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Jim Neidhart Shoot Interview

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Jim Niedhart has been wrestling for over 23 years and in this very first shoot interview Jim discusses his entire wrestling career. He starts out with his High School sports stories. We discuss how he flunked out of school and was able to get in any college in the United States. How he played Pro Football for the NFL. Why he was in jail and how he saw Charles Manson when he was in there.
Jim takes us down memory lane as we talk about about Calgary and how he wound up in Stu Harts Dungeon. The stories are endless in this shoot and will make you die laughing as Jim is one of the funniest guys we have ever sat down with. You will hear how he first met all of the Harts including Bret and Owen. The road stories from Canada and the ribbing that went on are just some of the major topics discussed. In fact this shoot interview has the best rib and road stories of all time!!! Jim talks about how Stu would kill him and other young green guys in the dungeon.

Jim also tells us all about his stays in the other promotions like Mid South, Memphis and Florida. You talks all about getting in a gun fight a few times in Mid South areas. Crazy trips and car accidents. How his nose was taken off his face and how he got it put back on. You will hear about him being stabbed with Butch Reed in New Orleans. How Rick Rude would have sex before his matches in Memphis with his girlfriend. What Bill Watts was like behind the scenes. He talks about Flordia alot and how he first got his gimmick. We talk about all his major feuds in these territories and we discussed in great detail all of his foes and partners and classic matches

The good stuff is all about the WWF. You will hear about how he and Bret Hart were first teamed up in the WWF. We talk all about thier famous feuds with the British Bulldogs, Strike Force, Nasty Boys, Tully and Arn, Islanders. His matches with Bad News Allen. What Randy Savage was really like. He has the best rib stories of all time with stuff about Dynamite Kid that nobody has ever told RF VIDEO before. These are some of the best rib stories and road stories of all time. There is alot of talk about how all four got along outside of the ring with each other. He has alot to say on Ultimate Warrior, Andre the Giant, Roddy Piper.

We talked about thier feuds with the Rockers in and out of the ring. Jim talks about the entire Bret and Shawn incidents including alot of stuff leading up to the Survivor Series match. Here all about the famous Canadian Stampede match and what happened with Brian Pillman after the show. There are stories about Jake Roberts, Kerry Von Erich, Powers of Pain and so much more. What power did the clique really have. All about Owen Hart as well and his death.

There is so much discussed about his WWF run that you will watch this 4 times just for his stories. He is so funny as well as he explains how his doctor called Vince and told him he had to be taken off the road around Xmas because he had cat scratch fever and how Vince reacted to it. This is a great story. He talks about why he went to WCW and all of the politics that went on there with him and Bret. There are so many stories with them and the Bulldogs and Rockers and all the behind the scenes stuff that you all love to hear about.

This shoot is about 3 hours long and here is the list of some things Jim talked about:

