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It's Monday and we have decided to extend our huge 25% off sale!!

RF Video is pleased to offer you our 25% OFF SALE!  We are now offering 25% off your entire cart!!! Simply add the items you want to buy to your cart and during checkout a 25% discount will be automatically deducted!  There is no place better to shop for all your pro-wrestling video and dvd needs.  This is the perfect time to get all the new releases and save a few bucks!  This sale ends ?????.

RF VIDEO just got our hands on a very big DVD that we plan to release later this week.  We were going to have this all ready to announce today but we have decided to hold off until we have the box art for it.  Trust me alot of fans are going to want to own this DVD!!

RF VIDEO wants to thank the WWE and of course Howard Finkel for this past weekends signing.  It was a huge success as Howard really is a class act.  We had a great time with him and the response was amazing.  If you were lucky enough to get to talk to Howard you know that he goes the extra mile to meet and greet all of the fans. I was very impressed with his work ethic and it's no wonder why he is in the WWE Hall of Fame.  Thanks again to everyone involved.

Check out my latest radio show at this link where I talk about Bret Hart making a possible return to the WWE.  I also recap the entire weekend for the company plus news from WWE and TNA!!!

RF VIDEO has two huge shoot interviews this coming weekend!!!  No hints for these two guys but these are big shoots!!!

RF VIDEO is back on the Howard Stern show this week on Howard TV on demand. I did not even know until we started to get orders again for the When Worlds Collide DVD with the Sheik. You can see clips of our DVD on the Stern TV show all month long!! RF VIDEO is also heading back to the Stern show in the very near future.

RF VIDEO filmed two huge shows this past weekend as well. We filmed the latest PWU show that had alot of top talent on there like Raven, Sandman, Tatanka, Sunny, Backseat Boys, Justice Pain, Nate Hatred and Al Snow.  The highlight of the show for me was seeing them do a classic ECW angle with Sandman vs his son Tyler as they played off the angle from 10 years ago when Tyler left his father and went to Raven.  There was a great brawl on the show as well with Zbarr and Nate vs Backseats that went all over the venue!!

We also filmed the huge NWA Dennis Corluzzo Memorial show which had tons of top talent on it like Devon Storm, Dan Maff, Monster Mac, Powers of Pain, Jim Powers and so many more top names from the Northeast indy scene.
RF VIDEO shoots with D-Lo Brown

There are some that reach the pinnacle of pro wrestling success the easy way. Then, there are some that take a long road to the top. D Lo Brown is a man who worked his way up from $5 a night to headlining WWE events with The Rock. D Lo finally breaks his silence and tells you a side of the story you won’t hear anywhere else. RF Video is proud to present the D Lo Brown Shoot Interview.
D Lo has a very fascinating story and he started from the very beginning. D Lo came up through Jim Cornette’s Smokey Mountain Wrestling. D Lo has some great stories about working with vets like the Rock and Roll Express and Tracy Smothers. D Lo talks in detail about what Jim Cornette has meant to his career. How did Jim Cornette mold D Lo from a New Jersey indy worker into a wrestler ready for the biggest show in the world? D Lo retraces his steps and tells you what it took to make the leap from SMW to the WWE.

Over ten years ago, RF Video sat down with one of D Lo’s old SMW partners. RF Video talked to New Jack in a classic Shoot Interview back in 1997. New Jack was unkind to his old partner and told many disparaging stories about D Lo in the shoot. Did D Lo Brown really mow Jim Cornette’s lawn? What did D Lo think when he heard New Jack’s Shoot Interview? Have they talked since? D Lo finally gives his side of the story to RF Video.
D Lo goes into great length about his time in the WWE. D Lo talks about the integration into the locker room. D Lo talks about the early days of the Nation. How did he get along with Ron Simmons? How did the Nation change with The Rock? What was The Rock like at the stage in his career? Did D Lo have any hesitations about the racial aspects of the group? Why did the group work and not work in the end? Which member of the Nation did D Lo get into an argument with that turned physical? This is a great story and you will only hear it here in the intervie w.

D Lo was one of the original tag team partners of The Rock. D Lo was there when The Rock came up with the Peoples Elbow and went from opening card wrestler to world-wide sensation. D Lo talks about the ascension of The Rock from someone who was there. D Lo has a ton of great road stories about The Rock that you have never heard before. Hear about a side of The Rock for the first time anywhere in this classic RF Video Shoot Interview.
D Lo also breaks down all of the other personalities in this interview. D Lo talks about the rise of Stone Cold Steve Austin. D Lo also has some very candid comments about Triple H. D Lo also talks about the backstage drama between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart he witnessed first-hand when he came into the WWE. What did D Lo see and what should we believe?
D Lo also talks about the many controversies involving WWE stars. D Lo talks openly about Chris Benoit, the murders, and the Benoit he knew. D Lo also tal ks about the night Owen Hart passed away. Should the show have gone on? What did he think about after the Montreal Screw Job? Hear what really went down from someone that was there to see it all on the WWE side of the line.
D Lo also opens up about one of pro wrestling’s worst in ring accidents. D Lo relives the night that Darren Drozdov became paralyzed in a match. D Lo talks about what went wrong, what he was thinking, his initial reaction, the guilt, and questions about his own career. D Lo also talks about the relationship between Droz and he and where things stand today. This is a very emotional moment for D Lo and one of the few places you will hear the real story.

