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--Behind Closed Doors with Bret Hart
--Shoot with Kevin Sullivan on DVD
--Shoot Sean Waltman on DVD
--Shoot with Tazz on DVD
--King of Indy double DVD
--Meet the Rottens

RF VIDEO will be at JAPW tommorrow with our biggest merchandise table of all time!! We will have all of our latest shoots and new releases there so make sure you come.

RF VIDEO just got some of the best news in a long time.  We will fill you in next week. 

RF VIDEO is about to unleash another brand new concept very soon.  This one could be bigger than the shoot interview itself.  We are salvating at this chance and I promise you it will be some amazing footage!!!

We have a added ton of new releases today to the site.  We will be adding a ton of new DVD releases all next week as well.  We have really been very aggressive to transfer alot of videos over to DVD.  You have not seen anything yet.  This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Here are just some of our new releases that we have added to the new release section today:

I just finished reading the JJ Dillon book, which is a awesome read.  I suggest that you check it out.  You can order it in the new release section.

NWA Cyberspace Shockwave TV Pilot Taping  Order now in the new release section
July 30th 2005

Jeff Jarrett vs. Slyck Wagner Brown
Josh Daniels & Michael Shane vs. Mike Kruel & Jose Maximo
Rodney Mack vs. Grim Reefer
Abyss vs. Sinister X
Mana vs. Mike Tobin
Mo Sextyn vs. Julio Dinero
All Money is Legal vs. The SAT
Jazz vs. Nikki Roxx
Elix Skipper vs. Kid Mackazie vs. Grim Reefer vs. Dirty Sanchez
Lacey vs. Cindy Rogers
Bobby Roode vs. Crowbar
Nick Berk vs. Chris Camaro
Plus more!

 PWU Jam Session #7 8/20/05  Order today in the new release section

Chris Ca$h tribute
Animal House 20 Man Royal Rumble
Heavy Metal vs. Dirtbag Dan vs. Tokyo Ninja
Detox vs. Big Daddy Bell
Billy Reil w/ Annie Social vs. Breaker Morant
Animal House Title Match:  KJ Hellfire vs. Aramis
Scramble Tag Match: Din Mak & Matt Bomboy vs. The NJ All Stars (Lucky & JC Ryder) vs. Chance Prophet & Ashe Samuels
Johnny Kashmere w/ Dr. Don Bootz vs.  Nick Berk
Trent Acid vs. Big Slam w/ Helter Skelter, John Diamond & The Diamond Vixens ->
“Philly Street Fight: Trent Acid vs. Helter Skelter w/ John Diamond & The Diamond Vixenn

Wild Men of Wrestling  Order now in the new release section!!
Detailed Description 
This Two-Pack DVD Set, Wild Men of Wrestling - Backbreakers and Broken Bones, features some of the meanest, biggest, baddest and ugliest wrestlers of all-time. See Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, The Fabulous Ones, Lex Luger, The Road Warriors, Kevin Sullivan and other fight, bit, kick and cause unmerciful body harm to each other in the name of victory. These all-star matches and non-stop action make this DVD package a must for all wrestling fans.
Disc One :


Highlights: The Road Warriors vs. Kevin Sullivan & Maya Singh (Bob Roop)
Kevin Sullivan Interview
Kevin Sullivan & Maya Singh vs. Brickhouse Brown & Mike Allen
NWA Florida TV Title Tournament 2nd Round Match: Tyree Pride vs. Jack Hart (Barry Horowitz)
Back In The Day-Dick Slater & Bob Roop vs. Keller Karl Kox & Jimmy Garvin
Lady Maxine Interview
Jesse Barr vs. Jerry Grey
The Fabulous Ones vs. Prince Laukea & Dino Minnelli
Kendall Windharm Interview
Wahoo McDaniel & Superstar Billy Graham Interview
Lex Luger vs. Del Apollo

Highlight: Bruiser Brody, Badnews Allen & The Cuban Assassin vs. Lex Luger, Ron Simmons & Kendall Windham
NWA Southern Heavyweight Title Match: Lex Luger vs. Badnews Allen
Jack Hart (Barry Horowitz) vs. The Falcon
Kevin Sullivan Interview
Back In The Day - Hiro Matsuda vs. Ricki Gibson
The Sheepherders vs. Kendell Windham & Vic Steamboat
Disc Two:

