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Gail Kim Shoot Interview

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Gail Kim provided a no holds barred interview to give insight to wrestling fans about her career and thoughts on women's wrestling. Gail takes you from her beginnings, including what superstar wrestlers influenced her decision to pursue professional wrestling. You'll be very surprised to learn how she paid for her training to start her career!

Gail provides a lot of information about her early career, much of which has not ever been acurately portrayed before, including her feud with Traci Brooks and why Gail was forced to wear a mask. Gail also covers why it was such a difficult decision to branch out into other areas of Canada from her home.

She gives indepth information about Ohio Valley and why she dislikes the city of Louisville. Gail also tells why getting sent there a second time almost made her ready to quit wrestling.

Gail tells all about how she got the call up to the WWE, the real story behind her winning the WWE Women's Title in her first big match, Fit Finley's training with the women's division along with much more information about life in the WWE and the wrestlers she had to deal with including a shocking reason her "Matrix" gimmick was doomed for failure. When you hear this you'll realize just how much the WWE has changed!

Gail then covers life after getting released to how she ended up in TNA Wrestling. She also covers why she's so hard to book for indy dates, how TNA is better than WWE and why she thinks womens wrestling has a much better chance of success there, plus thoughts on "T&A" and what she is and isn't willing to do for wrestling.

Oh and we can't forget the story of her topless photos in Korea. You'll be very surprised to hear how this happened and Gail's feelings about the story when it exploded on the internet in the United States. All this and so much more!

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