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I hope everyone had a great weekend.   RF VIDEO will be  releasing new titles every day this week.  We have a ton of shoot interviews coming up as well.  In fact tomorrow we will have a huge announcement about a shoot interview that was just conducted!!!

Today we have added 3 new DVDs to the site: Shoot interview with Dick Slater, UXW Every Victim Counts 9/24/05, and the TNA PPV LockDown.  All the info on those 3 DVD's are below.

RF VIDEO just lined up one of the bigger shoot interviews of all time.  We can't say who it is yet but it will be HUGE!!!!!

RF VIDEO also filmed our new concept this weekend.  Details will be out later in the week. Just a little hint, we had our video cameras rolling before the UXW show around the locker room.  We also had a camera crew inside the locker room as well to show you what goes on behind the scenes at a indy show.  There was a ton of stuff that went during this taping. It will be a very fun tape to watch as everyone who was on the show made a cameo.  

This past weekend we were all over the place.  Friday night we were in Long Island for the convention that took place on Saturday.  The real fun was Friday night in the bar.  The convention itself was alot of fun.  It was good meeting and hanging with everyone.  I liked this convention because it was set up alot different.  The actual guys were basically all around the RF VIDEO table.  We sat with Bobby Heenan, Percy Pringle, and on the other side of us was Terry Funk.  Across from us with Rhino, Billy Gunn, Test, and Road Dog.  There was not a dull moment all afternoon.  The highlight of the day was watching Sin get darts thrown into his back as his gimmick.

That night we headed over to the huge UXW show.  You can now order that show in our new release section.  This UXW show had something for everyone.  You can order it now in the new release section.  The highlight of the night was the Rhino vs Homicide match, as it was awesome.  Balls and Corino tore down the house in a bloody wild brawl that went all over the venue.  Elix Skipper and Frankie Kazarian had the match of the night. It was also great to see the return of Gunn and Road Dogg and Test inside the ring as well.  Here is the full line up of the show:

Jim Paine & Synn vs. Guapo & Poppalishus
Havok vs. Monsta Mack
Frankie Kazarian vs. Elix Skipper (UXW Xtreme Championship)
The New Dynamite Kid  vs. Heavy Metal vs. Mercenary vs. Lil Greatness vs. Candy (Vacant UXW Hardcore Title)
Test vs. Slyck Wagner Brown
The Backseat Boyz vs. The Outcast Killaz vs. All Money Is Legal
Homicide vs. Rhino
Vordell Walker vs. Grim Reefer
Billy Gunn & Road Dogg vs. The Christopher Street Connection
Bison Bravado vs. Low Life Louie (Hardcore Match)
Steve Corino vs. Balls Mahoney (Last Man Standing Match for UXW Title)
Homicide vs. Steve Corino (Impromptu UXW Heavyweight Championship Match)

Speaking of shoot interviews here is a brand new shoot interview that you can order now in the new release section

"e;Dirty"e; Dick Slater is a highly opinionated former wrestler and booker.

In this interview he shares his thoughts on the demise of Jim Crockett promotions and what could have been done to save the company. As a former booker Slater discusses the in's and out's of putting together a successful territory and how to get the fans behind your ideas.

Slater have very candid thoughts on the nature of the business today and how to rejuvenate wrestling to what it once was. He shares his experiences in Japan with Terry Funk and his memories on the Funk family as well as the Brisco's and Dick Murdoch.

He also shares his past on how he got into the business as well as how he made a name for himself in the Florida and Georgia areas. This is a very insightful interview coming from the mouth of an interesting perspective on the business in Dick Slater.
RF VIDEO also has the newest TNA DVD on sale now!!!This double disc DVD features wrestling's first all-steel cage match Pay-Per-View in its entirety as well as exclusive never-before-seen backstage footage of the TNA stars.  In addition, the DVD set also includes a tribute to the late, great, Chris Candido.

All matches inside TNA's Six Sides of Steel!

#1 Contender's Match: AJ Styles vs. Abyss
Lethal Lockdown: DDP, Sean Waltman & BG James vs. Jeff Jarrett, Monty Brown & Kip James
X Division Title: Christopher Daniels vs. Elix Skipper
NWA World Tag Titles Strap Match: America's Most Wanted vs. Team Canada
Tables Match: Jeff Hardy vs. Raven
Xscape Match: Sonjay Dutt vs. Matt Bentley vs. Shocker vs. Chris Sabin
Prince of Darkness Match: Dustin Rhodes vs. Bobby Roode
Challenge Match: Apolo & Sonny Siaki vs. Chris Candido & Lance Hoyt
DVD Bonus

Backstage footage includes:
Mike Tenay and Don West
Jimmy Hart
Jeff Hardy
America's Most Wanted
Christopher Daniels
and more!
Chris Candido Tribute
Candido & The Naturals vs. Team Canada
The Naturals w/Candido vs. America's Most Wanted (NWA World Tag Titles)
Candido's last on-camera appearance co-hosting TNA's Xplosion program confirmed the following matches for the TV tapings for Spike TV tomorrow night in Orlando, FL at Universal Studios: AJ Styles vs. Roderick Strong, Petey Williams vs. Chris Sabin vs. Alex Shelley and Jeff Hardy vs. Rhino. A second taping will also be taking place as well. We will have a full report from the show tomorrow night for those wanting to know what takes place before the debut on Spike.