D Lo also talks about why he left the WWE, returned, and left again. What were the differences between both of his runs? Who does and doesn’t he trust? Would he ever go back? D Lo also talks about his TNA Wrestling run. What does D Lo think of the TNA political structure? What are D Lo’s thoughts on Vince Russo? Can Dixie Carter run a successful pro wrestling company? Will he be back? W hat are the inner differences between TNA and the WWE?
It is truly an honor to present one of the most interesting Shoot Interviews in RF Video history. It is one thing to read about pro wrestling history. It is another thing to hear about it from a man that witnessed some of the biggest events in WWE history. You better recognize as RF Video presents our newest Shoot Interview with D Lo Bown.

Shoot Interview with Playboy Buddy Rose coming soon....


SHoot Interview with Mark Lewin now on sale!!!
When most wrestling fans hear the name Mark Lewin, people instantly remember his time in Florida as the Purple Haze. While the Purple Haze was a very successful and memorable character, the character that is Mark Lewin had entertained wrestling fans across the world for decades long before the Purple Haze was risen out of the water by Kevin Sullivan.

Mark Lewin's career spanned almost the entire second half of the last century and Lewin's memory of his time in the wrestling business in 1950's and 1960's is remarkable. No other wrestler since Lewin has spoken so vividly about wrestling some of the all time greats in this sport in their prime. From the likes of Buddy Rogers, Antonino Rocca, King Curtis, Bobo Brazil, Danny McShane, and Dr. Jerry Graham.

Lewin even discusses his memories of BEATING Lou Thesz and wrestling the Original Sheik for an hour in Cobo Hall. Vince McMahon Sr. has even gone on the record to say, "e;Mark Lewin was the best babyface I ever had"e;.

Not only was Lewin a sensation in the states but he has wrestled all over the world and has held titles on four different continents. In fact, on one of his visits to the far east he meet and fell in love with a Singaporean Princess who he later married. This interview isn't like any other interview out there simply because there isn't anyone like Mark Lewin. His story is an amazing tale and it is a history lesson that every true wrestling fan should learn.

We now have on sale a very limited amount of WWE JAKKS DUSTY RHODES CLASSIC SUPERSTARS 10 FIGURE. This figure has been autographed by Dusty Rhodes. One of a kind, limited quantity.  They are now on sale on our new arrival page for only $25!!

Nick Bockwinkel

We are happy to announce that we have lined up another WWE Hall of Famer and multi-time AWA World Heavyweight Champion and co-holder of the AWA World Tag Team Championship Nick Bockwinkel at our table on October 24th at Legends of the Ring convention.
Nick will be at the RF VIDEO table from 11AM until 2PM. Prices for him will be $20 for a photo and $15 for an autograph.  We will be offering a special combo deal for $30 which will get you one picture and one autograph.  You can paypal us today if you want to preorder your chance to meet him at


Shoot Interview with Magnum TA 2009  NOW ON SALE   Save 25% off now

What is it like to have the world at your feet and have it taken away from you on one fateful night? One of pro wrestling?s greatest tragedies is the story of Magnum TA. You have heard many of Magnum?s peers talk about it in past RF Video Shoot Interview. Now it is time to hear the story from the man himself. It is with great honor that RF Video presents the Magnum TA Shoot Interview.

One of the most talked about topics in our shoot interview series is the Magnum TA crash. Grown men have cried on camera when recollecting the story about Magnum TA. Now it is time to hear from the one man that has lived that tragedy. Magnum TA opens up about his car wreck and the aftermath like never before.

Before this crash, Magnum was on pace to rival Hulk Hogan in wrestling. Magnum talks about his rise in the business. Magnum starts from the beginning and tells a story about being ripped off by Buzz Sawyer. How did it impact Magnum later in wrestling? What did he learn from it? Does he forgive Buzz?

Magnum talks in great detail about his rise throughout the territories. Magnum talks about working his way up from Florida to Bill Watts? Mid South to Jim Crockett Promotions. Who helped him along the way? What promoters did he like working for more than others? What was Bill Watts? reaction Magnum when he jumped to Jim Crockett Promotions? Magnum has a ton of great stories about his journey to th e top.

Magnum talks in great length about his short but legendary run in the Carolinas. What was truly the plan for him and the NWA title? Did he like working with Ric Flair? Did he see Dusty Rhodes as a mentor or competition? Magnum also goes into his many great feuds including the legendary Best of Seven series with Nikita Koloff and the I-Quit Match with Tully Blanchard. Magnum has a ton of war stories in this interview.

