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Ernie Ladd Shoot Interview

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Ernie Ladd was a former professional football player who made a very successful transition into professional wrestling. A true journeyman, Ladd traveled all over the country perfecting his craft. He worked in every major territory in the 60s and 70s, headlining cards in Florida, California, New York, and all points in between.

During these times, he was one of the most notable performers in the country and promotors fought for his services. During a time of segregation, Ernie Ladd became the first main event black heel in the Mid South area. Nationally, he made a very successful living by drawing intense hatred from these crowds and was noted as being one of the most colorful interviews in the sport.

In the wake of his fight with cancer, Mr. Ladd "shoots" for the first time ever in a tremendously open interview.

This interview was not conducted by RF Video.
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