's most wickedly fun DVDs to date as we are bringing back "e;The Bad Guy"e; Scott Hall! "e;The Bad Guy's"e; last shoot interview turned some heads, had jaws dropping on the floor, and was completely unforgettable… and this time he's even more outrageous!

You wanted him, and now you got him, but be careful what you wish for as Scott hall is back and he lets loose on every subject we threw his way. Deftly going through his personal life and professional career, this exclusive shoot is a must see for every Scott Hall fan or for anyone who loves entertaining interviews. We threw out the format sheet and settled down for a long talk as Hall weaved us through his career and talked about his life like an open book. You'll get NWO stories, Kliq stories, the battles with personal demons, WWF, WCW, TNA, and more than you can imagine! You'll hear about Scott's high profile no-shows and how much money he has thrown away by not keeping his act together. There's a reason Hall doesn't talk to anyone but RF VIDEO as we have no problem asking him the tough questions and he enjoys telling it to us straight.

Bret Hart. Bill Goldberg. HBK. Triple H. Vince McMahon. Ric Flair. Verne Gagne. Steve Austin. The Rock. One name after another and Scott gives us his thoughts on each.  You'll hear about the personal highs and lows from one of wrestling's true straight shooters who has no problem holding up the intensive light to himself, letting the world see inside the damaged soul inside. This is one interview that will stay with you long after you watch it. There is only one Scott Hall; enigmatic, personable, troubled. This shoot will show you all the sides of one of the most complex people in the wrestling industry.

What is the story about Verne and a fish hook and how you wound up in the AWA
Why do you think James Beard buried you so much in the AWA
Is it true that you based the N.W.O on the Freebirds
Was it hard to adjust to the weather in the AWA
You said in your last interview that you had no time for Bill Irwin. When we interviewed Bill he was shocked and surprised. What are your thoughts on his reaction?
Did you have problems with Ric Flair when he was booking WCW
You have been outspoken about Flair in the past. What are your thoughts on him recently leaving Vince right after the retirement deal
Just to recap the last shoot, can you talk a little bit about how you approached Vince about the Razor Ramon gimmick
How much of a mentor was Curt Hennig to you during your career
What were you promised by Vince when you started as far as direction, titles, etc
Scott Levy is currently suing the WWE challenging the whole idea of their independent contractor contracts. What are your thoughts on that
Memories of your first big series with Bret Hart
Memories of your first Wrestle mania against Bob Backlund
Is it true that Vince wanted to turn you babyface before your feud with the Kid
Could you sense that there was a change of direction in the company in that now more athletic guys were getting pushed as compared to big monster heels, and muscle babyfaces
How did Vince change during his trial
Were you or any of the boys ever worried that he would go to jail
Did Vince change after the trial
Memories of working with Terry Gordy when he came in with the mask
Memories of your first match against Jeff Jarrett in MSG
Memories of Bill Watts coming into the WWF
In your mind, when was the Clique truly formed
Memories of your series with Kevin Nash
What do you say to critics who say that Shawn carried you in that match
What kind of a toll do those ladder matches take on your body
Do you think Bret felt threatened at that time watching you guys
Memories and thoughts on Lex Luger in WWF
At what point do you think the Clique gained power
Is it true that the Clique threatened to strike and Vince had to go on the road
What was it about Hunter that you guys liked
Has he changed with his success
The farewell to the Clique, do you think in retrospect it was fair to the rest of the boys
How did the agents react
Is it true that you got one of the first guaranteed contracts from Vince
Did Vince call you after that
Memories and thoughts when the Ultimate Warrior returned
Was Hogan originally part of the plan to be in the NWO
How did the other boys react to you two when you guys came into WCW
Did Roddy Piper try and fight you guys after a match at a Nitro
How upset were Arn and the rest of the Horseman after your Horsemen imitation
Do you regret it
Flair had a lot of harsh words about it on the Horsemen DVD. Are you surprised they are still upset=2 0over it
Why was it so hard to get Sean Waltman on TV in WCW
Were you guys more or less booking and using Eric Bischoff as a pawn during that time
Eric Bischoff publicly called you the biggest heat seeker he ever worked with. He said that you would show up specifically to stir shit up. Thoughts on that
Why do you think Bischoff has made so many negative comments about you the last few years
When do you think your alcohol started to get out of control in WCW
Did anyone say anything to you about it
Memories of your ladder match with Goldberg
What were the politics like in WCW
