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We want everyone in LA to know our thoughts and prayers are with you.

I really hope everyone has a great weekend planned. I am happy to have off this weekend after being on the road for the past month.  We have so much planned for everyone in the next few months.  This is going to be one hell of a winter and 2006 is looking good.

We want to thank everyone for all of their feedback on the new site.  We love it just as much as you do.

RF VIDEO will be conducting some huge shoot interviews in the future!!! Speaking of shoot interviews next week we will have at least 6 new shoot interviews for sale that have never been on DVD before.  Make sure you check back to find out what interviews we converted and digitally remastered onto DVD for the very first time.

Speaking of new DVDs RF VIDEO is producing some hot new exclusive titles that will be out next week as well.  We have our incredible staff working on new DVD's each week.  You will see a ton of new releases each week only at  We are converting everything over to DVD and we always listen to you guys to tell us what to put onto DVD.  We will have our entire shoot interview library on DVD in the near future.

We are now taking bookings for Spike and Test as well. 

The On the Road with the Honky Tonk Man DVD is my favorite DVD that we ever filmed.  I will go on record and say it was our best reality DVD of all time.  I watched it today with a group of people and they all loved it.  We caught so much incredible footage on the road with him.  It is almost 5 hours long and they are in stock and ready to ship right now.  This is really one of the most entertaining DVDs of all time.  If you never heard the Honky Tonk Man talk you know he pulls no punches.  This DVD is loaded with amazing backstage stories.  You will see as we take our camera into the locker room as he goes over his matches for the night.  We follow him everywhere and nothing is hidden.  Get this DVD right now and I will put my name on the line and say this is the DVD of the year.  Don't just listen to my hype, check it out for yourself.

We are going to have video clips on this new site very soon!!! The future is now....


September 2, 2005 Update

Behind Closed Doors with Bret Hart: The best there was...The best there is...The best there ever will be. Only one man in the history of professional wrestling can be associated with the previous statement. A man from one of the greatest wrestling families, the crown jewel of that family, and a true Canadian icon. A man who has been often imitated but never duplicated. During the age of the big man, he brought wrestling back to the World Wrestling Federation. A man who helped usher in the age of Attitude and made Steve Austin truly “Stone Cold.” A beloved face, a hated heel, multi time world champion in WWE, WCW, US Champion, IC Champion, Tag Team Champion in both leagues, simply one of the most decorated champions in the history of the business. We all know what happened in 1997, but no matter what happened in Montreal, this man will always be known as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of the century. A wrestling machine, and a genius of psychology with a masters degree inside the squared circle… Watch, listen and learn as Bret talks about the psychology of wrestling, including what the difference is between a good finish and a bad finish. Bret went over several of his biggest feuds including, of course, HBK. If you want to know how Bret really felt about the promos he and Shawn were cutting on each other back in 1997, then this is the DVD for you. If you watched RF VIDEO's other top selling DVD in the Behind Closed Series, with Jake “The Snake” Roberts, than you know how this disc will be an invaluable asset for anyone interesting in getting into wrestling, or just finding out more about how the inner-workings operate.

Shoot Interview with Matt Hardy: There is no one in wrestling today with this story. A man, loved by fans, cheated on by his girlfriend with one of his best friends, and then fired by the company, only to be brought back shortly after in a flurry of controversy. Stories like this don't happen every day. Wrestlers like this don't happen everyday. However, before he came back to the WWE Matt Hardy took some time to sit down at the RF VIDEO studios to give what should be one of his final shoot interviews (this year). Finally, the last time to see Matt really shoot.Matt Hardy, the talk of the wrestling world for the past several months, sat down with RF VIDEO for a scorching hot four hour shoot interview that covered his entire career including the entire situation with Edge and Lita! From tales of the past: OMEGA, indys, RVD & Sabu, Scott Hall, doing jobs, Michael Hayes, and Gangrel, to tales of becoming a then-WWF superstar: Ladder matches, Edge & Christian, Dudleys, Bradshaw, Lita, the feud with Triple H & Stone Cold Steve Austin, InVasion, Version 1, and A-Train. The Sensei of Mattitude talked about the WCW InVasion and its destructive effects on so many of WWE's talent. Matt doesn't hold back when discussing Triple H's influence on Raw while also giving his thoughts on the ECW One Night Stand PPV and his brother Jeff in TNA. For the last time, Matt Hardy shoots about the romantic triangle, straight out of the dirt sheets onto TV. Now hear Matt speak on this candidly to the shoot interview leaders, RFVIDEO.

