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SMW TV 5/15/93-6/5/93

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1. Lane vs. Golden

2. Cornette and Bob Armstrong angles

3. Stud Stable vs. Heavenly Bodies

4. Dirty White Boy interview

5. Tazmaniac vs. Gibson

6. Fuller vs. Kyle

7. Lee vs. Lane

8. Golden vs. Sullivan (Brawl in the crowd)

9. Morton vs. Prichard

10. R & R Express & Lee interview

11. Rage in the Cage Match, Cornette kills Bob Armstrong with tennis racquest, most vicious angle so far in SMW

12. Cornette interview

13. Smothers vs. DWB (Coward Waves the Flag, great)

14. DWB/Smothers interview, Fynch comes out

15. Angles with Bodies and Armstrong

16. R & R Express vs. Heavenly Bodies (Last Tango in Tennassee, loser who gets pinned leaves SMW)

17. Cornette interview

18. New Heavenly Bodies vs. scrubs

19. Cornette/DWB/Bodies/Armstrong interviews

20. Smothers vs. scrub

21. Smothers interview, Horner comes out

22. Armstrong vs. scrub

23. Mantell interviews R & R Express, Fynch comes out

24. Horner vs. scrub

25. Candito interview

26. Golden vs. Lee (great)

27. Smothers/R & R/Bodies interview

28. Blaze vs. scrub, then interview

29. Candito vs. scrub

30. Smothers/R & R Express interviews

31. Bodies vs. scrubs, then interview

32. Armstrong interview in trophy room

33. DWB & Cornette vs. Horner & Smothers (Horner gets powder in his eyes and hits Smothers, then interview in locker room, great)

34. Lee vs. DWB

35. Cornette interview

36. Fynch interview with Robbie Eagle
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