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The Backseat Boyz Vol. 1 & 2 Shoot Interview

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Volume 1.

Trent Acid and Johnny Kashmere, The Backseat Boyz, have grown to become one of the best tag teams on the indy scene for their charisma and unique teamwork. Both sat down together with RF Video for this exclusive Shoot Interview covering life as an independent tag team. This is like two Shoots in one!!! Kashmere and Acid hold nothing back in giving their true opinions on everything from CZW to Japan to everyone they've worked with. You'll find out what the different promotions are like, what life is like as an indy wrestler and thoughts on some of the biggest names the two have encountered.

-Who trained them
-Growing up as wrestling fans
-Memories of Johnny teaming before wrestling with Trent
-How they started teaming in NWA New Jersey
-Early matches
-Why they started using the Midnight Express them
-Coming up with their double team moves
-How they ended up working for CZW
-First impressions of John Zandig
-Trent talks about an altercation from years ago with Homicide in CZW
-Were they ever close to going to ECW
-What happened at the final ECW Arena show when they were told to bring their wrestling gear
-Would they have left CZW for ECW
-Working an angle with The Dudley Boyz on Sunday Night Heat
-Working with Albert
-Dealing with Paul Heyman
-What the CZW locker room thought of them appearing on WWE TV
-Reaction when CZW started on Channel 48 in Philly
-Kashmere talks about working the tag match with Jun Kasai at Un F'N Believable
-Trent talks about his ladder match against Ric Blade
-Thoughts on when CZW feuded them against each other
-Memories of the first time CZW ran the ECW Arena
-Memories of the Best of the Best tournaments
-Working for Phoenix Championship Wrestling
-Being managed by Donnie B
-Working the family oriented atmosphere at Phoenix compared to the CZW style
-Working against The SAT
-Initial impressions when CZW started working with Big Japan
-What was the first tour like
-Wrestling in Japan against Mens Teoh & Jun Kasai
-Trent talks about his matches against Winger
-How the CZW wrestlers were treated by the Big Japan wrestlers
-What happened when Zandig severed ties with Big Japan
-Talk about locker room morale when they heard about Messiah getting his thumb cut off
-Trent talks about working against Jerry Lynn
-Working against The H8 Club
-Thoughts on the feud between CZW and IWA Mid South
-The formation of HiFive
-Thoughts on CZW's current direction
-Trent talks about the fans thinking he didn't want to do jobs and being called Triple H
-Talk about the angle where Zandig hung himself
-Talk about CZW's debut show in Italy
-Was there any problem going into the locker room since you were seen as "CZW guys"
-How did Zandig react when he found out you were working more dates
-Did they ever have any conversations with XPW about jumping to their promotion
-Trent talks about his cross promotional feud against Homicide with their matches in CZW
-Thoughts on getting the Tag Team Titles and dropping them so quickly
-Working with Special K
-Thoughts on the Scramble Cage Match on 11/1
-Talk about their reaction when Teddy Hart started doing all the flips in the ring after the match and what happened backstage
-Working for NWA Wildside
-Working for PWF
-The CZW locker rooms
-The CZW booking styles
-Kashmere talks about his recent problems with CZW where he quit the company
-Their future goals
-Would they ever go to WWE if the opportunity came up
-Working singles matches compared to tag matches
-All that and much more!

Volume 2.

Now The Backseats have something to say and information to give that they previously kept quiet. This is one of the most revealing Shoot Interviews you'll ever witness as Acid and Kashmere tell all about what life is really like in CZW. This is a must for any CZW or Backseats fan!!! Here are some of the topics discussed:

-How everything changed for them since the last shoot
-Were they fired from CZW or did they quit
-Zandig wanting to push Trent and not Johnny
-How they were treated by Zandig
-Johnny helping book and how things changed once he stopped
-Zandig not respecting them or their accomoplishments outside of CZW
-Zandig allowing Pro Wrestling-1 to run the ECW Arena
-What happened wheb\n they told Zandig they didn't want to work the CZW show that night
-What happend with Nick Berk & Z-Barr
-Rumors of them jumping to XPW
-Thoughts on how poorly the CZW TV show is put together
-Zandig trying to kayfabe everybody on bringing Justice Pain back
-How Zandig called Steve Corino to get them taken off the MLW shows
-Their thoughts on Corino compared to what they said on the original shoot
-Can they go back to CZW and would they want to
-How Zandig disrespects guys & takes the storylines too personally
-Zandig's thoughts on them working for Donnie B
-How the quality of CZW has declined
-CZW using ROH talent
-Backseats give their opinion on: Nick Mondo, Pondo, Lobo, Wifebeater, Nate Hatred, Brian Logan, Ian Knox, Nick Berk, Rockin Rebel, Greg Matthews, Nick Gage, Frank Talent, Adam Flash, Danny Rose, Ruckus, Mike Burns, & the CZW commentators

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