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SMW November 1994

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1. Lee & Storm vs. scrubs, then interview with Lee on teaming up with Cactus

2. Cactus interiew, Bradley comes out and apologizes to him until Fytch steals his cat

3. Gangstas interivew

4. Austin vs. Bradley

5. Comette and Ron West argue

6. B. Anderson vs. scrub, the Ole interivew

7. Comette & Bedlam training video/Gangstas and R & R Express pull apart brawl

8. Jim Ross & Comette interview/clips of Cactus arrival in SMW

9. Review of R & R vs. Gangstas fued/recap of Armstrong & comette fued/recap of DWB & Bedlam fued

10. B. Anderson vs. Smothers

11. Comette interview

12. Candito & Bradley vs. scrubs

13. Cactus & Lee interview, great

14. B. Anderson vs. scrub (Smothers hits the ring and they brawl)

15. Comette & Armstrong argue/R & R express/Gangstas interviews

16. DWB vs. Bedlam (Strap Match)

17. Smothers vs. scrub

18. B. Anderson vs. scrub

19. Armstrong interview/Comette asks Gangstas to let him manage them, beginning of Comette face turn

20. Bradley vs. scrub

21. Cactus interview

22. Gangstas vs. Lee & Storm (great brawl)
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