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It is Friday and I hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend.  Where did this summer go?  It flew right by us. Well of course are going to have to end the summer with a bang!!

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Make sure you watch the Dragon Gate PPV tonight "e;Enter The Dragon"e; as I was told it's one of the best wrestling shows of all time for excitement.  While other indy companies are self destructing and continuing on a downward spiral, Dragon Gate is a fresh breath of air. 

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RF VIDEO will be working with a major motion picture in the next few months.  We will have much more on this project in the near future.  This is going to be a major wrestling movie and we are so happy to be apart of it.  THe movie will feature stars like Raven, Sabu, Al Snow, Dan Severn, SHane Douglas, Jake Roberts, Jimmy Valiant, Lodi, Johnny Swinger, Mike Mondo and more!!!  I will have more on this movie in the very near future.

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Our shoot interview line up for this fall is already stacked up.  Wait until you see who we have lined up next!!!

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Barry Windham 2009 shoot interview now on sale

RF Video had the honor of revisiting one of our personal favorite Shoot Interviews. For the second time in RF Video history, we have sat down with one of the greatest wrestlers of the last generation. From WrestleMania to Horseman to Widowmaker, RF Video is honored to sit down for a second time with Barry Windham.

Since our last interview, Barry joined the WWE as a producer/road agent. Barry brings us backstage into the inner workings of today's WWE. Barry compares the psychology and intangibles of today's wrestlers to his peers. Barry openly comments on several of the WWE's current superstars. How has Barry's relationship with Vince McMahon changed over the years? All of this and more is answered by the former NWA world champion.

Barry talks about being groomed and the plan in the 80s to make him NWA champion. Barry also talks about the frustrations of several veterans, including one recognizable name who didn't want to help put him over. Barry also talks about a Hall of Fame wrestler who had no interest in helping Barry get over in the ring in Florida. This is great and truly candid insight into unchartered territory from B.W.

Barry talks a lot about the Four Horsemen. Barry talks about being angry with two wrestlers in particular who didn't want to put the Horsemen over and what he did about it. Barry also talks about all of the complex relationships within the Horsemen. Barry talks about the grudges between Horsemen. Barry also talks about the partying and answers the question as to whether the years of partying took years off of his career.

Barry's rivalry with Ric Flair is argued by some as the greatest of all-time. Barry talks about the psychology of wrestling 60 and 90 minute matches with Ric. Barry also talks about his anger with Ric when Ric wouldn't put him over and left the WWE with the NWA/WCW title. Barry also talks about the last years of Ric Flair in the WWE from a management perspective and how the office felt about Ric. Barry also talks quite honestly about the prospect of Flair wrestling again and being a part of his legendary retirement ceremony on RAW.

Barry dodges no questions and we throw him some fast balls. Barry talks about steroid use in wrestling and his own steroid usage. Barry talks about when he did steroids and how they impacted him in the ring. Barry also talks about his various WWE runs as a wrestler. How would Barry's career have changed if he never left the WWE in the 80s? Barry looks back and answers that question.

Barry is known as being one of the best in the ring. Barry drops a surprising name of a wrestler he never gelled with in the ring. This is definitely not a name you would expect, or ever hear in this regard. Barry explains why they didn?t work well together and what he did to help fix this.

Barry reflects deeper into his career than ever before. How did Dusty Rhodes help him throughout his career? What was his favorite time in his career? What would he have done differently? Did he like wrestling the gimmick matches in Florida? Who was his favorite tag team partner? Barry answers these in detail and his answers may surprise you.

From the road stories, the ribs, the booking , being Ric Flair's chauffer, and the classic battles, Barry Windham covers them all in almost three hours. Barry will do what he did best and take you on an exciting ride from bell to bell. RF Video is proud to present an all-new Shoot Interview with one of the greatest wrestlers of all-time, Barry Windham.

