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The Bloodiest Matches of the Millenium

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These are our picks for the bloodiest matches ever in professional wrestling. This is not for the weak of heart as this is a graphic video that shows how dangerous and brutal professional wrestling can be. 
1. Kevin Sullivan vs. Yukihiro Kanemura (Kanemura gets 50 stitches in his arm)
2. Ricky Santana & Invader #1 vs. Brian Lee & Dirty White Boy (bloodiest match ever in Puerto Rico)
3. Headhunters vs. Nakamaki & Ono (Barbed Wire Boards)
4. New Jack & Axl Rotten & Balls Mahoney vs. The Baldies (Vito Lograsso pours blood out of his head)
5. Abdullah the Butcher vs. Dino Bravo (Legend of Hardcore makes his appearance)
6. Ian Rotten vs. Kip Morris (Ian's all-time bloodiest match)
7. Manny Fernandez vs Invader #3 (Invader throws up a ton of blood)
8. Mr. Pogo vs. Hideki Hosaka (Knives are used!)
9. Mr. Pogo & Aoyogi vs. Tokuda & Poison Sawada (Pogo tries to saw Tokuda's ear off)
10. Perry Saturn vs. Pitbull #2  (Perry moonsaults head first on the railing and splits his head open)
11. Invader #1 vs. Kamala (tons of color)
12. Kevin Sullivan vs. Brian Lee (the bloody angle that put Smoky on the map)
13. Bill Alfonso vs. Beulah (the famous ECW Arena bloodbath)
14. Great Muta vs. Hiro Hase (Hase drives a ring spike into Muta's head)
15. Balls Mahoney & Axl Rotten vs. New Jack & Kronus (Bloodiest ECW match ever!)
16. Carlos Colon vs. Jason The Terrible (Barbed Wire)
17. Ian Rotten vs. Ox Harley (Barbed Wire, tacks, mouse traps & salt death match)
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