TNA has also added special wrestler highlight videos produced by David Sahadi that will air on Spike TV. The videos will help introduce those on the TNA roster to their new audience on the network. Those videos online include Abyss, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Jeff Jarrett, Raven, Rhino, Samoa Joe and Monty Brown. As always, they are extremely well done and Sahadi has done wonders for TNA production-wise.

The former Dudley Boys have filed for trademarks with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. A basic search of the word “Deadly” on the USPTO trademark search page reveals that the former Dudleys have filed trademarks on “The Deadly Brothers,” “Brother Ray Deadly,” “Brother Devon Deadly,” and “Deadly Death Drop.” It would appear that, if their applications are accepted, they’ll go by these names upon their TNA debut.

With Jeff Hardy and Rhino booked in the Monster's Ball 2 Match, it leaves Raven and Monty Brown without matches for Bound for Glory at the moment. With Raven as the former NWA World Heavyweight Champion and Brown being pushed as a contender for the title based on the Unbreakable PPV, it is possible the two could have a #1 Contenders Match of sorts as the working plane is to have Jeff Jarrett defend against Kevin Nash. Of course, none of this has been confirmed as more will be known following the September 27th TV tapings for Spike TV.

TNA will once again be taping exclusive matches for their syndicated program "e;Xplosion"e; before each Impact! taping. The company had been doing this when they first moved to Orlando and signed a TV deal with Fox Sports Net. As reported earlier, Johnny Fairplay will be co-hosting the show. There are no plans at this point for Fairplay to appear on Spike TV.

Samoa Joe is expected to get a big push by TNA once the company debuts on Spike TV. Many people within the company are very high on him at the moment and have understood what all the "e;hype"e; was about when he was brought in for the first time this past June at the Slammiversary PPV.

Shawn Michaels is said to be unhappy about going from a main event feud with Hulk Hogan to working a program with rookie Chris Masters. Michaels’ initial reaction upon being told about working with Masters during a production meeting at SummerSlam was to yell at the creative team. However, unlike the Michaels of ten years ago, he later apologized to for the incident after cooling off. This is another example of how HBK seems to be handling situations in a more mature manner than he would have in the past.

- Matt Hardy remains highly optimistic regarding a long-term push in the WWE. Those close to Hardy are said to be watching the situation very closely in an attempt to find out if Matt is honestly hopeful of a WWE push or if he’s realizing he’s made a mistake and is putting on a front.

- Chavo Guerrero was reportedly reluctant to take on his new “Kerwin White” character. In fact, prior to beginning the character, he approached Vince McMahon about going in a different direction and presented several alternatives. However, Chavo’s suggestions fell on deaf ears, as McMahon was already set on going ahead with the “Kerwin White” character. In an interesting related note, Jim Ross came out against the gimmick during the September 14 edition of “Byte This,” noting that his comments probably wouldn’t be well received by the front office. Ross stated that the Guerrero family legacy is something to be proud of and added that he is against a wrestler changing his in-ring character in an attempt to “represent something that he is clearly not.” He put over Chavo’s natural personality and in-ring ability, which he believes has never been fully tapped into.

As reported on yesterday, Kevin Nash has been confirmed for the September 27th Impact! TV tapings that will air on Spike TV on October 1st and October 8th. We now know that Nash agreed to terms with TNA on what is believed to have been a one year contract on Friday. The deal includes Nash making at least 20 appearances on both TV and PPV throughout the next 12 months. Although official paperwork isn't completed, everything is "e;verbally set."e; Nash's name had been dropped ever since the original poster for Bound for Glory pictured him in the background. His image was since removed, leaving many to believe that TNA wanted his return to be a surprise. Well, it might be for those watching TNA for the first time on October 1st.

Austin Aries confirmed on his official website this past week that he has been offered a deal from TNA and that he is finalizing it at the moment. Aries added, "e;TNA has a great opportunity to make some noise in the wrestling industry and provide an alternative to the WWE product that fans haven't had for some time. I'm excited about the potential of TNA and glad I'm going to be part of it."e;

--NWA Cyberspace TV taping from yesterday in Wayne, NJ before 250 fans: Amazing Red & Grim Reefer b Thrillogy, Chris Harris b Crowbar, ? b Xavier, Kip James b Julio Dinero, Jay Lethal & Josh Daniels b Matt Bentley & Mike Kruel, Lacey b OBD, Bobby Roode b D-Lo Brown, Elix Skipper b Petey Williams to keep their X title, Slyck Wagner Brown b DOC, Andy Douglas & Chase Stevens b Solution, Abyss b Rhino-DQ. Next show is 11/5 in Lake Hiawatha, NJ. On 11/19 they have Jeff Jarrett vs. Chris Harris as the main event


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