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In case you missed yesterday's major headline we printed it below.

RF VIDEO has been in some very high intense negotiations over the last 72 hours with a high profile former WWE champion.  Today both sides are even closer to an agreement.  We can not at this point say anything further but we will keep everyone updated with this very exciting news!!!  This will indeed big the big one.

RF VIDEO has released 7 new DVDs today!!!  5 of the new DVD's are from classic MCW shows down in MD that have never been released onto DVD until now. They featured alot of top ECW talent from that time period.

NWS Jersey J-Cup 2006: Grim Reefer vs. Ghanda Rea Akbar vs. Archadia; Devon Moore vs. Mike Kruel vs. Sabian; Deranged vs. Nicky Oceans vs. Judas Young; Gavin Quest vs. Corvis Fear vs. Drew Blood; Grim Reefer vs. Devon Moore; Deranged vs. Gavin Quest; Grim Reefer vs. Deranged

NWS Extreme Measures 6/3/06: Jersey Jerry & JT Highlander vs. Kaibutzu & Dan Smiley; Devon Moore vs. Van Conversion; New Wave vs. The Equalizer; Matt Hyson (aka Spike Dudley) vs. Trent Acid vs. Crowbar; New Jack vs. Low Life Louie Ramos; Danny Demanto vs. Bastion Booger; Nicky Oceans vs. Judas Young; Lex Luger with Tammy Sytch vs. Johnny Candido with Dawn Marie
MCW 7/18/98 Baltimore, MD: FBI vs. Balls Mahoney, Axl Rotten & Corporal Punishment; Adam Flash vs. Jerry Lynn; 2 Dope vs. Bruiser; Jimmy Cicero vs. Devon Storm with Dawn Marie; Julio Sanchez vs. AJ Fritzoid; Shane Shamrock vs. Quinn Nash vs. Christian York vs. Joey Matthews vs. Mark Shrader vs. Earl the Pearl; The Pitbulls vs. The Headbangers
MCW 8/16/98 Baltimore, MD: Christian York vs. Mark Shrader; Quinn Nash vs. Earl the Pearl; Quinn Nash vs. Stevie Richards; Romeo Valentino vs. Balls Mahoney; 2 Dope & Sucka Punch vs. Super Nova & Blue Meanie; Shane Shamrock vs. Joey Matthews; Adam Flash vs. Chris Candido vs. Mikey Whipwreck; Cue Ball Carmichael & Mad Dog O'Malley vs. Bruiser & King Kong Bundy; The Pitbulls, Julio Sanchez & Jimmy Cicero vs. Axl Rotten, Corporal Punishment & The Headbangers with Dawn Marie
MCW 9/20/98 Shane Shamrock Tribute Show: 1. Tommy Dreamer vs Jack Victory; 2. Cue Ball Carmichael vs Bruiser; 3. Mikey Whipwreck vs 2 Dope; 4. Earl the Pearl & Steve Richards vs Joey Matthews & Quinn Nash; 5. Masato Tanaka vs Ulf Hermann; 6. Romeo Valentino vs Mark Shrader; 7. Christian York vs A.J. Fritzoid; 8. Adam Flash vs Tom Brandi; 9. Headbangers vs Julio Sanchez & Jimmy Cicero
MCW 10/11/98 Baltimore, MD: Corporal Punishment vs Stevie Richards; Romeo Valentino vs Bruiser; Bruiser vs Mad Dog O'Malley; Spike Dudley & A.J. Fritzoid vs Sideswipe & Sucka Punch; Julio Sanchez & Jimmy Cicero vs Super Nova & Blue Meanie; Lance Diamond vs Tom Brandi; Earl the Pearl vs. Adam Flash vs. Christian York vs. Joey Matthews vs. Quinn Nash; Corporal Punishment vs Romeo Valentino; Sabu vs Chris Candido
MCW 11/4/98 Glen Burnie, MD: Yokozuna, Bruiser & AJ Fritzoid vs 2 Dope, Sucka Punch & Side Swipe; Mad Dog O'Malley vs Christian York; Blue Meanie & Nova vs Joey Mattews & Quinn Nash; Lance Diamond vs Mark Shrader; Adam Flash vs Earl the Pearl; Stevie Richards & Earl the Pearl vs Jimmy Cicero & Julio Sanchez; Terry Funk & Corporal Punishment vs Tom Brandi & Romeo Valentino