Is it true that you helped Barry Windham out when you got some pull in WCW
Were there any struggles between you, Kevin and Hogan for power and creative control
Thoughts on Hogan
Do you think Hogan used you guys, you guys used him or neither
What do you think should have been done differently in WCW to avoid the collapse when Vince eventually overtook WCW in the ratings, etc
Do you think Eric Bischoff was in over his head
Did it become frustrating when the NWO kept expanding
Were you surprised when Kevin Nash went on TV to campaign for your return
You came back for a brief time and had a feud with Goldberg, thoughts on him
A lot of people say people like yourself, and Kevin gave Goldberg bad advice in WCW, how do you respond
Were you surprised when Bret Hart came to WCW
Memories of your feud with Larry Zbysko
Did you and Kevin play any politics with him b ehind the scenes to try and hold him back
How did Bret change when he came into WCW
You once described yourself as the highest paid job guy in the business when you were in the N.W.O. How frustrating was that and how did you keep yourself over
Does it bother you when guys won�t do a job
Have you ever had anyone refuse to put you over
Memories of matches with Sting and Luger
Memories of matches with Booker T
What were your thoughts on when Russo came in and Eric was demo ted
Thoughts on Russo
Why were you released
How did you find out
How hard did you hit rock bottom
Your ex wife was writing a lot on the Internet, how did you feel about that
How did you wind up starting to wrestle in ECW
Did you like it
Thoughts on Paul Heyman as a booker
They teased your return on WCW when you were gone and Goldberg went on TV and tore up a contract with your name on it, were you planning a return or was that just WCW in business for themselves
You wound up in NJPW around the same time as Chris Candido who was also battling similar demons, was that a good or bad thing
What did you like and not like about Japan
Did you always have a plan to return to WCW in your head
How did you wind up back in the WWE
What happened at the various hotels before you actually even appeared on TV
After the three of you appeared on TV together for the first time, did you guys know that Hogan was not going to work as a heel
How did Vince treat you this time around
How did the WWE boys react to you guys
Thoughts on the Rock
Is it true that Austin didn't work with any of you guys
What happened on that UK trip and the plane ride from hell that wound up getting you released
Do you think you will ever return
Thoughts on your brief run in NWATNA
Thoughts on your last match there involving Randy Savage
Is it true that you helped out Jonny Storm before he got in the business
In the last interview you broke down talking about Chris Benoit. Why did that hit you so hard?
In a recent book, someone recalls an incident where you pissed on Benoit�s foot as you talked to him, ribbing him. The book says how Benoit was frustrated with you and Nash. What are your thoughts on that?
Were you surprised Kevin Sullivan booked that angle the way he did where Benoit wound up with Nancy
Hulk Hogan made some comments after the tragedy and called Nancy a devil worshipper and really didn�t seem to have much sympathy. Thoughts on that?
Thoughts on the current state of the business
Is it true that you and Sean Waltman were talking to the WWE last year about a return
Are you surprised at the success of HHH
Are you surprised at Shawn's return since retiring
How close was Shawn to ever coming to WCW and joining the NWO
Do you regret any of the things you have done or people you hurt in your past
Is it hard to be so talented and one of the biggest stars of the last decade and not be able to catch a break currently
Do you still have it in you to be a big draw
Have the times passed you by
Can the NWO still work today
What made the NWO work in your mind and why hasnt it been able to be duplicated
Do you have any advice for guys now who may be struggling with success and their demons
Who else have you helped out that may surprise some people
Have you ever talked to TNA or the WWE about booking
You recently disappeared, what happened
Can you function on the road full time as a pro wrestler with your illness
Do you still want to work full time as a wrestler
Would you want to write a book


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Courted by the pro-wrestling world, Kurt describes why he initially avoided the industry and � for the first time anywhere � gives a detailed account of the infamous night in October, 2006 at the ECW Arena. We�ve all heard the stories of Angle witnessing the controversial crucifixion of Sandman at the hands of Raven, but now we�ll get Kurt�s first hand accounts of the events of that night. You�ll hear exactly what Kurt said to Paul Heyman that very night. Later, Angle would find himself taking part of the legendary WWE Funkin� Dojo camp, run by Dory Funk Jr. In an all star class that included Edge, Christian and the Hardy Brothers, Angle gives story after story about being trained in developmental. What was it like to train with Teddy Hart? Which superstar tried to take advantage of Kurt in his debut match?
