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Al Snow Shoot Interview

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Al Snow has been around the wrestling business for approximately 16 years. Al Snow is very opinionated & is not one guy that holds back his views what so ever. Al Snow is a very funny guy,but also has a lot to offer as far as information & stories. If you wonder why he goes on TV & is constantly asking for a meeting with Vince,youll find out why after this interview, cause it is all based on a shoot. Discussed are the following:his NWA tryout with The Andersons,his memorable Michigan matches vs. Sabu,his early ECW stay & why it ended,his SMW run ,his WCW tryout,his early dealings with Vince & WWF,his Avatar gimmick,his days as a Rocker with Marty Jannetty,trying to get a meeting with Vince,his conflicts with the bookers including a great story about Jake Roberts,how he came up with the Head gimmick. Al takes calls as well.
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