Magnum talks about the aftermath of his car accident. Does he think he would have ended up in the WWE if it didn?t happen? How hard was it mentally on him to never wrestle again? Magnum talks about the emotional walk at the Crockett Cup and the reaction from the boys. Magnum also talks about his days as a commentator and working with Jim Ross. Did Magnum ever think of attempting a comeback? Magnum is candid here in talking about the frustrations of calling wrestling and not being able to wrestle.

This is truly one of the most intense yet fascinating RF Video Shoot Interviews in the history of our company. This is a rare opportunity when one of the most talked about topics is discussed by the subject himself. In addition to the accident, Magnum fans will love the stories about Magnum?s matches with the Horsemen, Ernie Ladd, Mr. Wrestling II, Ric Flair, and more.

Fans of the Jim Crockett era and of Magnum himself will be riveted from the first minute of this interview. Magnum opens up on camera like never before and you will hear stories for the first time ever by the former US champion. It is truly with great honor and pleasure that RF Video presents to you the Magnum TA Shoot Interview.

How did you get started in wrestling
Were you a fan before you got into the business
What happened when you were tried out by the Andersons
Do you agree with those methods of breaking guys into the business
Do you think Ole was a bully
Jake Roberts said in an interview that Buzz and Brett Sawyer were screwing you over left and right as a rookie. Do you agree?
How did you wind up in Portland
Thoughts on Don Owens
Did you wind up in any shoot matches there courtesy of his brother
Memories wrestling Buzz in Portland
What was the hardest thing to pick up about the business or wrestling
How did you wind up in Florida
What did Buzz promise you
Initial thoughts of the territory
Initial thoughts on Dusty Rhodes
Could you tell that he liked you right away
Memories of matches with John Studd
Memories of Eddie Graham
Good road stories
Memories of Kevin Sullivan
Memories of seeing/meeting Ric Flair for the first time
How did you wind up in Southwest
Memories of Joe Blanchard
Initial memories of Tully Blanchard
Memories of matches with Nick Bockwinkel
Who was the first promoter to see potential in you
Memories of Gino Hernandez
Good road stories
Memories of Manny Fernandez from this time
You came back to Florida for a bigger role, how did that happen
Memories teaming with Scott Magee
Memories teaming with Dusty in the middle of the Midnight Rider gimmick
Did you get the sense here that you were being groomed for big things
How did you wind up in Mid South
Initial thoughts on Bill Watts
Was he a bit of a bully
Did you get the sense that he liked you right away
How did the Road Warriors influence you early on
Memories training with Ray Hernandez
Memories of matches with the Midnight Express
How close were you to leaving the area before this feud
Memories of your feud with Mr. Wrestling II
Did you learn a lot from him
Would you call this a turning point for you
Who did you travel with in this area
Memories of matches with Butch Reed
Memories of Junkyard Dog
Memories of Dick Murdoch
Memories of matches with Ernie Ladd
Barry Windham recently said that Ernie was hard to work with and didn?t like putting over young talent. Did you feel that way?
Memories teaming with Jim Duggan
Memories of Steve Williams
Memories of matches with Jim Neidhart
Memories of your first match with the Road Warriors (I think Superdome with Mr. Wrestling II)
Memories of your feud with Ted Dibiase
How did you wind up working for Crockett
How did Watts react to you leaving
Did you know right away you were going to be a top guy
Memories of your first matches with Ric Flair
Memories of matches with Wahoo McDaniel
Memories of matches with Kamala
How did you get the Magnum TA gimmick
What was the party scene like in this area
Did you feel you and Flair getting better together the more you wrestled
Memories of matches with Nikita Koloff
Did you like the feud
Did you like the best of seven idea
Thoughts on the Goldberg comparisons
Was he hard to work with since he was still kind of green
When did you feel that the territory started taking off
Memories of your feud with Tully Blanchard
Did you ever feel that with Dusty booking and wrestling that you would never be the top babyface
Is it true that Jim Crockett tried being one of the boys
Did you and Tully know going into Starrcade how good of a match you would have
Are you surprised that to this day it is one of the most talked about matches in wrestling history
What made it so special
When is the last time you watched the match
Do you ever watch back your old matches
How did the territory change when the Rock and Roll Express came in
Who came up with the belly to belly finisher
Was it a tight locker room back then
What was Flair like back during this time
What did you think when the magazines started comparing you to Hogan
Memories of your match with the Road Warriors at the Crockett Cup
Memories of matches with Jimmy Garvin
At what point were you aware that you were being groomed for the NWA title
When were you supposed to get it
Would the travel to other territories have been something you liked
Memories of matches with the Horsemen
Barry Windham also in his shoot said he felt that Flair really had a hard time giving up the title to guys like you, him, and Dibiase who were groomed. Do you agree?
What happened the night of the crash
When did you wake up
Did you know what had happened
Who was at the hospital with you
Was Dusty supportive
Did you initially think you?d wrestle again
How difficult was it mentally to come to terms with not wrestling again
Did you ever attempt to try and come back over the years
Hypothetically if you continued wrestling, do you think you would have went to the WWE at some point or been a WCW/NWA guy for life
Was there any kind of a coverup from the police with the crash
Did you pay your hospital expenses out of pocket
Describe the Crockett Cup 87
Was it a good thing or did it make it more difficult being around the business
Where do you think Crockett went wrong and wound up bankrupting himself
How did you get into announcing
Did you like it
Memories working with Jim Ross
How did things change when Ted Turner bought the company
What did you think when you saw Dusty in polka dots on WWE television
How did you wind up working with Dusty in booking
Was booking harder than you thought
How did your cellular business come about
Do you watch wrestling today
Thoughts on the growth of the business
Does it bother you that WCW was run into the ground
Do you think Vince has been fair to your history since buying the tapes
Would you like to be inducted into his Hall of Fame
How did it go when you made an appearance for the WWE at Vengeance
Are you surprised they brought the U.S. title back
Does it surprise you that Flair was still wrestling up until last year
Any good Flair stories
Any good Dusty stories
Billy Jack Haynes talked about everyone being stiffed from Crockett on their Starrcade 85 payoffs. Is that true?
Did you ever refuse to put anyone over
Best guy you ever worked with
Worst guy for whatever reason you ever worked with
How did you develop your promos
Are you still in pain
Are you surprised at the affection the fans still have for you today
Thoughts on all of the successful second generation wrestlers in the WWE
You married Tully Blanchard?s ex wife. How did Tully take it
Any plans to write a book 



