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The Fantastics Shoot Interview

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RF Video sat down with The Fantastics, Bobby Fulton & Tommy Rogers in Waynesboro, VA on 10/31/04 to discuss their entire career from beginning to present day.
Here are the topics they discussed:

-Tommy discusses how he got started in the business
-Tommy tells the story of his very first match
-Consequences Tommy received from performing moves he never learned
-Who helped Tommy out the most when getting started
-Bobby discusses how he got started in the business
-How he got his first match, and how it went
-What their training was like, and what they expected going into it
-Bobby talks about working different territories in the South
-What Bobby thought of his gimmick name "Russ Jones"
-How Bobby liked working in Calgary
-What he thought of Stu Hart
-Bobby talks about driving to shows at 100mph with French people
-Bobby tells a great story about winning the tag belts
-Bobby's thoughts on Brusier Brody
-How he came up with the name "Bobby Fulton"
-Tommy talks about some of the early promotions he worked for
-Traveling from Florida to Oregon
-Where Tommy won his first belt
-Bobby tells how he quit the business and got back in
-Bobby talks about working for the Jarretts
-Story of Bobby not being good at cutting promos
-Working with Terry Taylor, Buddy Landell
-Working in the Mid-South Colisseum
-Thoughts on Midnight Express
-Working with Ole Anderson in Georgia
-Tommy talks about teaming with Tully Blanchard
-Tommy tells the story of working his first hour broadway
-Tommy's first experience of seeing the Ultimate Warrior
-Working with Sting and Jim Helwig
-Thoughts on the Road Warriors
-Formation of "The Fantastics"
-What they thought of Bill Watts
-Working with Midnight Express
-If there was any pressure to follow Rock'N'Roll Express
-Working with Bill Dundee and Dutch Mantell
-Matches with Buzz Sawyer and Dick Slater
-How The Fantastics came up with their entrance
-Story about a girl who had a disease
-Story how the ZZ Top band were fans of The Fantastics
-Working down in Texas
-What Bobby & Tommy thought of the Von Erichs
-Thoughts on drug abuse in the business
-Story of Kevin Von Erich going into convulsions during their match in Fort Worth, TX
-What their thoughts on the situation was afterwards
-Thoughts on Gino and Chris Adams
-Matches with Sting and Eddie Gilbert
-Memories of UWF
-Memories of their barbed-wire matches
-Great story of getting arrested in Louisiana
-Thoughts on Jim Duggan and Steve Williams
-Story about Steve williams throwing glass gatorade bottles at cars that cut him off on the road
-Thoughts of Jim Crockett
-Opinion on the wrestling progression of Sting
-Thoughts on the Undertaker; Shawn Michaels; Lex Luger; Ric Flair
-If they ever seen any political fighting between Flair & Dusty
-Memories of matches with The Varsity Club
-Did anyone ever take advantage of Bobby & Tommy
-Memories of working in Japan
-Thoughts of working in Puerto Rico
-Story of Fantastics working Brian Christopher & Scotty 2 Hotty
-How Fantastics got into ECW
-Injuries Tommy had sustained at this time
-What they think of the amount of highspots in matches today
-Advice for wrestlers trying to make it in the business today
-Thoughts on the deaths of wrestlers due to alcohol and drugs
-Anybody they would want to work that they haven't worked
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