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We have added so many new DVDs to the site over the last few weeks so we extended our sale for you!!

RF Video is pleased to notify you of our CASH SAVING SALE!  Get 15% off your entire cart!! No fancy discount codes needed.   Simply add the items you want to buy to your cart and during checkout a 15% discount will be deducted!  There is no place better to shop for all your pro-wrestling video and dvd needs.  Get great gifts for friends, family and yourself of course!  This sale ends Tuesday 9/26/06 at 12pm est.

RF VIDEO conducted two major shoot interviews this past weekend.  We conducted a interview with one of the best all around workers of all time this past weekend.  In fact we added another person to the interview as well to make it even better.  We will let you know who it was with in a few days. 

RF VIDEO has a very dangerous wrestler lined up for his first interview EVER!! Yes we are very nervous about this interview.  Anything can happen during this interview at any time.  Doug Gentry has already told me that he wants nothing to do with it.  THis might be the first time that he is nervous to conduct a interview with an all time infamous personality!!!

RF VIDEO also conducted another exclusive RF VIDEO shoot interview with the two sexy divas I was talking about.  That is right RF VIDEO sat down for a one on one shoot interview with Moolah and Mae Young!!!!

This past Saturday RF Video conducted one of the most fun and entertaining shoot interviews you will ever see with two pure legends of pro wrestling in Johnnie Mae Young and Hall of Famer, Fabulous Moolah. The two worked as a well oiled tag team with Moolah starting many stories and Johnnie Mae finishing her outrageous and outspoken comments. For anyone that has seen the documentary Lipstick and Dynamite, this shoot interview picks up where the documentary leaves off and expands on many of the stories briefly touched on in the movie. Some of the names may only be familiar to historians but the stories are entertaining to everyone.
Topics included:
How Moolah came to control the women's professional wrestling scene
Thoughts (several) on Lou Thesz and his disdain for women's wrestling
Johnnie Mae talks about Ed Strangler Lewis and tells a rare story of the two
Both talk about breaking into the business (Johnnie Mae's story in specific is a great one)
Both discuss former champion, Mildred Burke
Moolah finally fires back and talks extensively about the heat between her and Penny Banner
Johnnie Mae talks about riding with a very young rookie, Bruno Sammartino
Johnnie Mae talks about teaming with Terry Funk in one of his very first matches
Both talk about the McMahon family and each of their relationships with the family over the years
Find out which were both of their favorite and least favorite (Moolah's answer is surprising) countries outside of the U.S. to wrestle in
Both give their thoughts on the evolution of women's wrestling in Japan
Moolah tells a funny story about this past year's Hall of Fame and both comment particular on Bret Hart
Both talk about why they decided to be so involved with Lipstick and Dynamite and what they thought of the finished product
Mae tells a story about going to court over beating up a man
Mae also tells a great story about playing poker with Jack Pffer
Both talk about a never before told story about what finally made them split with Billy Wolfe
Both talk about the politics of women's wrestling involving Billy Wolfe
Mae talks about the match that killed Janet Wolfe
Mae talks about her wars with Gladys Gillem and some interesting post match activities
Moolah talks about a very wild and crazy car ride with the Iron Sheik, Wendy Richter, and Greg Valentine
Moolah expands more than ever before on camera about what happened the night she donned the Spider Lady outfit and double crossed Wendy Richter for the title
Moolah talks about how she found out Vince Jr. was taking over for Senior
Moolah gives the backstory to her feud with Wendy and the involvement of Cyndi Lauper and Lelani Kai in Wrestlemania 1
Mae tells a great story about bronco busting Eric Bischoff and a rib played on him and a surprise as to who put her up to it
Moolah talks about her relationship with Buddy Rogers and why it didn't start off so good
Moolah talks about her past trainees
Both comment on current Divas like Trish Stratus, Victoria, Torrie Wilson, and who their current favorite are
Both honestly talk about the change in women's wrestling in the WWE
Both talk about sexism in women's wrestling
Both talk about the current state overall of women's wrestling
Moolah talks about getting the ban lifted on women's wrestling in New York
Mae talks about knocking out another male wrestler in the locker room
Both talk about past legends like Joyce and Judy Grable
Mae talks about the infamous "e;hand birth"e; and a prop that was never used
Both talk about being 3D'd by the Dudleys
Both talk about the training of girls in Japan and their candid thoughts on it
And much more.....
Orlando Jordon is looking for a fan that can put together alot of his matches with Chris Benoit and his main event matches.  If you can put together a video for him contact us at

It is Monday night and I am exhausted. We spent what seems like the last 4 days, driving in a mini van to Atlanta GA with Talia, APril Hunter and JD Michaels for TNT Pro Wrestling.  We should have kept our cameras rolling for this trip as I think the ribs were non stop.

We will have more about the TNT Pro Wrestling shows that took place in Atlanta later this week.  RF VIDEO was there for both shows, as we filmed all of the action.  They will be on sale on the site later in the week.

RF VIDEO was also in Florida this past weekend filming the UXW shows.  RF VIDEO has been expanding all over the country as we are filming all of the top indy shows out there.  We will also have a huge weekend coming up on Saturday!!!