Shoot Interview with Brian Adias Now on sale !!! Save 25% off now

We have only read and heard about one of the most controversial territories in wrestling history. But what would it have been like to live it? RF Video is excited to sit down with a former World Class Championship Wrestling alumni and Von Erich family friend. RF Video is proud to present our newest Shoot Interview with Brian Adias.

Brian has a unique perspective on the Von Erich family. Brian grew up with Kerry Von Erich and was a friend of the family since his youth. Brian was there to experience the ups and downs with one of wrestling?s first families. Brian has some great stories he tells us about the family from his high school years and about what Kerry was like growing up.

Brian spent a lot of years on the road before headlining Star Wars. Brian talks about all of his travels around the country. Brian talks about working as a young wrestler in the Mid Atlantic region. How was he treated by his peers? Who mentored Brian in the area? How close did he remain with the Von Erich family? Brian has some great road stories from his travels.

The highlights of this interview come when talking about World Class. Brian was there in the peak years and the down years. Brian compares all of the eras and has some great anecdotes from each era. Brian talks about Fritz and the complexities of being a father and a promoter. Brian also gives some great insight on many of the talent that came through World Class during his years in the area.

Brian also gives his candid thoughts on the Von Erich family demons and drug abuse. Who does Brian think was to blame? What happened the night Kevin passed out in the middle of a match? How did the Von Erich boys change with success? Did he ever step up and express his concerns to Fritz? Brian gives a side that we have never heard=2 0before from not only a co-worker, but a family friend.

Brian is exceptionally insightful when he talks about his high school friend Kerry. Brian tells a shocking story about what Kerry said at one of his brother?s funerals. Brian also talks about the changes in Kerry. Brian talks about the suicide and signals he saw leading up to that fateful day. Brian also talks about what could have helped Kerry from going down that road. Brian?s stories about Kerry are simply riveting.

In addition to his association with the Von Erichs, Brian talks about all of the great names he encountered throughout his career. World Class fans will undoubtedly love this interview as they talk a walk down Texas memory lane. It is with great excitement that RF Video presents the Brian Adias Shoot Interview.

