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SMW August 1995

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1. Al Snow & Unabomb vs. scrubs

2. PG-13 video

3. Punisher vs. scrub

4. Buddy Landel interview

5. Terry Gordy & Tommmy Rich vs. Boo Bradley & Bobby Blaze

6. Brad Armstong interview/Clips of Landel vs. Snow

7. R & R Express vs. PG-13 (? run in and make Morton wear a dress, thugs come in for the save and Morton hits Smothers be accident, afterwards Gibson does an interview about Morton saying he will no longer be in SMW and that Gibson should shove R & R gimmick up his ass)

8. Thugs vs. geavenly Bodies (title change, great stuff)

9. Landel and Cornette argue

10. Unabomb vs. Undertaker (from Superbowl)

11. Snow vs. Mart Janetty

12. Armstrong vs. Punisher

13. Bodies vs. Thugs

14. Shawn Michaels vs. Landel

15. Shawn interview/Landel and Cornette interview

16. Brad Armstrong vs. Billy Jack Hayenes

17. Brad vs. Lee

18. Brad vs. Landel

19. Unabomb & Snow vs. Thugs

20. Cornette and Landel interview, great stuff

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