It has come to the attention of RF VIDEO that several websites have been "e;sharing"e; our copyrighted material (i.e. Shoot Interviews, etc). The audio, video, and combined audiovisual programs and products are protected under U.S. and international laws as copyrighted works. Anyone who displays, reproduces, copies, creates derivative works, or sells our audio, video or audiovisual programs for commercial or non-commercial purposes without RF VIDEO's permission violates the copyright laws and is liable for copyright infringement.

Any person who uses our shoot interviews or other products for commercial or non-commercial purposes without our permission in such a way that it dilutes the distinctive quality of our products or that creates the likelihood of confusion with our products is liable for copyright infringement. Liability for copyright infringement involves the potential for significant civil damages, including in particular cases, statutory damages, liability for up to three times actual damages, and attorneys fees. From a fan perspective, the rampant abuse hurts RF VIDEO's chances of delivering bigger and better DVDs in the future.

Obviously the big thing everyone is talking about is the Kurt Angle signing. Some major swerving going on, particularly with Angle's manager, Dave Hawk, claiming Angle had retired on Thursday as a pro wrestler to go into MMA next year, which was after they had inked the TNA deal. I don't know the circumstances that led him there, other than clearly the deal was made when they made the big announcement last week. TNA wanted him from the moment he was let go. This week's Observer is hilarious now since we'd been told TNA wasn't where he'd end up. He was obviously on the very short list of those expected when it was revealed TNA was announcing a new wrestler as the big surprise, yet it was still a complete shock. Whether it really changes the history of wrestling, well, time will tell. Sting didn't. You can read a lot of different opinions Angle all over the place. Angle was not in Orlando last night, and the segment shown at the end of No Surrender of him in a ring was filmed in Nashville on Wednesday night at midnight, and TNA didn't use anyone from their regular crew, but independent people who all had to sign confidentiality papers, as did the few (and there weren't many, I was told Dixie Carter, Jeff Jarrett and one or two others, with Carter and Angle making the deal themselves) in TNA who knew ahead of time. All of the wrestlers were guessing various names, Angle being among them. From a pure business standpoint, TNA was badly in need of a buzz and this was it. Like with Sting, there will be an initial bump in ratings and buy rate, or at least there should be. Long-term, who knows. Christian Cage didn't have nearly the impact expected for business when he came, although he was a WWE mid-carder who wasn't pushed much, but in WWE was one of those guys crowds reacted to far better than their position, like Matt Hardy. Sting's impact didn't last as long as hoped for. Of course the best thing would be for Angle to probably retire, or at least sit out for several months, but anyone who has followed him and this story knows that isn't going to happen. If he was going to work, the best place would have been WWE on a special schedule, but if not, this is the best place because of the schedule. The idea that TNA would hire someone WWE fired for fear of his own health is both abhorrent, predictable and I don't think the downsides were even worried about too much because of the potential upsides. But from the minute he was let go, everyone wanted the guy.

--His TNA contract is not exclusive. The length is not known, and obviously that's a major key. The shorter the deal, the more likely his decision would be to keep his name in front of the public, and then go back to WWE when all the tensions die down, similar to Jeff Hardy, although Angle is on a far different level in many ways. Obviously if it's multi-years that isn't an issue, but one year with no option years tied in would lead you to believe that's a strategic move.

--Angle's manager, Dave Hawk, said the TNA deal would be in addition to him doing MMA next year and they are still talking with several companies. TNA has confirmed this the deal leaves Angle open to do MMA. How much is posturing at this point is open to speculation, other than he's getting offers from everywhere and his side has proposed a scenario for next year in MMA that is still on the table. He's going to be what he's going to be, but he absolutely should not do both at the same time.

--Angle was at least as of last night not expected to be in Orlando for TV tonight, although I'd think his signing would be the main thing talked on the next two weeks of television. Angle was on the phone several times last night with Carter as the show was going on. He will be at Bound for Glory on 10/22 in Detroit. As of last word, he wasn't scheduled to wrestle on the card.

Most of last night's show was as had been booked before Vince Russo was brought on. There were some minor changes made. Russo's name was never mentioned on the broadcast. As far as the feelings on him, those vary by the individuals. Most appear open minded about it because most haven't worked with him in the past. Those that did generally have the opinion they had before. Konnan and Raven, for example, always liked him, so were happy. Jim Cornette, well, he'd fit in the other side. Those who have had issues with him in the past were assured he's a completely changed man. It obviously would not have been the move I'd make, but the move was made and he deserves to start with an open slate and be judged on this run, and Jeff Jarrett and Dutch Mantel are working with him. Hopefully he's learned from what he's done both right and wrong in the past. The skepticism is those who have spoken with him are not believing that's the case, but he's not in full control either.

--We'll probably have more on WWE reaction to this later in the week. I'm sure it will be the major topic of conversation at the show tonight. Most were worried he'd do MMA and consider this preferable to that but others are scared about even a short-term schedule in any environment. I didn't sense any feelings of hate or double-crossing like, say, when Lex Luger did something very similar, although I'm sure some may view it that way. Historically, when you look back, that's the closest comparison move, and the move was a key part of a package in establishing a group.

