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SMW December 1994

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1. DWB interview

2. Comettte meets wiht the R& R Express to let him manage them

3. Scott Armstrong vs. scrub (Gangstas attack him)

4. Cactus & lee interview, great

5. Smohters & Anderson confrontation

6. Gangastas interview about Comette

7. Cactus vs. Candito (great match)

8. Bedlam vs. scrub

9. Smothers interview

10. Lee vs. scrub

11. DWB interview/R & R Express and Comette meeting in locker room

12. Candito & Fytch interview

13. Gangstas vs. Armstrongs

14. Smothers vs. scrub (Anderson & Smothers have a stare down after the match)

15. DWB interview, Buddy Landel makes a suprise return and attacks DWB and puts a plastic bag oner his head

16. Candito & Fytch interview, funny as they mistreat Boo

17. lee vs. scrub

18. Jim Ross warns R & r not to trust Comette, Comette comes out to tell R & R to relax

19. Gangstas vs. scrubs, then interview

20. landel interview knocking Ric Flair, great

21. Cactus vs. Bradley

22. cactus interview

23. DWB vs. scrub, the interivew

24. landel interview, then vs. scrub

25. Lee vs. scrub

26. Cactus & Lee interview

27. R & R express vs. scrubs (Comette manages them and the Gangstas jump R & R until Comette give R & R the tennis racquet)

28. Candito vs. scrub

29. Clips of NWA Tournament from NJ

30. Clips of Lawler vs. DWB, the a great Lawler interview

31. landel stops a scrub match and challenges DWB to fight him

32. Bedlam yells at Comette for being with R & R Express

33. Anderson vs. scrub

34. landel vs. Lee

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