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Don Kernodle Shoot Interview

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Many people are unaware of the true successes in professional wrestling simply because the territories of old didn't have national television.  Don Kernodle is one of many great wrestlers that many not have received their just due in the eyes of modern fans but once you watch this in-depth shoot interview, you may just have to adjust your definition.

A four-year letterman in college wrestling, 2-time national arm wrestling champion, Canadian Television Champion, 3-time NWA Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champion, 3-time NWA World Tag Team Champion, 2-Time World Six Man Tag Champion, "The Pride of the USA" Don Kernodle has many accomplishments throughout his career.  Now you get the chance to find out about this true legend of pro wrestling.

Don gives us his background before professional wrestling and what brought him to the sport.  How did Don Kernodle get his start with Jim Crockett Promotions?  You will be amazed to find out!  What he did caused the Anderson Brothers to take him under their wing and prepare him for pro wrestling.

Find out what it really means to "pay your dues" as Don tells about his training experience with Ole & Gene Anderson.  How many people would be in wrestling today if they went through what he describes?

Don provides details of how he got his first live match and where.  You'll be surprised to hear how this happened.

Kernodle takes us through his "seasoning" in throughout the Tennesse territories of Memphis, Nashville, and Knoxville and how his feud with Dick Steinborn made him some extra money.

Travelling to Amarillo with Terry & Dory Funk Jr. to polish his skills even more.  While there, Don plays a big part in a future famous WWE wrestler's career.  He also gets his chance to travel to Japan for several tours.  Kernodle learns a lot in Japan from another legend.

Don also spends time in Georgia where he is the company shooter that has to face people that want to try-out for wrestling.  Guess who Don ends up working with there?  Kernodle is assigned to work with another future WWE legend nightly to improve him.  A very interesting twist when you hear his name.

He also gives us an interesting glimpse into his contribution to rebuilding the Toronto territory and the unbelieveable schedule that was expected of him and the rest of the top wrestlers in the company.

Kernodle is best known for his run in the Mid-Atlantic territory for Jim Crocket Promotions.  Don provides details of how he went from popular "home town" wrestler to one of the most hated wrestlers in the company and back again to popularity.

Don gives never before heard information about the feud that fans that witnessed it still talk about today, Sgt. Slaughter & Don Kernodle vs. Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood.  This feud was so hot and was able to draw so much money, that many credit it with leading to the creation of the annual Starrcade event and closed circuit viewing of it.  Even today, the payoff match of their feud, turned away more fans than any event ever held.

Kernodle tells how the feud was actually planned out and how Jim Crockett Jr. and then booker Dory Funk Jr. reacted to it.  You will certainly be amazed at how this feud came about. 

Don details the feud and find out how it was really supposed to come to an end!  And it's not what you really happened!

Kernodle gives info on his WWF run and why he ended up coming back to Jim Crockett Promotions.

Don also covers many more topics including teaming with Bob Orton Jr., Ivan Koloff, details about how Nikita Koloff came about, the "turn coat" and how he became the "Pride of the USA," being a part of Starrcade 84,85, & 86, wrestling in Puerto Rico, Guatamala, refusing to job to Buddy Landel, fighting Ken Patera, and more.  Why he left wrestling and his post-wrestling adventures in NASCAR, and how today he is a legit Sgt. himself.

This and so much more!!!

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