--ICP was on Howard Stern this morning and said they were on their way to Orlando to work with Team 3-D. It wouldn't surprise me to have them work an angle for Detroit, and actually makes sense for their involvement for local ticket sales

TNA will be taping two weeks worth of TV for Spike TV tonight in Orlando, FL at Universal Studios. Lots of buzz heading into these TV tapings following last night's No Surrender PPV. Vince Russo is expected to book these tapings tonight and future events heading into the big Bound For Glory PPV next month. Lots of build off of from last night, including an angle that might have gone under the radar with Samoa Joe walking off with the NWA World Heavyweight Title after his victory over Jeff Jarrett at the end of the PPV last night (which was pretty much overshadowed by the Kurt Angle announcement). Team 3D could be returning at the tapings tonight as well to build an angle heading into Bound For Glory. You would think they will be pushing the Angle announcement big time as well. Probably one of the most anticipated TV tapings I can ever remember TNA doing in a long time since the debut on Spike TV last year.

One part of TNA's new deal with Spike TV, which will see iMPACT! moved to the 9pm ET timeslot on Thursday starting November 16, will be several live specials that have been described as old NWA "e;Clash of the Champions"e; shows. Basically, they will be designed as live countdown shows to help promote the upcoming PPV events. You can also expect some personality profile style shows on TNA wrestlers, very similar to the "e;UFC All Access"e; programs that focus on one or two UFC fighters before a big PPV showdown is going to take place. According to reports, the November 16 debut at 9pm (which will be a two hour show) will be Spike TV & TNA's way of testing the waters for a possible second hour being added to iMPACT! from now on.

Sean Waltman was again backstage at the No Surrender PPV last night in Orlando. Vince Russo was also spotted watching the show in the open near fans inside the Impact Zone.

As reported earlier, Eric Bischoff is backstage at tonight's RAW in Oklahoma City. He will be appearing on tonight's program. However, the current plan is for him to plug his soon-to-be-released autobiography and that's it. There are no creative plans for him as most people weren't even aware that he was coming. Then again, plans can always change.gers baseball game.

TNA's website has posted a message from President Dixie Carter regarding Kurt Angle signing with the company. Carter thanked the fans and those who worked for the company. In regard to concerns about Angle's health, Carter commented, "e;We are thrilled to have Kurt Angle join our team. Just like with all of our wrestlers, Kurt’s family and health will always come first. I’m sure you will be hearing from him in the coming weeks."e;

To close the message, Carter relayed a statement from Angle, said to have been written by the former WWE champion after he shot the video footage in Nashville that was used to introduce him last night:

"e;Being with TNA feels like I have finally found my home. I had fun in WWE at certain times, but I was never really happy. Now being a part of TNA, I know I have a purpose. I feel like I am part of history, part of a company that is not only on the rise – not only going to be the number-one watched wrestling show in the world within a short period of time – but TNA gives me an opportunity to spread my wings. This company has no limits to where it can go. The sky is the limit and the main reason is because they brought the “real” back into wrestling and that is a perfect fit for the greatest wrestler in USA Olympic history. I have room to grow here and to help TNA grow. Working for these caring and very giving employers of TNA makes me feel like I have a purpose and that the sky is the limit. I don’t feel trapped or held back like I did the first six years in my tenure with the other company. They held me back. Now, our wonderful audience will see the real Kurt Angle doing what I love to do – real wrestling – and that’s what puts a smile on my face each time I come to work. I even smile when I think about it. TNA will be the most watched television show on cable television. It’s only a matter of time. Now, I get the opportunity and privilege of being a part of it. Thank you TNA for saving my career, my life and my desire to do what I love. I will be here in some capacity for the rest of my life. That’s real…that’s damn real."e;

WWE has released developmental talents Kevin Matthews and Danny Gimondo. Matthews is from the Northeastern independent scene while Gimondo is from New Jersey. There’s been discussion within WWE that the entire developmental division needs revamped which may include new developmental areas. Many consider it a daunting task that will be a long term project.

The October 9th edition of RAW on the USA Network will be a special three hour episode, entitled “Family Reunion” as it will mark the one year anniversary of WWE returning to the network.

If you have any questions regarding this notice, or want to report someone please e-mail

Here are some of the new DVDs that we have on sale right now in the new release section:
Brian Pillman  WWE Loose Cannon DVD 

He created a number of controversial and chaotic moments in sports entertainment, shocking fans in WCW, ECW, and WWE . His tragic ending only further mythologizes his legend. For the first time ever, Brian Pillmans life in and out of the ring is examined.

From his beginnings as a former NFL player turned high-flying wrestler and his successful championship tag-team run with Stone Cold Steve Austin, through his loose cannon persona and role as a wild card in the anti-USA Hart Foundation, BRIAN PILLMAN: LOOSE CANNON provides the definitive look at Pillmans career. The two-disc set is complete with recollections from fellow superstars, competitors, and his family, as well as presenting some of his best matches.

Includes a 95 minute documentary on his career in football, Stampede Wrestling, Hollywood Blonds, Four Horseman, ECW, car accident, Hart Foundation and more.