We last spoke in 2002, what have you been up to since then
How did you wind up in the WWE as a producer
Can you describe your job duties
How had Vince McMahon changed
Was he approachable
Thoughts on John Laurenitus
How did the younger wrestlers receive you
What was the biggest difference you found between these wrestlers and the wrestlers from your era
What do you think of scripted promos
Was there anyone you took under your wing
How did you wind up back in the ring against Volkoff and Sheik
Thoughts on the match
Were you hesitant about doing it
Thoughts on Steamboat?s comeback
Were there ever any attempts to get you in the ring with Ric Flair for a match
Thoughts on Flair?s retirement ceremony
Thoughts on Flair wanting to come back
How did you know when it was over
How hard is it to adjust to life after wrestling
Physically, what kind of a toll did your style take on you
Do you think psychology is a lost art today
Do you agree with some old school fans that say the guys today aren?t good workers
Thoughts on John Cena
Thoughts on how the Horsemen DVD came out
Thoughts on Ole and Sid not participating
Thoughts on Ole?s comments over the last several years
Thoughts on Lex Luger today
Has he really changed
What do you think makes someone a good worker
You called yourself overrated in the last shoot. Do you still believe that?
Do you think a territory could work today
Where do you see the business in the next few years
How is your father doing
Thoughts on his Hall of Fame ceremony
Do you expect to go in at some point
Thoughts on MMA and wrestling comparisons
How important was it to know how to shoot when you broke into the business
Who do you enjoy watching today
How important was Dusty Rhodes to your career
As a road agent, did you find the office open to your feedback
Was it hard being back on the road and not wrestling
What was the biggest misconceptio n you had about the job before starting it
Why do you think wrestling can only draw 1-3 times a year in the same place as opposed to monthly in your day
Do you think a WCW reunion could work similar to ECW
Are you surprised Sting is still wrestling
Memories wrestling in the War Games for MLW
Do you think TNA can compete with the WWE at some point
Who didn?t you get to work with that you wished you did
Why were you released from your WWE gig
Is there hard feelings there
What do you do today to make a living
Can you still make a decent living with signings and appearances
Are you surprised as to how highly your regarded by your fans even today
Do you plan on writing a book
Thoughts on the lack of kayfabe today
What do you remember about Brody shooting on Luger in the cage
What was your worst blade job
Which death surprised you most over the last few years
Why do you think guys tend to get hurt more today
Can 60 minute draws still work
How were you and Ric able to capture an audience for 90mns
Why do you thi nk Dusty?s TCW didn?t work
Anyone in particular you are looking forward to seeing at the NWA reunion in August
Why do you think tag team wrestling is struggling today
Have you ever talked to TNA about doing any work there
Do you think Eric Bischoff would still be in business today if he bought WCW
JBL once told a story about you guys finding the Iron Sheik doing squats in his underwear, can you elaborate
Any crazy Sheik stories from your run in the 80s
What was your favorite Horseman faction
Thoughts on Paul Roma?s comments on the Horseman DVD
How important was it to your career to change your gim mick from Blackjack Mulligan JR
Why do you think some second generation wrestlers get it where others don?t
Memories of Andre the Giant
Is it true that Adrian Adonis didn?t want to put you and Mike over
Thoughts on Shane and Stephanie McMahon
Thoughts on Triple H
Thoughts on Randy Orton
Memories of the Halloween Havoc angle where you dressed as Sting
Do you think the WWE is too sensitive about its Wellness Policy as compared to your day where guys drank and took pills more often
Do you think you and Hogan could have drawn money if the Widowmaker worked out
Do you think you still have something to offer the business
What was your favorite WWE run
Do you think you ever got a fair chance by Vince
Are you surprised that there have been 25 WrestleManias and how huge it has gotten
Memories of the first WrestleMania
Do you believe Vince would have been bankrupt if it failed
How different is the WWE run today as opposed to 1985
Put 5 matches in a time capsule
Any regrets
Favorite tag team partner
Was there a guy you hated workin g with because you just felt that you didn?t gel well
Is there a guy or two still wrestling today that surprises you
Did you ever refuse to do a job
Ric Flair has said that he refused to drop the belt to you in WCW because of his contract situation. How different would your career have been if he did?
Were you upset about that at the time?
Would you have done the same thing?
Billy Jack Haynes did a shoot and said he thought Eddie killed himself because Dusty stole his guys. Do you agree
Your dad told a story on an interview about Ric Flair having you chauffer him around when you were 15. Memories of this…
Any other good Ric Flair stories
Do you think you would have made a good NWA champion in the 80s
Memories of the Von Erichs
Is it true that you had a fallout with Mike
You came back in WCW at one point a lot heavier, what happened
Favorite time in the business
Favorite road story
Favorite ribs 

Here is a list of all of our new ECW Fan Cams that are now available for the very 1st time on DVD and have all been digitally remastered!!!!
ECW Fancam 10/16/98 Ozark, AL Now on DVD for the 1st time ever and digitally remastered!!!

Tommy Rogers vs Robert Gibson
Lance Storm vs Rex King
Buh Buh Ray Dudley vs Bam Bam Bigelow
Taz vs Chris Candido
Masato Tanaka vs Tracy Smothers
Rob Van Dam vs One Man Gang
Sabu vs Mikey Whipwreck
Shane Douglas vs Chris Chetti
Tommy Dreamer, New Jack, Spike Dudley, John Kronus vs Justin Credible, Jack Victory, Rod Price, Sal E. Graziano
ECW Fancam 11/20/98 Lebanon, PA Now on DVD for the 1st time ever and digitally remastered!!!

FBI vs Blue Meanie & Super Nova
Chris Chetti vs Skull Von Crush
Spike Dudley vs Big Dick Dudley
Shane Douglas vs Tommy Rogers
Dudleys vs Balls Mahoney & Masato Tanaka
Rob Van Dam vs Jerry Lynn
Tommy Dreamer vs Justin Credible
ECW Fancam 11/5/98 Freeport, NY Now on DVD for the 1st time ever and digitally remastered!!!

FBI vs Blue Meanie & Super Nova
Mikey Whipwreck vs Tommy Rogers
Chris Chetti vs Amish Roadkill
Big Dick Dudley vs Spike Dudley
Taz vs Chris Candido
Masato Tanaka & Balls Mahoney vs Dudleys
Rob Van Dam vs Lance Storm
Sabu vs One Man Gang
Tommy Dreamer, New Jack, John Kronus vs Justin Credible, Jason, Rod Price, Ulf Hermann
ECW Fancam 3/7/98 Revere, MA Now on DVD for the 1st time ever and digitally remastered!!!