-Were you a wrestling fan growing up?
-What was it like playing NFL pro ball?
-Any good Al Davis or John Madden stories?
-How did you wind up in wrestling?
-Initial thoughts on the training?
-What was the biggest surprise to you once you started wrestling about pro wrestling?
-Early thoughts/memories on Stu Hart?
-Early memories/thoughts on the Hart boys?
-Is this where you met your wife?
-How did the family react when they found out that you and your wife were dating at the time?
-Did Stu ever have a talk with you?
-Was it Stu that pushed you to come wrestle in the States?
-Early impressions of Memphis?
-How did you develop your promo style
-How did Lawler and Jarrett differ as bookers and bosses than Stu?
-Memories of series with Austin Idol
-Memories of working with Jimmy Hart
-Early memories of Rick Rude
-Any good road stories from Memphis?
-Initial impressions of Bill Watts?
-How was the traveling in Mid South compared to the other places?
-Who were your traveling partners down there?
-Who were your traveling partners?
-Memories of your series with Terry Allen
-Memories of teaming with and wrestling against Butch Reed
-Memories of working for Eddie Graham
-Thoughts on tagging at that time with Barry Darsow
-Did he ever challenge for the NWA World Title
-Memories of working for Ole Anderson?
-How did you wind up in the WWF? Was it part of Stu's deal with Vince?
-Were you brought in with the intentions of being Bret's partner
-Talk about your early matches with the Bulldogs, they were much different from the other matches on the card. Was there any pressure from the office or other talent to one it down?
-Initial impressions of Vince?
-How did Vince and Hogan change in the 80s with success?
-The Dynamite Kid in his book talks about a crazy drug time during this era, is that true and any memories or thoughts?
-Were you surprised when Dynamite Kid eventually broke down?
-How close were the 4 of you (Bulldogs and them)
-Memories of the match where Dynamite dropped the belts to them and could not walk
-Is it true that you would get 50 bucks for TV back in that time period as Dynamite has said
-Was there an experiment during that time period to turn you guys babyface with the heel vs heel matches you guys had with Volkoff and Sheik and the Funks?
-Memories of Wrestlemania 3?
-Memories of your series with Strike Force
-Were you encouraged at all during this time period to do steroids or cut up your body?
-Thoughts/memories of Roddy Piper
-How did the sex scandal with the ring boys and the office personel effect you?
-Did you notice any changes?
-How taxing was the road schedule on you and your family?
-Memories of your series with Bad News Allen?
-Memories of Randy Savage and the stories on how he treated Elizabeth
-Did you worry about your spot when Vince gave Bret his first singles push?
-Memories of your matches with the Nasty Boys?
-early memories/thoughts on the Ultimate Warrior?
-Did your money change drastically when Savage was on top as compared to Hogan?
-Memories of working with and on the road with Andre The Giant
-Thoughts on working the Rogeaus? Were there any problems since you guys were tight with the Bulldogs
-Do you think Dynamite went too far with ribs?
-It seemed that in 88 they broke you guys up and pushed Bret more and then in 89 they broke you guys up again but gave you more of a singles push, and than suddenly put you guys back in tag matches , your thoughts?
-Any good road stories from this era?
-Thoughts on your series/memories with the Powers of Pain
-What were your thoughts, along with the rest of the guys when Dusty came in and was put in the polka dots?
-Did anyone rib him?
-Thoughts on what happened when Tully got suspended? (He and Bret had a series of matches booked against them)
-What was the story with the title change with the Rockers in Ft Wayne in 1990 that was never acknowledged on tv or followed up on?
-Did you think Shawn would go to be as successful as he would?
-Compare working the Rockers to the Bulldogs
-Memories of Jake ROberts during this time period?
-Memories of Kerry Von Erich during this time period?
-How did the boys react when someone like Zeus was brought in and pushed so heavy?
-There was a show in which Davey Boy substituted for you in Milwaukee at the end of 1990, do you remember why?
-How did things change for you from the time you entered through the next five years or so?
-What are your thoughts on when Ric Flair came in during this time?
-Do you agree with what Bret had said about being frustrated to work with Flair? Did Bret complain to you at the time?
-What lead to your departure from the WWF
-Was WCW an option?
-Did you feel let down that your brother in law was Champion and you were out of a job?
-Thoughts on your brief stint in ECW and wrestling Sandman?
-Thoughts on your run in WCW at this time?
-Who was in charge (I think it was Watts)?
-Thoughts on your New Japan shows?
-What lead to you leaving WCW and going back to WWF?
-Differences in teaming with Owen and Bret?
-Any good road stories or ribs with Owen
-When you came back what were the biggest differences?
-How did Shawn change with success?
-Thoughts on the Clique and did they effect you?
-Were you nervous during Vince's indictment?
-Were you included in the 1996 neogtiations to bring Bret Hart to WCW as part of the package?
-Thoughts on the rise of Steve Austin and working with him early on?
-Memories of the Canadian Stampede?
-Memories of Brian Pillman?
-Was there any heat on Owen after he hurt Austin?
-How did Vince change during this time being #2?
-What are your memories and your reaction at that time when Bret told you he was leaving?
-Thoughts on Shawn and HHH during this time?
-How hot was Bret about the Sunny days promo?
-Do you think Bret took things too seriously at this time?
-Where do you think it went wrong with Bret and Shawn?
-What do you remember about Montreal Survivor Series?
-Did you see Bret punch Vince?
-What do you say to people that say it was a work?
-What were your initial plans after this happened? To stay or leave?
-Do you think things went from professional to just personal humiliation when DX screwed you on TV and spray painted you?
-How quickly were you told you would have an offer from WCW
-Was your heart still into it by this stage of your career?
-Compare working there and the WWF?
-Thoughts on Eric Bischoff?
-Was it frustrating being a small fish in the large pond?
-Do you think your association with Bret hurt your push, politically speaking?
-Talk about the politics in WCW?
-Do you think you were used as a pawn in the lawsuit between your sister in law and Vince McMahon?
-How has that torn apart your family?
-When is the last time the entire family was together?
-What lead to your quick exit as a trainer in the WWF Developmental territories?
-Thoughts on your nephew Teddy Hart
-Do you still follow the business?
-Do you have any contact with the WWF at all?
-Would you like to be a part of the company in some capacity?
-What have you done since your departure from the spotlight?
-Is the fall from the top a tough one mentally?
-Who were your favorite opponents?
-Least favorite opponents?
-Are you and Bret still close?
-Thoughts on Davey Boy and Dynamites feud?
-What do you think of the openess of the business today?
-Are you surprised HHH married the boss' daughter?
-Who was the most overrated wrestler you ever worked with or watched?
-Any plans to write a book?
-Any regrets?
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