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Balls Mahoney 2009 Shoot Interview

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RF Video just finished filming one of the most entertaining shoots in the last ten years. RF Video sat down with former ECW and WWE star, Balls Mahoney. Balls taped up the fists, picked up a chair, and pulled no punches in this shoot. This shoot is so extreme you'll have to watch it several times to make sure you didn't miss anything. This shoot hits harder than a Balls' chair shot to the head!
Balls Mahoney is one of the most revered wrestlers from the era of Extreme Championship Wrestling. Balls takes us into the forbidden world of kayfabe in ECW. Balls talks quite candidly about some of his most memorable moments in ECW history. You'll hear all about the wars with the Dudleys, New Jack and Kronus, Sabu, Rob Van Dam, and more. What was it like to be in the ring with this wild bunch of wrestlers? What was it like working for Paul Heyman? Balls tells us, with some great stories to boot.

Balls recounts some of the more controversial moments in Extreme Championship Wrestling history. Balls talks about the crazy locker room and the legendary partying within ECW. Balls talks about the infamous riot with XPW in California. Balls tells a great story about almost coming to blows with an extreme icon. Balls looks back at some of the craziest riots in ECW history, including the night he went nose-to-nose with a white supremacist in the front row in Plymouth Meeting, PA
What is it like going from steady work to being unemployed? Balls talks about adjusting to life after ECW. When did Balls realize it was over for ECW? What was it like to go back on the indys? Who were his favorite and least favorite promoters to work for? Balls tells his side of the story regarding his no-showing for CZW, with strong words for Zandig. Balls responds to claims made by other promoters about him and his professional co nduct. Balls clears the air for the first time ever in this RF Video Shoot Interview.
How did one of the least political wrestlers in ECW make it to the WWE? Balls talks about he and Axl Rotten's tryout, including the night Axl cracked. Balls also talks about the rocky transition from ECW's locker room to the WWE's locker room. Who tested him in the WWE locker room? What had changed since his last run in the WWE?  Did his past relationship with Paul Heyman help or hurt him in the WWE? Balls also compares politics in the WWE and ECW.
Balls is not shy about his experiences in the WWE. Balls tells a great story about the night he threatened to knock out John Cena. Did he act differently in the locker room? What was it like initially working with the WWE crew during the One Night Stand build? Balls also has great stories about being in the ring and working with the Undertaker, Kevin Thorn, and Bob Holly. Was there really anything going on between Balls and Kelly Kelly?
Balls recounts his entire WWE run. What were his highlights and lowlights? Where did it go wrong for Balls? What in the world was he doing hiding in a closet and what did he hear? Balls also answers questions about the most powerful family in pro wrestling, the McMahons. From Triple H to Vince, Balls talks about working with them all in and out of the ring. What are his thoughts on his release, and is he bitter? How did he hear about it? What was his shocking reaction?
Balls also goes into great detail about his childhood friend, Chris Candido. Balls gets very emotional talking about the passing of one of his best friends. Balls has some great stories about growing up with Chris and breaking into the business together. The emotions continue when Balls talks about the passing of Chris Benoit. What does Balls think about the theory of chair shots causing cerebral damage to Benoit? If anyone would know about taking chair shots to the head, it would be Balls Mahoney.
This is without a doubt one of the most fun interviews we have ever had the pleasure of filming. Balls is fun, witty, insightful, and honest to a fault throughout the interview. We have known Balls for over ten years, and he even surprised us with a lot of great stories. As a big fan of our interviews, Balls knew what to expect and delivered. You will never look at Balls Mahoney the same again after this interview. Love him or hate him, you will have nothing but respect for the incredibly journey of Balls Mahoney. RF Video is proud to bring to you one of the craziest shoot interviews of all-time... Balls Mahoney!