Were you a wrestling fan growing up
Who did you enjoy watching
Is it true that you did go to school with Kerry
Memories of Kerry in school
Did he ever talk about wanting to wrestle
How strong was he at this time
How did you get into the business
What was the training like
What was the biggest misconception of the business that you had
What was the hardest thing in training
How soon did you smarten up
Was Fritz a tough trainer
How much did Fritz kayfabe early on
Early memories of Kevin
Memories of your first match
Did anyone mentor you early on
How did you wind up in the Mid Atlantic area
Thoughts on Jim Crockett
Who was the booker at this time
Memories of Ric Flair
Memories of Rick Steamboat
Memories of Dusty Rhodes
Who did you travel with
Who did you enjoy working with most
Who did you enjoy working with least
What was the travel schedule like
How were young guys like you treated
Were you in contact with Fritz at all during this time
Fav matches from that time period
Did any of the vets mentor you
Did you make any longstanding friendships from that time
Early memories of your days in World Class
Memories of matches with Bill Irwin
Memories of the Von Erich boys from this time
Could you tell that something special was happening here
Memories of Jimmy Garvin
How did business change after Star Wars when the Freebirds turned on the Von Erichs
How did you get into Portland
Is it true that his brother used to bet on shoots or matches or something like that
Any good Don Owens stories
Memories of your first matches there
How did you develop your promos
Did you encounter racism early on
Who did you ride with
Any good road stories
Memories of Buddy Rose
Memories of the Grappler
Memories of Rip Oilver
Who were your fav and least fav opponents
Fav guys to travel with
Is it true that you had to drop a letter from your last name
Who came up with Brian Adidas/Adias
Memories of Dynamite Kid
Memories of Curt Hennig
How did you wind up wrestling in Canada
Did you like it
Memories of matches with Ivan Koloff
How did you wind up in Southwest
Memories of Joe Blanchard
Initial memories of Tully Blanchard
Who was the first promoter to see potential in you
Memories of Gino Hernandez
Good road stories
Favorite matches
Did you prefer to stay in Texas
Memories of matches with the Grappler
How did you wind up back in World Class
Did Fritz treat you differently now that you were a seasoned wrestler
How had the Von Erichs changed
The drug use by the Von Erichs has been legendary over the years. Do you think it has been overstated or were there serious problems.
Did you ever try and talk to them as friends
Had Kerry changed a lot
How much did Kerry change after the accident
Iceman Parsons in his shoot blamed Doris for their drug abuse. Do you agree?
Do you think Fritz was oblivious or he knew
Do you think Fritz should have went national
Did WWE ever approach you
Memories of matches with Buzz Sawyer
What was it like to wrestle with or against the boys in terms of heat and fan reactions
Memories teaming with Iceman Parsons
Memories of the Freebirds
Any good Freebird stories
Memories of matches with Mark Lewin
Memories of Bruiser Brody
Memories of Gary Hart
Who was your favorite booker
Memories of your run against Kevin
Was Kevin a stiff wrestler
Did you like working heel
Memories of Al Madril
Memories of Chris Adams
Memories of John Tatum and Missy Hyatt
Memories of Rick Rude
Memories of the Ultimate Warrior and wrestling him
Memories of matches with Mike Von Erich
Do you think Mike wanted to wrestle
Memories of matches with Tony Atlas
Memories of matches with Kerry
Memories of Iron Sheik when he came in
What happened the night Kevin collapsed in the match in Ft. Worth
How did things change when Mike died
Did the wrestlers worry about the boys
How did things change when Ken Mantell started booking
Did you like the Wild West feud
How did Kerry change after the accident
Memories of matches with Buddy Landell
Memories of matches with Abdullah the Butcher
How did you wind up in Global
Did you think itd succeed
How did you wind up in Global
Whyd Global fail
Memories of Mick Foley and Scott Levy from Global
Memories of a young John Hawk
Did you like doing the biker gimmick
Is there anyone that made it that surprised you and is there anyone who didn't make it who you thought would
Do you still watch wrestling
What are your thoughts on all of the deaths of the past few years and which in particular hit you hardest
Do you want to write a book
Have you watched any of the documentaries on World Class
Where were you when you found out about Kerry?s death
Is it hard to adjust to life after pro wrestling
What do you do today
Fav and least fav guys to work with
Fav ribs and road stories
Favorite ribs
How did you wind up back last year
Do you still have a passion for the business
What do you miss most and least about being a full time wrestler 



Ox Baker shoot interview now on sale  Save 25% now

What is it like to be such a great heel, that fans are scared just by looking at you? Imagine stirring fear in 15,000 people and enjoying every minute of it? RF Video brings you an interview with one of wrestling?s most unique characters. RF Video is proud to present our newest Shoot Interview with the legendary Ox Baker.
Ox is one of wrestling?s true road warriors. Ox traveled the world and recounts all of his great stories in this exclusive shoot interview. Hear all about how Ox got his start and what it was like to break into wrestling during his era. Ox has some great stories about those that helped him and those that didn?t in his early years.

Ox goes into great detail explaining how he developed his character to great success. Where did he base his legendary appearance from? Ox also tells a ton of great stories about the heart punch. How did the heart punch grow to become one of the most fe ared moves in wrestling? Did anyone really die from the heart punch? Ox spills the beans on the legendary heart punch.

Ox also talks about all of his legendary wars. Ox talks about battles with Andre the Giant, Lou Thesz, Dick the Bruiser, the Sheik, and more. Who did Ox enjoy working with and who did Ox not like working with? What wrestler had a hard time putting Ox over? What was it like to work against a rookie Hulk Hogan? Ox opens up the doors to one of the most kayfabed times in pro wrestling history.

Ox also talks about life outside of the ring. How did he get the gig in Escape from New York? How and why did he become a cook book publisher? Ox also talks about the many wrestlers he has trained with success. Hear stories from Ox about training the Undertaker among many others and how he feels about him today. What storyline did Ox recently suggest to WWE creative that was turned down? Ox is never short of stories.

