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The Homegrown Collection

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Item Number: DVD


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Straight from the mind of Michael Moody, The Homegrown Collection takes you deep into the underground stunt scene and redefines our perception of what the human body can handle.

Watch the footage as people get broeken, battered, and destroyed in some of the most freakish acts caught on home video tape, then watch them do it again.

Featuring such underground icons as The Trailer Park Mafia, Short Bus, Arsemarks, Ghost Monkeys of Chaos, WGAS, Extreme Harma, Asstreme, Muppets Video, Death Versus Luke Hadley, and Dan G. The footage included in this electrifying DVD will leave you on the edge of your seat, filled with shock, gasping for breath as you wait to see the next bizarre clip of video.

Witness such insane stunts such as Dan G using a power drill to impale a screw into his arm, Trailer Park Mafia's Buckwilk getting bit in the nose by a piranha, and hilarious pranks such as tricking somebody into eating an homemade brownie (which is really something else).

To them, Homegrown isn't just a hobby, it's a way of life. And lucky for us they caught it all on tape.
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