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September 29th, 2006

RF VIDEO hits another major home run today, by conducting a shoot interview with former AWA World Champion, The Living Legend Larry Zybysko.  This interview is once again what a shoot interview is all about.  Just like Bad News Brown and Billy Jack, Larry holds nothing back and gives the phrase, "e;shoot interview,"e; real meaning.

The interview was almost 4 hours long and is loaded with never before stories about his heel turn on Bruno Sammartino,  NWA, WCW,  AWA, WWWF, TNA and so much more.  Larry talks about his start in wrestling and how he stalked Bruno as a fan before he broke into the business.  You will hear all about his early days in WWWF. There is so much WWWF talk about politics and stuff from the 70's and 80's that if your a WWF fan you will want to hear everything that he has to say.  We talk about all of his early classic matches before the Bruno and Larry split with all the top stars of the WWWF.  You want to hear about rib stories and backstage fights that have never been told before this shoot has it.

Why did he quit the WWWF and go work for Georgia Championship Wrestling.  What happened when he had a falling out with Bill Watts and he got fired after one day on the job.  A few weeks later  you will find out why did Bill Watts eat his words and re hires Larry and apolgizes in a closed door meeting with Jim Barnette.  Talks about his major feuds in Georgia with Tommy Rich, Orndorff and more. 

How did Larry end up in the AWA and working for Verne Gagne?  How he got busted for dating Verne's daughter.  He talks about all the greats from the awa and what it was like to work with Nick Bockwinkle, Henning, Ray Stevens, Scott Hall, Rockers and all of his major programs in the AWA.

You will hear what it was like for Larry to work for the NWA and WCW early on.  He talks about the original NWO angle that was supposed to happen with the AWA talent before Hall and Nash were brought in years later.  What did Baby Doll have in the envelope? He takes us on a very inside look on Eric Bischoff.  How they first met in AWA and he talks about Eric's rise to power and how he landed his booking job in WCW.  This part of the shoot is just awesome. We also talk all about his matches with Arn Anderson as a tag team and how Scott Steiner started to shoot on him in the ring and how he took him down. We talk in great length about the demise of WCW and what lead up to the end of the company.  This interview is loaded with brand new, never told stories.  Larry held nothing back talking about guys like Lex Luger, Sting, Brusier Brody, and of course Ric Flair.  Larry has alot of stuff to say on the Nature Boy and its raw and in your face!!  What about Bill Gooldberg and why the company ruined a homegrown talent.  Thoughts on why Bret Hart should never been pushed the way he was.

Why he stepped down from being a wrestling in WCW to doing play by play.  Thoughts on Russo and how he almost fought Scott Hall in a bar after Louis Spicolli passed away.  We talk all about TNA and all of the major talent from AJ Styles to Somoa Joe.  Does he think Jeff Jarrett is pushed to hard.  We talk all about the current wrestling product and why it is so bad.  What are the top workers doing wrong.  Larry talks about working with Raven and AJ Styles.  What he thinks is in store for TNA and the indy world.  The shoot talks all about the good and bad of today's sport and what can be done to change it.  Larry is just one of the funniest guys and is super down to earth in this shoot interview. 

I will have a much more detalied report on this interview later this weekend!!!!  Doug Gentry is saying this shoot should be in our top 5.  Here is a list of the questions that we asked Larry!!!