Matches scheduled to include:

Bruce Hart & Brian Pillman vs. Midnight Cowboys 4/23/88 for International tag team titles
Pillman vs. Lex Luger 10/28/89 Halloween Havoc
Pillman & Tom Zenk vs. Michael Hayes & Jimmy Garvin 2/12/90
Pillman & Austin doing "e;A Flare for the Old"e; segment on WCW TV
War Games 1991 with Pillman & Sting & Steiners vs. Four Horsemen
Pillman vs. Ricky Morton 10/27/91
Pillman & El Gigante vs. Barry Windham & Arn Anderson 6/12/91 loser leaves town match to lead to the Yellow Dog angle
Pillman & Windham vs. Johnny Gunn & Zenk 12/26/92
Pillman & Austin vs. Ricky Steamboat & Shane Douglas 5/23/93
WCW Thundercage with Pillman & Sting & Dustin Rhodes vs. Paul Orndorff & Austin & rick Rude
Pillman vs. Jushin Liger from the first mach of the very first episode of Nitro
Pillman vs. Dean Malenko 1/22/96 Nitro
Pillman vs. Eddie Guerrero 1/23/96 Clash of Champions (where Pillmans scared Bobby Heenan half to death)
Pillman vs. Austin 6/16/97 Raw
7/6/97 Calgary Stampede Hart Foundation vs. Austin & Shamrock & LOD & Goldust (the personal highlight of his career)
Pillman vs. Goldust 9/7/97
Pillman vs. Liger 2/22/92 SuperBrawl from Milwaukee
MCW Phenomenal Final Four 3/26/06  Now on DVD in the new release secion

MCW Heavyweight Title Tournament Matches
Danny Doring vs. Julio Dinero
Genesis vs. Josh Daniels

MCW Rage TV Qualifying Match
Doug Delicious w/ Candie vs. Qenaan Creed

MCW Cruiserweight Championship
Derek Frazier vs. Ruckus

Referee Submission Match
Earl Hebner vs. D. Edwards

MCW Heavyweight Title Tournament Finals
Genesis vs. Julio Dinero

MCW Tag Team Championship Gauntlet Match
the Slackers vs. the Holy Rollers vs. Danny Jaxx & Danny Doring vs. the James Gang (formerly known as the New Age Outlaws)

Main Event - X Division Attraction
"e;Fallen Angel"e; Christopher Daniels vs. "e;Phenomenal"e; AJ Styles

Bonus Matches:
12/4/02 - Joey Matthews vs. The Bruiser
4/20/02 - Qenaan Credd vs. Red
4/20/02 - The Briscoe Brothers vs. The S.A.T.
MCW The Last Dance 7/16/03

This tape features two exclusive music videos as well as all of the in-ring interviews as many of the past MCW superstars reflect on what MCW has meant to them on the final MCW show held.

1. The Briscoes vs. The Maximos (This match will go down as one of the top 5 matches in MCW History)
2. Ghetto Mafia vs. Chad & Dino vs. Buzz Stryker & Derek Wayne
3. Doug Delicious vs. Bob Starr vs. Marcus Jordan
4. Chris Divine vs. Rob Eckos vs. Matt Stryker
5. Gillberg, Van Hammer, Kelly Bell and Headbanger Thrasher vs. The Holy Rollers, Genesis and Brock Singleton
6. Crash Holly vs. Adam Flash
7. Battle Royal
8. Julio Dinero & Jimmy Cicero vs. Bruiser & Billy Redwood
9. Danny Doring vs. Romeo Valentino vs. Chris Chetti
10. Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup Match - Christian York vs. Qeenan Creed vs. Joey Matthews vs. Reckless Youth vs. Jay Briscoe vs. Crash Holly 
Shoot Interview with Bill Alfonso now on DVD digitally remastered and on sale!!

Right down the middle daddy! If that expression jumps out at you, than hold on to your hats as one of RF VIDEO's most oft requested catalog titles is now available on DVD! Bill Alfonzo, the greatest heel referee in wrestling history along with the legendary manager of Taz, Sabu, and Rob Van Dam, will have you laughing out of your seat as he tells his stories of being in the wrestling business for over 20 years. A long time in coming, this classic shoot is finally available on DVD for the first time. You'll get to hear classic Fonzie stories about ECW, the infamous cage match between Luger and Brody in 1987, and much, much more. You won't be able to get enough of old ECW stories from the man who got the most heat in the ECW arena from 1995 through 1996. Don?t worry fanss, Fonzie doesn?t blow his whistle, as he lets his mouth do the talking here. A master storyteller, Alfonzo will leave you intrigued, informed, and most of all, laughing your ass off! Find out why so many of our customers call this their favorite shoot ever
Shoot interview with Terry Funk 2002 now on DVD and digitally remastered

Terry Funk sat down with RF Video for the second time to conduct this shoot interview. The first one was four years ago. Funk had been through a lot since then. He answered everything open and honestly. Once again Funk proved that he is one of the greatest wrestling minds ever!!! Funk had a lot to talk about and in typical Terry Funk fashion he held nothing back. Funk is not only one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, but he is one of the greatest wrestling minds. Funk talks about many topics and gives some thoughtful insight to the business today. Hey, this is Terry Funk talking so you better pay attention!!!

