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The Hardy Show Season 2

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Welcome back to "The Greatest Show NOT on TV!", The Hardy Show! Matt and Jeff Hardy, along with longtime friend Shannon Moore join producer Andrew Wright once again and take viewers on a ride through their everyday lives in North Carolina.

Buckle in, hold on, and prepare yourselves for 100-mph of imagination!

Episode 1, "Matt VS. Jeff":
The original name of the show was "The Matt Hardy Show", and because Jeff was such a big part of Matt's show, he decided it was time to change the name to "The Hardy Show", making it fair and even. What resulted is the biggest epic battle between two brothers ever to be witnessed.
Episode 2, "The Egg Duel 2":
Over a year had passed since the original Egg Duel between Matt and Jeff, so they decided to take some newcomers and relive the magic. Was it a hit or a miss? Well, it certainly was messy. Featuring Shannon Moore!

Episode 3, "S.F.B":
When Matt discovered one of his real life friends had been stealing from him, he decided to give a dramatic re-enactment and took on the character of the Sticky Fingered Bastard. Some people just can't be trusted! Featuring Jeff Hardy and Shannon Moore!
Episode 4, "The Battle?":
Sometimes conflicts are just an unavoidable part of life. When The Hardy Show's producer, Andrew the Bullet felt Shannon Moore had crossed the line, he stood up for himself. Was it a good idea? Hmmmm...

Episode 5, "The Christmas Bash":

Every year, Matt throws the biggest Christmas party known to mankind, and this may have been the craziest yet! Girls, fights, rap contests, and overall yuletide fun! You're invited! Introducing Itchweeed(3e's)!

Episode 6, "Random Day":

Random events are part of life, and this holds true for The Hardy Show. Here we see what Jeff is up to at the Imag-I Nation with his latest character, "Dead End 2 Know Me", while Matt, Shannon, and Andrew go to the mall to say hi to the people while wondering how long it will take before being thrown out by security.

Episode 7, "Matt Cam Fair":
Introducing the Matt Cam, Matt's personal video camera given to him by Andrew the Bullet to capture those moments he can't be there for. So, when the North Carolina State Fair rolled into town, Matt put on the
producer hat, and went to work. Surprise appearance by Shane Helms!
Episode 8, "Happy Birthday Lucas":
Matt loves his little brother, Lucas the dog, and when his birthday arrived, it was time to celebrate with Jeff and Shannon with a trip to Petco, among other things! Get ready to sing for Lucas!
Episode 9, "The Pitchfork":
The ever wild imaginations of Matt and Jeff take hold when Itchweeed(3e's) goes on the hunt for his missing pitchfork and finds more than he bargains for! This is the craziest out of the box acting experiment to
date for The Hardy Show! Be warned!
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