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SMW 4/24-5/8/93

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1. Horner vs. scrub

2. Tammy Fynch debut interview

3. R & R Express vs. Bodies (Street Fight, everyone comes in)

4. R & R Express vs. Bodies (Street Fight, Everyone comes in)

5. Smothers/R & R Express interviews

6. Eaton vs. Bobby Blaze

7. Eaton & Cornette interview

8. DWB vs. scrub

9. Mantell interviews Smothers & Horner

10. Sullivan vs. Nightstalker

11. DWB/Cornette/Sullivan great interview

12. Smothers vs. scrub (DWB comes in and paints Smothers back yellow)

13. Brian Lee interviews, Fynch comes in and offers to manage him

14. R & R Express vs. scrubs

15. Stable/R & R/Mantell interviews Sullivan

16. Bodies vs. scrubs, then interviews

17. Eaton vs. Lee (title change, Eatons last SMW match, Stable and Bodies come in)

18. R & R interview, Stable comes in

19. Dynamite vs. scrub

20. Dynamite interview, Fynch offers to manage him

21. R & R Express interview

22. Blaze vs. DWB

23. Smothers interview

24. Nightstalker vs. scrub

25. Sullivan interview in the woods, he is tied to a tree

26. Stan Lane vs. Jimmy Golden (everyone comes in)

27. Chris Candito/Cornette interview, Dynamite comes in and unmasks himself, Cornette tells him he's embarrsed to be a Armstrong, Bob Armstrong cmes in and hits Cornette, great angle

28. Killer Kyle vs. Lee (everyone comes in)

29. R & R Express & Lee interview
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