-His health
-Why his tag team with Bradshaw didnt work out.
-Is he happy with how he left WWE for the final time?
-How did he leave things with Vince McMahon and Jim Ross?
-Funk discusses making contact with Paul Heyman and returning to ECW.
-Did Heyman make good on previous promises?
-Was ECW different when he returned?
-Funk goes into the angle he was doing with Tommy Dreamer.
-The changes ECW underwent when it went on TNN.
-Contacting hepatitis when in ECW.
-Was it serious?
-How did Heyman react?
-Where the any plans to work with Dusty Rhodes in ECW?
-Funk explains why the angle with Dreamer was never finished.
-Funk talks about his retirement match vs. Sabu in Canada in 1999.
-Why he returned.
-Teaming with his brother in FMW.
-The details on going to WCW.
-How did the younger WCW guys treat him?
-His impressions on Vince Russo.
-Funk compares the WCW and WWE locker rooms.
-Funk goes into the politics in WCW.
-He talks about the heat he had with Hulk Hogan. -Wrestling Bret Hart in his last WCW match.
-How did the concussion affect Bret in the ring?
-When did he realize things were out of control in WCW?
-Funk gives his thoughts on Bill Goldberg.
-What were Kevin Nash and Scott Hall like in and out of the ring?
-Funk talks about the promos Nash & Hall did about his age.
-Working Ric Flair again.
-Teaming with Paul Orndorff.
-Funk talks about the past heat with Flair.
-Did Funk lose his motivation in WCW?
-Does he regret working for WCW?
-He talks about Jim Ross comments about being under WWE contract when he went to WCW.
-Working Norman Smiley and Lance Storm.
-Why he left WCW and then returned.
-Thoughts on Eric Bischoff.
-The close of ECW.
-Returning to All Japan.
-Bringing back blood to All Japan in a match with Abdullah The Butcher.
-Funk talks about Misawa, Kobashi and others leaving All Japan to form NOAH.
-Thoughts on Howard Brodys attempt to bring back the NWA.
-Funk talks about the XFL.
-His thoughts on Beyond The Mat.
-The end of his run in WCW.
-Funk talks about WWE buying WCW.
-The differences in Japan between now and a decade ago.
-Can there be another national promotion?
-Thoughts on the return of Hogan, Hall & Nash to WWE.
-Where does Funk see the business in five years?
-Was Funk surprised Mick Foley walked away from his WWE contract?
-Going to New Japan and Big Japan.
-Funk talks about the XWF shows he wrestled Greg Valentine.
-Who does Funk see as the future stars in the business?
-Funk looks at the current WWE product.
-How would Funk run a promotion?
-His most memorable matches.
-Funk talks about some ways he would retire

Shoot Interview with Mike Lockwood  now on DVD and digitally remastered

Mike Lockwood (aka Crash Holly) sat down with RF Video for this informative and inside look at his career and the wrestling industry. Find out what happened to him in ECW, his start and of course all he went through in WWE. Holly is open in talking about it all. If you want to know what it was like to be in WWE in recent times this is the shoot for you!!! Here is the list of topics:

-Getting into the wrestling business
-What the training was like
-Wrestling as Jonny Pearson in Bay Area Wrestling
-Wrestling as Erin O'Grady
-Going to APW
-Training at their school
-Getting the nickname The Leprechaun
-Opinion on Roland Alexander
-APW Gym Wars
-His feud with Vic Grimes that got them a WWE tryout
-Thoughts on why Grimes didn't become more of a star
-The "e;shot heard around the world"e;
-Memories of matches with Donovan Morgan & Michael Modest
-Thoughs on Matt Hyson (Spike Dudley) back then
-How he ended up in ECW
-Memories of wrestling on ECW house shows & in a dark match at the Nov. 2 Rem. PPV
-What happened that he quit
-Why he called ECW a garbage promotion in an interview
-His experience at the House of Hardcore wrestling school
-Thoughts on Tazz, Perry Saturn, Chris Chetti, & Mikey Whipwreck
-Memories of his WWE tryout
-Thoughts on being signed to a developmental deal and going to Memphis
-Memories of the Funkin Dojo
-Initial thoughts when he heard the Crash Holly gimmick
-How Bob Holly was to work with
-Memories of his Raw debut
-Thoughts on the gimmick of carrying the scale to the ring
-Beating The Rock & Mankind for the tag titles
-Thoughts on holding the belts for only 2 weeks
-Matches against The Hardy Boyz
-Matches against Edge & Christian
-Opinion of being put in the hardcore division
-Thoughts on the skits over the hardcore title and the 24/7 rule?
-Favorite skits
-Favorite hardcore matches
-Memories of the hardcore battle royal at Wrestlemania 2000
-Does he think the 24/7 rule and the numerous hardcore title changes killed the division
-Memories of the King of the Ring Tournament in 2000
-Thoughts on the Molly Holly gimmick
-Winning the European title and then losing it two days later
-What happened the night at the WWE New York restaurant where he got drunk in front of fans
-Thoughts when Vince bought WCW
-Thoughts on brand extention
-Thoughts on being put on the Raw roster
-Getting stuck on Sunday Night Heat
-Being moved from Raw to Smackdown
-Opinion on being put with Matt Hardy
-How was he informed of his release
-What did he think when it happened
-Thoughts on the WWE writers
-What was Triple H like
-Future plans
-All that and much more 
Shoot interview with Perr Saturn now on DVD and digitally remastered