Chris Chetti/Jerry Lynn vs Darren Drozdov/Danny Doring
New Jack vs D-Von Dudley
Spike Dudley/Kronus vs The FBI
Bam Bam Bigelow vs Buh Buh Dudley
Sabu/Rob Van Dam vs Chris Candido/Lance Storm vs Axl Rotten/Balls Mahoney
Justin Credible vs Tommy Dreamer
Sandman vs Big Dick Dudley
Shane Douglas vs Too Cold Scorpio
ECW Fancam 5/2/97 Asbury Park, NJ Now on DVD for the 1st time ever and digitally remastered!!!

1. Axl Rotten vs. Spike Dudley
2. FBI vs. Chris Chetti/Jimmy Shoulders
3. W*ING Kanemura vs. Kevin Quinn
4. Tommy Dreamer vs. Cpl Punishment
5. Louie Spicolli vs. Bill Wyles
6. Shane Douglas vs. Balls Mahoney..Bigelow joins The Triple Threat
7. Sabu/Van Dam vs. Taz/Candido
8. Eliminators vs. Gangstas vs. Dudleys...3 Way Dance
9. Raven vs. Sandman vs. Stevie Richards...3 Way Dance
10. Terry Funk vs. Stevie Richards
ECW Fancam 5/31/97 Trenton, NJ Now on DVD for the 1st time ever and digitally remastered!!!

1. FBI vs. Pitbulls
2. Axl Rotten vs. Chris Chetti
3. Mikey Whipwreck vs. Little Guido
4. Eliminators vs. PG-13 vs. Dudleys...3 Way Dance Perry Saturn suffers a major knee injury during this match.
5. Tommy Dreamer vs. Tracey Smothers
6. Bam Bam Bigelow/Shane Douglas/Chris Candido vs. Pitbulls/Balls Mahoney
7. Raven vs Sandman...Dog Collar Match
ECW Fancam 8/15/98 Buffalo, NY Now on DVD for the 1st time ever and digitally remastered!!!

1 Spike Dudley/Chris Chetti vs FBI
2 Tommy Rogers vs Dr.Luther
3 Mikey Whipwreck vs Lance Storm
4 Sandman vs Justin Credible
5 Masato Tanaka vs Mike Awesome
6 Axl Rotten/Balls Mahoney vs Danny Doring/Mike Lorzansky
7 Tommy Dreamer vs Jack Victory
8 Sabu/Van Dam vs The Dudleys vs Bigelow/Candido
ECW Fancam 8/20/98 Queens, NY  Now on DVD for the 1st time ever and digitally remastered!!!

1. Jerry Lynn vs MiKey
2. Spike vs Sal
3. Sandman vs Smothers
4. Tanaka vs Balls
5. Justin Credible vs Chris Chetti
6. Dreamer vs Jack Victory
7. Sabu + Van Dam vs Bigelow + Candido vs Dudleys (3 way dance)


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We just released these brand new DVD's today:
**Shoot Interview with Dirty White Boy
**Shoot Interview with Mad Dog Vachon
**NWS Chris Candido Memorial J-Cup 2009
*Timeline: History of WWE- 2000 Rikishi

We also have released on the main page some really cool new WWE clocks!!!

The Brand New WWE Championship Clocks are made from the same high-quality materials as our Replica Belts! The Clock face is an actual-size center plate from a Replica Belt, on Simulated Leather strap backing. This fully-functional clock's hour, minute and second hands are powered by a AA battery (included). 

I actually have one of these hanging up in our office and they are not cheap looking and are heavy like a real title belts!!

New DVD's on sale today for 8-26-09

The days of territorial wrestling and traveling the world are over for today's pro wrestlers. RF Video is excited to bring you one of the last of pro wrestling's true road warriors. From New York to Alabama and Tulsa to Memphis, RF Video is proud to present one of the last of a dying breed. RF Video presents our newest Shoot Interview with the Dirty White Boy, Tony Anthony.

DWB talks about the early territorial days of pro wrestling. What were his early days as a territorial wrestler like? What was training under Steve Keirn like? Tony talks about working in Memphis in his early years. Who did he like, who gave him trouble? Who were his favorite and least favorite opponents? How did Jerry Lawler and Jerry Jarrett treat him? DWB breaks down the life of a Memphis wrestler in this Shoot Interview.

DWB talks about his long career in the southeastern part of the country. What was it like working with the Armstrongs? How did the area change when David Woods bought the territory? What are Tony's memories of the next generation of stars like Shane Douglas, Sid Eudy, Paul Heyman, Eddie Gilbert, Tom Pritchard, and Missy Hyatt? DWB has great road stories and in ring memories of all of the above and more.

DWB talks about returning to work for Jerry Jarrett in the USWA. How had Jarrett changed? How had territorial wrestling changed? What was the dynamic like between the old World Class wrestlers and Jarrett's wrestlers? How did the booking change? What were the Von Erichs like at this time? What prompted him to start involving his wife in the business? Did anyone make a pass at her? DWB has some great stories from this transitional time in pro wrestling.

DWB also breaks down his long career in Smokey Mountain Wrestling. DWB doesn't have kind words for Jim Cornette. What does he think of Cornette? What does he respect and not respect about Cornette? Was Cornette a fair boss? DWB has some scathing words for his former boss in this Shoot Interview.

