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The Golden Age of Quebec Wrestling

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1-Intro Lutte Grand Prix/Grand Prix Wrestling
2-Entrevue/Interview Paul Vachon annonce le combat du siècle/announced the Match of the Century
3-Mad Dog Vachon vs Édouard Carpentier 
4-Hommage Yvon Robert 
5-Entrevue/Interview Dino Bravo & Gino Brito
6-Entrevue/Interview Don Leo Jonathan & Killer Kowalski
7-Entrevue/Interview Édouard Carpentier & Jean Ferré
8-Entrevue/Interview Tarzan Tyler & Gilles Poisson 
9-Gilles Poisson vs Dino Bravo 
10-Entrevue/Interview Jonathan pour le match revanche contre Jacques Rougeau/for his revanche against Jacques Rougeau
11-Entrevue/Interview Eddy Creatchman 
12-Edouard Carpentier vs Destroyer  (Destroyer démasqué/unmasked)
13-Entrevue/Interview Gino Brito & Dino Bravo 
14-Entrevue/Interview Tarzan Tyler & Gilles Poisson 
15-Entrevue/Interview Billy Two Rivers 
16-Mad Dog Vachon vs Jean Ferré 
17-Générique/End credits Grand Prix
1-Intro Lutte Internationale/International Wrestling
2-Entrevue/Interview Frank Valois
3-Montage pour le lancement du premier VHS/Recap for the launch of the 1st VHS 
4-Rick Martel vs Dino Bravo 
5-Dino Bravo vs Superstar (angle Bravo en sang/angle bloodied Bravo) 
6-Entrevue/Interview Dino Bravo 
7-Entrevue/Interview Rick Martel 
8-Rick Martel vs Abdullah the Butcher 
9-Dino Bravo vs Sailor White 
10-Rick Martel vs Sailor White (angle du ceintre/angle with hanger) 
11-Entrevue/Interview Eddy Creatchman & Abdullah the Butcher 
12-Entrevue/Interview Dino Bravo & Rick Martel 
13-Dino Bravo vs King Tonga (au/at the Forum) 
14-Entrevue/Interview Tarzan Tyler & King Tonga 
15-Entrevue/Interview Pierre Lefebvre & Pat Patterson 
16-Entrevue/Interview Sailor White, Rick Valentine & Tarzan Tyler 
17-Rick Valentine & Sailor White vs Pierre Lefebvre & Frenchy Martin 
18-Entrevue/Interview Pierre Lefebvre & Frenchy Martin 
19-Exhibition de force de/Strongman showing by Jos Leduc (attaque sur/attack on Paul Leduc par/by Tonga & Superstar) 
20-Intro des Grands de Lutte Internationale/Intro of The Greats of International Wrestling
21-Road Warriors vs Armand & Jacques Rougeau Jr. 
22-Entrevue/Interview Road Warriors 
23-Dino Bravo vs Superstar (turn de/of Jos Leduc) 
24-Dino Bravo vs Jos Leduc 
25-Rougeaus vs Garvins (match #1, Massacre de la St-Jean Baptiste/St-Jean-Baptiste Day Massacre) 
26-Rougeaus vs Garvins (match #2, dernier gala par un promoteur Québécois seul au Forum/last show by a Quebec promoter alone at the Forum)) 
27-Entrevue/Interview Road Warriors 
28-Road Warriors vs Rick Martel & Dino Bravo 
29-Rougeaus vs Garvins (match #3, losers leave town) 
30-Man Mountain Moore & Gilles Poisson vs Jos Leduc & Mad Dog Vachon (dernier match de/last match of Vachon) 
31-Abdullah the Bucther vs Bruiser Brody
32-Abdullah the Butcher vs Gino Brito (dernier match de LI au Québec/IW’s last match in Quebec)
Approx. 4 hrs.
For our English-speaking fans, some of the interviews and/or commentaries are in French only. But we assure you that you will enjoy it nevertheless. 
Producteurs/Producers: Bertrand Hébert & Pat Laprade
Images: Lutte Grand Prix/Lutte Internationale
Sélection des matchs & entrevues/Matches & interviews selection: Bertrand Hébert
Design DVD : François Poirier
Design couverture/jaquette/Art cover : Yan O’Cain
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