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Crash Holly Shoot Interview

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Mike Lockwood (aka Crash Holly) sat down with RF Video for this informative and inside look at his career and the wrestling industry. Find out what happened to him in ECW, his start and of course all he went through in WWE. Holly is open in talking about it all. If you want to know what it was like to be in WWE in recent times this is the shoot for you!!! Here is the list of topics:

-Getting into the wrestling business
-What the training was like
-Wrestling as Jonny Pearson in Bay Area Wrestling
-Wrestling as Erin O'Grady
-Going to APW
-Training at their school
-Getting the nickname The Leprechaun
-Opinion on Roland Alexander
-APW Gym Wars
-His feud with Vic Grimes that got them a WWE tryout
-Thoughts on why Grimes didn't become more of a star
-The "shot heard around the world"
-Memories of matches with Donovan Morgan & Michael Modest
-Thoughs on Matt Hyson (Spike Dudley) back then
-How he ended up in ECW
-Memories of wrestling on ECW house shows & in a dark match at the Nov. 2 Rem. PPV
-What happened that he quit
-Why he called ECW a garbage promotion in an interview
-His experience at the House of Hardcore wrestling school
-Thoughts on Tazz, Perry Saturn, Chris Chetti, & Mikey Whipwreck
-Memories of his WWE tryout
-Thoughts on being signed to a developmental deal and going to Memphis
-Memories of the Funkin Dojo
-Initial thoughts when he heard the Crash Holly gimmick
-How Bob Holly was to work with
-Memories of his Raw debut
-Thoughts on the gimmick of carrying the scale to the ring
-Beating The Rock & Mankind for the tag titles
-Thoughts on holding the belts for only 2 weeks
-Matches against The Hardy Boyz
-Matches against Edge & Christian
-Opinion of being put in the hardcore division
-Thoughts on the skits over the hardcore title and the 24/7 rule?
-Favorite skits
-Favorite hardcore matches
-Memories of the hardcore battle royal at Wrestlemania 2000
-Does he think the 24/7 rule and the numerous hardcore title changes killed the division
-Memories of the King of the Ring Tournament in 2000
-Thoughts on the Molly Holly gimmick
-Winning the European title and then losing it two days later
-What happened the night at the WWE New York restaurant where he got drunk in front of fans
-Thoughts when Vince bought WCW
-Thoughts on brand extention
-Thoughts on being put on the Raw roster
-Getting stuck on Sunday Night Heat
-Being moved from Raw to Smackdown
-Opinion on being put with Matt Hardy
-How was he informed of his release
-What did he think when it happened
-Thoughts on the WWE writers
-What was Triple H like
-Future plans
-All that and much more
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