This is one of those kinds of interviews that makes you feel like you are sitting at a bar having a drink with a wrestling legend. Ox just has story after story and loves talking about the wrestling business. This is a fun, yet insightful shoot interview for fans from all generations of pro wrestling. It is truly with great honor that RF Video presents the Ox Baker Shoot Interview.

Were you a wrestling fan growing up
Is it true that you got thrown out of high school
Can you talk about your football career
Can you talk about your military background
Howd you get started
Was the training more difficult than you thought
What was the kayfabe like for a young guy back then
Memories of your first match
What are some of the things you remember you did to pay your dues
Who mentored you early on
How much did you make for your first match
What was the training like
Memories training with Pat O Connor
Memories training with Bob Geigel
Some guys have said Geigel was notoriously cheap, do you agree
Memories of the Kansas City territory
Who did you travel with
What kind of push did you get early on
Were there racial tensions during this period between whites and black wrestlers
Were there two separate locker rooms
Who was your first feud and memories
How did you come up with the heart punch
Memories of the Al Torres match
How over was the move
How did you develop your character and your look
Memories of matches with the Missouri Mauler
How did you wind up working for Dick the Bruiser
Thoughts on Dick as a promoter
What was the promotional war like at the time between Bruiser and Sheik
Did you ever get involved of the politics of the NWA
Thoughts on Lou Thesz as champion
Memories of matches with Thesz
Memories of your series with Bob Ellis
Memories of your first Puerto Rico tour
Thoughts and memories of Carlos Colon
Thoughts on the Bruiser Brody tragedy
Memories of teaming with Ole Anderson
Thoughts on Ole
Thoughts on Ole as a booker in Georgia
Memories teaming with Skandor Akbar
Memories of teaming with John Studd
Did you work a lot of outlaw companies early on
Memories of working Florida
Thoughts on Eddie Graham
Thoughts on Jack Mulligan
Thoughts and memories of teaming with Superstar Graham
Were you surprised when he was picked to be WWWF champion
Memories of matches with the Sheik
How kayfabe was he
Was he unpredictable
Memories working for Fritz Von Erich
Thoughts on Fritz
Memories of matches with Bruiser Brody
Memories of matches with Captain USA
What area did you settle down with your family
Memories of matches with Jack Brisco
Who do you think was the best NWA champion
Memories of Wahoo McDaniel
Memories of the Spoiler
Memories of matches with a young Kevin Von Erich
Did the Sheik give you a hard time about going over on him in Detroit
Memories of Andre the Giant
Memories of cooking Andre a meal
What are the keys to being a successful pro wrestler who stands out
Memories meeting and training Undertaker
Memories meeting and training Brian Clark
Is it true that you approached Vince McMahon about being Linda?s gigolo in an angle
What is your relationship like with Vince
What happened the night with Ray Gunkel in the ring
How did that change your career
Memories teaming with John Studd
Memories of Superstar Graham
Memories wrestling a young Hulk Hogan in Alabama
How did you get on the Price is Right and memories of behind the scenes
How did you get into Escape from New York
Did you attempt to do more acting
Are you surprised Jerry Lawler wrote you one of his favorite wrestlers
Why do you think Vince McMahon SR didn?t use you more
Why do you think that you weren?t ever brought in for a big program with Bob Backlund
Memories of Jimmy Snuka
Memories of Ernie Ladd
Memories of working with the Von Erich boys
How did your cookbook come about
What are the differences between your cookbook and the WWE book
Could you still wrestle today
How physically banged up on you
What happened to the movie made on you
Fav territory
Least fav territory
Fav and least fav bookers
Any good fan/heat stories
Good road stories




SHoot Interview with Brian Blair now on sale!!!!  Save 25% off now

Brian Blair has become one of the most talked about names in wrestling over the last two years. From his arrest this year to the countless attacks from the Iron Sheik, Brian Blair has been under attack. It is now time for Brian to fight back and give his sides of the stories. RF Video is proud to give Brian a platform and present to you the Brian Blair Shoot Interview.

Brian has been repeatedly attacked by the Iron Sheik over the last several years. Finally, Brian has his say and speaks out against the Sheik. Brian tells some absolutely shocking stories about the Iron Sheik from their WWF days. One story in particular about what happened in a hotel room will sicken you. Brian holds nothing back when it comes to talking about the Iron Sheik.

Brian also goes in depth about this rivalry he has with the Sheik. Brian does not like the Sheik one bit and never has. Brian will tell you why he absolutely hates the Iron Sheik. Brian also talks about where the bitter feelings come from between the two. Did these feelings ever come out in the ring between these two? There is nothing funny about what Brian has to say about the Iron Sheik and their feud is absolutely no Howard Stern joke.