Perry Saturn has been around the world and worked for every major promotion in the United States and he joined RF Video to talk about it all right here. From training with Killer Kowalski to being one half of one of the most important tag teams in ECW history to going to WCW and WWE, Saturn has experienced it all. Saturn is open and honest about all the controversial happenings of his career. He holds nothing back in answering all the questions. Here is a list of some of the topics discussed:

Getting into the wrestling business
-Being in the Airborne Rangers
-How he ended up going to Killer Kowalski's school
-What was the training like
-Thoughts on Triple H at that time
-Early promotions he worked for
-The Iron Horseman gimmick
-Starting to team with John Kronus
-How did they come up with the name The Eliminators
-Going to USWA
-Memories of going to Japan for WAR
-Paul Heyman's original idea for their team in ECW
-Memories of debut at the ECW Arena
-Working against The PitBulls
-Winning the ECW Tag Titles from Cactus & Mikey
-Why he shaved his head
-Thoughts on working The Gangstas
-Thoughts on the Dudleys scoring an upset to beat them for the tag titles
-What was the ECW locker room like
-Memories of Barely Legal
-Training at the House of Hardcore
-What was your training philosophy like
-Injuring his knee in Trenton, NJ & rehab
-When did problems start between him and Kronus
-Why did he want to split up the team
-What was Paul Heyman's reaction
-Memories of wrestling Terry Gordy & Steve Williams
-Memories of matches vs. Sabu & Rob Van Dam
-Memories of the three way match from Nov. to Remember 96 with the Gangstas and Sabu & Van Dam
-What was his backstage role like in ECW
-What happened with Pablo Marquez in front of the whole locker room in ECW
-Thoughts on Paul Heyman
-Getting into WCW
-Thoughts on leaving ECW without returning from injury
-Taz & Paul Heyman's reaction when they heard he was leaving
-First impressions of the WCW locker roon
-Did WCW make any promises
-Memories of your first dark match in WCW vs. Kidman?
-Joining Raven and the Flock & your opinion of the group
-Breaking away from the flock & feuding with Raven
-Thoughts on having to wreslte with a dress
-Where did the idea come from to form The Revolution with Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit and Shane Douglas?
-Thoughts on Benoit being removed from the group
-The backstage politics in WCW
-Thoughts on Kevin Sullivan as booker
-Opinion of J.J. Dillon
-What led to Saturn, Benoit, Guerrero, & Malenko wanting out of WCW
-What happened with Mike Graham that gave him leverage to get out of his contract
-Thoughts on Eric Bischoff
-How was Shane Douglas involved in the whole situation to jump to WWE and why he didn't go
-How did they contact WWE & what were the negotiations like
-Memories of your first night in WWF
-Thoughts of The Radicals gimmick
-Memories of what happened in the match where Eddy Guerrero was injured
-How was the WW locker room compared to WCW
-Memories of the six man from Wrestlemania 2000 with The Radicals vs. Chyna & Too Cool?
-Working against Chyna
-Thoughts on wrestling in the hardcore division
-Favorite guys to work with
-Opinion on Jim Ross
-Thoughts on wrestling Matt & Jeff Hardy
-Thoughts of being on Smackdown instead of Raw
-What led to his altercation with Mike Bell at the TV tapings
-Thoughts on working with Terri Runnels
-Opinion on doing the moppy gimmick
-Feuding with Raven
-Thoughts on getting released by WWE & why he knew it would happen
-Thoughts on working for New Japan
-Thoughts on NWA TNA
-All this and much more


We added 13 new DVDs to the site on Friday and all of them are in the new release section!!!!!!!!
MCW Tribute to the Legends 9/10/06

Tom Carter vs. Qenaan Creed
Bruiser & Genesis vs. Jason Static & Scott Fowler
Danny Jaxx vs. Josh Daniels
April Hunter vs. Angela
MCW Cruiserweight Champion Ruckus vs. Eddie Edwards
Corporal Punishment, Headbanger Mosh, & Orlando Jordan vs. Bad Boy Luke, DJ Hyde, & JD Michaels
Tito Santana & The Slackers vs. Buck Chyld & Phat Blues Inc. Security Team (Jeremy & Josh)
MCW Heavyweight Champion Adam Flash vs. Julio Dinero
Derek Frazier vs. "e;The Phenomenal"e; AJ Styles

Best of IPW Hardcore Wrestling Vol. 1

Bloodbath featuring Axis and legendary Kevin Sullivan: Abdullah the Butcher vs. The O.D.D. Jeff Bradley
Florida Unified Cruiserweight Championship: Justice vs. Deranged vs. Insane Dragon
IPW World Heavyweight Championship: Billy Fives vs. Adam Jacobs vs. David Young
3-Way Dance For the IPW TV Title: Rod Steel vs. Lex Lovett vs. Scoot Andrews
High Impact Technical Fan's Dream: Mike Quackenbush vs. Seijin Akki
IPW Heavyweight Championship: Mike Shane w/ Ron Niemi vs. Billy Fives
Cruiserweight Stars Of The Future Highspot Madness: "e;Mr. 630"e; Jerelle Clark vs. Naphli vs. Chi Chi Cruz vs. Sedrick Strong vs. Sabunim
Crazy Tag Team Comedy: Shortbus vs. Dagon Briggs & The Bug
IPW Television Championship Title: Special Referee The Blue Meanie - Dr. Heresy vs. Rod Steel
Start Of Independent Wrestling Tag Team Explosion: Mike Sullivan & Scoot Andrews vs. Hack Myers & Michael Shane


The long-awaited Bumfights 4 has arrived! "e;Return of Ruckus"e; is by far the most shocking and outrageous Bumfights volume yet. Exploding with the most insane real fights caught on tape, hilarious pranks, crazy crackheads, outrageous bums, gorgeous girls, and some of the most shocking stunts ever caught on tape! A non-stop visual assault!
Extremely Dangerous Women of Wrestling!