DWB also talks about the great collection of talent in SMW. DWB talks about his ring wars with Tracy Smothers. What was Tracy like outside of the ring? DWB also recalls some great traveling stories in SMW. DWB also talks about his matches with the Rock and Roll Express? Are they as good as some say they are? Tony offers his thoughts as someone that has been in the ring with them.

DWB also talks long and hard about his infamous WWE run. Who came up with the name T.L. Hopper? How did the gimmick come about? Did he like it? What was the intention of the gimmick? How did the rest of the locker room react to the gimmick? Did Tony try and bring his wife into the company? Tony recalls one of the most infamous gimmicks in pro wrestling.

Throughout the interview, DWB takes us through a journey as told on a long car ride. DWB recalls the wars, the road stories, the ribs, and the conflicts of his long career. Along with the miles, came classic stories which he retells here for the first time. It is with great pleasure that RF Video presents our newest Shoot Interview with the Dirty White Boy Tony Anthony.

Were you a wrestling fan growing up
Who did you enjoy watching
How did you get into the business
What was the training like
What was the biggest misconception of the business that you had
What was the hardest thing in training
How soon did you smarten up
Memories of your first match
Did anyone mentor you early on
Memories meeting Steve Keirn
Memories of him as a trainer
Memories meeting Ron Wright
Early memories meeting Len Denton
How did you get into Memphis
Memories of Jerry Lawler
Memories of Jerry Jarrett
Were young guys treated well
What was the travel like
What was the party scene like
Did you like working with a mask
Fav matches during your time as the Grapplers
Memories of matches with the Fabs
How hot were the crowds then for the Fabs
Do you think Lawler was jealous of their success
Memories of matches with Dutch Mantell and Koko Ware
Memories of the Sheepherders
Memories of Bobby Eaton
Memories of Jimmy Hart
Memories of Austin Idol
How did you wind up in Central States
Is it true that the payoffs were low there
Thoughts on Bob Geigel
Thoughts on Harley Race
Memories of matches with the Oates brothers
Memories of matches with Marty Jannetty and Tommy Rogers
Did you feel that those guys would go on and make it
Memories of Bob Brown
Any good road stories
How did you wind up in Continental wrestling
Memories of matches with the Nightmares
Did you like the territory
Memories of Tom Pritchard
Early memories of Ric Flair
Did you ever wrestle for the title against Flair or Race
Memories of matches with Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golden
How did things change when Eddie Gilbert and David Woods took over
Memories of Eddie as a booker
Memories of Missy Hyatt
Memories of Sid Vicious
Memories of Shane Douglas
Memories of Paul Heyman
Memories of matches with Wendell Cooley
Memories of Mr. Wrestling II
Memories of matches with Bob Armstrong
Why did you leave
How did you wind up in the USWA
Me mories of matches with Chris Champion
Was there tension between Jerry?s guys and the older World Class guys
Memories of the Von Erichs
Did you ever Kerry lose it
Thoughts on Eric Embry as a booker
Memories of matches with Dustin Rhodes
Memories of Mick Foley
Who came up with the name Dirty White Boys
How did you wind up teaming with Tom Burton
When did you get your wife involved
Did that ever cause tension being married to someon e in the business
Did you ever find any of the boys trying to hook up with her behind your back
Memories of matches with the Southern Rockers
Memories of matches with Jeff Jarrett
Memories teaming with Doug Gilbert
Did you like Doug
Any good road stories
Could you sense the territory era drying up
Did you ever try and get into the WWE or WCW at this time
How did you wind up in SMW
Initial impressions
Thoughts on Jim Co rnette
Do you think he is a good booker
Did you finally feel like you were getting the push you deserved
Did you prefer tag team or singles wrestling
Any good road stories
Memories of matches with Brian Lee
Memories of matches with Tracy Smothers
Memory of the Mighty Yankee gimmick
Memories of matches with the Rock and Roll Express
Memories of matches with Jake Roberts
Were Jake?s demons a problem
Memories of matches with Jerry Lawler
Did you like the SMW ? USWA angle
Did you ever meet Rick Rubin
Memories of teaming with Tracy Smothers
Memories teaming with Paul Orndorff
Memories of matches with Ronnie Garvin
Memories of matches with Buddy Landell
Memories of matches with Al Snow and Unabomb
Are you surprised at Glen Jacobs? success
Memories of matches with PG13
Memories of matches with Dick Slater
How did you wind up in the WWE
Who came up with the TL Hopper gimmick
Did you like it
Were there any talks to bring your wife in
Initial impressions of Vince
Did you expect a bigger push
Did you think more could have been done with the gimmick
Were you frustrated
Did you ever express frustrations
Any good road stories
Who?s idea was Uncle Cletus
Did you like the Godwinns
Why do you think you were dropped from their gimmick
Memories of matches with the Road Warriors
Do you remember any tension between Bret and Shawn during this time
Why did your run end
Did you expect to be back
Did you try and get into WCW after your run ended
Memories of doing the Tennessee indys
How did Tennessee Mountain Wrestling come about
Could a territory like that work today
Are you surprised TNA never called since you knew Jeff
What do you20miss most about working full time
Was it hard adjusting to life after wrestling
Do you still watch wrestling
What are your thoughts on all of the deaths of the past few years and which in particular hit you hardest
Thoughts on UFC and comparisons to pro wrestling
Do you want to write a book
What do you do today
Can you make a full time living today from wrestling
Fav and least fav guys to work with
Fav ribs and road stories
Thoughts on The Wrestler


It is a rare opportunity to sit down with a true Hall of Fame pro wrestler. RF Video had that honor and recently and are proud to share it with you. It is with great honor that RF Video brings to you our newest Shoot Interview with Maurice "e;Mad Dog"e; Vachon.