Brian also opens up about being arrested for hitting his son a few months ago. What is his side of the story? Was he given a fair deal by the press? Did politics play a part in the arrest and the news coverage of his incide nt? Before you judge Brian Blair, you owe it to yourself to hear his side of the story.

Brian also has some great stories about some road and backstage incidents from his many years in the wrestling business. Brian has an amazing story about what happened when a fight broke out between Tony Atlas and Paul Orndorff in the car. What did he do as the driver? What happened when one wrestler almost shot another with a gun? Brian gives his take on a story Dan Spivey told us about a Spivey fight with Adrian Adonis in the locker room. If you want fight stories, Brian has them in this Shoot Interview.

Brian also talks about life on the road as a WWF superstar in the Hogan-era. What was Hogan like in the locker room? What is the real story on the partying and drug lifestyle on the road during that time period? How did Brian get caught up in having heat with the office? What promises made to Brian were broke by Vince McMahon? Brian also some great stories about the teams the Killer Bees wrestled and more.

This is truly what a shoot interview is all about. Brian came with his guns loaded and ready to shoot. Whether you are a Brian Blair fan or not you are sure to find this interview entertaining. It is with great excitement that RF Video proudly presents its newest Shoot Interview with B. Brian Blair.

Were you a wrestling fan growing up
Who did you enjoy watching
What was your collegiate background
How did you get into the business
What was the training like
What was the biggest misconception of the business that you had
What was the hardest thing in training
How hard was Hiro Matsuda in training
Did he try and break your ankle
How much was kayfabed to you when you were training
Did anyone else try and stretch you at the school
Memories of Hulk Hogan during this time
Did you see him break his ankle
Early memories of matches against Hulk
Did you tell he had something special
Memories of wrestling Ivan Koloff
Memories of matches with Pat Patterson
How soon did you smarten up
Memories of your first match
Did anyone mentor you early on
Thoughts on Eddie Graham
Thoughts on Dusty Rhodes
Memories of Jack Brisco
How did you wind up going to Central States
Memories of Bob Geigel
Memories of Harley Race
Memories of Jesse Ventura
Who taught you how to do promos
Memories of wrestling in the Superdome early in your career
Memories of Bill Watts
Memories wrestling for Leroy McGuirk
How did you meet his daughter
How did he react to you dating his daughter
Favorite opponents from his territory
Did any veterans mentor you in any of these territories
Memories of matches with Ron Starr
Were you afraid you?d be classified as a junior heavyweight throughout your career
How did you wind up working for Fritz
Did you like him
Memories of his sons
Memories of matches with Killer Brooks
Memories of matches with Stan Stasiak
Who did you travel with
Memories teaming with Al Madril
Is it true that you were booked in New Japan through Vince McMahon
Memories of first meeting Vince
Was a tour of Japan something you were interested in
Memories of your tour
Any good road stories
Any Andre the Giant memories
Thoughts on Antonio Inoki
Did you have conversations about coming into New York at this time
How did you wind up going back to Florida
Were you treated differently now that you were seasoned
How did Eddie Graham treat you differently
Memories of Dusty around this time
Memories of Kevin Sullivan
Memories of Barry Windham
Memories of matches with Jimmy Garvin
Did Dusty ever try and recruit you to come to Crockett
Memories of matches with Bruiser Brody
Memories of matches with Stan Hansen
How did you wind up in the WWF
Initial impressions of Vince Jr.
What did you expect as far as the national expansion
Memories of early house show matches against JJ Dillon
Memories of matches with Paul Orndorff
Had Hogan changed at all
Memories of WrestleMania 2 with the football players
How much kayfabe was going on with the NFL guys
Memories of teaming and wrestling Bob Backlund
Memories of matches with Greg Valentine
Memories of matches with Eddie Gilbert
Was it disappointing to lose your New York debut to Iron Mike Sharpe
Could you sense that you weren?t going to get a big push
Memories of matches with Roddy Piper
Bob Backlund said it was very hard to work with George Steele. Do you agree?
Memories of matches with Bob Orton
Memories of Bruno Sammartino
Was it frustrating to not get a bigger push
Who did you ride with
Why did this run end so soon
How did you wind up in Georgia
Memories of Ole Anderson
You went back to Florida. How had things changed
Memories of matches with Rick Rude
Memories of matches with Jesse Barr
Memories of Billy Jack Haynes
Could you sense the territories changing now
How did you wind up back in the WWE
Had Vince changed at all
Were you promised a bigger push
Initial thoughts on teaming with Jim and the Killer Bees gimmick
Did you like Jim
Are you surprised you never got a run with the titles
Memories of WrestleMania III
Is it true that Paul Orndorff was groomed as a replacement for Andre if Andre wasn?t healthy enough for the match
Why do you think the Iron Sheik has had this issue with you about WM III
What were your thoughts when you first heard Sheik?s comments
Did you guys ever have problems at this time
Memories of the Sheik from back then
How come you guys dropped the masked confusion gimmick
Who?s idea was the masked idea
Memories of when Superstar Graham returned
Memories of matches with Beefcake and Valentine
Memories of filling in for Dynamite and wrestling with Davey
Memories of matches with the Hart Foundation
Memories of matches with Demolition
Memories of matches with Muraco and Bob Orton
Memories of Ken Patera?s return
Thoughts on Bobby Heenan
Memories of matches with the Funks
Memories of the British Bulldogs
Any good WWE road stories
Did you see the Jacques-Dynamite fight
Was it frustrating not getting a big push
Why do you think you never got the big push
Favorite matches during this time
Did you feel lied to about the WWE tag team titles
Why did you lreave
How did Vince react
Did you attempt to go to WCW at all
You were a Florida guy. Why do you think Dusty never took you around with him like other ex-Florida guys
Memories working for the UWF
Memories of Herb Abrams and any stories
Memories teaming with Steve Keirn on the indys
What happened with Brutus Beefcake?s boating accident
Did you ever receive legal threats for using the masked gimmick in the UWF
Memories of Japan tours
What led to your retirement
How come you never went with Hulk to WCW
What do you think the biggest misconception of Hulk is
Thoughts on the Nasty Boys
How did you get into politics
Did your wrestling background help or hurt you
How are politics alike or the same as wrestling
Fav guys to work with and why
Least fav guys to work with and why
What happened at the Iron Sheik Roast
You recently had a very public family incident. How surprised were you by the coverage.
Do you think you were unfairly portrayed
Do you think you should be in the WWE Hall of Fame
What makes someone a good worker in your opinion
Do you still watch wrestling
What are your thoughts on all of the deaths of the past few years and which in particular hit you hardest
Thoughts on UFC and comparisons to pro wrestling
Do you want to write a book
Fav ribs and road stories
Thoughts on the lack of kayfabe today
Any good Hogan stories
Do you still have a passion for the business
What do you miss most and least about being a full time wrestler 
JAPW Womens Division  Queen is Crowned  5-9-09