What did you do before wrestling?
Were you a fan prior?
How did you break in?
Memories of wrestling early in your career in Pittsburgh
Did you cross paths with Bruno
Memories of traveling to Vancouver
What was it like in 1974 to win rookie of the year
Initial memories of your first WWWF trips
How did you hook up with Vince Sr
Initial memories of Vince Sr
Memories of California
Memories of Freddie Blassie
Memories of John Tolos
Initial memories of Andre The Giant
Memories of your series with the Valiants
What did it mean to be a tag team champion back then
Who did you travel most with
Memories wrestling Billy Graham
Early memories of wrestling Abdullah The Butcher
Early memories of wrestling Killer Kowalski
Whos idea was it to put you with Bruno as your mentor
How legit was that if any
What was Bruno like to deal with in those days
Whos idea was it for the turn
Is there any truth to the fact that the heat with you and Bruno stems from Bruno feeling you pressured him into the program
What was it like to work Bruno
Is it true that you were attacked a few times by fans as a heel
Memories of working with Backlund
Initial memories of when Hogan came up
Hogan in his book says he and Andre drew the house at Shea, your comments
What lead to you leaving the WWF
How did you wind up in Georgia
Thoughts on Ole as a booker
Compare him and Vince
Memories of Georgia
Did you get more exposure from GA since it was on TBS then from when you were in the WWWF
Memories of your series with Mr Wrestling 2
What do you remember about the early Road Warriors
Memories of Tommy Rich
What do you think about the stories of how Rich came to be NWA Champion
Memories of Jake Roberts
Memories of your series with Paul Orndorff
Memories of working the Superdome and Bill Watts
How did you wind up in the AWA
Initial thoughts on Verne
How did you wind up dating Verne's daughter
What were he and Greg's reaction
Is it true that you were busted at a Moody Blues concert
How hard did Verne take it do you think when Hogan left for Vince
Memories of your series with Nick Bockwinkel
Thoughts on Bruiser Brody
Thoughts on Stan Hansen how things turned out with the AWA belt
Memories of Curt Hennig
Memories of Scott Hall
Memories of the Midnight Rockers
Memories of your series with Sgt Slaughter
Do you think Verne fell out of touch with the business
Memories of working with Ray Stevens
When you wound up with the AWA title was there any jealousy among the other guys
Memories of your series with Nikita Koloff
Memories of your series with Mr. Saito
Memories of your series with Wahoo McDaniel
Why did you leave the AWA
Is it true that when Dale Gagne revived the AWA he offered and you declined the belt
How did you wind up in the NWA
Memories of Starrcade 87
Was it any different for you being a small fish in a big pond as compared to being the man in the AWA
Thoughts on Dusty as booker back then
Memories of politics between Dusty and Flair
Flair in his book is hard on Bret Hart for what happened at SUrvivor Series and the possibilities of coming to WCW with Vinces belt. Do you think he is a hypocrite for doing the same thing in 91?
Memories of the York Foundation and teaming with Terry Taylor
Whos idea was it to put you with Arn
Memories of teaming with Arn
Memories of working with the Steiners
Memories of your series with Barry Windham and Dustin Rhodes
Memories of Paul Heyman back then
Memories of Missy Hyatt
Memories of El Gigante
Memories of Steve Austin
Are you surprised at his success
Memories of the Arn/Sid scissors incident
Memories of the War Games
Memories on your series with JYD
Thoughts on Lex Luger and how things have turned out for him
Whos idea was it to retire you and make you a commentator
Who was your favorite WCW booker up til Bischoff
Thoughts on Watts as booker
Whos idea was it to bring you back against Regal and thoughts on Regal
When Eric Bischoff came into power, you knew him from the AWA, what were your thoughts
Do you think he ever saw you as a threat since you saw him back at a time when he was powerless
What were your thoughts when Hogan came over
What were your thoughts when you heard that WCW was going live Mondays against Vince
Memories of the Orndorff/Vader fight
How well did you get along with Bischoff
Who were your favorite and least favorite people to do commentary with
Did it bother you when you realized that the locker room was being worked with the Brian Pillman-Kevin Sullivan feud?
What was it like at the time that the boys started to realize that Benoit had stolen the bookers wife?
How did Eric Bischoff change with success?
What were your thoughts on the public Bischoff and Flair feud? Do you think that Flair should have just accepted his role and stepped aside?
What was it like at the time that the boys started to realize that Benoit had stolen the bookers wife?
How did Eric Bischoff change with success?
What were your thoughts on the public Bischoff and Flair feud? Do you think that Flair should have just accepted his role and stepped aside?
Thoughts on the rise of Goldberg?
Thoughts on Konan?
Did you see the potential in Benoit and Guerrero?
Do you think that Bret Hart didnt fit in in WCW?
What did you think when Scott Steiner walked out and cut the shoot promo on WCW on Nitro?
Initial impressions and thoughts on Vince Russo?
Do you think he was in way over his head?
Did things ever get real personal between you and Scott Hall
Whos idea was it to bring you back
Memories of your series with Curt Hennig
Whos idea was it to put you in the Old Age Outlaws
Memories of Funk and Orndorff at that time
Were you surprised at how popular you became
When were you told that WCW was sold to Vince?
What do you remember about the last Nitro before, during, and after?
What did you think when you heard Vince make that deragatory remark about you on tv?
Did you make any attempt to bury the heat with Vince?
What did you expect after the sale?
Were you ever called about coming in?
Where do you think Vince went wrong with his booking of the WCW guys after the sale?
What did you intend to do with your life after WCW was sold
Why do you think there is heat between you and Vince
Why do you think Dusty's TCW never worked out
What happened in 2001 that you sued the WWE
What was the result of that lawsuit
What was it like to work with Bruno at the legends show a few years ago
Do you think the heat was buried
How did you wind up in TNA
Memories of your series with AJ Styles
Thoughts on Jeff Jarrett
Last February you disappeared from TNA for awhile and came back in June, what happened
Thoughts on your feud with Raven
Do you still like wrestling or do you prefer commentary
Is it time to push someone else as Champ
Are you surprised that Flair is still pushed hard in 2006?
Can TNA compete with the WWE
Do you prefer working with vets or younger guys on indy shows
How do you think the business has changed over the last 15 years and is it good or bad?
Do you think there comes a point where someone who has made such a good living off of the business should give back by either putting younger guys over or teaching?
Do you think TNA has a future
Favorite guys to work and fav matches
Least fav guys to work and least fav matches
Biggest piece of advice you can give for success in the business
What is your favorite moment in your career
If you could change some things about TNA to make it more successful,what would they be
You have plans for a book and movie, can you elaborate on that
Is it true that you are a licensed pilot
Who do you enjoy watching
Good ribs and road stories
What is missing on the independents today
Would you like to go into the Hall of Fame

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