The Mad Dog is truly a character in his own right. This was a rare opportunity to talk to one of the all-time greats. Mad Dog talks about life 70 years ago and watching pro wrestling as a kid. Mad Dog also has a great story about he broke into pro wrestling. Mad Dog also goes in depth about competing in the Olympics and how that changed his life.

Mad Dog talks about his long road to the top. Mad Dog talks about his early territorial work in Texas and Portland. Mad Dog talks about Don Owen and how Owen impacted his career. Mad Dog also talks about changing his gimmick and why he did it. Mad Dog also talks about promoting and becoming a successful promoter with his family.

One of Mad Dog's greatest rivals was Verne Gagne. Mad Dog talks about meeting Verne and his initial reaction to meeting him. Mad Dog also talks about the many ring wars with Verne. What was it like to be AWA world champion? Did Verne ever try and shoot on him? Mad Dog also breaks down all of his famous AWA opponents.

Mad Dog has some great stories about all eras of his career. Mad Dog talks about breaking Andre the Giant into the business. Mad Dog talks about flying him to Canada and where things went from there. Mad Dog also talks about his infamous angle with Shawn Michaels and Kevin Nash in the WWE. Why was Mad Dog's WWE career cut short in the 80s?

Mad Dog also talks about his tragic accident. What happened to his leg? What kind of a toll did it take on him? Did anyone pay legally for this? How does he feel today about being in a wheel chair? Mad Dog opens up in a way that you have never seen him before on camera.

This was truly an honor and a pleasure for RF Video and we are proud to bring it to you. Sit back and enjoy a conversation with one of pro wrestling's all-time great characters. It is with great excitement that RF Video presents to you a one of a kind Shoot Interview with the former AWA world champion, Mad Dog Vachon.

Can you talk about your early life
Were you a wrestling fan growing up
Memories of wrestling back then
What did you like about Yvon Robert
Memories training under Jim Crowley
How did you get into the Olympics
What was the village like
Was there a lot of partying
How did the Olympics change your life
What were your plans after the Olympics
How did you meet Verne Gagne
Initial impressions of Verne
What changed your mind to go pro
Was the training more difficult than you thought
What was the kayfabe like for a young guy back then
Memories of Larry Kasaboski
Memories of your first match
What are some of the things you remember you did to pay your dues
Who mentored you early on
What were some of the early territories you worked
Did you like it
What was the travel schedule like
Were you tested by any veterans as a rookie
Is it true that Eddie Quinn wouldn?t use you because you were too good of a shooter
How important was shooting back then
Did anyone test you
Memories of the Texas territory
Who were the bookers
Memories of teaming with Pierre LaSalle
Was it hard early on to make yourself stand out
How did you change your look to make yourself stand out
Is it true that you bought your own commercial time and if so why
Did you like the gimmick change
How did you get the name Mad Dog
Memories of Don Owen
Did his brother ever try and set up any shoots with you and the guys
How instrumental were you in getting your brother in the business
Did you like teaming with him
Memories of matches against Chico Garcia & Chet Wallick
Is it true that you met your wife after spitting a shoe string at her< /SPAN>
Were you banned in the United States during this time
Did you fear that you would have a hard time making a living without U.S. bookings
Memories of Japan
How did you wind up in the AWA
Initial memories of Verne Gagne
What was the Minnesota territory like travel wise
Memories of Crusher
Memories of Bruiser
Who did you like to travel with throughout your career
Memories of Red Bastien
Memories of Baron Von Rachke
There is a story that has often been told about you opening a plane door. What is the story?
Memories of Nick Bockwinkel
Memories of Ray Stevens
Memories of Billy Robinson
Memories of Harley Race
Memories of Larry Hennig
How stunned were the fans when you beat Verne for the title
Did you like wrestling Verne
Why did you leave
Memories working for Jacques Rougeau and Hans Schmidt
Did you like working in Canada
Why did you try and obtain a promoting license
How much opposition did you receive
Memories of matches with your brother against Bruiser and Crusher
Memories of the Original Sheik
Memories teaming with Bob Orton
Memories of teaming with Baron Von Rachke in Central States
Memories of Abdullah the Butcher
Memories of Stan Hansen
Memories of Bruiser Brody
Were you for or against Vivian and Luna getting involved
How tough was it then for women to make it in wrestling
Memories of Lou Thesz
Did you like turning babyface in the AWA
Memories teaming with Verne against Stevens and Bockwinkel
Memories of Bobby Heenan
As you got older in the AWA did you find any of the younger guys not wanting to sell for you
Memories of Hulk Hogan from the AWA
Memories of the Iron Sheik
Memories of the IWA and teaming with Ivan Koloff
Ivan said he was blackballed for working there. Did you have problems
Memories of matches against Jesse Ventura and Adrian Adonis
Did you have a good time when Jesse was running for Governor
How did you wind up working for Vince in the early 80s
How come you left so soon
Did you like it there
What happened in 1987 with the car accident
How did you get into doing beer commercials
How did you get into being a restaurant critic
Were you recognized often
Who?s idea was it to use your leg in the Shawn Michaels ? Diesel match.
Are you surprised people sti ll talk about it
What makes someone a good heel in your opinion
Is there anyone that made it that surprised you and made it and is there anyone who didn't make it who you thought would
Do you still watch wrestling
Thoughts on UFC and comparisons to pro wrestling
Do you want to write a book
Is it hard to adjust to life after pro wrestling
What do you do today
Fav and least fav guys to work with
Fav ribs and road stories
Favorite ribs
Thoughts on the lack of kayfabe today
Do you still have a passion for the business
What do you miss most and least about being a full time wrestler
NWS Chris Candido Memorial J Cup 2009

