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SMW TV August 1994

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1. DWB vs. scrub

2. Chris Walker debut as he attacks DWB in a Battle Royal

3. R & R Express interview

4. Gangstas vs. scrubs, then interview (debut)

5. Lee & Candito vs. Armstrong (R & R come in)

6. Slater & Orton vs. Stomper & Ron Garvin

7. Jim Ross interviews The Gangstas

8. Bodies vs. Thrill Seekers (bloodbath, Jericho bleeds like a pig, they had to mop the ring after the match)

9. R & R Express vs. Lee & Candito (Hair vs. Hair match, plus clips of title change from Johnson City, the Gangstas interfere)

10. R & R Express interview

11. Gangstas vs. scrubs, then interview with watermelon

12. Thrill Seekers interview shows clips of bloodbath

13. DWB vs. scrub

14. Cornette and army interview

15. Bedlam vs. scrub (DWB comes in and they go at it)

16. R & R Express vs. Lee & Candito (title change, Lee & Candito split up after the match)

17. Bodies interview, R & R come out and sign for a match

18. Gangstas interview

19. Ganstas vs. scrubs

20. DWB vs. Killer Kyle (everyone come in)

21. Candito brings out a pet dog for Tammy Fytch, Boo Bradley

22. Candito vs. Lance Storm (Lee comes in and causes Storm to win the title)

23. R & R Express vs. Bodies

24. DWB interview
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