SHOW #3 (58 Min)

Highlight: NWA Southern Heavyweight Wrestling Title Match: Lex Luger vs. Kareem Muhammad
The Carribean Connection vs. The Hitman & The Loner
Carribean Connection Interview
Lex Luger Interview
Hiro Matsuda, Dewey Forte & Ron Simmons Training Video
Kareem Muhammad & Kendo Nagasaki vs. Ric Allen & Black Magic (Norman Smiley)
Sir Oliver Humperdink Interview
Fabulous Ones Highlight Video
Back in the Day: NWA Florida Tag Team Title Match: Stan Lane & Brian St. John vs. Eddie Graham & Ray Stevens
Kendell Windham vs. Dr. Death
Boxing Match: Kendell Windham vs. Kendo Nagasaki
Cuban Assassin & Chris Chamption vs. Tony D'amata & Louis Estayo
Ron Bass Interview
Dusty Rhodes Highlights Video
Ric Flair Highlights Video
SHOW #4(58Min)

The Shock Troops vs. Jack Powers & Tommy Wright
AWA World Tag Team Title Match from Battle of the Belts I: The Road Warrious vs. Stan Hansen & Harley Race
Sir Oliver Humperdink Interview
Shock Troop Highlights
Barry Windham Interview
Sean Royal vs. Bob Cook
Kendell Windham Interview
Lex Luger Interview
Ron Bass Interview
Chris Champion Interview
Tyree Pride Interview
Back In The Day - NWA Florida Heavyweight Title Match: Manny Fernandez vs. Don Muraco
Chris Chamption vs. Mike Masters
Kendo Nagasaki & The Ninja (Great Muta) vs. Mark Star & The Grim Reaper
Fabulous Ones Interview & Highlight Video
Kendell Windham vs. The Cuban Assassin 

Wild Women of Wrestling  Order now in the new release section !!!!!

Wild Woman of Wrestling Two-Pack DVD Set features some of the greatest non-stop action matches starring the "e;Beauties and Bullies"e; of women's wrestling. See Luna Vachon, Bambi, Wendy Richter. The Glamour Girls, and Tina Morretti punch, stomp and strangle their opponents until they are lifeless messes. As a special feature, Bruno Sammartino does the color and Bill Cardille doses the play by play. Do not miss this special collection of Women's Wrestling.
Disc One :

SHOW #1 (58 Min)

Wendy Richter vs. Peggy Lee Leather
Tina Morretti vs. Babyface Nellie
Sindy Pparadise vs. Mystic Spectre managed by Abdullah Farouk, Jr.
Candi Devine vs. Diane Von Hoffmann
Bambi vs. "e;Glamour Girl"e; Judy Martin
Luna Vachon interviews Dick Slater
Personality Profile on Penelope Paradise
SHOW #2(58 Min)

Vivian St. John vs. Rustee "e;the Foxx"e; Thomas
Penelope Paradise vs. Malia Hosaka
The Power Team (Heidi Lee Morgan, Sindy Paradise and Taylor Made) (aka Terri Power) vs. The Mystics (Spectre and Banshee) and Ariel Dee managed by Abdullah Farouk, Jr.
Peggy Lee Leather vs. Bambi
B.J. Calhoun vs. Brenda Lee
Candi Devine vs. Babyface Nellie
Luna Vachon interviews the Glamour Girls & Abdullah Farouk, Jr.
Personality Profile on The Power Team
Disc Two:

SHOW #3 (58 Min)

Pink Cadillac vs. Sheila Fox
Tina Morretti vs. Diane Vvon Hoffmann
The Power Team (Heidi Lee Morgan and Taylor Made) (aka Terri Power) vs. Babyface Nellie and Rustee "e;the Foxx"e; Thomas
Malia Hosaka vs. Ariel Dee
Wendy Richter vs. "e;Glamour Girl"e; Leilani Kai
Luna Vachon interviews Sheila Fox
Personality Profile on Bambi
SHOW #4 (58Min)

Malia Hosaka vs. Babyface Nellie
Taylor Made (aka Terri Power) vs. Brenda Lee
Penelope Paradise vs. Sindy Paradise
Tina Morretti vs. Sheila Fox
Collision of Champions Battle Royal to crown the very first Ladies Major League Wrestling World Champion
Luna Vachon interview Tina Morretti
Personality Profile on Peggy Lee Leather

We will have a ton of new shoot interviews coming soon as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- JR confirmed that he wasn't close to suicide after the Oklahoma Sooners lost to the TCU Horned Frogs last Saturday, but was in both denial and shock. Who wasn't?