On The Road with Honky Tonk Man: You've seen Honky Tonk Man sing. You've seen the Honky Tonk Man dance.You've seen the Honky Tonk Man play the guitar. But, have you ever wondered what it was like to be with the Honky Tonk Man ON THE ROAD?! In this incredible new two disc DVD set, RF VIDEO filled up the RF SHOOTMOBILE with premium gas and rolled down to the airport to pick up the one and only Honky Tonk Man. We then had a riotous two hour shoot with HTM on the way to the National Wrestling Superstars show in Wildwood, NJ. Honky lets it all hang out and shakes rattles and rolls all over all of the major stars of the modern era. Like guitar shots, Honky delivers his opinions strongly! The Greatest Intercontinental Champion of All Time shoots as only the Honky Tonk Man can and we pick up right where we left off from last year's best selling Honky Shoot DVD. Besides the traveling shoot interview, RF VIDEO was backstage to film Honky interact before, during and after the NWS show! Clocking in at two and half hours (in addition to the two hour shoot!) Honky was filmed in the locker room going over both of his matches that night, his five minute ring entrance, the matches themselves, and the post match happenings. RF VIDEO also filmed honky after the show as he posed for Polaroids along with Honky making fun of everyone he meets at a public relations event on the New Jersey Boardwalk. You want to be a fly on the wall as we film the discussions in the locker room that all the fans crave to hear!!! If you want a true perspective of what it is like in the locker room or in a car with a true veteran in the sport and the greatest off all time, this is your video.

Shoot Interview with Shannon Moore: Shannon Moore "e;Prince of Punk"e; He was very open and some of his stories were just amazing!

Shoot Interview with Ron Simmons: The All American Ron Simmons sat down for his first shoot interview ever!!!

WWE Tombstone: History of the Undertaker: Phenom. American Badass. Deadman. However you know him, the Undertaker’s been a four-time WWE Champion, six-time Tag-Team Champion, and a main event level Superstar. Legends, Champions, and even the owner of WWE, have bowed to his dominance, culminating in a perfect 13-0 record at WrestleMania. The three disc DVD set provides 21 of Undertaker’s best matches with additional footage and history of his many opponents…proving what legions of fans already know: the Deadman lives! Features 21 of Undertaker’s Greatest Matches: Hulk Hogan- Survivor Series 1991, Yokozuna- Royal Rumble 1994, Diesel- WrestleMania XII, Mankind- In Your House Buried Alive, Bret Hart – In Your House: One Night Only, Shawn Michaels- In your House: Badd Blood, Kane- WrestleMania XIV, The Rock- King of the Ring 1999, Stone Cold Steve Austin- Fully Loaded 1999, Triple H WrestleMania X-7, Hulk Hogan- Judgment Day 2002 and much more!! Plus lots of extras, including vignettes, interviews, and other material.


Behind Closed Doors: Meet the Rottens: Axl and Ian Rotten, two names synonymous with hardcore action, recently came to luxurious RF VIDEO headquarters to record commentary on some of their wildest brawls. If you watched Chris Candido and Sabu go over Sabu's matches on Suicidal Insights, then you know what kind of a treat is in store for you. Meet the Rottens is an informative, entertaining and downright hilarious look down memory lane, looking back at a time when hardcore meant HARDCORE. Both Axl and Ian have recently released awesome shoot interviews with RF VIDEO and they always hold nothing back.

Ballpark Brawl 3...Canadian Carnage- 8/14/04: AJ Styles vs. Sabu vs. Teddy Hart; Amazing Red vs. Christopher Daniels; Derek Wylde vs. Cody Steel; Tracy Brooks vs. Nattie Neidhart; Jim Neidhart vs. Johnny Puma; Invitation Tournament featuring: Ron Killings, Teddy Hart, Petey Williams, Harry Smith, Abyss; and special appearances by Bret Hart & Jimmy Hart.

Hardcore Homecoming 6/10/05: Although the league is now defunct, the ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) experienced a period of great popularity due to its colorful personalities and distinctive mode of professional wrestling. HARDCORE HOMECOMING, which took place on June 10, 2005 in Philadelphia, was a one night event, reuniting the league's greatest wrestlers to resume their old alliances and rivalries, and remind fans of the drama and athletic skill that the ECW represented. New Official Hardcore Homecoming Platinum Edition Double DVD! 6 hours worth of footage!!!