It's not just a man's world anymore!  Move aside DIVAS and get ready to meet the DANGEROUS WOMEN OF WRESTLING!  Anything goes and only the most hardcore will survive these brutal battles. The most EXTREME wars from the history of the DWOW are all here including catfights, weapons matches, steel cages, a dysfunctional delight match, and much more plus a Dangerous Women of Wrestling World Title defense as DWOW Champion G.I. Hoe defends her belt against Elle Mae.  See why these queens of hardcore have developed a cult-like following from the throngs of fans who have witnessed the insanity live! Featuring Alexis Laree (WWE's Mickie James), The Gorgeous One... George, Bobcat, Jazz, Tai "e;Killer"e; Wee and more!

A Wrestling Match
Alexis Laree vs. Lady Storm w/The Smoke
Dysfunctional Cripple Fight Delight Match:
Chick Diesel w/Special Ed vs. American Cream Pie w/Lucky The Cripple Guy
DWOW World Title Match:
Elle Mae w/Soundguy vs. G.I. Ho w/The Smoke
Battle of the Superstars:
Bobcat vs. Jazz
Topless Brawl:
Tai "e;Killer"e; Weed vs. Dawn Mae
Weapons Match:
Candie vs. Tara
Missile on a Pole Match:
G.I. Ho vs. Kristy Kiss vs. Angel vs. The Soundguy
After School Fight:
Brittney the School Girl vs. Dawn Mae w/Soundguy
Weapons Match:
Tai "e;Killer"e; Weed vs. Pussy Willow w/The Gorgeous One... George as Referee
Missy the School Girl vs. Britney the School Girl
Oil Wrestling Match:
G.I. Ho vs. American Cream Pie
A Quickie:
Lady Storm vs. Jeanie Mae w/Elle & Daisy
Extreme Psycho Warfare:
Tai "e;Killer"e; Weed vs. Psycho Bitch
Inter-Gender Hardcore Match:
G.I. Ho vs. The Soundguy
Ref Dances:
Featuring Isis, Ginger, Mimi and BJ
Also starring the best announce team in professional wrestling: Eric Gargiulo and Jeffrey J. James.

Interactive Menus
Promo Montages
Never before seen backstage and on the road footage
Preview trailers
and more!
King of Carnage- Fatal Four Way

Fatal Four Way: “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes vs. Terry Funk vs. Kevin Sullivan vs. Abdullah the Butcher
Heavyweight title Match: Billy Fives vs. Norman Smiley
International Title Match: Christopher Daniels vs. Brunno Sassi
ECWA Title Match: Scoot Andrews vs. Low Ki vs. Mike Sullivan
Tag Team Title Match: The Vandalz vs. York & Mathews
Hardcore Title Match: Barry Horowitz vs. Rusty Brooks vs. The Sandman
DVD Bonus Match: J-Dawg vs. Al Bino vs. Johnny Vandal
Stripper Fights

Real-life strippers and porn stars trade blows for cash! The world's first and greatest 100% all-girl fight DVD. Sexy six-foot blondes, sultry brunettes, and gorgeous girls next door. Plus over 30 of the meanest, nastiest all-girl street fights caught on tape including high school co-eds, trailer trash, ghetto mamas and more!
Urban Warfare: Gang Fights Caught on Tape

Straight out of the grimiest ghettos in America, t

his shocking DVD contains never before seen footage of convicts, gangsters, pimps, thugs and killers battling each other in the streets. You?ll see crowbar attacks, police evidence assault videos, 1 blow KO?s, ghetto girl fights, lynch mobs, drug dealers, race wars, vicious head-butts, convulsing bodies, and gang wars caught on tape.
NWA-TNA Slammiversary 2006

On Sunday, June 18, 2006, TNA Wrestling celebrated four years of Total Nonstop Action with the “Slammiversary” Pay-Per-View! The three-hour event saw Christian Cage defend the NWA World Heavyweight Title in the “King of the Mountain” match against Sting, Jeff Jarrett, Abyss and The Truth! Plus, it was clash of wrestling?s most destructive forces as Samoa Joe battled Scott Steiner. In addition, NWA World Tag Team Champions America?s Most Wanted faced AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels, Chris Sabin vs. Kevin Nash, the debut of Jim Cornette and more! On this OVO, you?ll see the entirety of the “Slammiversary” event, the countdown preshow as well as never-before-seen bonus backstage footage of your favorite TNA stars! The complete lineup for Slammiversary is as follows:

