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It is very laste Saturday night and we have been up for 37 hours straight!!!!

I will have a loaded report on Sunday because we accomplished alot over the weekend including shooting a new shoot interview with a tag team formally known as the Godwinns!!!  What we captured during the filming of this shoot will turn alot of heads.  Dennis Knight held nothing back, as he said "e; I am out of the business and have nothing to fear."e;  He is also Undertakers best friend so we got alot of the inside scoops.  The stories that they talk about were insane as I think the sneak preview will speak for itself.

This interview has so much dirt that we needed a vacumm just to leave the set of this interview. From insane drug stories with top champions to people pooping in other peoples food this one takes the cake.  Ric Flair is once again a target during this shoot, and wait until you find out why he is hated by Dennis.  Steve Blackman and Mark Mero will not be invited over to the Knights home anytime soon for a cup of tea.   Why did they call the LOD pussies?  Please excuse the french!!

The shoot was filmed at 3AM last night and both guys were so open thanks to the bar.  This is not one of those crazy shoots like Sheik or Patera but the alcohol really let these guys cut loose.  No matter what, this interview was going to be a true shoot interview.  This might be one of the more controversial shoots that has come along because they held nothing back on alot of the top talent that is still on top today.

What happened with Undertaker, GodFather, Yokozunna and Godwinns formed an alliance to battle the kliq?  Who did the Godwinns shoot on in the ring because the office told them to humble a certain team.  What wrestlers did they get high with?  This is nothing at all compared to the other topics.  I can't wait to release this shoot because all of the message boards will be talking about this interview for a long time to come. 

I also want to thank once again the Stern crew for hooking us up on Friday night.  They always go over and above for us.  We were with the Sheik on Friday night as he made his return to the Killers of Comedy show in Levittown PA.  As it turned out all of the wrestlers who were booked at signamania were at the same hotel as the Stern crew so it was one huge party all night long.

I was hanging out with Sal the stockbroker who is a huge RF VIDEO fan these days as he was marking out for all of the old timers.  In fact if you check out my myspace page at you will see a pic that I took for him with Bruno.  The atmosphere at the hotel made me feel like I was at the old Philadelphia marriot back in 1989.  It was just so much fun. I was marking out for the Stern guys like Jeff the drunk.  This was my first time meeting him and I have some pics of him on my myspace as well.  I was marking out for the Stern crew as they were marking out for the wrestlers.  I had high pitch Eric call alot of my freinds and leave funny messages on their machines.

We got to the hotel at 6PM as we were supposed to start to film our new Behind Closed Doors with Stan Hansen around 7PM.  Well his plane was delayed so we were already at the hotel where the Killers of Comedy were going to play at 9PM.  As it turns out we ran into Bob Levy who has always taken care of us and he invited us backstage because Sheik was back in the loop.  I love the Sheik to death, as he is the coolest old guy I have ever met.  Everytime he sees us he has this huge smile on his face.  We hung out with Sal, Yoko and Levy before their show started and then Georgous George arrived.

After drinking a little bit with George, we watched the show as we were still waiting for Stan to arrive.  Bob Levy is one of the funniest guys on stage.  He loves to pick on his fans in the crowd.  Anyhow now it was around 11 PM and alot of us went to party in Georges room.  She is by far the hottest girl around, as I know I put Torri over last week but George is even better.

Around Midnight we got the call that Stan has arrived so we filmed our interview with him until 2Am.  At that point we were set to film the Godwinns shoot but Mark had to go back to the airport to get his bags.  As it turns out he never made it back until 3AM to the hotel so we were stuck waiting around which was not a problem at all since we were with Terri Runnels and George at this point.

Anyhow to cut to the chase we started their shoot around 3 and ended after 5AM.  I went home for a hour to try to sleep before waking up at 7AM for the huge convention today.

I want to thank Stevie Richards who really was a pleasure to work with.  He went over and beyond for us.  This was also one of the best conventions in a long time.  There had to be over 1000 fans there.  I marked out huge for Piper of course Flair.  It was great to see Roddy again.  I dont think there is a bigger Piper mark than myself as he is one of the only guys in this business that I am a true mark for.  I talked to Flair for a while in the green room and it seems like every worker there was getting their picture with him including all the top dogs like Dibase, Stan Hansen, Race, Sheik, Snuka, Piper and so on.  Even DDP was marking out for Flair.  His agent acually snapped a pic of us talking that I put up on my myspace tonight.  If your not a mark for someone than you should get out of this business.  I also gave Ric a ton of shoots tonight with Tully Blanchard, Steamboat, Bret Hart, and some of his other peers.

George really knew how to put together an amazing convention and I want to thank him for letting us be apart of it as well.   It was just a great fun filled day.  We were set up next to Jimmy Hart and Ted Dibase and then on the other side of us we had Georgous George, Madusa and Molly Holly.  I have been talking to Madusa for the last 3 months about doing a shoot and it looks like it will happen in the near future.  We just need to figure out a time when we can get together.  I even marked out for a pic with Hansen and Dibase, who could forget about that dream team for All Japan.

Speaking of new shoots we will have a Molly Holly shoot interview up for sale this Monday as well.

After the convention was over it was around 4PM and I was beat.  I only slept for a hour if that.  We went over to another convention that was 2 minutes from my house.  They had Sabu, Goldberg, Lashley, Steiners, Jarrett, Snuka, Johnson, and alot of hot divas.  I got to see Lance Storm for the first time in years.  He looks like he is still in shape as he was sitting with Dawn Marie.  Even Tommy Rich was in the house.  The day was just one fun event after another.

I sound like a kid in the candy story but this is why my life is so much fun.  The best part about this weekend I did not have to drive more than 10 minutes from my office to go anywhere.  It was great meeting all the fans this weekend as well and I want to thank everyone that we ran into for helping us out.

I want to thank Christine Coons and Mike Coons as they alway help us at these conventions.  I also want to give a shout out to Brian Keenan who also helped us today.  He is a great friend of ours along with RVD.

I will be back tomorrow for a huge report or Monday if I don't wake up.

I need sleep right now.  We also struck deals today for some other major shoots.  There is a really big shoot interview lined up down the line.  It will be one of our top 3 shoots of all time.  That is how big this name is.


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