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Chic Donovan Shoot Interview

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Chic Donovan is a man who has basically seen it all. From starting out as a Fireman who decided to take a chance and answer an ad in the local Macon GA paper, to becoming the "Golden Boy".  He strutted down aisles from Georgia to Texas to California to Japan. He is a true world traveler and has been in the ring with some of the biggest and brightest stars in the sport.
Chic tells us about "breaking in" the GA territory and how the veterans treated "green kids".  Learn about Chic's time in Memphis as a part of Jimmy Hart's First Family, his match against Butch Reed at the historic Parade of Champions show,  his thoughts on Jerry Lawler, and "trying to catch a Mexican in a 20 foot ring"  in California.
Chic gets very emotional when asked about the Von Erich family. See how John Tolos became one of his early mentors. Also, Chic tell us what he thinks about the business today and is very open about his opinions of its future
PLUS you wont believe how Chic got his Job in World Class or the very interesting story about his unbelievable pet dog.
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