For The NWA World Heavgweight Title
Christian Cage vs. Sting vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. Ahgss vs. The Truth
“The Samoan Suhmission Machine” Samoa Joe vs. “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner
America?s Most Wanted vs. “The Phenomenal” AJ Stgles and “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels
Chris Sahin vs. “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash wI Alex Shelley
Team 3D vs. The James Gang
“The War Machine” Rhino vs. “The Canadian Enforcer” Bohhg Roode and Coach D?Amore
Alex Shelleg vs. Senshi vs. Shark Bog vs. Jag Lethal vs. Sonjag Dutt vs. Peteg Williams
The Naturals vs. Team Canada
Plus, the dehut of Jim Cornette as the new face of TNA management
MCW 6th Shane Shamrck Memorial Cup 7/9/06

1. Music Video
2. Derek Frazier vs. Reckless Youth vs. Luke
3. MCW Divas
4. Jerry Lynn vs. Ramblin? Rich
5. Alex Shelley vs. Chris Sabin
6. Tara Interview
7. Steve Anthony vs. Qenaan Creed
8. Josh Daniels vs. Petey Williams
9. Sonjay Dutt vs. Ruckus
10. Adam Flash vs. Corporal Punishment
11. Kelly Bell Interview
12. Ultimate Jeopardy Match - Julio Dinero, Jason Static & Scott Fowler vs. The Bruiser, Genesis & Danny Jaxx
13. Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup Finals - Ruckus vs. Derek Frazier vs. Steve Anthony vs. Chris Sabin vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Petey Williams
MCW Guerrilla Warfare 4/22/06

Doug Delicious & Jason Static vs. "e;Mad Dog"e; Buzz Stryker & Phat Blues Kelly Bell
The Holy Rollers vs. The Slackers
Derek Frazier (c) vs. Qenaan Creed
Danny Doring & Danny Jaxx (c) vs. The Ghetto Mafia
Tyler Hilton vs. Buck Chyld
Derek Frazier (c) vs. Andrew Ryker
Julio Dinero (c) vs. Josh Daniels
Team 3D (formerly known as the DUDLEY BOYZ) vs. Bruiser & Genesis
MCW Red, White, Black & Bruised 7/22/06

1. DJ Hyde vs. The Destroyer
2. Jason Static vs. The Bruiser
3. Jason Static & Tyler Hilton vs. The Bruiser & Christian York
4. Eddie Edwards vs. Josh Daniels vs. Danny Jaxx vs. Qenaan Creed
5. Candie & Angela vs. April Hunter & Kylie Pierce
6. JD Michaels vs. Ruckus
7. Kelly Bell Interview
8. The Slackers vs. Holy Rollers
9. Derek Frazier vs. Sonjay Dutt
10. Monty Brown vs. Christian Cage
11. Fans Bring The Weapons - Adam Flash vs. Corporal Punishment
*MCW Resurrection 2/26/06

Feb. 26, 2006 "e;Resurrection"e; - Baltimore, MD This show features the return of MCW after a 2 and a half year absence. All your MCW favorites are back along with many more superstars including Samoa Joe,Roderick Strong, The James Gang (formerly known as The Road Dogg and Billy Gunn, The New Age Outlaws), Ruckus, Derek Frazier, Earl Hebner, Blue Meanie and Crowbar. This was a great return in front of 1000+ fans. This dvd also contains some bonus matches of some classic MCW matches featuring Shane Douglas, Ricky Steamboat and current WWE superstar Joey Mercury (then known as Joey Matthews). Taped with 2 cameras and commentary by Axl Rotten and former WCW commentator Chris Cruise

1. Cruiserweight Championship & Shamrock Cup Qualifier Match: Andrew Ryker & Derek Frazier vs. Ruckus & Qenaan Creed
2. MCW Title Tournament: Blue Meanie vs. Genesis
3. MCW Title Tournament: Danny Jaxx vs. Josh Daniels
4. MCW Tag Team Title Match: Holy Rollers vs. The Slackers vs. Ghetto Mafia vs. Jason Static & Judas Young
5. Doug Delicious Interview Segment with guest Kelly Bell
6. MCW Title Tournament: Julio Dinero vs. The Bruiser
7. MCW Title Tournament: Danny Doring vs. Crowbar
8. Samoa Joe vs. Roderick Strong
9. MCW Tag Team Title Match w/ Earl Hebner as the Referee: James Gang vs. Slackers vs. Holy Rollers

10. Bonus match: "e;The Franchise"e; Shane Douglas vs. The Bruiser: special referee Ricky "e;The Dragon"e; Steamboat
11. Bonus match: Joey Matthews vs. Marcus Jordan
 *MCW Xtreme Measures 5/7/06 


1. Tara Interview
2. The Bruiser & Genesis vs. Tyler Hilton & Zach Fury
3. Buzz Stryker vs. Andrew Ryker
4. MCW Divas
5. Ruckus vs. Qenaan Creed
6. Evening Gown Match - The Holy Rollers vs. The Slackers
7. Jason Static & Scott Fowler vs. Danny Doring & Danny Jaxx
8. Chris Kanyon vs. Diamond Dallas Page
9. D. Edwards & Dave The Wave vs. Earl & Brian Hebner
10. Chris Sabin vs. Derek Frazier
11. Julio Dinero vs. Brother Runt
12. Bonus Match 1/29/03 - The Bruiser vs. Danny

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