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The Italian Stallion Shoot Interview

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The Italian Stallion is a man who was a lot different things to a lot of different people. For most wrestling fans, Stallion is remembered as a undercard preformer for Jim Crockett Promotions, enhancement talent for WCW and WWE in the 90's, and a co-founder of a Christian-based wrestling promotion, the PWF. In the world of Spaghetti eating he is remembered as a world recorded holder. To the Hardy Boyz he remembered for being a crook, liar, and thief.

But Gary Sabaugh no longer considers himself the Italian Stallion or the man who wore those many faces for many different people. Mr. Sabaugh is one of those few former wrestlers that successful adjusted to "normal life". The Italian Stallion has been out of the world of pro wrestling for almost a decade but he willing to step back into the world of pro wrestling one more time to address his past.

From his days as a "book maker" in New Jersey, to his early days of his wrestling career were he was labeld a "shooter", and then on to his time with the Hardy Boyz where he was labeled a "crook". No stone is left unturned and no name is left uncalled. So watch and find out who the Italian Stallion really was.

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