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The Legend Of Virgil & His Traveling Merchandise Table

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He is described by many as a “pop culture icon” and his eight-year stint as a featured WWF/WWE personality only scratches the surface as to why!

After years of online discussion, debate, and speculation, finally, one release that completely encapsulates “The Legend of Virgil”.

This two-disc, over-four-hour journey is the world according to Virgil… and according to those that hate him. We’ll discuss Virgil’s World Wrestling Federation stint working with the likes of Ted DiBiase, Hulk Hogan, and Andre the Giant, his transition to WCW as a member of the New World Order, and all of the bizarre stories and legends surrounding him present day. From his appearances at conventions, flea markets, and even the New York subway, to the online phenomenon of “Lonely Virgil”, to fan stories, and the tall tales many claim Virgil to have told himself, we cover everything, and give Virgil a chance to sound off on every topic! With bonus interviews, extra features, handy pop-up graphics to keep the facts straight, and so much more!

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