WWE...Self-Destruction: The Ultimate Warrior: The Ultimate Warrior a household name and icon in sports-entertainment. A driving guitar beat heralded his explosion to the ring with his signature arm bands and face paint. His intensity was unparalleled. His controversial personality was equally unmatched. Learn about the man and the myth from the people who witnessed his meteoric rise to the WWE Championship in a victory against Hulk Hogan before 67,000 fans at Wrestlemania VI. Hear from the Superstars who worked with the man. Did he burn out or drop out? Relive his feuds with "e;Macho Man"e; Randy Savage, "e;Ravishing"e; Rick Rude, Hulk Hogan and more. Exclusive interviews with Vince McMahon and Eric Bischoff break down the Ultimate Warrior's stints in WWE & WCW. Find out exactly what happened at Summerslam 1991 when The Ultimate Warrior held up the WWE for more money!

NEW NWA Legends Q&A's!

NWA Legends Q&A: Bret Hart
NWA Legends Q&A: Terry Funk
NWA Legends Q&A: Jim Cornette
NWA Legends Q&A: Harley Race
NWA Legends Q&A: Jerry & Jack Brisco
NWA Legends Q&A: Greg Valentine
NWA Legends Q&A: Paul Jones
New BOOKS In Stock!

Pure Dynamite: Dynamite Kid
Wrestlers are like Seagulls: JJ Dillon
Inside Out: Ole Anderson
NEW Shoot Interview DVDS!

Shoot Interview with Ernie Ladd
Shoot Interview with Taz
Shoot Interview with Bill Watts
Shoot Interview with Sean Waltman
Shoot Interview with Kevin Sullivan
Shoot Interview with Rey Mysterio Jr.
Shoot Interview with Chris Hamrick

NWA-TNA Against All Odds
WWE Summerslam 2005
FWA Vendetta 05 FanSlam
Final Forum Wrestling 8/13/05


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- Sabu vs. Abyss has been added to the card for Unbreakable on September 11th.

- Austin Aries will also be returning to TNA at the Unbreakable PPV following his match with Christopher Daneils at Sacrifice last month.

- Several more matches will be announced for Unbreakable in the coming weeks.

- Banks shot down the rumors that made the rounds this week regarding Spike TV giving TNA a timetable to prove themselves. Banks added quote, "e;I saw a report this week saying TNA had “15 weeks to prove ourselves” come October. Seriously, I don’t know where they come up with stuff. Completely untrue. Period."e; We reported on this story on Sunday and from what we've been told, there is truth to it according to Spike officials.

- Dish Network will be running a special one-hour TNA Wrestling "e;Freeview"e; program going into the "e;Bound for Glory"e; PPV event in October.

- TNA stars Sonjay Dutt, Shark Boy and Simon Diamond will all travel to India on September 20 to begin a promotional tour for TNA in the country. TNA cameras will be on-hand to film all of the happenings when TNA stars visit.

- Some lengthy meetings are taking place with TNA management in regards to TNA's Impact debut on Spike TV this October 1st. Both Michael Vettor and Keith Mitchell have been doing some major planning for the debut, while David Sahadi and Kevin Sullivan are creative video packages, a new video open with new music, graphics and a lot more to make the TV debut more strong. Brand new lighting, lasers, pyrotechnics and other entertainment aspects are being installed in Soundstage 21 for the debut as well.

As noted last night, added an article confirming that Dusty Rhodes had come to a contract deal with World Wrestling Entertainment. Today was Rhodes first day as a member of the WWE creative team for the SmackDown brand. Rhodes will be replacing David Lagana, who is set to transfer to the newly revamped New Media division of WWE that is currently run by Shane McMahon.

Lagana's new move is said to be a much higher paid position that will require less travel with the company on the road. In the mean time, Lagana will be helping Rhodes in his transition into the creative department of SmackDown until the end of October as long as things go to plan. Despite the move for Lagana, he will still remain on the team as a consultant as his ideas are well thought of by WWE management.

Rhodes initially met with WWE officials in early August, something WWE profiled highly on their official website. He signed a WWE Legends contract at the time and was in talks about a position with the creative team. As reported on before as well, there are plans in the works to also develop a Dusty Rhodes-themed DVD. In regards to Rhodes appearing on WWE TV, that has yet to be confirmed. When asked if he had any aspirations of being in front of WWE cameras, Rhodes added, "e;None whatsoever. Thirty-seven years is enough."e; Rhodes' new deal with WWE pretty much makes him a lock for the upcoming 2006 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony next year before WrestleMania 22 in Chicago. It should be noted that WWE wanted to induct him earlier this year, but Rhodes had to decline due to his then-responsibility of taking on booking for TNA.

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