1. Sara Del Rey vs O.D.B. (JAPW Women's Championship)
2. #1 Contender Battle Royal
3. Sara Del Rey vs Awesome Kong
4. Raisha Saeed vs Daizee Haze
5. Annie Social vs Amber
6. Cheerleader Melissa vs Nikki Roxx
7. Roxxi Cotton vs Brooke Carter
8. BONUS MATCH: Valentina vs April Hunter
9. BONUS MATCH: Nikki Roxx vs April Hunter
10. BONUS MATCH: Alicia vs Sara Del Rey
Guest Booker with Jim Cornette  Now on sale!!!!

Guest Booker... with JIM CORNETTE


What could have been remembered as pro wrestling's most complelling storyline, has come to be known as the sport's biggest blown opportunity. The WCW Invasion angle fell short of expectations and the wrestling world watched WWE swallow WCW without fanfare.

Jim Cornette has a thing to twenty to say about that! One of wrestling's most outspoken and creative minds attacks this edition of Guest Booker with unmatched vigor in the 2 disc set.

Watch Jim turn the tepid Invation into a flaming hot angle as he books in remarkable detail with extensive explanation for each move.

Approx runtime : 170 minutes 


Rock showed up this weekend at the WXW event to support Jimmy Snuka's daughter as she made her debut...

Rumors that Scott Steiner might retire from TNA soon since he is friends with Jeff Jarrett....Scott is almost 49 now and has a bad back so now might be the time to get out and he has money to fall back on.

Bret Hart has been in talks with WWE about doing some business, which played a part in wanting to refresh the whole Montreal thing, in case he agrees to come in. I think talks started when Vickie Guerrero gave notice. There is nothing on the table as far as expecting something happening imminently or anything agreed to, but he has been open to the idea of returning as a weekly storyline character for the first time since 1997. There have been talks for years in this direction and in 2006 Vince told the writing team they he and Bret were going to do a street fight on a PPV but Bret at the time was saying that he wasn’t going to wrestle and it never happened. I think that was the deal where Michaels formed the tag team with God, as the original plan was Michaels & Bret vs. Vince & Shane, and they were more confident than ever Bret would do it, but he wouldn’t.
As of press time, the official matches in the 10/4 Hell in a Cell show from Newark are Cena vs. Orton for the WWE title in the cell, Punk vs. Undertaker for the world title in HIAC, DX vs. Legacy in the cell, Jericho & show vs. Mysterio & Batista for the tag titles and Kingston vs. Miz vs. Swagger for the U.S. title. Several other things have been teased, but not sure what makes PPV or not, including Christian vs. Regal for the ECW title, and possibly James vs. Fox or James vs. Fox vs. Phoenix in a Divas title match.

Matt Hardy's push is in jeopardy due to the legal issues with his brother. He has been off of TV for a few weeks now.  

Ashley Massaro is going to be back in Playboy in the near future.

Randy Orton will be using the ring name "e;The Viper"e; from this point forward.

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