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Eddy Guerrero Shoot Interview

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Eddy Guerrero visited the RF Video offices and became an open book as he discussed his entire career in the ring and troubles outside the ring. “Latino Heat” shot straight from the heart in this moving and honest shoot interview. He is a man that has been through it all in and out of the ring and he shoots on everything here.

-Lots of talk about the Guerrero family and how he got started in the business with them.
-Did anyone resent the break he got because of his family?
-Going to college and training.
-His EMLL debut in 1987.
-Winning the trios talent with Chavo and Mando.
-The Mascara Magica gimmick.
-Why did he jump from EMLL to AAA?
-Going to New Japan.
-His first impressions of New Japan.
-Memories of being in the Super Junior Tournament and Super J Cup.
-Lots of info on the late, great Art Barr.
-Eddy gets real emotional when talking in depth about Barr.
-Thoughts on how hated his team with Barr became.
-Did he like being a babyface or heel in Mexico better?
-Details on the When Worlds Collide PPV.
-How close were he and Barr to signing with ECW?
-Who came up with the Black Tiger gimmick and what does he think about it?
-Eddy talks about Jushin Liger.
-Teaming with Great Sasuke.
-Memories of his stay in ECW including his matches with Too Cold Scorpio and Dean Malenko.
-He gives his thoughts on Paul Heyman.
-Guerrero gives the scoop on jumping from ECW to WCW.
-Memories of his matches vs. Ric Flair, DDP, X-Pac and Chris Jericho in WCW.
-His heel turn in 1997.
-How did he help Chavo Guerrero Jr. get into WCW?
-What does he think of being labeled a cruiserweight?
-What did he think of the hair vs. mask match with Rey Misterio Jr?
-The inside word on the promo he cut where he said Eric Bischoff was holding him back.
-What was the WCW locker room like with guys like Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall.
-What did he think of the LWO gimmick and why they did it.
-Eddy tells what happened when he got in a car crash on New Years Eve in 1998.
-How tough was it to comeback from the injuries that happened in the car crash?
-Thoughts on teaming with Konnan, Billy Kidman and Rey Jr. as the Filthy Animals.
-What led him, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn to leave WCW.
-All the details on how they approached management and left.
-His thoughts on Kevin Sullivan as booker.
-Eddy reveals how close they were to going back to ECW.
-The first contact with WWF.
-All the details on going to WWF and their first appearance.
-All the details on being in the Radicals.
-What is it like to work Wrestlemania?
-The scoop on working with Chyna.
-Did he like the Latino Heat and Mamacita gimmick?
-Memories of matches vs. HHH, Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit.
-Where was his angle with The Hardy Boyz and Lita going?
-Thoughts on Jim Ross and Vince McMahon.
-Eddy talks about going to rehab, getting the DUI charge and being let go by WWF.
-His first indy match vs. Low Ki.
-His future.
-Much more.
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