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The Scars That Bind: Sabu and the Sheik

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The Scars That Bind: Sabu and the Sheik

Imagine for a moment that you spent your childhood visiting your uncle at work and he was the most bloodthirsty and reviled villain in the world. For some reason, you want to be just like him. Sabu struggled throughout his career to earn the respect of the Sheik which cased his body wounded and his bones to be broken. The Sheik became known as a man of few words; he didnt pretend to be something he wasnt. Ed Farhat might have been his name but being the Sheik was his life. The Scars That Bind analyzes how one relationship in the unforgiving world of professional wrestling can leve an indelible mark on those who come between it this time from a kid who grew up idolizing his Uncle and wanted nothing more than to follow in the family footsteps. This 2 disc set includes the in depth shoot interview plus bonus matches and much more.

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