Chris Candido Memorial J-Cup Round 1 Match
Jay Lethal vs Mikey Pacifica vs JD Smoothie vs Aaron Arbo

Chris Candido Memorial J-Cup Round 1 Match
Nicky Oceans vs Damian Adams vs Joey Jannella vs Unbreakable Andy

Chris Candido Memorial J-Cup Round 1 Match
Devon Moore vs Golden Lynxx vs Frightmare

Chris Candido Memorial J-Cup Round 1 Match
Amasis vs Corvis Fear vs Archadia vs Mike "e;GQ"e; Quest

Chris Candido Memorial J-Cup Round 2 Match
Jay Lethal vs Devon Moore

Chris Candido Memorial J-Cup Round 2 Match
Mike "e;GQ"e; Quest vs Nicky Oceans


Doors Match
Balls Mahoney vs Gene Snitsky

Chris Candido Memorial J-Cup Round 3 Match
Jay Lethal vs Gavin Quest
History of the WWE Time Line Rikishi 2000

The new millenium is upon us and the WWE machine is cranking out product as fast and furiously as ever. The federation is loaded with big names and big ideas... like the WWE Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas... well, besides that one!

Rikishi was working near the top of the card for the better part of the year, winning the IC Title in 2000. And now he walks you through the entire year month-by-month. Hear about Rock, Triple H, Stephanie, Linda, Vinnie Mac and the whole gang as Tmeline tackles Y2K!

The IC Title run
Stephanie and Triple H
The Stickface
Yokozuna's death
TV Guide covers
WWE restaurant
the Samoan wrestling family tree
the writers
and more!!!

RF VIDEO to conduct new shoots with the "e;Nature Boy"e; and the Bruise Brothers this fall!!  We have alot of other big names lined up as well!!
RF VIDEO has the following shoot interviews going on sale very soon
**Barry Windham
**Magnum TA
**Ox Baker
**Brian Blair
**Brian Adias
**Wild Samoans
**Mark Lewin
**Austin Idol