Rockin' Rebel, one of indy wrestling's most notrorious personalities, sat down with RF VIDEO and let everything out of the bag in one of our most hilarious shoot interviews ever! Rebel has worked all of the major indys in the Northeast, including Joel Goodhart's TWA, ECW, PWU, and CZW and was told us one gut bustingly funny story after another during the course of this entertaining and informative shoot.
Always outspoken, Rebel held nothing back as he talked about everything under the sun. From the controversial Joel Goodhart, to being in ECW during the Eddie Gilbert/Paul Heyman transition, Rebel has been in the thick of things and offers his first hand opinions during this exclusive shoot. Besides some incredible stories about his wrestling career, one of the greatest ribs we've ever heard about came during Rebel's ECW tenure in Wildwood, NJ.
Working with the WWF in the late '80s, Rebel walked us through his experience along with giving his advice to talent looking to get work in New York. Rebel also talked about all of the mega indy promoters and promotions that he worked with around the Northeast and this interview would mean nothing if Rebel did not talk about what it was like to work for John Zandig and CZW.  This is where the shoot gets really intense as Rebel finally gets to publicly air his problems with CZW and give his side of the story. What exactly does Rebel think of with the CZW front office (or lack thereof) and would he ever go back to CZW? You'll find out the answers to those questions and many more in this great shoot!
Rebel gives his views on PWU and why he had the falling out with certain people in that company.  He goes into great depth of why he pulled out of the promotion the way he did and how he landed to work for 3PW. This story is really interesting and makes alot of sense.
We covered his time in 3PW, PWF for Steve Corino and many other indy promtions from around this way.  This will go down as a cult shoot interview that you will want to get especially if you are from the North East area because he talks about the old school days of Philly wrestling that everyone will love to listen too.
Here is a complete list of topics that we covered with The RockIN Rebel:
Were you a fan growing up
Who did you like watching
What did you do before wrestling?
Were you a fan prior?
How did you break in?
How did your training differ from the way guys are trained today
Memories of your first matches
Were you always into physical fitness
What was the biggest misconception you had about the business before you got in it and started working
What was the steroid scene like when you entered as compared to now
Did you have any mentors early on
What were your goals when you got into the business
Were you frustrated early on
Talk about the PA Indy scene when you first started
Who did you think would make it that didn't and vice versa
Did any promoters rip you off early on
How did you stay motivated
What were payoffs like back then
Did Joel Goodhart and Carmella Panfill's radio show have any influence on your career
When did you start sending tapes to WWF and WCW
You did jobs for the WWE early on, how did you get that gig
Talk about the experiences
What was the locker room like and how were you as enhancement treated
How pivotal to ECW and even the indy scene now was TWA
Talk about Joel as a booker
How did the idea come about for a school
Do you remember working with Sabu in the battle royal at Winter Challenge 2
Talk about your memories of going to Memphis
Memories of training the Sandman
Memories of training Stevie Richards
Stevie used to call you the most evil man he had ever know in regards to his training, your thoughts
Memories of training Francine
Memories of wrestling in Puerto Rico
How did you find out the TWA was done
Memories and thoughts on Eddie Gilbert as a booker
Thoughts on Tod back then
You also started doing jobs for WCW, how did that come about
Talk about the experiences
Memories of your series in early ECW with Sandman
Thoughts on teaming with Gary Wolfe briefly in ECW
How did the boys find out that Paul E had replaced Eddie
Initial thoughts on Paul E
Thoughts/memories of Dennis Coraluzzo
Thoughts on Tommy Dreamer
What happened the night you thought you were going to win a battle royal
Why do you think Paul stopped using you
Were you officially told you were finished
You talked to JJ Dillon several times during this time about going to the WWE, what happened
Why do you think you never got an opportunity in the WWE
You did the indys for awhile afterwards, did any promoters rip you off during that time
What were your goals
Memories of the LAW shows and Bay Ragni
How did you wind up in CZW
You came with Nate Hatred, how did you know Nate
Memories of your first match with Nick Berk
Initial thoughts on Zandig
What was your take on what happened in New Jersey with the regulations
Memories of your Big Japan tours
You got hurt over there one night, what happened
In CZW you did a series with Ruckus in which you poured Bisquick over him and it was very racial, do you think any of that crossed the line
You left CZW for a little while, what happened
How did you get involved with the PA State Athletic Commission
Have you ever used your influence against someone you didn't like
When CZW was making the move to the ECW Arena and PA, how much pressure did the Commission apply to CZW
What happened with the Briscoes, did the commission threaten to shut down CZW if Mark wrestled
Memories of the angle you did when you returned at COD 3
Do you think Zandig blew it after the COD and if so, why
How involved were you with the booking of CZW and Zandig
How did things change for everyone when XPW came to PA
What were the politics like at the time between XPW,  and CZW
In CZW, how did things change either way for you when that tape trader started booking
Do you think the tape trader sandbagged you by popping the IWA angle during your first match with Zandig taking heat away from the two of you
How did you wind up teaming with Greg Matthews
What happened with your boxing match with Hartog
You and Greg got the belts but you guys wound up leaving shortly after, what happened
What is your relationship like with Zandig today
Do you think the two of you could do business today with the reality behind your differences
Have you ever used your influences in the State Athletic Commission to screw with CZW's shows
Thoughts on their new promoter Maven Bentley
How did you get involved with 3PW
Thoughts on Jasmine
Why do you think it folded
How did you wind up involved with PWU
Thoughts on Johnny Kashmere as a booker and promoter
What happened, why do you no longer work there
Thoughts on Trent Acid
Thoughts on Steve Corino
Thoughts on Mike Quackenbush and Chikara
Thoughts today on Tod Gordon
Thoughts on Gary Wolfe
Thoughts on Blue Meanie
How did you wind up opening up Blackballed
What do you do different than everyone else
Do you have any plans to move into the Arena
What is your take on the political situation between CZW and PWU
Why do you think Philadelphia is so appealing to indy companies
Who are your fav and least fav indy guys to work with
Who do you think is the best worker not in the WWE today
Any regrets
What is the biggest problem with the majority of talents on the indys and indy wrestling itself
Is there anyone you didn't get a chance to work with that you wished you would have
How much longer do you anticipate yourself wrestling for
If you could make a tape of 4 matches to last forever for your grandkids, etc, which would they be.
Does it bother you when you see less talented guys on television while you cant get booked full time in the WWE or TNA
Would you be interested in becoming a road agent or writer/booker at some point
Do you think the State Commission is corrupt
Why is blading banned
Has the commission ever actually shut down a show
Do you think the new style of wrestling has passed you by
Would you like to have been a part of the ECW reunion shows
In your career who did you find was overrated and underrated
Who do you enjoy watching
What advice would you guys to talent wanting to get a job in the WWE
Would you like to go back
Who has taught you the most and why
Any other promoters who have ripped you off over the years that you want to put out there

