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Superstars Super Series Volume 1

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1 Lanny Poffo vs Benny Wilson (2:37) 
2 Eddie Gilbert vs Ken Raper (3:58)
3 Johnny Wilholt/ Bart Batten (Mgr. Tojo Yammamto)vs The Spoiler/Phil Hickerson (6:57)
4 Convertible Blonds (Gary Royal/Rip Rodgers) vs Ricky Cook/Hoot Gibson (5:30)
5 Ivan Koloff vs Tom Lively (8:16)
6 Crusher Bloomfield (One Man Gang) vs Tony Falk (4:14)
7 Lover Brothers vs Phil Loyal/Pez Whatley (7:14)
8 David Von Erich vs Bill Rathke (6:16)
9 Mike Graham/Manny Fernandez vs Juan Reynoso/Tank Patton (7:34)
10 Red Kelly/Tom Lexton vs Mongols (mgr George "Cry Baby" Cannon ) (6:02)
11 Bruiser Brody/Scott Casey vs Kelly Kiniski/Spoiler (7:10)
12 Kim Duk (Mgr. Armond Hussien) vs Dusty Wolf (5:40)
13 Fabulous Kangeroo's vs Sam Shell/John Ruffin (13:08)
14 Moose Cholak vs Frank Adonis (5:43)
15 Ox Baker/Ric Rude/Jim Neidhardt/Japanise Assain VS Tiger Mask/Keith Eric/MichaelReid/Mad Dog (4:38) 
16 Dirty White Boys vs Rufus R Jones/Jerry Blackwell (4:10)
17 Rip Rodgers vs George Weignergoff (5:01)
18 Al Perez/Bobby Jaggers vs The Sheepherers (7:04)
19 Junkyard Dog vs Butch Reed (8:50)
20 Alexis Smirneoff vs Samoan #3 (Russian Chain Match) (7:56)*
21 Argentina Appollo vs Bulldog Brower (6:48)
22 Andre the Giant vs Baron Von Rashke (Mgr.Bobby Heenan) (9:54)
23 Robert Fuller vs Jerry Lawler (3:26)
24 Lars Anderson Vs Badnews Allan Coage (3:24)*
25 Tommy Rich (Mgr.Tojo Yammato) vs Ito (Mgr.Jimmy Hart) (No DQ) (10:16)
26 Terry Funk/Ivan Putski vs Tully Blanchard/Gino Hernandez (6:04)
27 The Shiek (US Champion) vs Mark Lewin (special ref. Floyd Creathman the Shieks Mgr.)***

*** TV Time Limit cuts off the ending of our last match. Alot of title matches ended that way on TV
in the 70's. However, the finish is not as important as the brutal nature of this match.
If blood makes you feel sick, then don't watch #27. ***

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