Now on sale!!!
Shoot Interview with Ken Anderson: In his short WWE career, Ken Anderson turned into one of the most controversial wrestlers of the decade. For the first time since appearing on WWE Raw, Ken Anderson sits down and answers all of the hard questions. It is with great excitement that RF Video presents its newest Shoot Interview with Ken Anderson...Anderson.
Ken takes us through his early days as an independent wrestler. Ken talks about working early for the WWE on Heat and in dark matches. Ken talks about his brief career in TNA Wrestling. How close was he to signing a contract? Why didn't he sign a deal? How would things have changed for Ken?
Ken talks about how he got into the WWE. Ken talks about his days getting ready in OVW. Ken talks about working with Paul Heyman. How did Heyman influence his career? Who came up with the whole Mr. Kennedy concept? What were the expectations of the gimmick? Who helped him the most in and out of the ring in OVW?
Ken talks about being called up to the WWE. How was he welcomed by the locker room? How did the office react when Bob Holly was injured in his first pay-per-view match? Where did this reputation of being an injury-prone wrestler come from? Is it true or is this an Internet urban legend? Ken Anderson sets the record straight and gives a brutally honest opinion of his own misgivings.
Ken talks about the friendships he forged in the WWE. Ken talks in length about his close friendship with St eve Austin. How close was a match with Austin to happening? How did that change his standing in the locker room? Ken gives insight like you won't hear anywhere else about the current political structure of the WWE locker room. Some people aren't going to be happy about this one.
Ken also talks about problems with specific wrestlers in the WWE locker room. Why does Ken feel that Shawn Michaels hated him? How did Triple H react to Ken's success as a babyface? What were the politics like going Raw to SmackDown? What happened when Paul London injured him overseas? What was it like to work with the Undertaker? Ken also talks about the different aspects of his relationship with Randy Orton over the years. These are stories you won't hear anywhere else!
Ken also addresses some of the more controversial aspects of his career. Did he really use steroids? How did the office react after the things he said on TV following the Benoit tragedy and breaching the Wellness Policy? Was he really in line to be Vince's son? Ken also gives his side of the story told by Bob Holly in his Shoot Interview. Ken reacts and fights back against his harshest critics in this Shoot Interview.
Ken also talks in length about his final week in the WWE. What happened on the night of the infamous 10-man tag team match? Did he really come close to injuring Randy Orton? Was he injured? What really happened in the locker room following the match? Ken breaks down the fact and fiction about one of the strangest weeks in WWE history.
Ken is one of the most open wrestlers we have ever had sit in the Shoot Interview chair. Ken's interview is well over three hours and gives detailed answers about everything. If you are looking for yes or no answers, this one is not for you. It is with great honor and excitement that RF Video brings you the other side of the story. RF Video presents the Ken Anderson Shoot Interview.
Shoot with Jim Powers: Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a part of the biggest show in the world? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel the roads, wrestle in the ring, and share the locker room during the biggest era in pro wrestling? RF Video sits down with a man who has been in and out of the ring with wrestling's biggest stars. RF Video is proud to present our newest Shoot Interview with the "e;Young Stallion"e; Jim Powers.
Jim Powers wrestled a who's who list of pro wrestling greats in the WWE. Powers was an enhancement wrestler in the Hogan-era of the WWE. Powers has stories about being in the ring with guys like Dynamite Kid, Bret Hart, Ric Flair, and more.
Powers not only saw it all in the ring, he saw it all outside of the rin g. Powers recounts in great detail the night Jacques Rougeau knocked out the Dybamite Kid. Powers also talks about witnessing a WWE star stealing medication from another WWE star. Powers names the wrestlers and more in this exclusive story on the RF Video Shoot Interview.
Powers also comments on all of the rumors about the WWE during this time. Powers tells about his own experience with a homosexual WWE employee. What did this office member proposition and how did Jim respond? You will be shocked when you hear about WWE superstar went to Vince McMahon on Jim's behalf and what happened next.
Powers also talks about all of the frustrations of his role in the WWE. How does someone with such a great look and so much talent stay on the bottom of the cards? What finally led to Powers cracking and making his frustrations known to the WWE? How did Vince McMahon respond to this tirade from Powers?
Powers also brings into a day in the life of a WWE pro wrestler during this time period. Powers talks about the drugs he needed just to function day to day on the road. How did Powers stay in shape, eat, sleep, and wrestle on such a hellacious schedule? Powers goes beyond the spotlight and opens us up to a very dark side of the pro wrestling industry.
Powers also talks about traveling with two of pro wrestling's most infamous personalities. What was it like to travel with Roddy Piper and the Ultimate Warrior? Powers talks about it and has some great road stories to boot. You will think much differently about the Warrior after you hear Jim's stories.
Jim goes into great detail about his one run in the WWE. How did the Young Stallions come about? What was the original intent of the gimmick? Did he like Paul Roma? What was the plan after beating the Hart Foundation? Powers' frustrations didn't get any easier during his time as part of the Young Stallions.
Powers also talks about making the career decision to jump to WCW. Why did he leave the WWE? How was WCW different than the WWE? How was Eric Bischoff different than Vince McMahon? Had Hulk Hogan changed? What happened to his push? Was it bad luck, bad timing, or politics?
Powers was recently in the news as part of the Iron Sheik Roast. Powers stood between an enraged Scott Hall and a comedian after an Owen Hart joke. Why did Powers intervene? How bad was Scott Hall that night? What does Jim Powers think of the Sheik? Hear about that night first hand from the man that may have saved a comedian from the beating of a lifetime.
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear about life in the fast lane of the WWE. Hear from a man that shared the ring, the car, and the locker room with all of pro wrestling's most infamous characters. Jim Powers will bring you into the closed world of Vince McMahon's WWE in a way never told before in RF Video history. It is with great honor and excitement that RF Video presents the Jim Powers Shoot Interview.
Shoot with Chaz Warrington: For some wrestlers, it takes years to get to WrestleMania. For most wrestlers, they never get close to the big show. For one wrestler, it only took a couple of years, hard work, and some lucky breaks. Chaz Warrington is that wrestler. RF Video is proud to present a head banging Shoot Interview with former WWE tag team champion, Chaz Warrington.
When Chaz walked into the room and said, "e;Let's go. I have nothing to lose,"e; we knew it was going to be good. Chaz had a very interesting wrestling career. Chaz wrestled his first WWE match after only several weeks of training. How did it happen? What legendary wrestler welcomed Chaz to the locker room? How did his opponent react when he couldn't throw a punch? These are some great stories about what it is like to be an enhancement wrestler on WWE television.
Chaz then takes on his road to the WWE. Chaz talks about his days as the Spiders in Memphis. Who were the jerks of the locker room and who helped him? Who tried to rib him, and who did he rib in return? Chaz has a funny story about one wrestler who's attitude completely changed years later when they worked together in the WWE. Chaz also talks about a confrontation at the time with Jerry Lawler that resulted in him leaving the territory.
Next for Chaz was Smokey Mountain Wrestling. Chaz talks about how one team quitting immediately opened up the door for him. Chaz talks about the Headbanger's gimmick and how it came about. Chaz has a great story about Jim Cornette's input and development into the gimmick. Did he know he had a hit right away? Chaz has some great insight early on into the Headbanger's gimmick.
Chaz talks about all of his wars in SMW with the Rock and Roll Express, and countless others. Chaz has some great stories about the fans. Chaz tells a story about starting a riot that almost got him killed one night. Chaz also talks about the unfortunate demise of SMW. How did he find out? How did the boys react? Did he see it coming? Why did he think it failed?
Chaz talks about getting the call to try out for the WWE. Who made the deal happen? How did the office react? What was Vince McMahon's reaction upon hearing about the Headbanger's gimmick? How long did Chaz work on a part-time contract in the WWE? At what point were the Headbangers given free reign to run with the gimmick and why? Who from the office early on became a friend to him and how would it help him later?
Chaz also talks openly about his many WWE matches. What wrestlers wanted to give and what wrestlers wanted to take? Who were the most frustrating guys to work with and why? How did Vince and Jim Ross change in time? Who ribbed Chaz in the ring? Did he mind dressing up in drag? What veteran tag team surprisingly agreed to help put them over? Chaz also tells a great story of meeting Mike Tyson and Pete Rose and the surprising result of the meetings.
Chaz is still known today for his infamous Beaver Cleavage gimmick. Who's idea was it? Who called him Beaver and why? Why was the plug pulled so fast? Why he felt he didn't have good chemistry with Marianne? Chaz also talks about his last run with D Lo Brown and Tiger Singh Jr. What would he have done different in these gimmicks? Does he regret any of them?
RF Video is thrilled to release this exciting interview, close to three hours in length. It is with great honor that RF Video presents to you a great story of wrestling success. Find out what it is like to go from the car wash to WrestleMania. RF Video is honored to bring to you our newest Shoot Interview with one half of the Headbangers, Chaz Warrington.
GSW- International Impact VI 4/25/09:
1. GSW World Heavyweight & GSW Breakthrough Championship Match: "e;Obermacker"e; Michael Kovac © vs. "e;The Vision"e; Steve Douglas ©
2. Ceremony of Violence Match: Absolute Andy vs. Murat Bosporus vs. "e;The Monster"e; Abyss
3. GSW Tag Team Championship Match: The Decent Society (Ahmed Chaer & Crazy Sexy Mike) © vs. The Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley)
4. GSW Ladies Championship | Sparta Death Match: Blue Nikita © vs. Wesna
5. Elijah Burke vs. "e;The Anarchist"e; Doug Williams
6. 8-Man-Scramble-Match: Jonny Storm, Zack Sabre jr, Axeman, Ivan Kiev, CorVus, Thumbtack Jack, Emil Sitoci, X-Dream
7. C.W. Anderson vs. "e;Bad Bones"e; John Kay
8. GSW Hall of Fame Inducty: Steve Corino
Commentary English: Bill Apter & Steve Corino
Nigel McGuinness has agreed in principle to a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment.

