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SMW November 1993

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1. Bodies vs. scrubs (Bruise Brothers attack Bodies)

2. Blaze interview

3. Smothers vs. scrub

4. Moondogs video of them destroying scrubs

5. R & R Express/Lee & Fytch/Cornette interviews

6. Horner vs scrub

7. Horner interview with Mike Furnas

8. Cornette & Bodies interview, they try to restart their match but the Bruise Brothers attack them again, great

9. Bruise Brothers/Bullet interviews, Masked midget fireballs him for Sullivan, great

10. Sullivan interview from a beach

11. Lee vs. DWB (bloody, Wright gets jumped)

12. Blaze vs. Lee (DWB attacks him)

13. R & R Express/Bruise Brothers/Blaze, DWB & Smothers interviews

14. Blaze vs. scrubs

15. Candito/Smothers interview

16. DWB vs. Lee (DWB debuts, this is a great angle)

17. Cornette/Fytch & Lee/DWB & DWG interviews

18. R & R Express vs. scrubs

19. Mantell interviews Bruise Brothers

20. Cornette interview and the debut of Moondogs, they attack the ring with chairs and trash cans

21. Bullet/Sullivan/Furnas interviews

22. Kyle vs. Horner

23. Horner/Bruise/DWB & DWG/Lee & Fytch interview, DWG attacks Fytch

24. Candito vs. scrub (Blaze comes in)

25. Video on the feud of Lee vs. DWB

26. DWB vs. scrub

27. Cornette/Lee & Fytch/Sullivan/Bullet/DWB & DWG Moondogs & Cornette interview, the Moondogs go to the ring and security tries to stop them and get attacked, R & R Express make the save, great brawl

28. Horner vs. Eagle

29. Bruise Brothers vs. Bodies (wild brawl, Cornette ties a Brother to a pole at ringside)

30. R & R/DWB/Lee & Fytch/Candito interviews

31. Blaze vs. Kyle (Candito at ringside)

32. Sullivan/Cornette/Fytch & Lee interviews

33. Mantell interviews DWB & DWG

34. Bodies & Lee vs. R & R Express & Smothers (Moondogs come in and attack & R & R but DWB helps Smothers, great)

35. Bruise/DWB/Furnas interview, Cornette comes out
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