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SMW October 1994

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1. Bob Armstrong interview, Cornette come out

2. Bradley vs. Lee

3. DWB Challenges Bedlam and they brawl, Bedlam straps DWB until Armstrong makes the save with a bat

4. Ole Anderson and his son video, Brian is working out in the background

5. Storm vs. scrub

6. Gangstas vs. R & R Express

7. DWB vs. scrub, then interview

8. Bradley vs. scrub, then interview

9. Bob Armstrong/R & R/Gangstas rap video, funny

10. Gibson vs. scrub

11. Ole and Brian Anderson/Cornette interview

12. New Jack vs. Gibson (ending is a pull apart brawl)

13. Smothers vs. scrub, then interview about Anderson

14. Morton interview about car accident/Gangstas/Armstrong and Cornette face to face

15. B. Anderson vs. scrub

16. Bradley vs. scrub (Cactus Jack comes out)

17. cactus interview

18. Cactus vs. Chad Austin

19. Cactus interview, Fytch comes out

20. Gangstas in a bar bragging about beating the R & R Express until R & R get there and they fight in the bar

21. R & R Challenge Gangstas to the Ghetto Street Fight

22. Bradley attacks 2 scrubs, Cactus comes in

23. Ole and Brian Anderson argue with Smothers

24. Storm & Lee vs. scrub

25. Cornette interview about Abdullah the Butches

26. DWB vs. Bedlam (Whipping match)

27. Review of angles

28. Anderson vs. scrub

29. Abby video with bloody clips from Puerto Rico

30. Cactus interview, Bradley comes out and they talk until Fytch comes out and whispers in Boo's ear and Boo attacks Cactus

31. Bedlam vs. Austin

32. Cornette interview about Abby

33. Cactus locker room interview as he rams his head into lockers

34. R & R Express and Gangstas bloody brawl
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