Look for a few other top indy names to sign with the WWE very soon as well!!

In a bit of surprising news, former TNA Knockout champion and member of The Beautiful People, Angelina Love, has been released from TNA Wrestling as of late yesterday.

According to, there were some issues with Love's work visa expiring and not being renewed as would be needed for travel purposes with TNA.

The feeling in TNA seems to be that of disappointment, as opposed to heat on Love, as they basically had no choice but to release her. If Love were to get her paperwork situated, there's always a chance the promotion would bring her back, although if she got her work visa issues resolved, WWE is always an option as well.

Love was scheduled to be part of an important match at the upcoming "e;No Surrender"e; PPV later this month along with Velvet Sky. No word is in yet on how that match and the group will be handled in the storylines.

"e;Survivor"e; star Jenna Morasca has left TNA Wrestling. Her contract with the company recently expired and the two sides mutually agreed not to work out a new deal.

Morasca had only one match in TNA, wrestling against Sharmell at TNA's Victory Road PPV.

A while back, Jim Ross noted in an online blog that the week Jeremy Piven hosted RAW, he attempted to get contact information (cell phone numbers, etc.) from several of the WWE Divas. JR confirmed that he did indeed succeed in obtaining the info for Kelly Kelly.

Why is that relevant? Here we are several weeks later and Jeremy Piven and Kelly Kelly were just shown together looking pretty comfy at the New York Jets game.

Make of that what you will.

--CM Punk vs. Undertaker for the World title is the advertised dark match for next week's ECW/SmackDown! taping in Rockford, Illinois.

--There is a new video on YouTube where WWE Superstar Hornswoggle is interviewed about the new SmackDown vs RAW 2010 video game. Check out the pipes on Hornswoggle at

Dragon Gate USA premieres on pay-per-view with "e;Enter The Dragon"e; tonight on iN DEMAND, DISH Network, TVN and in Canada on Bell ExpressVU and Viewer's Choice. Check your local listings for time, affordable price and replay showings. In terms of wrestling action, this is seriously one of the best PPVs in history. In fact, for those that read my review of it in Figure Four Weekly, Dave actually rated a few of the matches higher than I did. It is well worth whatever you'll have to pay for it, which should be in the $14.99 range for most providers. Line-ups has:
1. Naruki Doi vs. Shingo
2. CIMA & Susumu Yokosuka vs. The Young Bucks of Nick & Matt Jackson
3. Masato Yoshino vs. Dragon Kid
4. Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw, Fire Ant & Soldier Ant vs. Hallowicked, Amasis, Gran Akuma & Icarus
5. BxB Hulk vs. YAMATO

Smackdown tonight has Rey Misterio's last match for 30 days with John Morrison, which is said to be one of the best TV matches of the entire year.

-- Hulk Hogan on Bubba the Love Sponge yesterday talked Kurt Angle's women problems and then ended up calling him up. Angle suggested he put the red, white and blue back on and they could do a feud together in TNA, and Hogan said he could make that happen. Bubba tried to call Dixie but no one answered. Most likely this is Hogan's annual attempt to get back into WWE. They were likely also drinking.


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