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You think that�s all? Hardly, we still have Kurt�s momentous decision to join TNA along with a ton of fantastic TNA stories. Exclusive backstage stories from Orlando and Kurt�s opinion of all the top guys including Samoa Joe. This is one DVD that will have each and every wrestling fan entertained from star to finish. It�s true, it�s damn true.

Is it true that you started wrestling at 6 years old
What was it about wrestling that you liked
At what point did you realize that you were good
How much of it was natural talent and how much work
Can you talk about how tough it is to train or practice at a collegiate level
You also played football, why didn?t you go in that direction
Do you have any crazy recruiting stories           
How did you get into the Olympics? What is the process?
Can you talk about training for the Olympics
What is life like in the Olympic village
How did you find out about Dave Schultz and his murder
How did that change your career
How did you injure yourself in the Olympic trials
Were you told not to wrestle
What drove you to keep wrestling
You have said that after this injury you became addicted to pain killers.
Was this our first time taking anything this strong
Memories of your gold medal winning match
How did life change for you after the Olympics
Is it true you tried out for the Steelers
UFC was in its infancy, did you consider going into MMA at this time
Is it true that you turned down a deal with the WWF around this time
Were you a wrestling fan
As someone that grew up in Pittsburgh, what did Bruno Sammartino mean to you
How were you contacted about ECW
What were your intentions when you went to the show
Did you plan on wrestling for them
Was there an angle laid out for you
Initial impressions of ECW and Paul Heyman
What were you thinking when you saw the crucifixion
How quick did you leave?
Did anyone try and stop you
Is it true that you threatened to sue Paul if he showed the angle on television
Were you contacted by anyone in ECW after that incident
What brought you back to talks with the WWF
Were you ever approached by WCW
Did you receive any flack from the amateur wrestling community for signing with the WWF
Memories of the Funkin Dojo
What do you remember about Teddy Hart from the dojo
You wound up working in Memphis for awhile, did you like it or did you ever think to yourself, “What am I doing here?”
Who was your biggest mentor or influence down there
Who helped you develop your promos
Was it hard on your family to be away
Memories of your first official match in the WWF against Brian Christopher
How were you accepted b y the locker room
Memories of your first WWF house show tour
What were your initial impressions of Vince McMahon
Did anyone like Vince or Jim Ross spend more time with you helping you develop than others
Who gave you your gimmick when you came up with the three “I”s
Did you like working as a heel
Memories of your first big match, which was against Shawn Stasiak at Survivor Series
Were you worried when the crowd chanted boring that the office would hold it against you
Memories of your series with Steve Blackman
How hard w as it to learn how to work without hurting someone since you were used to wrestling in a shoot since you were 6
Did anyone take you under their wing or mentor you
How approachable was Steve Austin
Were you angry that Taz broke your streak on his first night in
Memories of your skits with Bob Backlund
Were you apprehensive early on of all of the comedy in your promos and skits
How did the whole love triangle angle with Steph and Triple H come about
Memories of your matches with Triple H
Memories of working with Steph in the angles and behind the scenes
When you went into the angle, were you given an idea of how it would play out
Was Vince more involved in that angle than others
Was this your first taste of politics in the WWE
How much of being successful in the WWE is knowing how to play the political game
Why did the angle never finish with you guys
Did this leave tension between you and Triple H that still exists
Does he force a glass ceiling because of his relationship with the owner and his wife
Memories of your street fight with Shane McMahon
Was there resentment from some of the veterans when you got pushed on top initially
How hard was it to hide your addictions during this time period
Memories of your series with Steve Austin
Why do you think you two were so successful
Memories of working with Vince in angles
Memories of your series with Edge
Who?s idea was it to  shave your head
You wrestled Hulk Hogan, memories of working with Hulk
Was he hard to work with
Who?s idea was Team Angle
Thoughts on Shelton and Charlie
Memories of your match at WrestleMania against Brock Lesnar
How much pain were you in
In hindsight, do you think Vince should not have let you wrestle
What were the risks
How much pain medication did you need to wrestle that match
You underwent a new kind of neck surgery.
