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I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend.  It was good to have off for a weekend for the first time in months.  Now it is back to work!!

This is going to be a huge week for RF VIDEO.  We will be releasing new DVDs everyday this week and alot of them will be classic RF VIDEO shoot interviews that we have digitally remastered and put on DVD for the very first time!!!!

Today we have released for the very first time on DVD two of the most requested shoot interviews of all time.  Arn Anderson and Barry Windham are now on DVD only thru RF VIDEO.  If you were a huge NWA fan like I was you do not want to miss each of these gigantic shoot interviews.   You can order both of these in the new release section today!!!!

There will be a ton of new releases all week long!!!

RF Video traveled to Arn Andersons home to interview the man who has done it all in this business. Arn is one of the most respected wrestlers in and out of the ring. He has wrestled everywhere and almost everyone and now he tells all about his entire career right here. Youll hear all about the following:

-How he started his career in regional territories.
-What it was like working for the Armstrongs.
-All the info about moving on to Crocketts NWA
-Forming the original Four Horsemen with Ole Anderson and Ric Flair.
-Learn how Tully Blanchard was added to the Horsemen.
-Lots of info about the Horsemen!!! This is a must for Horsemen fans.
-How and why he got the Anderson name and many stories about Ole.
-The details of winning the television title.
-Feuds against Dusty Rhodes and Magnum T.A.
-Magnums car accident.
-The Great American Bash series -For you Nikita Koloff fans youll hear about when Nikita turned babyface and Arns feud against him.
-The first Crockett Cup and Wargames.
-NWA/UWF merger and why it didnt work.
-Different Horsemen groups including when Luger left and Barry Windham joined.
-Final days in the NWA and the feud he was supposed to have against the Midnight Express.
-Get the details on the surprising way Arn and Tully lost the belts to the Midnight Express on their last NWA show in Philly.
-Downfall of the Crockett promotion.
-The WWF and how it was different, what the travel schedule was like and his feud against The Rockers(Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannety).
-Comparisons of Vince McMahon to Jim Crockett.
-Return to WCW and his feuds with The Great Muta, Sting, The Steiners and Lex Luger.
-What are his feelings on Ric Flair going to WWF in the 90s and Hulk Hogan going to WCW?
-Go behind the scenes during WCWs downtime in the 90s.
-Opinions on Jim Herd and Bill Watts including when Watts cut his contract.
-What did Arn think when Nitro started? Did he think it would be good for the business?
-Thoughts on Eric Bischoff, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall.
-Youll get all the details of his injury.
-What are his true feelings about the skit Nash and Hall did on the Four Horsemen?
-Arn takes you inside the final days of WCW and talks about his future.
-All this and much, much more!!!

The Barry Windham shoot interview is now on DVD for the very first time!!!

RF Video traveled to Dusty Rhodes school in Marietta, Georgia to talk with the man who has been through it all from the first Wrestlemania to the Four Horsemen to Japan to the WWF as Bradshaws partner. Here is a look at what Windham talked about: -Being a second-generation wrestler. -Start of career with a lot of talk about Florida. -Near fatal car accident. -How his dad took him to Mid-Atlantic. -Talks about Mid-Atlantic and Dusty Rhodes. -Did his thin build hurt him? -How he got his WWF job. -Lots about his tag team with Mike Rotundo. -All about winning the WWF belts. -Their feud against Brutus Beefcake and Greg Valentine. -Windham reveals how Rotundo broke down during their run in WWF. -Why did Barry leave WWF? How did he take it? -Going to Florida. -His classic feud against Ric Flair. -Feud against Kevin Sullivan. -What was it like to work with a young Lex Luger and Great Muta? -Wrestling with his father and brother. -His relationship with Magnum T.A. and how he took Magnums career ending car wreck. -Hear about when he moved on to NWA. -All the details on his second feud against Flair. -What it was like to work with the Four Horsemen? -Get the scoop on when he turned on Luger and joined the Horsemen. -He talks about being a heel and feuding with Dusty. -He answers why he left the NWA. -Going to WWF as the Widowmaker. -Why did he leave WWF and go to WCW? -Talks about his injuries. -Going to WWF as the Blackjacks with Bradshaw. -You wont believe the story about when he was shot and how he got the bullet out of his body!!! -Current status in TCW and All Japan. -More plus some of Barrys best matches!!!.

According to the webmaster of Spike Dudley's official website, Spike will be joining the former Bubba Ray & D-Von Dudley in having to come up with new in-ring names when his 90-day no compete period with WWE ends next month.

Spike was reportedly informed that he would be unable to use any combination of the "e;Spike"e; or "e;Dudley"e; name or any likenesses or similarities to the character he portrayed in WWE. It should be noted that Spike has been using that name since his debut in ECW in the fall of 1996. We have heard reports that Spike has come up with a new in-ring name, but has made the decision to hold off on announcing it until he applies and receives a trademark on it.

It should also be noted that WWE informed the former Bubba Ray & D-Von Dudley that they officially would be unable to use their in-ring names or any "e;intellectual properties that came with those personas."e; This is one of the first cases of WWE telling former performers for the company that they are unable to use names and characters that were devised prior to their WWE debut elsewhere in another company on a national level (TNA) after their run with WWE has ended.

According to reports, it appears Dusty Rhodes will not be starting his new position as a member of the WWE creative team at the SmackDown tapings tonight in Atlanta, GA as previously thought. A change of plans has reportedly taken place. We hope to get more word on this soon.

According to reports, it appears Dusty Rhodes will not be starting his new position as a member of the WWE creative team at the SmackDown tapings tonight in Atlanta, GA as previously thought. A change of plans has reportedly taken place. We hope to get more word on this soon.

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