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The Crockett Diaries with Magnum TA

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Magnum T.A. was the hottest wrestling star in the year 1986 and yet it all changed in an instant.  In this edition, The Crockett Diaries goes inside the company with Magnum as he recollects not only his time with Jim Crockett Promotions but his entire career beforehand.

Magnum goes in depth about how big a fan he was of wrestling, to breaking into the business, and every territory he worked before getting his break with the Crocketts.  Nothing is held back with Magnum T.A. when it comes to the night that changed his life forever.  This is the most in depth account of his car accident that ended his career.  You will also hear his thoughts as he sad on the sidelines watching Jim Crockett Promotions crumble.  You will not be disappointed with this installment of The Crockett Diaries becuase we have all asked the question:

"What would have happened with Magnum T.A.'s wrestling career?"

Now get the answer!

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