Shoot Interview with Boris Zhukov : Greetings comrades! RF VIDEO has set down with a true legend of the wrestling business for one of our industry-leading shoot interviews. Get out the vodka and be prepared to take a shot for every great story as straight from Mother Russia comes Boris Zhukov! Starting in World Class and working his way though the NWA, AWA, and WWF, Zhukov has been to all the major promotions and has the war stories to prove it. Zhukov let it all hang out when discussing all of the major names of his era including Ole Anderson, Bruiser Brody, Ric Flair, Harley Race, Ricky Steamboat, Tony Atlas, Roddy Piper, the Road Warriors, the Killer Bees, Nicholai Volkoff and many more!

You don't want to be left behind as Zhukov discusses every major angle of his long career, including his time spent with Sgt. Slaughter working as Pvt. Jim Nelson. No Zhukov shoot would be complete without the full details on the time spent as part of the legendarily hated Bolsheviks tag team. Boris was able to tell us about crazy road trips along with exclusive behind-the-scenes stories while being part of the WWF's huge expansion during the '80s! Where else can you hear a wrestling legend discuss everything from WrestleRock to WrestleMania? Only at RF VIDEO, that's where


Shoot Interview with Mene Gene Okerlund: RF Video sat down with one of the greatest wrestling announcers of all time last week, Mean Gene Okerland. Mean Gene has worked with every major wrestling superstar from the 70's until now. Nobody has been closer to the guys then Mean Gene, after all he is the voice of pro wrestling.