How did you get the name Balls Mahoney
Who came up with the gimmick
W hen did you realize it was getting over in ECW
Memories teaming with Axl
Memories of matches with Dudleys
Memories of matches with new Jack and Kronus
Memories of the riot in Plymouth Meeting
Were you upset you werent on Barely Legal
Memories of matches with Masato Tanaka
Can you talk about the party scene in ECW
Did it bother you that your first tag title reign in ECW was only a week
Memories teaming with Spike
Memories of matches with RVD and Sabu
Memories of matches with Da Baldies
Memories of your FMW matches
Thoughts on Onita
When did your first check bounce
How did Paul react
Thoughts/memories when taz left
How different was it
Explosion match with Vic Grimes in Asbury Park, NJ
Thoughts/memories about the night Mike Awesome left with the belt
Memories of the night he returned to drop the belt to Taz
Memories./thoughts when Shane left for the last time
Memories/thoughts when Sandman came back
Did Pauls double standard on guys coming back bother you
Memories/thoughts of the XPW riot
Reaction like backstage when Sandman got naked in Pensacola
What is the one match you never had in ECW you wished you had
At what point did you realize it was serious and ECW was in jeopardy
How different was it when Dreamer would book the house shows
Do you think Paul should have been there those weekends
When word was out on the Internet that ECW was done after the Pine Bluff shows, a lot of the guys argued that it wasn't. When did reality set in
Did Paul say anything to you or the locker room at the last PPV
At what point did you have to look for an alternative means to put food on the table
How tough was that mentally
How much were you owed at the time of bankruptcy
Thoughts on  Paul as a booker
Was it hard to adjust back to the indys after ECW
Favorite or notable matches you had on the indys
Worst promoter you worked for the indys
You were quote in some interviews after Paul showed up on RAW as saying that you thought ECW still had not went out of business. What finally convinced you it was over.
Why did you no show your advertised match in CZW
Some promoters have said you tried to hold them up for more money or drugs during this time, how do you respond
Did you think about getting out of wrestling and getting a full time job
What was your game plan had the WWE not worked out
What did you think when you first heard about One night Stand
Were you surprised when RVD went to the WWE and they did the Alliance angle and didnt include you
Thoughts on Shane Douglas' attempts to revive an ECW tribute brand
Did you ever talk to TNA about wrestling for them
How were you contacted to come in for the WWE
Initial memories of the locker room. Was it divisive with ECW guys and WWE guys
Memories of One Night Stand
Thoughts on what happened with Meanie and JBL
Initial impressions of Vince that night
Did you expect a job out of it
Memories traveling with the juggalos
How did your tryout with Axl go
Was there an incident backstage with Axl Rotten
Were you surprised that he no showed
Did you think you would get fired
How did the locker room accept you
Who did you travel with at this time
Was Paul Heyman any different to work with at this time
Memories of doing the angles leading to the show
Memories of w restling John Cena on RAW
What kind of reaction did you get from the office after that match
Memories of your match with Masato Tanaka
What was the reaction from the company on that match
Memories of your matches with Kevin Thorn
Did it bother you that the ECW brand was relaunched and wasn't what the old ECW was
How much outrage did you hear from ECW fans
Do you think RVD got a raw deal for his bust
How much more succesful do you think the brand could have been if RVD kept the belt
Memories of doing the house shows and returning to the ECW Arena
Memories of matches with Bobby Lashley
Thoughts on Kurt Angle
Who came up with the Kelly Kelly angle
Thoughts on Kelly
Did you like it
Was your wife jealous
Where do you think it would have went
Do you think it was getting over
Why was it so abruptly dropped
You disappeared for a little while. What happened
Memories working with the Undertaker on SmackDown when you returned
Were you disappointed to be squashed upon your return
When did you get frustrated during your run in the WWE
How were you treated
Favorite and least favorite cage matches
Did any of your fire matches ever get out of control
How did you wind up getting suspended in MD
Thoughts on state commissions
Who urinated in Roadkill's bag after disrespecting someone's wife
Best and worst indy promoters to work for
Your reputation as a racist
Church of Satan
Were you surprised you never got a call to be involved with the ECW originals
Is there a drug problem in wrestling
Can you talk about a rib Bruiser Brody pulled on you
Memories backyard wrestling with Chris Candido
Did you have any plans to ever go to WCW
Did you like the Boo Bradley gimmick
What happened when you tried steroids
Did someone steal from your pay last year
Is it true that you were approached to join the XFL
You have been off and on with working out. How tough is it to get into a routine
After the Benoit tragedy there was a lot said about chair shots. You have taken a lot of those, how do you feel about all of that.
What do you think about Raven’s lawsuit
Tommy Dreamer’s WWE longevity
What happened at a show in Ireland last year in which you were involved in a brawl and the cops were called
Memories wrestling Abdullah last year in Puerto Rico
In your opinion is there a difference between garbage and hardcore wrestling
Can you compare Paul Heyman and Jim Cornette as bookers
Thoughts on Stephanie McMahon
Thoughts on Triple H
Memories working with Eric Bischoff in angles leading up to One Night Stand
Thoughts on Joey Styles punching out JBL
Thoughts on the passings of Chris Candido and Bam Bam Bigelow
Thoughts on Tammy Sytch
Some of your favorite and least favorite guys to work with
Thoughts on IWA Mid South and Ian Rotten
Could an ECW work today
Do you think the reunion shows are played out
Memories of your matches with Mike Knox
Memories of house show matches against Bob Holly
Memories of matches with Test
Memories of matches with Snitsky
Memories of matches with the Miz
Thoughts on how the business has changed over the last 20 years
Do you want to write a book
Do you think your wrestling skills are underrated because of all of the brawling you did
Did you meet Stan Lee on the super hero show
Who was your favorite tag team partner
Who was your favorite manager
Do you think youll go back for one more run in the WWE
Any matches you regret
Favorite ribs
Favorite road stories
Do you still have a passion for the business
What is the biggest thing missing from the indys today


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