Did the WWE pressure you to go the route of Austin and others
Do you think in retrospect that surgery was a good idea
What drives you to get back in the ring so quick
Memories of your submissions Match with Benoit
What happened between you and Eddie Guerrero
Did you and Brock ever try and take each other down for fun
Why do you think Brock lost his first MMA match
Do you think your babyface run in the WWE ended too soon
Memories of your cage match with Benoit
Do you regret any of the high risks you took in matches
Memories wrestling Ric Flair for the first time
Was there ever any payoff angle prepared for the Hometown Heroes segment
What happened at SmackDown between you and Daniel Puder
Do you think WWE was wrong to put you into that situation
What would have happened if you caught you and broke your arm
Was there ever any talk of making this into an angle
Puder claims he has wanted to fight you in an MMA match and you are ducking him. Is that true?
Memories of your series with Shawn Michaels
Memories of your series with John Cena
Were you surprised or shocked when Eddie passed away
How surprised were you when you were dr afted to ECW
Were you upset at the move
Did you feel lied to
Thoughts on how Vince and Paul handled the situation
Did you see it as a demotion
Thoughts on working the smaller ECW house show circuit
Is it true you have wanted to do a buddy film with Big Show
Is it true that you tried to hide an injury that you suffered against RVD
The Pro Wrestling Torch reported that many wrestlers were concerned for you and called it a death watch. Was your problem with pain killers that severe
Why were you suspended for 30 days from the WWE
Paul Heyman said in the Calgary Sun “"e;I think Kurt has been crying out for help for a while now and, finally, I think people heard it."e;
What led to your leaving the WWE
Is it true that you wanted time off that Vince refused to give you to rehab your injuries
Originally you put out a statement saying complimentary things about the WWE and then you went negative. What changed?
Is it true that Vince wanted you to retire or semi retire
Do you think Vince wanted you to go
Do you think Vince is cold
What was said during that meeting that would surprise the fans
What were your immediate plans
Did you plan on continuing to wrestle
You had talked at the time about going into MMA, did you talk to UFC
How soon did you and TNA talk
Was TNA concerned about your health
How well did you get along with Dixie
Did you have any apprehensions about TNA
Did you se e TNA as a step backwards
What were your initial thoughts on TNA
Do you think you should have put Samoa Joe over in your first match
Memories on your series with Joe
You said you wanted to go to TNA to help elevate the younger talent, who do you think you have elevated since you went there
Do you think Kevin Nash is good or bad for TNA
Was there any tension between you and Jeff Jarrett when you first came in
How involved are you with helping the younger guys and/or booking
You have said you thought TNA ratings would over take the WWE, do you really believe that
Do you really believe that TNA can compete with the WWE
Why do you think that TNA can?t chop into WWE?s audience on pay per views
You have said you think you can take Chuck Liddell in an MMA match, do you still think that
Are you aware that he laughed at you when he heard that on a radio show
Do you still have plans to spar with Randy Couture
Can you understand why some people groan at this point whenever they hear you talk about MMA
Who?s idea was it to get Karen involved with TNA
Did you have any reservations about it after seeing what the business has done to some people
Thoughts about the Chris Benoit tragedy
You worked with him a lot, what did you think of him personally and professiona lly
Do you think the government will get involved at some point with wrestling
Would you recommend pro wrestling to your son when he gets older
What happened with your dui incident
Are you disappointed Big Show or Brock never came to TNA
Do you think Hogan would come to TNA
If you could take one guy to put in TNA to make a big impact, who would it be
What happened in Korea a few weeks ago
How severe was the injury
What was different this time that y ou didn?t wrestle with the injury
Thoughts on your last match with Samoa Joe in the cage
Do you think that style could work today
Why do you think so many wrestlers from past generations love you
You once blamed the WWE workload for almost ruining your marriage, do you still feel that way
You recently said that TNA has more talented wrestlers than the WWE. Do you really believe that?
Do you need to play politics in TNA
You have said that WWE only has a slight ratings lead on TNA, how can you say that when WWE generally gets over a 3 on Monday nights?
Do you think you would ev er go back to the WWE
Ho w committed are you to TNA
You said you were held back in the WWE. Can you expand on that?
Do you want to stay involved with wrestling after your career ends
What is the biggest misconception about Kurt Angle
How healthy are you today
Who were your favorite and least favorite guys to work with
Is there anyone you wished to work with that you havent
What do you think is lacking on the indys today

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