- Ross noted that a fan asked him in an airport recently if Chris Masters reminded him of a young Lex Luger. Ross' response, "e;HELL NO!” (Just joking, even though that’s what I was thinking.) Masters already understands his job better than Luger at a comparable age."e;

- In response to some internet comments regarding Ric Flair "e;grabbing"e; Carlito in an interesting place this past Monday night on RAW, Ross had the following to say: "e;“Ric Flair is a pervert for grabbing Carlito’s privates!” Sure he is. Now, turn off your computer and go to bed."e;

- JR talked about how much of a roll Kurt Angle is on at the moment and how serious his character has become on TV. "e;I don’t know if I would bet against Angle vs. anyone based on what I’ve seen since SummerSlam,"e; said Ross, "e;I’m not forgetting Angle’s victory over HBK at WrestleMania, but over the past month, the Olympian has been virtually untouchable."e;

- The Coach will be doing play-by-play for a college football game this weekend. Ross wondered, joking, if Coach would wear his shades on-the-air.

- RAW superstars might be heading overseas to entertain troops in Iraq this December. The SmackDown brand has been doing it the last two years.

- In regards to some younger wrestlers today, "e;Too many young wrestlers have the basic same look, tattoos, hair, etc. Individuality is seemingly becoming a lost art. This business is so much more than a mullet, a few tattoos, some baby oil and the willingness to execute untimely high-risk maneuvers just for the hell of it,"e; said Ross.

- JR feels the Edge vs. Matt Hardy Steel Cage Match at Unforgiven could steal the show.

- Ross described Rob Conway as a tough guy and added, "e;or he wouldn’t be man enough to wear those tights."e;

- In an update on Brock Lesnar's current situation with WWE, Ross added, "e;In my personal opinion, Brock Lesnar is making a big mistake by not accepting WWE’s very fair contract offer."e;

- JR said it was good to see Dusty Rhodes back working for WWE behind the scenes as a creative writer. He added that he would love to host a DVD of some of Rhodes' favorite matches and labels him as a future WWE Hall of Famer.

- In a move many fans would like to see, Ross added that he would like to see more emphasis put on SmackDOwn's cruiserweight division.

- Ross closes out the edition with e-mails regarding Muhammad Hassan & Daivari, an aspiring announcer in Iowa, Ultimate Warrior, Jerry Lawler's love life, Bill Goldberg and the current tag team division.

According to reports, Funaki suffered a serious shoulder injury on the September 1st episode of SmackDown last week. The injury will keep him out of action for quite some time.

The main event for next week's SmackDown broadcast is scheduled to be The Undertaker vs. Randy Orton.

The originally scheduled SmackDown taping on October 4th in Bossier City, Louisana has been moved to Austin, Texas instead.

WWE made the decision to remove Rudy Fischmann from the company's creative team this week. Fischmann had been with the company for about 8-12 weeks and was said to have had a reputation for acting like a "e;mark"e; in front of fellow employees and wrestlers. He reportedly had a history of also talking down to wrestlers despite his rank in the creative team being very low.

What many feel led to his termination was an incident that took place this past week involving Torrie Wilson and Ashley Massaro. Fischmann reportedly yelled at both about their match on RAW this past Monday night and said that it wasn't what he wanted out of the segment. Both Divas were told by several WWE road agents and even Vince McMahon that although the match wasn't outstanding, it was still "e;OK"e; for what it was.

A couple of changes in Sunday's TNA Unbreakable PPV. Shocker is off the show, claimed as due to travel issues coming from Mexico. His match with Chris Sabin has changed to Sabin vs. Petey Williams. Austin Aries, who was to face Williams, will now face Roderick Strong. It's actually a stronger show because of it.

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