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Gary Michael Cappetta Shoot Interview

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Exclusive interview with long-time WWF, AWA, NWA and WCW ring announcer and author of the book "Bodyslams! Memoirs of a Wrestling Pitchman," Gary Michael Cappetta.

He talks about his first match, his heroes growing up, some of the biggest matches he announced, asking for his first raise, his three conversation with Vince McMahon Jr., his first encounter with Shane McMahon and what wrestler helped him survive in the WWF?

He talks about how he should have been fired, and how he was really fired from the WWF. His workings with the NWA and WCW before heading to the WCW. What was pay like in Turner's WCW? What road stories can he tell? What happened with a disturbed and "stalker-like" fans?

What happened in his last days in wrestling, and what has he been up to since? He talks about his book and new multimedia tour.

A great supplement for his book, "Bodyslams!," or great to watch without the book.

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