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Shoot with D-Lo Brown (old)

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D-Lo Brown sits down to talk about his wrestling career including working for Smoky Mountain Wrestling, WWE, & NWA TNA. This shoot interview was not conducted by RF Video. Here are the topics discussed:

-Why he got into the wrestling business
-His training
-Guys he trained with
-Working a match for Jim Cornette in Smoky Mountain Wrestling
-Initial impressions of Jim Cornette, and how he is as a booker
-How it was working with the Gangstas in SMW
-What he thinks of New Jack and Mustafa
-New Jack stories
-Thoughts of the Rock N Roll Express
-Things he learned while being in Smoky Mountain Wrestling
-How he ended up getting into the WWE
-What he thought of the Nation of Domination gimmick
-Thoughts of Ahmed Johnson
-What it was like working with Steve Austin
-What he thinks of Triple H, The Rock, Savio Vega, Crush
-Thoughts on the passing of Brian Pillman
-Talks about the Montreal screwjob
-How the boys reacted to what happened in Montreal
-What it's like to work in Madison Square Garden
-Working with Ken Shamrock & Steve Blackman
-What he thinks of Road Dogg & Billy Gunn
-Thoughts on Chyna, Road Warriors
-Memories of Owen Hart
-What it was like being European champion and how it came about
-How it was working matches with X-Pac
-Thoughts of Val Venis, Rob Van Dam, Gangrel
-Working with Jeff Jarrett in WWF & NWATNA
-If he thought it was good or not for Jarrett to lose to Chyna
-Thoughts of Droz and how the injury affected D-Lo and Droz
-Talks about almost quitting pro wrestling after the injury and who talked him into staying
-If he thinks the injury held him back from getting pushed in the future
-Thoughts on Vince Russo and if he thinks Russo was good for the business
-Did he ever come close to going to WCW
-What he thought about the NWO and Eric Bischoff
-When he realized the WWE ran out of storylines for him
-Going to HWA
-Thoughts of WWE not renewing his contract
-Final match with WWE
-What WWE could have done differently to make him better
-Initial reaction to the sale of WCW to WWE
-What he thought of the Invasion angle
-If he feels like he got a fair amount of opportunities in WWE
-Biggest misconception of the McMahon family
-Who he would like to work with that he never got to
-How he got in contact with NWA:TNA
-Initial thoughts of the promotion
-Talks about his TNA debut
-Working in TNA opposed to WWE
-Thoughts of AJ Styles, Ron Killings, Mike Sanders, Glen Gilberti, Elix Skipper, Low Ki, Christopher Daniels
-Working for All Japan
-Talks about the indy scene
-Thoughts of the internet and how it effects wrestling
-Thoughts on Homicide
-Advice to people who are trying to get into the business
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