Mean Gene talks about his early start in the wrestling business and how he got into the AWA working for Verne Gagne. You will hear all about the early days of his announcing career.. How did he coin the name Mean Gene? What was it like to work in the AWA and how did he first meet Hulk Hogan. Mean Gene holds nothing back when talking about all the guys he has worked with in the AWA because you know RF Video asked him about everyone!!!.

You will learn about the secret meeting that Verne Gagne and Vince McMahon had over the phone and what the outcome was. He will give you the inside look on how things worked in the AWA and how the company changed when all of the top talent left for the WWF in the early 80's including himself.

When you think of the early 80's and WWF TV you always have to remember the one man that was on every TV show and that was Mean Gene. He was there for it all as an announcer. From War to Settle the Score all the way to Wrestlemania, Gene has worked thru them all. He has so many great stories that have never been told before. If your a WWF or WWE fan this is one interview you must have.

From the moment he came to the WWF Mean Gene had to work close to every wrestling superstar that came thru that door. He will tell you some of the best stories out there. The questions are listed below as I really think this shoot need no hype!!!

Many people know that Mean Gene did jump ship to WCW, but don't worry RF Video was there to throw him a life jacket for that sinking ship. You will hear what it was like to work in WCW and how different it was compared to the WWE. Vince Russo and Eric Bishoff look out as these stories are great.

Mean Gene was just inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and after watching this shoot you will know why. Nobody is as good as this man.

Shoot Interview with Hayabusa: RF Video has sit down with possiblly the most revolutionary figure in professional wrestling Hayabusa. Before American strong style wrestling, before the X Division, before the hey day of ECW, Hayabusa electrified the fans of Japan and FMW with his exciting and unique brand of wrestling. This Japanese Sabu had some of the most dangerous and death defying matchese scene to man. Hear the whole story of this mans career including his run in FMW, The first J Cup, All Japan and ECW. Also hear the complete tragic story of when Hayabusa broke his neck in the ring. This is a great inside interview of Japanese wrestling, as this is the first RF Video Japanese wrestler interview that is as open as the American ones. A must for Japanese pro wrestling fans.

Shoot Interview with Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart (The Hart Foundation): The Excellence of Execution, the Hitman and the Anvil. Two time tag team champions in the WWF. A legendary unit from an oft remembered period in wrestling history. For the first time ever, the Hart Foundation are ready to discuss their entire career on RF VIDEO's exclusive new shoot interview! Bret "e;the Hitman"e; Hart, 2006 WWE Hall Of Famer and one of the greatest wrestlers to ever step in the ring. Jim "e;the Anvil"e; Neidhart, the power and promo man of the team. Together, they are back for a reunion of sorts, and both men are going to have to answer some hard hitting questions that have been on their fan's minds for years.

We sat Jim Neidhart and Bret Hart down together to discuss their glorious tag team run and were amazed at the stories they were able to weave. This is one shoot you are going to want to go out of your way to watch as both Bret and Jim were in rare form. From the Hart Foundation's humble beginnings, to their first time together as a tag team, to their entire WWE run, Bret and Jim brought their A game. From their legendary feuds with Demolition, Strike Force, The Bolsheviks, The British Bulldogs, The Fabulous Rougeaus, Rhythm & Blues, and The Nasty Boys, and covering all of the backstage hinjinx, this shoot has it all! From Bret and Jim's solo runs, to reforming the Foundation to go after the tag team titles. You'll feel like Jimmy Hart while listening to these two guys talk about their historic run together.

You name the topic, and it was covered in depth. Stampede. The British Bulldogs. Jimmy Hart. The Hart Attack finisher. Get the low down on their entire WWE run, including many famous six man tags that were main events across the country. For the first time anywhere, Bret and Jim get specific when discussing their thoughts on wrestling tag team psychology. Will the '80s boom come back? What about the next generation for this legendary family? All this and so much more!

--The Matt Striker promo talked about the death of Steve Irwin, that Vince McMahon publicly apologized for, basically saying it was in bad taste, still aired last night in the U.K. broadcast of ECW. A lot of people were surprised the interview wasn't edited since they've edited for far less. (thanks to

--As far as why McMahon apologized, the company received numerous complaints, and McMahon didn't want it to turn into a story that made the company look bad like what happened last summer with Muhammad Hassan. His feeling was if he apologized now, it would be over with.

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